Barack HUSSEIN Obama

This might be your next president. God save America!

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150 Responses to Barack HUSSEIN Obama

  1. Barack HUSSEIN Obama

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  2. no2liberals says:

    Henh…that pic is making the rounds.
    I can’t imagine a scenario, where this empty suit could ever be President, and I have a pretty good imagination.

  3. Matt says:

    If Hillary or Richardson are elected, say hello to the NAU, mass amnesty for illegal aliens (although it’d be the NAU so they’d no longer be illegal by the law’s definition), and the end of the US’s sovereignty and possibly the destruction of our Constitution. I don’t think Obama would be any better (nor do any of the Republican candidates look like it, for that matter). The only man that has said anything about the whole mess is Ron Paul. Even though I remember the ’92, ’96, ’00, ’04, and ’06 (midterm) elections, I never remember any of them being truly crucial to the survival of our nation and our way of life as ’08 will be. I’m very worried (to the point of being terrified) about the future of my country and all of our rights. God help us if any of them are elected!

    Oh, Stefania, by the way, I just read this:

    What’s your take on it?

  4. freethoughts says:

    I start having a feeling that Dems will not win…

    Matt, I’ll post about that story you linked to.

  5. noliberals says:

    I have never believed that any of the donk candidates could be elected.
    As for the GOP, I Like Mike!
    Ron Paul is not a stable man, mentally.

  6. Johnathan P.Jansky says:

    Learn things about Barack Hussein Obama’s life and political career
    that the radical left/media covers up:

  7. jonathan says:

    So what’s with the “Hussein” part? Why are you doing it? I know why. You’re trying to imply that he’s an Islamic terrorist sleeper agent. It’s race baiting. Hell even the NRO is on to the tactic.

  8. Mike says:

    I have one question, if Obama is Christian, why did he never change his middle name? If my grandfather was a muslim or a christina and my middle name was hussein or christian, I would change it if I was religious. Why did he never change it? Does he still hold some kind of loyalty to Islam? Who knows what happened in those schools in Indonesia. I can tell you what they teach 3 year old in Palestine – kill infadels, kill Jews. There is a small chance of him being a secret muslim, but why in the hell do we need to take that chance. Plus, the rest of his candidacy is weak compared to competition.

  9. Ed says:

    Some of you are SO naive. Don’t you see this is a ploy, and an obvious attack on his character (because they have nothing else) on something that he had no control over. We don’t control the names that are parents give us, and if he were to change his name from Hussein to Harris, and from Barack to Barry, and from Obama to O’bama people would say that he’s trying to hide who he really is. lol. This is definitely a media tactic (5th branch of gov’t) to get people to change their mind about voting for him. His middle name Hussein will get people thinking about Saddam, and the Obama sounds like Osama, so it gets people thinking that because they have similar names, that they have similar thoughts and behavior, and this is not the case.

  10. freethoughts says:

    Ed, do you know the meaning of ‘political satire’ ?

  11. Ray Hill says:

    I haven’t decided if I like Obama or not. But I can clearly see a campaign full of nonsense against him. Just looking at some photoes they look photoshoped. If he refused to say the pledge of allegaince that would be all over the news. What is there some grand plan of Islam to take America from the presidency. Give me a break. Even if he was president he couldn’t take America down. Most americans are far smarter than that. Look past the non sense of all the candidates and lets find the best person for the job based on the TRUETH!!!!!

  12. Mary Secor says:

    Racism is alive and well in the United States. Obama cannot change the color of his skin and he also will keep the fact that he obtained his law degree from Harvard. What is the problem with electing someone outside the Washington circle? I’ll bet he can pronounce “nucleeeeeeeeer”. He would probably be the best president we could imagine.

  13. no2liberals says:

    Racism is indeed alive and well in the U.S., and it is practiced openly and proudly at the so-called church O-Bambi has been attending. It is a black separatist-supremacist church, that doesn’t even mention Christ’s name on it’s about page.
    As for O-Bambi being a muslim, it is really quite simple, if you studied Islam. His father was a muslim, therefore, by birthright, O-Bambi is too. In addition to that, he did attend mosques with his father-in-law on an irregular basis. Aside from the fact that his so-called church in Chicago isn’t really a Christian church as most people understand a church, simply by saying he is now a Christian, makes him an apostate. By Sharia law, any devout muslim is required to execute him on sight for that. Just think of the complications if he were to visit a muslim country, let’s say Saudi Arabia, the keepers of the Kabba. It could make for some interesting discussions between the Wahhabi clerics, their followers, and the Saudi government.
    For further reading on the subject of O-Bambi’s past, I refer you to the inestimable Daniel Pipes.
    As for the alleged church O-Bambi attends/attended, a man I know wrote me this.

    In the 1980’s, after wife Carol and son Matt went to be with
    the Lord, I began making short-term lay-missionary trips
    to Central America (4x), Russia (2x), and once each to
    South Korea and Israel.
    In several C. A. countries we found a rampant idealogy
    of humanistic collectivist Marxism selling itself to the
    people as ‘Christian’ under title, “Liberation Theology.”
    The resulting damage to religion, governments, and
    people, goes on to this day.

    I recently went to Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s
    church site to read what his ‘pastor’ teaches – and he
    obviously supports. I found Liberation Theology &
    Racial Collectivism (Black) – neither of which is Bible-
    based, or Christian, or American-principled. Little is
    even said in behalf of Jesus other than superficial
    camouflage. It is a site dedicated to pure humanistic

    As for the implication that white Americans are the only racist, I call BS. Why have their been so many mayors of large cities that are predominantly white? Why did O-Bambi win the Iowa caucuses, when the black American population in Iowa is smaller than the national average? No, race isn’t the issue some would have us believe when it comes to a qualified candidate. In O-Bambi’s case I, and many others, don’t believe he is qualiied, he is not telling us who he really is, and his many platitudes and empty rhetoric may fool some, but not enough to be elected to an office he clearly isn’t qualified for.
    And for Mary’s attempt at mocking President Bush’s speech patterns, enjoy your laugh. I’m still laughing at the fact that he has been defeating the liberals in this country in two elections, two Supreme Court Justices, tax cuts, and funding for the GWOT. If he’s so dumb, then what does that say about the liberals he has been outsmarting for the past fourteen years?

  14. Mary, get over your accusation of racism. Barack is “black” (the way Americans think “black”) by circumstance and, through marriage, by choice, but not by legacy, by history, by “roots.” In a technical way, he is “African-American,” but almost as much as someone who has a parent who was a white South African, or, say, Catherine Camus (Albert’s daughter). His own bloodline has *no* direct connection to African-Americans who were chattel slaves earlier in American history.

    As for the Harvard degree, he earned it, but it makes him – by talent and training, presumably – one of the most privileged, and furthest from underprivileged, Americans of our generation.

