More on Cuban Healthcare Mooron Won’t Tell You

More Cuban doctors sent by the regime to buy political support disguised as ‘medical aid to poor populations’ defected while in Venezuela.In Cuba, they earned a monhtly salary of $15. (h/t: Gateway Pundit)

Doctor Darsi Ferrer from Havana emailed a story of a man who died waiting for an ambulance, following a motocycle accident. Report in Spanish only. Darsi emailed us a report filed – in Spanish – by an independent journalist about a hospital for Cubans the regime promised to finish building in 2006. I don’t need to add anything else, you can see the rest below.

First photo: announcing the beginning and end of the works for building that hospital. Second photo: an anti-US sign reading: “Bush face of *****, there’s no aggression Cuba can’t resist”. Click pictures to enlarge them.

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3 Responses to More on Cuban Healthcare Mooron Won’t Tell You

  1. […] another from Freethoughts. More on Cuban Healthcare Mooron Won’t Tell You More Cuban doctors sent by the regime to buy political support disguised as ‘medical aid to poor […]

  2. Rob says:

    I was reading somewhere, that thanks to all the free doctors in Venenzuela, there is no need for Venenzuelans to become doctors, and if they do, they can’t do there residency anywhere. That doesn’t seem good for the country if the political wind blows

  3. roccsteady says:

    as thinking individuals, i believe it is important to know that each story has interpretation. this interpretation that the story gives us is unique to each of us becuase we normally see things in different ways (isnt that what makes us human beings…the fact that we have our own thinking brain?). it is hard for me to judge anyone truthfully without being able to see/speak/and hear them for myself. in doing that, i can take my own interpretation of what i am being subjected to. even if that person or group of people is lying or swaying away from truth, i have the ability to make my own decision based off of my own bias. my wife is a journalist and one thing she taught me about reading articles is that the author has the ability to sway thought by using words that direct the reader to a particular avenue of thought. i am in no way saying that things are perfect in cuba, but i am saying that by no means do i find it justifyable (sorry if that isnt a word) for people to see something and just take from it a new definition of truth. for true understanding, shouldnt one read…read…read…and see…see…see…and experience…experience…experience…those things which we feel greatly about so that it is our own thought and feeling and not that of michael moore or whoever else is trying to sway your emotions. i have personally visited the island and find positives and negatives there, as i have found in the us. i would dare to ask people to search and they would probably find similar photos of people in places like america…and other countries we deem friendly. we usually find the dirt on those counties which dont support our political foreign policy so that they look bad, and in the end…we look democratic.

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