Stop the Islamisation of Europe

Demonstration outside the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, on Sept 11th, 2007 to protest the Islamization of Europe. (h/t: Lisistrata)

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3 Responses to Stop the Islamisation of Europe

  1. Earl says:

    Let’s do thin the United States. I am thousands of my homies are tired of this Islamic shit.

  2. Nikki Nik Nik says:

    Either make this MALE CULT assimilate and stop breeding like Heathern immoral roaches, or THROW their overbreeding arse out!
    They contribute nothing to mankind but hate and IN-tolerance and try to boss what the west has accomplished.
    Muslims ride the backs of what the western world Christians have accomplished, there is no denying this, we see it!

  3. gaz says:

    yay at long last people are starting to talk about this islamic invasion.
    i am also sick of the islamic ideots thinking that they are superior beings !!!…………hitler used to think that too !.
    i dont like the idea of ethnic cleansing but i dont see islam giving the west any other choice. if it has to be islam or the west, then it has to be islam that goes.
    islam doesnt want any form of democracy.
    i hope people start creating marches against islam befor london is called londonistan & europe is called eurostan. how long befor the west stands up & sais enough is enough ???.
    i hope this is the start of the world war against islam.
    cause i cherish my freedom to choose.

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