  15. joe says:

    Martin luther King yes Barack Hussein Obama NO!! I am proud of my name My full name why does he drop his middle name. his country was founded on Christian beliefs not Muslim beliefs!

  16. joe says:

    GO Mike Huckabee

  17. Matt says:

    I agree with Ed,

    “His middle name Hussein will get people thinking about Saddam, and the Obama sounds like Osama, so it gets people thinking that because they have similar names, that they have similar thoughts and behavior, and this is not the case.”

    Name has absolutely nothing to do with the validity of political ethics. If he is qualified and has political views in line with yours, vote for him. If not, there are other candidates. As long as you make informed decisions at the poll, all will be fine (unfortunately this country is ripe with the uninformed/lazy).

  18. Dustin says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Just because islam states that being born into a muslim family automatically makes you muslim, doesn’t make it true. As an idividual you have the right, according to thomas jefferson, to choose any faith you want, or none at all. He is not a muslim, he is a christian, but this is just another attack from the right wing slime machine, and shows the ignorance of the party to believe it. And also, why would he change his name, your name doesn’t make your identity. He shares his name with his late father, and if he were to change it, he would be breaking one of the 10 commandment, respect thy father and mother. Huckabee will tell you what you want to hear, even that the confederate flag is great. Romney changed his mind on so many issues he makes john kerry look stable. Mccain is pro illegal immigrants. Thompson well he just can’t get anyone to care about what he has to say. Ron paul along with huckabee could never win the general election. The fact is the republican party will lose to which ever candidate runs from the democratic side. So, spew your words of hate, continue to show how intolerant the republican party is, and hope you can do better in 4 years.

  19. Poppy says:

    There are at least 60 US Senators more qualified to be US President than Senator Obama, yet all we hear is how he should be president–of course, he can be president of the glee club, but the next US President better come with substance instead of race-baiting.

  20. no2liberals says:

    Dustin, you are seriously in need of info.
    If you know any muslims, ask them if it’s true that a male child born to a muslim man is a muslim. It has nothing to do with TJ, but everything to do with Ol’Moh.
    I don’t want him to change his name, I think his initials are too much fun…B-HO.
    As for your prognostication of who will or will not win the ’08 election, thinking that Her Royal Thighness or B-HO can win, being Marxist, remains to be seen. I think Huckabee can win against either of those two idiots from the donk party, but it will most likely be Romney, as he has the money, and the executive business experience, and the economy will be the biggest issue in the election, not Iraq. W and Petraeus have done such a good job of kicking AQ in the gonads, that the Lame Stream Media won’t report on it anymore.
    The only words of hate or intolerance I have posted are for you, Dustin, as I deplore ignorant and uninformed people who try and lecture others on subjects they have no knowledge of. Just like a typical American leftard.

  21. jeannette says:

    why doesn’t obama”s family at CNN report their sons middle name they report if clinton farts.

  22. Dustin says:

    Then you sure must hate yourself. America will not tolerate huckabee because he wants to change the constitution to fit the will of god. First an arrogant statment because no one knows gods will, and most americans don’t want religion dictated to them. Mitt will be destroyed in the general elect because of his flip flopping he did on all issues important to the conservative party, especially all the money he spent in massachusetts where he was quite the liberal in all ways but title. Like i said, just because religion states it so, doesn’t make it so. He has been in the same church for over 20 years, i guess that was a ploy. You choose your own religion, religion doesn’t choose you. But leave it to a typical republican to be very near sighted and intolerant of anything that looks different. Soon enough you will see how tired people are of the republican party, that is why record numbers have been coming out in the dems primary season.

  23. Dustin says:

    and maybe read up a little on communism, educate yourself

  24. Jon Olsen says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist sleeper cell. Once a muslim, always a muslim. So not vote for Barack Hussein Obama

  25. t-bone says:

    jon olsen, you are am idiotic, prime example of the ignorant scum that makes up most of the population of america. islam is a religion of peace, and just because there are some extremists out there, they dont define what the religion is all about. i’m sure if you payed attention in school, you would remember the salem witch trials, with the christian extremists who would hang women who could whistle. and according to christianity, you could murder someone, ask for forgiveness of your sins, and go to heaven anyway. who cares about religion, its all bullsh*t anyway, people only hold on to their beliefs because they’re afraid that there’s nothing left after death. go atheism, go obama

  26. freethoughts says:

    Islam religion of peace? You should go read the Koran, as I did. Also, you say “go atheism”: you should be grateful to live in America, because should you say this phrase in an Islamic country, you’d be immediately sentenced to death. Islam punishes ‘misbelievers’, and atheists more than everyone else. And I tell u more: I’m also an atheist and dislike religions in general. But I’m grateful I don’t live in an Islamic country, as I would be already in a grave.

  27. freethoughts says:

    And as an atheist I say: Long Live Jesus Christ and his Message of Love, Peace with Justice and Freedom.

  28. no2liberals says:

    Dustin, you still are as uninformed and ignorant about Islam as you were before. I know you are a dim bulb, but I will try and explain it to you again. In Islam, if you are born to a Muslim father, you are a Muslim. It’s that simple, and to the irreconcilable wing of Islam, an apostate is anyone that turns their back on Islam, like B-HO has done. Further, he attended mosques with his Step Father and Grandfather. Even though the so-called church he belongs to in Chicago claims to be a church of Christ, it isn’t, it is a proponent of Marxist liberation theology, and it’s reverend is a former(?) member of the Nation of Islam. In fact, Obama has, and continues to employ NOI members in his staff.
    You can believe the BS that B-HO is spreading, some other idiots besides you have bought into it.
    You claim Mike Huckabee wants to change the constitution, but you can’t support your lie with a link, unless it is from the Huff’n’Puff Post. The President doesn’t have that power, it requires a constitutional amendment, even if he wanted to, which he has never expressed. But Obambi’s cousin has promised to do just that in Kenya.
    You also claim I hate and don’t tolerate anything that looks different, while that may be true in some regards, it certainly doesn’t apply to my view of B-HO or the other members of the Marxist donk party, what they are all about is the same old tired shiite since Karl Marx grew his beard.
    As for what I know about communism, it exceeds what you know, and far surpasses what you pretend to know about this lying, empty suit of a politician, named Barak Hussein Obama, and his anti-Israel and pro-Islam friends.

  29. Anna says:

    This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA it would be a dishonor and disgrace having a President with the name of Hussein.
    We as Americans have been through enough, that name has bad reminders for all.
    Do you think the men in the Military out in the desert protecting us here in the US want to have to salute a President named Hussein Obama?
    I’m sorry but, that is the most un-american name I have ever heard!
    And surely not a name for a United States President!

  30. Lisa says:

    The fact that he has come as far as he has a very serious joke.
    People want change so they look at him and see that he is different. HOwever are they LISTENING To him? if anyone thinks that Barack Hussein Obama or any president for that matter is going to change their lives they are ignorant. He is a total poliitician with barely any substance. Also Do you think if this man was white would Oprah be campaigning for him??? I do not think so.

