More Videoclips Telling the Truth About Cuban Healthcare

October 13, 2007

The dominican host of a Hispanic TV show has interviewed our friend George Utset of “The Real about those clandestine videos taken with a hidden camera by Dr. Darsi Ferrer in some hospitals in Havana. It’s all in Spanish, but the footage pretty much tells the story. At the beginning of the first clip below, the host introduces one of the clandestine videos where Darsi is urged by a relative of a patient to check the conditions of a black patient, because the hospital’s nurse told her literally to call her only when that patient quit breathing. Yes, really..Darsi checked and stated that he was apparently died as he was no longer breathing. But don’t worry, people live long and healthy lives in ‘revolutionary Cuba’, didn’t you know?

In this video, Darsi’s checking some patients’ rooms. As you’ll notice, finding a doctor there is rare and patients are left to their own destiny. There’s just one nurse per floor. This is because many of those who were in charge of those rooms were forcibily sent abroad to politically-driven “humanitarian medical missions”.

Here, independent journalist Jaime Leygonier tells he is one of the millions of Cubans who cannot find even aspirine, unless he goes to special stores for foreigners, where a Cuban can buy medicine only if he/she pays in dollars. And they can rarely do so. Jayme says his mother and father are ill and need some medicines he can only get in dollars or delivered to him by his relatives in Puerto Rico. At the end of the video, Darsi names some of the hospitals reserved to the regime’s elite and foreigners and reminds how they’re really world-class, well-equipped with both medicines and professional doctors. Anong those hospitals he names Almejeira, where Michael Moore filmed ‘Sicko’ (he couldn’t have filmed anything in health centers for regular cubans if he ever wanted, which I very much doubt)

A man suffering from multiple sclerosis tells he waited 7 years before receiving treatment. Darsi speaks with several other relatives of patients.

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