More Photos and Reports from Cuba

Alerta: Vuelven las actitudes hostíles contra Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Ex-Presos Políticos Prometen Mantener Ayuno por Tiempo Indefinido

“We Prefer To be Martyrs than Slaves” . “Say No To The Electoral Farce. I Do Not Participate In the Electoral Farce”.

“Long Live Human Rights”. Fasting for Political Prisoners: “Fast: We Demand Freedom for All Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience”.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Reconocen Labor Informativa de Misceláneas de Cuba

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Sindicalistas Independientes respaldan Campaña Yo no Coopero con la Dictadura

Carlos Serpa Maceira: fotografias tomadas en la Ciudad de la Habana, que patentizan como se afianza cada día la “Campaña Yo No Coopero con la Dictadura Yo sí quiero el Cambio.”

“Brothers, It’s high time to say No to Communism, Yes To Change”

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4 Responses to More Photos and Reports from Cuba

  1. The first thing needed is an end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba. Allow all Americans the freedom to travel to Cuba. Also, Washington should allow Cubans to visit the United States of America, first of all the wives of the Cuban Five, who were denied their right to see their husbands again just this Wednesday.

    Here is what the Mayor of Richmond, California says:

    Radio Havana Cuba Speaks to the Mayor of Richmond, California Gayle McLaughlin on a Humanitarian Campaign to Grant Visas to Wives of the Cuban Five

    September 12th was a difficult day for Adriana Perez and Olga Salanueva, the wives of Rene Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez, two of the five Cuban men imprisoned in the United States.

    The five men were arrested on September 12, 1998, so the day marked nine years of imprisonment. And in a cruel twist of irony, the US Government chose the same to announce its decision to deny visas to Olga and Adriana.

    This is the eighth time the two women have been denied visas by the US. They have not been able to visit their husbands since the men were convicted.

    Radio Havana Cuba spoke to Mayor Gayle McLaughlin of Richmond, California. Mayor McLaughlin leads a campaign in the United States, to grant the wives permission to visit their husbands.

    RHC: What is your opinion on the renewed denial of the visas for Adriana Perez and Olga Salanueva to be able to visit their husbands in prison?

    GM: Well, I am so much in support of them having that right, it’s a human rights issue and it should be a given, that we should have the allowance of those visas, to let those wives to visit their husbands in the US. It’s very saddening to me that our Federal Government hasn’t allowed that to happen.

    We all, as a country, should be supporting human rights and we should allow these families to visit.

    RHC: You have been running a campaign with twelve other mayors, could you tell us a bit more about that?

    GM: Yes. Thirteen of us altogether have co-signed a letter to the Attorney General stating that this is a humanitarian request, that these two women, the wives of Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez, both have the right to visit their husbands and they should be granted entry visas into the United States. Twelve other mayors have signed this letter to the Attorney General along with myself.

    It’s something that I’m very proud to be putting forward, making this statement of human rights which are clearly so important and not being honoured in this country.

    RHC: Do you have any particular message you’d like to send to Cuba or to the families of the Five?

    GM: I would like to say to Adriana Perez and Olga Salanueva that my heart goes out to you and I understand the injustice, pain and separation you must be feeling, the heartbreak. I will continue to support this alteration of my country’s policies along with spreading the word to other mayors. I certainly continue to support changing the direction of this country.

    I myself visited Cuba as a Venceremos Brigadista in 1986. I’m not speaking for any of the other mayors, but I myself certainly hold the opinion that the Cuban Five issue should be resolved soon. There were injustices committed against them and I look forward to their being reunited in Cuba with their families. Speaking for myself, I send my heartfelt concern and solidarity.

  2. freethoughts says:

    What about the over 300 political prisoners, many of them denied proper medical treatment? What about Normando Hernandez, who’s literally dying in jail? What about the medical and tourist apartheid? You may have visited Cuba, but as member of a Castro-Fascist brigade, you have visited the OFFICIAL Cuba, meaning the one owned by a small, wealthy minority. You certainly did not visit the REAL Cuba, the Cuba of the people de a pié.
    As for the Five, you’re defending five Castroite mercenaries paid by the communist regime to go and SPY on the exile community, and plan the brutal murder of Cuban pilots of Brothers to the Rescue. It’s your right to defend these despicable men, but let me tell you that they deserve to be where they are. Unfortunately, they are enjoying all the benefits prisoners in Cuba are denied: access to defense lawyers, delicious food, PROPER MEDICAL ATTENTION, etc. As for their wives not being allowed to visit them, they are wives of men who conspired against the US democratic system and as such, they are considered enemy and thus not granted visa.
    Back in Cuba, CHIVATOS are protected and encouraged by the regime to perpetrate harassment and attacks against peaceful dissidents, in the United States everyone is protected in his/her right to free speech. Those who conspire against opponents of a regime, are punishable by law. The FIVE SPIES should be immediately CONDEMNED TO LIFE IN PRISON.Because they are CRIMINALS on Castro’s payroll.

  3. freethoughts says:

    And: I have absolutely NO MERCY toward these Five “Heroes” nor toward their despicable wives.

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