Mosques As Terror Schools

Magdi Allam is right: a majority of mosques are used to recruit potential jihadis. Three Moroccans have been arrested for running a terror school at a small mosque in the central Italy city of Perugia. But don’t hold your breath, as they will be walking free again in a few months.

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2 Responses to Mosques As Terror Schools

  1. Matt says:

    Gotta love how they say that they were just trainning and not carrying out any attacks. Well, that would be because they busted the ring in time. Here’s an attaboy to the anti-terror police. Are they really Italian or are they an EU functuary?

  2. Luigi Pigoli says:

    Why you write they will be walking free in a few months… got to be kidding, nobody will held them prosoners for months, theay are already forgiven…they will be free in a few days thanx to the italian stupidity.

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