  31. Lisa says:

    I totally agree

  32. Danielle says:

    Anna, its just a name. Get past the name and focus on the person behind it.

  33. Lisa says:

    I am afraid that that his campaign is getting funded by Muslim extremists .

  34. Lisa says:

    If Barack Husseing Obama becomes president This country is very foolish. And he is surely misleading young people. he cannot change anyones life. And no president can. And he does not have enough statesmenship to be our president. WHY doesnt AMerica WAKE UP!!

  35. Brittany says:

    Wow Anna…not an american sounding name?? Americans are a people of all cultures, look around you! haha Just because it is not a Swedish sounding name does not mean it’s not “american sounding!” And I am with Danielle on this one, it’s just a name!! Maybe before making judgement, find a bit more information. And I think those, (men and women) in the military would love to salute a president that wants to bring their asses home to see their families again…

  36. Anna says:

    I stick to what I said. Sure would like to do a survey on the military and see how many would vote for barack hussein obama.
    I can’t get past the name… and I don’t want to try. I am an american. In the USA And I feel as though anyone representing all of this country when they are spoken to should sound like they are from the USA not iraq or iran or anywhere else that name can be frm. That is my own opinion.

  37. Troy says:

    Why don’t you liberals save the hot air. You need to start by trying to explain the picture.

  38. anomymous says:

    Why don’t you all accept the TRUTH? WAKE UP American!

  39. Troy says:

    It’s hard to believe that people will ignore all the signs and vote for someone like this for our own president. the forefathers must be rolling over in their graves. All someone has to do is make those same old empty blanket statements like “We can’t go 4 more years without healthcare for every child” or “We can’t go 4 more years without better schools” and all those people like Dustin are eating it up! never saying how he will fix anything. Sounds just like Billary in 92. Every election one dem will run on the same crap “Change” and people go for it every time. Ones a socialist but, Obomi is even worse. Wake up people before it’s too late.

  40. Joseph Phillips, Sr. says:

    Oh if it was “just a name”….better look at Senator Obama’s plans to raise taxes, and lead this country further down the road to socialism! If one wants to live in a country where socialism reigns go to Sweden or numerous other countries other than the United States of America. Obama wants to redistribute wealth and rob the rich to give to those who have less. Last time I checked, the free market and individual effort and belief in God is what made this country great. Better stop and think about it before voting for Barack Hussein Obama (or Hillary Rodham Clinton).

  41. Lisa says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is scary. HE is like a puppet when he is reading his speeches because he either reads from a teleprompter every time he makes a speech or he reads from index cards. And that is why he does horrible in debates. and did you see his wife on Larry king????She sounds like an idiot. She thinks the pearls are going to get her into the white house.But she SOUNDS like a complete dope!!!!!!!


  42. Lisa says:

    Barrack hussein Obama thinks he can get over on young Americans. LET SHOW HIM AND OPRAH DITSY that he WONT!!!!!!!!

  43. Emilee says:

    Think about this: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. Who does that remind you of? *cough* Sadaam Hussein, perhaps.. A muslim. Now children, who just bombed our country not too long ago;; MUSLIMS!!!! Do you want a freakin muslim as your next president? If you do, then you need to seriously rethink yourselves.

    *No he cant*

  44. Matt says:

    Its rather sad to read all these negative posts about a man that has a real vision for this country. He is trying to wake up the sleeping drones of Americans that are stuck in the politics of the past. So one question: are we better off trying to repeat the old policies that have lead to the deaths of countless American soldiers and innocent civilians? Or is it about time to change the way America deals with problems such as international diplomacy and budget spending?

    Why are so many people stuck on the notion that the leader of our country must only be of Christian faith? Is it not in our constitution that our country is to be founded on the principles of free practice and will?

  45. emmy says:

    A muslim is a person who believe in one God and prophet Muhammad is the last prophet. So, if everyone in his/your family is a muslim, but if he/you doesn’t believe in one God & Muhammad as the last prophet, he/you is NOT a muslim.
    For example, prophet Noah was a muslim, but his son was not a muslim. And this example is writen in the Ch 11:41-48 Qur’ân.
    Please do your research carefully before you want to accept any knowledge/information being feed by others. Another good source of Islamic info:

  46. S.A.M says:

    Jon Olsen, your existing perception about Muslims is due to misguidiance of electronic media which has been used as a weapon of mass destraction against western people. Once you read translation of Holy Quran (the last book from Almighty lord sent down to Earth over 1400 years back), you will realize what you are doing here on land.

  47. JODY says:

    I have to ask America. Do you not remember who attacked us on 911. They are called Muslims. Barak Hussein Obama is a muslim…He can lie all he wants, but he is what he is. It just amazes me how gullible people here in America are. If this man becomes president of this nation Our HOLY GOD Jehovah will turn His back on this nation.
    Read the old testament in the bible. It happened time and time again when the people would cry out to God for a king He would do this for them, but then He would pull His hand of blessing off them when they had a evil king. Christians and Jews alike should be in fear of this man call Barak Hussein Obama. WAKE UP AMERICA. God knows we don’t need an idiot like Hillary either, but i would choose her over Satan any day….

  48. Lisa says:

    The scarey thing about Barack Hussein Obama is he says he wants change ok. Buy he foes not get into detail about what kind of change? He says he is going to Unite the Republicans and democrats . How does he plan on doing that? How do I know the change he intends for is in my best interest????????? AMERICA WAKE UP . THIS GUY IS scarey and the moe I hear him in speeches he has that Militant look in his eye. HE IS evil and so is his wife MICHELLe. I hope America wakes up. THis is looking very sad. and AlOT of people will be very disspointed when this guy hangs a muslim flag in front of the WHITE HOUSE. ALSO LOUIS FARRAKAN can be an inpiring speaker to some idiots but he has a lot of hATred too AND I believe that BARACK HUSSEIN oBama is the same. Ibelieve he hates the west. I wouldnt be surprised if he has the same Speech writer as farrakan. ALSO THINk about this. Not that I am a democrat. BUT WHO DO YOU FEEL WILL protect AMERICA and AMERICAs interests mote??? I THING HILLARY!!!!!!!! GO HIllARTY. Michelle Obama does not have enough class to be first lady. GO HILLARY!!!!

  49. Lisa says:

    If barack wasnt hiding something why did he drop his middle name?? \

  50. Lisa says:

    Obama is Anti west!

  51. Lisa says:

    The only way to save this country is if Hillary loses all of the Hillary supporters should support Mccain to keep this undercover terrorist from becoming president.

    GOD Help America!

