Cuba Healthcare, the Hospitals Michael Moore Won’t Show (The Absolute Majority in Cuba)

Videos taken by (our good friend) doctor Darsi Ferrer (also featured in the video, along with his comrade Jaime Leygonier) and smuggled out of Cuba by therealcuba (and Free Thoughts) show the real health care regular Cubans receive. Very different from the flagship hospital for the Elite, paying foreigners and special interest useful idiots where Michael Moore was taken for his Sicko propaganda movie. This is only the beginning, there is plenty more this came from. These are the hospitals from the other side of the apartheid for regular Cubans that Sicko wouldn’t show. Darsi is seen in this video, wearing his medical uniform, even though he works as an independent doctor and heads the Center for Health and Human Rights. He used to work for years at Cuban hospitals, until a few months ago when he was fired because of his political views.

More videoclips shot by our friend Dr. Darsi Ferrer along with his comrade, peaceful dissident and independent journalist Jaime Leygonier.

Darsi goes to a pharmacy and asks for a common medication (over-the-counter in USA). This product is not available to Cubans and can only be acquired in stores for foreigners and purchased in dollars

Medical apartheid. Hospital for the elite and foreigners vs. hospital for regular citizens

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2 Responses to Cuba Healthcare, the Hospitals Michael Moore Won’t Show (The Absolute Majority in Cuba)

  1. Cuba Healthcare, the Hospitals Michael Moore Wont Show (The Absolute Majority in Cuba)

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  2. Tanvir says:

    Estonia’s health care is one of the best in the word for getting your money’s worth. So why not take what works and apply it to the U.S. As for Cuba, there is much we don’t know about and the information they give us we can’t trust as we saw in the videos. It was only 16 years ago when Estonia was under Russian control, and through the Singing Revolution gained their independence. I just saw a website about it – (this film is quite inspirational). They’ve come a long way.

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