Three More Executed in Iran

Sharia kills 3 more people. The below note has been added by the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI), a major Iranian opposition group genuinely dedicated to democratic and non-violent regime change in Iran with the ultimate goal to establish a democratic and secular system of governance.

The Islamic regime uses, often, false labels, following forced confessions and made up accusation, in order to exterminate those Iranians who retaliate to its brutal rule.

This false process avoids an accentuation of rights accusation against the clerical rule.

These executions take place in public in order to send a warning to Iranians who would like to stand against the Islamic regime.

Read the whole report here.

And Britain is weighing to lift the ban on a notorious Marxist-Islamist terror group, the Mujaheddin- e-Khalq, which played a role in the attack on the US embassy in Tehran in 1979 and is known for torturing and harassing those who decide to defect from its ranks. MKO is shamelessly called “opposition group” by our leaders, while its ultimate goal is replace the Islamic regime with a Maoist/Pol Potist one. By lifting the ban, Britain is not just fuelling the Mullahs’ propaganda machine, but is enabling woud-be mass murderers.

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  1. Three More Executed in Iran

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