  52. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Lisa, I really want to know also why Osama sorry Obama dropped his middle name Hussein? I am really happy that Mrs Obama is finally proud of America so for the last 40 or some years she was not but now she is! Clinton did not have the balls to get rid of Osama when he had him, we would still have the twin towers, people seem to forget that Bush inherited a lot of Clintons very dirty laundry. As for Mrs Clinton, she had 20 years to resolve the health care issue what is she going to do now?

  53. Lisa says:

    I agree but I still trust her over Obama, But I thinK we will be ok, MCCAIN will REign!!!

  54. no2liberals says:

    His name is only an indicator, it’s his muslim connections that are the greatest concern.
    First B-HO claims he is Christian, but he has troubling connections to islam, one in the form of the Nation of Islam, a black separatist/supremacist form of islam, of which his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was a member, awarded Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award in his church magazine, and even accompanied Calypso Louie to Libya to meet with Qaddafi. B-HO currently has NoI members working for him in his election campaign and his senate offices. B-HO has returned questionable donations to many arab/muslims, and has some questionable relations with a former Saddam Baathist associate. I contend B-HO is a stealth muslim candidate, knowing he could never be elected to higher office if he claimed he was muslim, and relies on the debate ending claims of racism, to detract from his heritage, and never has to answer his past honestly, or his associates. B-HO claims to be a Christian, as his cousin claims to be an Anglican, but just as his cousin promised to Talibanize Kenya, if elected, I think B-HO would take a different approach if he were to win, as he would have all of the world’s secrets at his hands, and could cause permanent damage to this country, as well as all our allies.
    Then there is B-HO’s Marxist connections. His alleged church is not a Christian church, but a Marxist liberation theology church, preaching black separatism/supremacy, just like NoI. His desire to give away .7% of the U.S. Gross National Product above current aid in payments to the UN’s world poverty program, is a glimpse into his statist mind. Then there are his mentors and contemporaries in Marxism, both in the U.S., and internationally, that are very troubling. Two long articles, this one, and this one.
    Whether it is his muslim past, his muslim connections, his Marxist past and present, or his Marxist connections, the man cannot be trusted to lead this country. His ideological base is so convoluted and perverted, he would do irrevocable harm to this great land.
    To B-HO, Shakespeare’s words from The Merchant of Venice are perfect:

    You speak an infinite deal of nothing.

  55. Julie says:


  56. Lisa says:

    Hmm Is this a racist church?? THese people are still blaming others for their opression?? Even though there are so many succesful black people in America? Hmm Who is racist here? They are still blaming the White Community and this is where Barack Hussein Obama has been attending church for the past 20 years.!!!!!!!!
    They call themselves the “CHOSEN PEOPLE”.

    The fortunate who are among us combine forces with the less fortunate to become agents of change for God who is not pleased with America’s economic mal-distribution!
    <— this is right from there mission statement

  57. no2liberals says:

    A couple of things that have gone unmentioned, and barely noticed, are the people B-HO has working for him.
    Maybe you remember the name Greg Craig, he was Clinton’s lawyer during the impeachment, and later Castro’s lawyer in the Elian Gonzalez travesty.
    Another name you might remember is, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Z-Big was President Peanutz National Security Adviser from 1976-1980, and helped usher in the modern era of terrorism, with the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, and the rise of the Mad Mullahs.
    Well, Craig is B-HO’s Senior Policy advisor, and Z-Big is B-HO’s foreign policy counselor. One additional note about Z-Big, he was in Syria last week visiting with Chinless Assad, at about the same time that Mugniyeh was assassinated. Why were both Billary and B-HO sending campaign officials to a terrorist nation?
    More questions than answers on B-HO. He is not to be trusted.

    False face must hide what the false heart doth know.

  58. Lisa says:

    No2Liberals.. I agree with you totally.
    Now how can we empower Mccains campaign???
    I dont know how to create a website and frankly I am not that politically academic . All I know is that I do not trust BHO 1 bit. I believe he is a dictator. But I still have to get more knowledgable on what mCcain stands for as well.And I intend to do so. THe lay person like me doesnt understand all of the intricicies of politics. ecomomics, etc. But Now I want to learn because BHO scares the shit out of me. ANd now its time to share why we should vote for MCCAin. I am voting for him because I beleive he will be best for this nations security and that is #1 in my book. If we do not have national security Than we cant enjoy our freedom or even try to improve our economic situation. Also I would like to ad that I very much believe in teh LAw of attraction. We have to start saying positive things about MCCAIN and then the positive things will follow. If we are focused on BHO that is what we will attract. And I think its time for me to change my thinking and learn about and support the MCCAIN campaign. HE has fought for our freedom. We owe it to him. Help me reach my goal.

  59. Marie says:

    Looking At Obama and Black Liberation Theology
    By Marie Jon’ on (Feb 20, 08)

    What Does Obama’s Church Believe?
    Obama belongs to an unabashedly Black African-centered church. Its teachings focus on a “black value” system. It has knowledgeable Americans questioning how Obama’s church (Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ) and its pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr. influence the man who wants to be President of the United States…

    Why couldn’t Obama have chosen to be a Methodist, a Pentecostal or a Lutheran? What drew him to a church that many find questionable?


    “One nation under GOD” it makes you think…. “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 4-For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5-he[c] predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— 6-to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. 7-In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace 8-that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding. 9-And he[d] made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, 10-to be put into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment—to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3-10). We need to take a stand and vote our conscious not just because of race or gender. Look at the candidates and see what they really stand for and what they believe in. We are going to entrust them with not only our country and everything our fore fathers have fought so dearly to establish but we are putting OUR LIVES in their hands. SCARY. WE need to Pray…. Pray for our country, Pray for her people. Pray we elect a worthy candidate to take care of all we hold dear.

  61. Barbie Dolly Bush says:

    What’s in a name? I can not change that my mother and father wanted me to be named Barbie Dolly Bush anymore than Barack Hussein Obama could change what his parents named him. As far as his capabilities to run our country…nope don’t think he’d have a clue as to how to deal with congress. Hillary on the other hand is an ol pro at it. Yes, it all comes down to being able to play with the big dogs and I’m sorry but Barack to me is a wet behind the ears pup. He doesn’t even know how to deal with Hillary and her debates without showing emotion that is unbecoming of a President elect. Watch his eyes and mouth he is soooo ticked off at her and it shows. And Hillary is loving it. She knows the game. She’s like an old whore who has been around the neighborhood and knows who to rub and how to get done what needs to be done.

  62. Barbie Dolly Bush says:

    So then it comes down to who should we vote for Mc Cain? or Clinton?
    I wonder why the man is even running for office. We only hear about Clinton and Obama. Mc Cain is an afterthought. Oh yes, him too. No one is interested in what the mans policies are or what they would be if he was to be our President. I myself would like to vote for Tommy Thompson. He dropped out of the running earlier on. He was our Governor in Wisconsin for many years and he did a fine job. Unlike our now Governor Jim Doyle who can not even handle his State Patrol. Come on how hard is it to redirect traffic ppl. They were stuck on the interstate for several hours…..over 2000 of them. This would never have happened if Tommy Thompson would have stayed here with us. But it is not Tommy’s fault that he wanted bigger better things. I think he would have been an awesome President. Too bad we are stuck with the pup the whore and mr. what’s his name?

