Stop The Islamization of Europe Rally Defies Brussels Ban

As I wrote in my Human Events op-ed column, the Stop the Islamization of Europe rally was officially banned by Brussels’ socialist mayor. However, in sign of defience, they held the rally anyway, but – as predicted – Belgian police arrested several demonstrators.They were all released, but this provides more evidence of the totalitarian attitude of European leaders when faced with criticism of their appeasement policies toward Radical Islam. While SIOE rally was banned, the Arab-European League (financed by Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood) and Jew and America hating Extreme Leftist conspiracy nuts, had their rallies ALLOWED. Also, as usual, the European media (regardless of their political tendency) have once again forgotten their duty of informing in an unbiased and fair manner and are labeling SIOE protesters as”far-right”. This is far from being true. While there may have been some extreme right-wing xenophobic intruders, the SIOE committee is formed by people from the center, the democratic right and left. Indeed, most of them are not even interested in politics. Most are ordinary citizens well aware of the threat their continent faces nowadays. To the European leaders and media, the SIOE is “far-right”, while Arab-European League and Leftist Extremists are just peaceful demonstrators calling peacefully for the peaceful Islamization and subjugation of infidels, and peacefully blaming the biggest tragedy of this century on American and Jews. Protesting radical Islam is “far-right”; anti-semitism and Islamism is “legitimate free speech”. This is how morally-blind European rulers have become.

Here are photos from today’s unauthorized rally, where demonstrators defied Belgian authorities in order to protect their right to free speech.

Demonstrators wear mock-Muslim scarves and tee-shirts reading “Stop Islamisation”

And here’s how Belgian Gestapo deals with those who refuse to surrender.

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2 Responses to Stop The Islamization of Europe Rally Defies Brussels Ban

  1. Bert says:

    If such a rally would take place in Amsterdam, where i live, then i would certainly take part. I too am against the Islamisation of Europe, as are most ordinary citizens of Europe. unfortunately, those who dare to say so in public in the NEtherlands risk being killed, as were Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn. And Oriana Fallaci, who labelled the hordes of moslims streaming into Europe as ”enemy invaders”, was for her honesty ridiculed by the politicians in her own Italy, who even wished her to die of cancer – which she did. I believe that the politicians in power have ”sold” Europe to the moslims in exchange for oil or other such things. They use the term ”multiculturalism” as a codeword in order to justify and even propagate the on-going islamisation of Europe, and expect the common citizens to simply be quiet and obey. If things continue this way for much longer, we, the indigenous peoples of Europe, will find ourselves without rights, without freedoms, without our own language, culture, religion and customs. The politicians live in protected neighbourhoods where they donot have to deal with the consequences of their suicidal policies. When will they realise that they are cutting off the branch of the tree upon which they too are sitting? For if Europe falls to Islam, not only will the common people of Europe become enslaved, and then extinct, but so too will our politicians. And so shall we all have to pay for their short-sitedness and our own cowardice.

  2. Larry Houle says:


    Osama bin laden was a man with a plan – the creation of an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East that would be expanded to include all Muslim countries and then the entire world.

    The only way this plan can succeed is the forced withdrawal of the US from the Middle East.

    The US by failing to respond to Bin Laden’s attacks since the first trade center twin tower bombing in 1991 and indeed the appeasement of the US by ignoring other murderous attacks such as the Kenya embassy slaughter and the Cole attack made 911 inevitable.

    The 19 Muslims who seized the 4 jets were the cannon fodder for Bin Laden’s vision.

    Islam provided the religious and moral basis for the murder of 2700 people. By teaching hate of infidels – that killing and murdering infidels is the Law of God – these 19 Muslims were following EXACTLY the teachings of Islam – THEY WERE FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THEIR EVIL LEADER MUHAMMAD. You can hear Muhammad Atta yelling – Praise Be To Allah – over and over as he smashed the jet into the first trade center tower.

    These righteous Muslim killers were obeying Koran 9:111, 9:29. 9;50 so they could ascend to the highest levels of Paradise and each be rewarded with a 1000 virgins that they could molest and sexually abuse for all eternity. The evil vision of Paradise with its eternal hard – on and virgins who re-virginate each time after sex promised to Muslim men who achieve martyrdom is a powerful motivation.

    The 700 evil teachings of Islam created the hate in the hearts and souls of these Muslims and allowed them to kill as a religious duty – making “SLAUGHTER IN THE LAND.”

    For a listing of these evil teachings go to

    Larry Houle

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