Palestinian ‘Cause’ Rooted in Nazism

FPM: The Palestinians’ Nazi Past and Present

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2 Responses to Palestinian ‘Cause’ Rooted in Nazism

  1. Palestinian ‘Cause’ Rooted in Nazism

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  2. Muhammad Salman says:

    Sorry to say that the things u have discussed seem to be very dramatic story but it is no where near reality ,i wouldn’t be harsh by saying you ill-informed .Either i would tell you to accept the truth which is quite obvious and requires only a little common sense.Saying the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah supporting the phrase that “jews should be killed” It is not their belief or more precisely their religious belief ,they oppose the Zionism and this also is to a extent .One thing is very sure about these people that they are very religious people so what does the religion which they follow has to say in this regard
    take a quote from Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) “Killing a innocent person is equivalent to killing the whole humanity”
    One more thing which opposes your idea is that Iran has the largest jewish community in the whole middle east ,they oppose basis of Israel ,it current state and the reasons are obivious because of the daily atrocities committed by them towards palestinian and expansion of state on illegal occupied land ,this action is also condemned by UN but only by words.

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