  63. no2liberals says:

    I am not a fan of McCain, and I say that as a veteran, and one that respects his service to our great nation while he was a Navy aviator and POW.
    It’s very simple why McCain is now the front runner for the GOP, the GOP establishment wanted someone who could beat either Billary, B-HO, or Edwards, and the early internal polling showed McCain was the only one, as he attracts moderates/independents better than a conservative candidate.
    When you look back at where Mc was in August, he was broke, had to lay off about 75% of his campaign staff, and he was tracking at about 7% in the polls. Suddenly he is resurrected at about the time of the New Hampshire primary, after the only true conservative in the GOP, Mike Huckabee, surprised many and won Iowa.
    The GOP establishment wants to win and keep the power of the White House, and if possible, Congress. As a conservative, I feel betrayed, and feel like the GOP is taking the conservative vote for granted, much like the Dhimmicrat party takes the black vote for granted. Neither party gives back anything in return for their votes.
    McCain is not only not a conservative, he despises conservatives, and has been attacking the social conservatives since the 80’s. Mc is another big government liberal, hiding behind a facade of being conservative, and the fact that he has lied about so many things that can be confirmed, makes me suspect he might not be as forceful in fighting the GWOT as he claims.
    Whether I vote for Mc as POTUS or not will be a game day decision. I’m still hopeful Mike can get enough delegates to prevent Mc from getting the nomination, and forces a brokered convention.
    As a conservative, and not a republican, I will not abandon my principles to win an election. Elections and politicians come and go, but my principles are with me everyday when I look in the mirror.
    Looking at the Marxist candidates from the Dhimmicrat party, and Mc, I don’t see a great deal of difference. The only thing Mc seems to offer us at this point is…pardon me if you’ve heard this before…hope!

  64. Lisa says:

    Can you remove that last post I thought that was a little exreme Sunce it is still awaiting moderation

  65. orderprozac says:

    Awesome photo 😉

  66. HOMER GARZA says:





  67. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe how many bigots are living in the United States! Intelligent citizens have the ability to get past racial, gender, religious and uncontrollable issues associated with a candidate. A name is just an identification, appointed to you by your parents! We have no control over this, and IF Obama were to legally change it, I’m sure the bigots of the U.S. would use this as another reason for why he should not be elected.
    Religion shouldn’t matter either. Last time I checked, not every person in the U.S. is a Christian, and being a Christian does not give a person a higher moral status over another. Even Christians have differing ethical standards (think about the Westboro “God Hates Fags” Baptist Church”). Religious opinions will always differ, and I think it’s important that we look past religion and the position we’re born into. Focus on the issues. The proposed policies are what should truely matter in this election.

  68. Elizabeth says:

    Homer you did not ask most of the soldiers that did serve in Iraq, if Hillary is a feminist she would have not stayed with her husband after that all fiasco, she has no PRIDE AS A WOMAN, she like everybody else signed on to this war after 9/11 but now because it was not a quikie we should quit, Obama! I do not know how to begin I am in shock not only the name puts me off but what has he accomplished???? God save us, we will be heading towards worse than communism. Going back to the womens movement, I would vote in a heart blink for Candelisa Rice, unlike Hillary she has class, very well educated well spoken there is not enough I could say about her, she should be the Icon women should follow not a thief like Hillary, she stood by her husband because of her own adgenda, not to mention many lies and thievery that went on during the Clinton administration I would most definitely want my daughter to look up to Hillary in no way no shape, and lets say she will be Plesident what wil she do if she does not get her way? CRY? she does that so well.


  69. no2liberals says:

    Jennifer, B-HO’s policies are the real problem. They are as bizarre as is his religious and Marxist background.
    Of course, if one makes an emotional attachment to a candidate, then reason flies out of the window.

  70. Laila says:

    I think Americans are blind. They just go by a person’s ability to talk well. If a person is good at giving speeches, Americans will vote for that candidate. Also, I think this country is very backwards in terms of what they think. You never had any Female president yet!! Look at the so called third world countries. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan all had Women presidents way back in 1980s. People here are still discriminating against Females although they say they don’t. I strongly believe that Obama didn’t vote for Iraq war because he cannot do that as he has Muslim roots. How can he fight against his own people??!! Although he might pose himself as a Christian, don’t forget that his roots are Muslim and he has ties with his father’s family. He is Barak Hussain Obama!!

    I like Hillary because she has solutions to problems. Although she is not a great orator as Obama, she thinks before she makes any promises. Obama just gives great speeches. Americans made a mistake by re-electing Bush and are again going to do the same by electing Obama. This time it is going to be a doomsday for this continuously ruining economy. God… Please give brains to Americans.

  71. Matt says:

    I’m so weary of the tired claims of “racism” by the left. The only racism is on the left. It’s Hillary Clinton who tried to scare America about electing “one of them.” The left wants to divide us up by race, proportion out our achievement according to skin color, and put minorities in the place where we are enslaved to the likes of Al Sharpton, La Raza, Obama’s socialist programs, and others. But the liberal left and their race-based pimps have had their chance to fix things with their programs to end poverty, with their civil rights bills, and have done NOTHING but fuel inter-racial hate. The success stories in the minority American popluation have been ovewhelmingly from conservative-minded minorities who shrug off whatever racial stereotypes are put on them, and pull themselves up out of the muck.

    “Racism” is the easiest claim to make against conservatives who are the most progressive in their aims to make this a color blind society. Who is holding the nation back? Liberals. Cries of “racism!” are the arguments of the feeble-minded who have no substance to bring to the political debate.

    As far as the name Hussein? It wasn’t the GOP who named Mr. Barry Obama. Why are conservative candidates fair game for cheap shots from the New York Times and other major media outlets, but liberals like Barack Hussein Obama, whose own Senate colleague (Ted Kennedy) has referred to him as “Osama” and who has no platform, no political accomplishments, and no history is given special protection from virtually all criticism? The message from the media is, if you have something bad to say about Obama, you’re a mean-spirited racist. Well the gloves are going to come off and Barack better realize he’s in for a real political fight. Everything is on the table. Conservatives want to win! If it takes stating facts, like Obama’s middle name is Hussein, then sobeit. This is the big leagues and the stakes are high.

