Magdi Allam

Arab website writes biased piece about our friend Magdi Allam: New ”Salman Rushdie” in Italy?
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4 Responses to Magdi Allam

  1. Magdi Allam

    This story has been submitted to Stirrdup. Your support can help it become hot.

  2. Matt says:

    Stefania, bad news. Cox&Forkum just called it quits. I’m really hoping for the people of Myanmar but it’s not looking good (at least by the MSM’s accounts. Of course, they’ll do anything to smear a good group of people). I gotta get back on it. Big week ahead! Hopefully, Saturday will reap immense rewards! I’ll try to come by more often but these 18 hours are killing me! See ya!

  3. freethoughts says:

    Welcome back, Matt! Was just wondering where you were ended up..

  4. Łączewski says:

    Thank you for yours decision.Gratulation

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