Tiananmen Shadows on Myanmar

The heroism of Burmese monks and civilians has gone almost completely unnoticed by the int.l community. When I say unnoticed, I mean no real action has been promised. Or if it has, it will probably be too late. Indeed, riot police used force against peaceful monks and, firing on them and killing some (as of this writing, the death toll is likely to rise..). Yesterday, democracy leader Daw Aung San Su Kyii was moved to an infamous prison. Please, sign this Appeal to the UN Security Council to act and save the Burmese people. P.S.: I doubt the Council will do something, as some members are notorious human rights violators and China have veto power, which would most probably use to back the Junta, their ally.

NOTE: Burmese readers,if you have any photos, please send them to me at stefania07@hotmail.com

“We shall replace (crackdown) unjustice with justice”

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2 Responses to Tiananmen Shadows on Myanmar

  1. Tiananmen Shadows on Myanmar

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  2. Jordan Yentsch says:

    I will post this on Bill O’Reilly`s and Laura Ingraham`s message boards.

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