  72. Wendy says:

    My problem with the whole Obama thing is that those who support Obama are not as open minded as they seem to portray themselves to be since they all want to be a UNITED states. I am reminded of the violence that pro-lifers show when they want to stop abortions, meaning they are for life yet they will take a doctors life. If Obama’s messages is unity and hope, then why are his followers so against those who don’t feel the same? Why should McCain apologize because Cunningham said Barack Hussein Obama? That is the mans name, and I feel that by apologizing for his name being said, that it self invokes shame for Obama, like his middle names should be kept out of it. The media is telling people what to be offended by, what they should think is racism, what they should think about Obama and Hillary. No matter what Hillary does or says the media which is run by men, will not acknowledge her point of view as legitimate. They will not accept something that bothers her like the obvious media admiration for Obama as being a true feeling for her. What really bothers me in regards to this aspect is that Obama is not asking the media to be more open minded and fair, instead he is feeding off of it because he wants the nomination. I can’t believe Obama will not salute the flag, even new citizens or children in kindergarten are told to cover your heart during the pledge of allegience, yet he wont, but he wants to be our President. I am a Hillary supporter because she IS the better candidate and will not support Obama if Hillary does not win. I will not vote at all. As much as people want to beleive that race is not an issue in this contest, it is, and just as much as people want to say sexism isn’t part of this race, its most certainly is. A woman president is much more of a change then another man, regardless of the ethnic background, black woman or white woman, or hispanic woman, just any woman, but an aggressive, intelligent woman will never be considered as qualified as an aggressive intelligent man. It is a position that many feel is not a womans place, but then and only then will this country see a real change when a woman is President. Obama never says what his plans are, he just says he has a plan, he is a terrible debater because he wants to interupt, my 13 year brought this up because she’s learning to debate in school.

  73. Wendy says:

    Would the black woman vote go to Obama if he had a white wife? Hell no they wouldn’t, and why? Because black women hate white women with they’re men. And what is up with these people fainting at his rallies? What is this calling him like a “rock star”, and what is this about calling him a mesiah? Its so ridiculous. During the debate last night and the issue with “denounce” or “reject” why did he act as though there is no difference between the two? Why? because to reject would be he could lose some support, to denounce he is just acknowledging the wickedness of Louis Farrakhan but accepting his endorsement. So to conceed like “ok, ok, I’ll do both” is like a wussy not knowing the importance of choosing to reject. Hillary was very smart to throw that in there. And yes, you can tell Barack Hussein Obama was upset with the WOMAN next to him, she was nailing it on the head with favortism to him from the media, he’s lies regarding her health plan, his refusal to say how he plans to get the money to fund his health plan, her getting the questions first so that he can sit back and listen to her get all the points out first then all he had to say was “hillary is correct” without coming up with the information off the top of his head because he doesn’t have a speech laid out in front of him. I am fearful of a man who will not show very much emotion when he is getting upset, Hillary is doing the healthy thing like all women do and show emotion, to stay so calm frightens me, at some point he will explode. But no matter what, the media will say that Hillary hadn’t done enough, and Barack is still the winner, the media is giving him the title before the race is over. That is why I wish all the states voted on the same day, then none of this winning/losing stuff would happen, we’d know right away, and less money would be spent to fund the campaigns, heck, I should be president!!!

  74. no2liberals says:

    I can only speak for myself, but I vote for whom I think is best qualified, race and sex aren’t important. I would vote for Condoleeza Rice in a heart beat. I don’t vote for the Marxist Democrats.
    As for the various comments about racism in this election, or in the U.S. in general, there seems to be a great deal of misinformation about the Republicans being the party of racist. The Dhimmicrats have a former Grand Kleagle as a long serving Senator, Robert Byrd. Al Gore’s father, a long time Senate Dhimmicrat, tried to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    It was the Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. The Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan to lynch and terrorize blacks. The Democrats fought to prevent the passage of every civil rights law beginning with the civil rights laws of the 1860’s, and continuing with the civil rights laws of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    During the civil rights era of the 1960’s, Dr. King was fighting the Democrats who stood in the school house doors, turned skin-burning fire hoses on blacks and let loose vicious dogs. It was Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who pushed to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools. President Eisenhower also appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to the U.S. Supreme Court which resulted in the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision ending school segregation. Much is made of Democrat President Harry Truman’s issuing an Executive Order in 1948 to desegregate the military. Not mentioned is the fact that it was President Eisenhower who actually took action to effectively end segregation in the military.

    Democrat President John F. Kennedy is lauded as a proponent of civil rights. However, Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil rights Act while he was a senator, as did Democrat Senator Al Gore, Sr. And after he became president, John F. Kennedy was opposed to the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King that was organized by A. Phillip Randolph who was a black Republican. President Kennedy, through his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the FBI on suspicion of being a Communist in order to undermine Dr. King.

    In March of 1968, while referring to Dr. King’s leaving Memphis, Tennessee after riots broke out where a teenager was killed, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, called Dr. King a “trouble-maker” who starts trouble, but runs like a coward after trouble is ignited. A few weeks later, Dr. King returned to Memphis and was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

    Given the circumstances of that era, it is understandable why Dr. King was a Republican. It was the Republicans who fought to free blacks from slavery and amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom (13th Amendment), citizenship (14th Amendment) and the right to vote (15th Amendment). Republicans passed the civil rights laws of the 1860’s, including the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867 that was designed to establish a new government system in the Democrat-controlled South, one that was fair to blacks. Republicans also started the NAACP and affirmative action with Republican President Richard Nixon’s 1969 Philadelphia Plan (crafted by black Republican Art Fletcher) that set the nation’s first goals and timetables. Although affirmative action now has been turned by the Democrats into an unfair quota system, affirmative action was begun by Nixon to counter the harm caused to blacks when Democrat President Woodrow Wilson in 1912 kicked all of the blacks out of federal government jobs.

    Few black Americans know that it was Republicans who founded the Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Unknown also is the fact that Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois was key to the passage of civil rights legislation in 1957, 1960, 1964 and 1965. Not mentioned in recent media stories about extension of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is the fact that Dirksen wrote the language for the bill. Dirksen also crafted the language for the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which prohibited discrimination in housing. President Lyndon Johnson could not have achieved passage of civil rights legislation without the support of Republicans.

    On this day in 1869, the Republican-controlled 40th Congress passed the 15th Amendment, extending to African-Americans the right to vote. 98% of Republicans in Congress voted in favor (a few abstained because they thought the measure did not go far enough). 97% of Democrats voted against the 15th Amendment.

    On this date in history.
    On this date in history.
    On this date in history, the anti-slavery Republican party was born.
    Give me a candidate that is of good character, believes in free markets, national security, making government adhere to the restrictions the constitution placed on it, using government to clear the hurdles. and give us a hand up and not a hand out, then they will get my vote, irrespective of the accident of birth for skin color or sex.

  75. Mihai says:

    It’s time for America to restore the respect and stature around the world so badly deteriorated under the Bush administration. Years of war and suffering fighting Hussein and Osama must end. Barak Hussein Obama is what we need to put an end to our misery. This can be the end of the road to self destruction.

