Palestinian ‘Cause’ Rooted in Nazism

October 5, 2007

FPM: The Palestinians’ Nazi Past and Present

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Let’s Email Michael Moore

October 5, 2007

Dear readers,

a lot of you have seen the disgusting photos of third world hospitals in communist Cuba. Other than expressing our outrage, we can do more. Premise: we’re unlikely to change his mind, but at least we can try show Michael Moore a couple of things he intentionally forgot to feature in his ‘Sicko’. Here’s where you can contact him or his entourage. But please, don’t be rude in your comments, otherwise they’ll not even read you. Simply link to the photos and recommend him/his entourage to at least take a look at them. Include also this and this. He might learn to respect the dignity of millions of people who’re not as lucky as him to be treated in luxurious hospitals reserved for wealthy foreigners and the regime’s families. I’m 100% sure that he wouldn’t like this system for himself. But for Cubans, no problem..