Beaten and Tortured for Thinking Different

Here’s what happens if you openly express your opposition to Castro in Cuba: Activist brutally beaten and left unconscious after offering support to participants of national fast.

Israel Forgat Acosta, member of the Independent Peasants League, was beaten while he was collecting signatures for a petition demanding equal access to the Cuban currency by all citizens. This campaign – organized by the Cuban section of the Latin American Federation of Rural Women (FLAMUR) is very popular and it’s collecting thousands of signatures.

Translation pasted from The young man in the photo is Yuri Martinez Sanchez, 34 years old, who is suffering from AIDS. Martinez Sanchez has been arrested three times for what is known in Cuba as “peligrosidad social,” (social hazard) that allows the Cuban regime to send innocent people to jail just because it considers that they may be “inclined” to commit a crime in the future. On August 21, his birthday, Martinez Sanchez was walking on the street of what is known as ‘Habana Vieja’ (Old Havana) around 2 AM, when a Lada automobile, normally used by Cuba’s state security, stopped next to him. Four people came out of, grabbed him and forcibly threw him inside the car. The kidnappers covered his eyes and tied his hands. After driving around for a while, he was taken inside a house and left alone in a room for approximately 10 hours. Later, when his kidnapers returned, they tried to remove a tattoo that he had by placing a hot iron on is forehead while being held down by two of the men. The reason? Martinez Sanchez tattooed the letters ‘USA’ on his forehead about a year ago to protest for his several arrests. Afterward, the kidnapers placed Martinez Sanchez back in the car and after a 40 minute drive left him on a highway, far from the city. Before leaving, they untied his hands, but he was told not to remove his blindfold. He was warned that if he continued protesting against the regime, next time they would kill him.

Similarily, Pedro Calderin has a tatoo reading “Down with Fidel” and agents tried to remove it, unsuccesfully.

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  1. Beaten and Tortured for Thinking Different

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