  76. no2liberals says:

    Barack Hussein Obama will not end misery, only increase it, and lead us down a path of destruction through appeasement and Marxism. If some people of the world have lost respect for the U.S. under President Bush, it is because they are weak and worthless in the fight against the Global Hirabah, and instead of showing their true colors, try and blame our President.
    Look at the European countries that didn’t participate in the coalition of nations that assisted in Iraq. Most of them, in particular France and Germany, were making money hand over fist off of Saddam. Operation Enduring Freedom took away all of their illegal monetary gains, as those countries were actively violating the UN sanctions on Saddam. Then after the invasion, and Saddam was deposed, the rebuilding effort began, and here comes France wanting some of the contracts for the rebuilding. Screw them, and any other country that didn’t participate in the Multi-National Forces efforts. Most Americans don’t care what those people think of us on a good day, much less when we have expended our treasure in blood and silver. Those countries need to deal with their own lack of self-respect before they insist on the U.S. doing anything different to gain it.

  77. Dustin says:

    12 billion dollars a month, 400 million dollars a day, spent on a war that should never exist, and in a time of stagflation, and possible recession, and the issue that you all want to discuss is his name. He is not muslim, and was not raised in muslim schools. He was raised in Hawaii, and spent a few years in indonesia with his mom, he denies all ties to him being muslim or to have been in a muslim school, and there is no proof that he was either so that is false. His dad was muslim, but if your father left when you were 2, how much would he affect your religious views growing up. “no2liberals”, to use examples from the early to mid 1900’s or 1800’s to show the racism in the democratic party is not an accurate way to portray the picture. The political landscape has dramatically changed since the time of our fathers and grandfathers, just look at lincoln, now only a republican in name, was on the side of the union and fought against states rights, thats why the south seceded. What use to be the racist southern democrats are now the evangelical base of the republican party. And for that quote about Huckabee wanting to change the constitution, i don’t need a link, there is a video of him giving the speech and the quote i think was, “It is easier to change the constitution than to change the will of God.” Its not only arrogant but dangerous to assume that you know the true will of god, but he thinks he does. “Troy”, if you’re talking about the picture dressed as a kenyan elder, then thats ridiculous, when political figures go to other countries its not uncommon to dress in the countries traditional clothes, bush and hillary both have done it. To all those talking about his church, his minister has said some terrible things and Barack said they were terrible. We don’t criticize republicans who still go to the same church or support their religious leaders who cheated with a woman or a man, we don’t criticize those who still go to the same churches where priests have molested children. The reason he continues to be attacked on the superficial issues is because if you can paint him as muslim, a lot of america will associate that as terrorist. Its just playing into the fear of americans even though you are much more likely to die of car accident, drowning, fire, or murdered, by walking across the street or falling. And to all who don’t think a president can affect lives, that is completely ridiculous. Under bush 4000 soldiers killed in iraq, so them plus all their families are extremely affected, plus the nearly 200,000 still there. Inflation is rising and economic growth is at a stand still, so everyone is paying more for everything, the housing crises with people losing homes all over the country, rising costs of health care and college, gas has risen dramatically, oil now over 100 a barrel, jobs being outsourced, your privacy being taken away, the failing no child left behind act, an administration that for the first 5 years did as little as possible to get us off of oil even giving them tax breaks right along side their record profits. Abu Ghraib, which has gone a long way to helping recruit new terrorists. Dont forget the record low of the U.S. dollar, which has never been this worthless in our history, which hurts people who travel abroad. So president Bush, has negatively or positively effected every american, and if you like the ways you are being effected, then elect again, someone who talks strong on terrorism and is weak in everything else, but at least Mccain has admitted to not knowing much about the economy.

  78. President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Wow! That sounds great! BHO, FDR, JFK, HST, IKE, Old Abe. I’m liking this!
    Maybe, just maybe, President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. will bring some sanity into today’s America, an America that’s almost been ruined by the criminality of President George Walker Bush.

  79. Dustin says:

    and martin luther king jr wasn’t a republican, martin luther king sr. was, but MLK jr. was non-partisan and never endorsed any candidate, in King’s own words, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs on social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” So, its likely he wouldn’t be republican today, and Lyndon Johnson a democrat did more for civil rights than any other president, ever. Also the kkk was never a political group, just a racist one, the mainstream Democratic Party never endorsed the Klan nor claimed to have founded it, but now many members support the republican party.

  80. no2liberals says:

    So Dustin, B-HO isn’t/wasn’t a muslim, eh?
    Since you have so clearly demonstrated your lack of knowledge about islam, as do most leftist, let me help you out.
    There is a term, “Shahada.”

    Definition: This literally means “witnessing” and refers to one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Every Muslim must, once in his or her life, profess the basic faith: la ilaha illa Llah, Muhammadun rasul Allah.

    In English, this means “There is no god but God and Muhammad is the Prophet of God.” Most Muslims repeat it every day.

    Another explanation is:

    The Shahada can be declared as follows:


    The English translation is:

    “I bear witness that there is no deity (none truely to be worshipped) but, Allah, and I bear witness that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah”

    Now, stay with me, this is important to know, and remember the words of the Shahada. The “salat” or call to prayer varies from Sunni to Shiia, and some other sects, but it is basically the same. Typically, any muslim can make the call for “adhan” for salat, and lead it, but typically the imam or the eldest member will do so, but it is not typically done by those least knowledgeable of the Koran.
    For the following NYSlimes article, you will either need to be registered, or use a bugmenot code, if you want to read the entire article. This article from Mar 06, was conducted with Barack Hussein Obama. In this article, he states the following:

    Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

    What were the opening lines of the adhan uttered with a first-rate accent by B-HO?
    In English:

    “Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
    Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
    I witness that there is no god but Allah
    I witness that there is no god but Allah
    I witness that Muhammad is his prophet… “

    Recall the requirement for Shahada, and compare the words in the adhan, and think for yourself, not what B-HO has been telling people. How is it, that a man who now claims he never was a muslim is able to recall, with a first-rate Arabic accent, the adhan, and believes those words are the most beautiful sound on earth at sunset?
    You can believe B-HO if you chose, but he nor you are fooling me, he is as muslim now, as Adam Gadahn was a few weeks ago.
    I’ve heard B-HO casually dismiss his nut-job minister and Louie Farakhan, and Louie’s endorsement of B-HO has been dismissed, as has his endorsement by the Iranian regime, Chavez, and Castro. But his casual dismissal will not work if he wins the Dhimmicrat nomination, and enters the big game. B-HO is eventually going to have to explain all of this, as well as his involvement with the Nation of Islam. Like this story:

    But a former Obama insider says that Obama’s sudden aversion to NOI and Farrakhan is belied by the fact that Obama employed and continues to employ several Farrakhan acolytes in high positions on his Illinois and U.S. Senate campaign and office staffs. I have verified that this person–who agreed to talk on the condition of anonymity–held a key position in the Obama campaign. The insider was so close to Senator Obama that they frequently personally discussed and exchanged direct e-mail messages on campaign and policy matters. This person is not connected with the Clintons and is not a disgruntled employee.

