Burma Sinks, UN Couldn’t Care Less

Here we are, again. Burmese military turned Yangoon (formerly known as Rangoon) into a battlefield. Peaceful demonstrators are being ruthlessly murdered, including foreign reporters, guilty with letting the world knowing about whats going on in a country where any attempt to provide fair information is banned. Meanwhile, at the United Nations, Security Council members China and Russia invoked ‘non-interference in internal affairs of nations’ (except when it comes to Taiwan or countries of the ex Soviet Union..) in order to justify their criminal support of the military regime. The Economist has an eye-opening piece on how destructive is the so-called ‘non interference’ principle applied to cases like this. Canadian Coalition for Democracies: Concrete Canadian action needed to end military dictatorship in Burma

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One Response to Burma Sinks, UN Couldn’t Care Less

  1. Burma Sinks, UN Couldn’t Care Less

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