    The NoI and B-HO’s alleged church share a common thread of black supremacy and separatism. I want to hear a thorough explano on how B-HO can justify his claims of being a “uniter” when his current and past belief systems belie that as a goal.
    If you believe that B-HO is not a muslim, then you must believe that up is down, and that grits ain’t groceries.

  81. no2liberals says:

    Dustin, that tired old leftists ploy of calling the GWOT involvement in Iraq is as absurd today as it was five years ago. You need a new tactic.
    As for the cost of our involvement in Iraq, have you stopped to calculate the cost of the destruction in dollars and lives from 9-11? Do the propagandist that you get your talking points from ever offer an amount for that day? How about the effect on our economy as a result of that terrorist attack, do you have a figure for that?
    Grow up! For everything we do in life there is a cost, and the only decision is to determine if that we are willing to pay it. Overwhelmingly, Americans said yes, and we haven’t had another attack on our soil since. You can try and play that little game, but there are many that believe the cost of freedom is priceless.

  82. no2liberals says:


    Dustin, that tired old leftists ploy of calling the GWOT involvement in Iraq unnecessary is as absurd today as it was five years ago. You need a new tactic.

  83. no2liberals says:

    Dustin, according to the source I quoted, but forgot to link to, The National Black Republican Association, MLK Jr. was a Republican.
    As for your further statement about the parties being different now from then, they had this to say, which coincides with my view:

    The thirty-year odyssey of the South switching to the Republican Party began in the 1970’s with President Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” which was an effort on the Part of Nixon to get Christians in the South to stop voting for Democrats who did not share their values and were still discriminating against their fellow Christians who happened to be black. Georgia did not switch until 2002, and some Southern states, including Louisiana, are still controlled by Democrats.

    Today, Democrats, in pursuit of their socialist agenda, are fighting to keep blacks poor, angry and voting for Democrats. Examples of how egregiously Democrats act to keep blacks in poverty are numerous.

    After wrongly convincing black Americans that a minimum wage increase was a good thing, the Democrats on August 3rd kept their promise and killed the minimum wage bill passed by House Republicans on July 29th. The blockage of the minimum wage bill was the second time in as many years that Democrats stuck a legislative finger in the eye of black Americans. Senate Democrats on April 1, 2004 blocked passage of a bill to renew the 1996 welfare reform law that was pushed by Republicans and vetoed twice by President Bill Clinton before he finally signed it. Since the welfare reform law expired in September 2002, Congress had passed six extensions, and the latest expired on June 30, 2004. Opposed by the Democrats are school choice opportunity scholarships that would help black children get out of failing schools and Social Security reform, even though blacks on average lose $10,000 in the current system because of a shorter life expectancy than whites (72.2 years for blacks vs. 77.5 years for whites).

    Democrats have been running our inner-cities for the past 30-40 years, and blacks are still complaining about the same problems. Over $7 trillion dollars have been spent on poverty programs since President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty with little, if any, impact on poverty. Diabolically, every election cycle, Democrats blame Republicans for the deplorable conditions in the inner-cities, then incite blacks to cast a protest vote against Republicans.

    In order to break the Democrats’ stranglehold on the black vote and free black Americans from the Democrat Party’s economic plantation, we must shed the light of truth on the Democrats. We must demonstrate that the Democrat Party policies of socialism and dependency on government handouts offer the pathway to poverty, while Republican Party principles of hard work, personal responsibility, getting a good education and ownership of homes and small businesses offer the pathway to prosperity.

    As for LBJ, his feeling about black Americans were not well hidden, as evidenced in Ronald Kessler’s book.

    I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.

    LBJ’s own words to two governors on Air Force One, discussing why he was pushing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    As for the 1957 Civil Rights Act, rendered toothless by LBJ while Senate Majority Leader, here is an excellent review of Robert Caro’s book on LBJ.

    Caro’s book — lively and very readable despite its length — explains how LBJ achieved the seemingly impossible task of preventing a sustained filibuster by racist southern Democrats that would certainly have killed the 1957 Act too. LBJ did so in large part by deliberately gutting every meaningful provision from the version of the 1957 Act that had originally been drafted by the (Republican) Eisenhower Administration and supported on a bipartisan basis by Republicans and non-southern Democrats. This — plus LBJ’s canny manipulation of the southern Democrats’ fear that they might finally lose a cloture fight if they didn’t let some kind of civil rights legislation through, and of their desire to help LBJ burnish his own presidential credentials — is why nobody other than Strom Thurmond tried to filibuster the 1957 Act. And indeed, it required all of LBJ’s political genius — cynical and duplicitous and effective as it was — to keep pro-civil rights forces (i.e., Republicans and non-southern Democrats) from themselves blocking the watered-down version of the 1957 Act as being “worse than nothing.”

    Even today, you can hear the condescending tone the Dhimmicrat candidates have toward black American voters, by continuing the same old rhetoric of class and racial hatred. Take for example, Joe Biden’s comment about B-HO:

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    That’s more than just a little condescending, and he is a modern day Dhimmicrat, not from the past, only he is keeping the party true to it’s origins.
    As for all of your negativity about the current economy, that is very convenient to overlook to unprecedented economic growth of a twelve trillion dollar economy, and unheard of unemployment. There will always be economic up and down turns, always have been. The President gets far too much credit and blame for the economy, and while I’m no McCain fan, he doesn’t need to know much about the economy, as long as he has good people working for him. As for B-HO, he has even less experience in governance, and I already don’t like the people he has surrounded himself with. He’s a Marxist, and views the economy as serving government, not the citizens.
    At least you and I know who cancels each other’s vote.

  84. Wow, no2liberals. You really belive BHO (no hyphen) is a muslim because he said something spoken in arabic is beautiful? I guess that means when I say “Je T’aime” is beautiful when spoken makes me french. (I’m fully American of Welsh background from the 18th century.) And invading Iraq in 2003 because of the global war on terrorism (GWOT) was unnecessary because at the time there were no Al-Qaeda in Iraq. That’s not why we went there anyway, according to the President. We went there to find and destroy Saddam’s WMDs. To remind you, they didn’t exist then either. The President was wrong on everything. And Al-Qaeda were in Afghanistan, which President Bush abandoned for Iraq.
    Pretty silly, but then someone who tells some other person to “grow up” I always thought was pretty silly anyway.
    David Perkins

  85. no2liberals says:

    David, you sure about that, that there was no AQ in Iraq before we invaded? There is such a thing now called “google search” in this wondrous age, you might trying it before you shoot your mouth off.
    As for WMD being the only reason we invaded Iraq, that is another leftists myth that has been spread. Saddam had violated seventeen unanimous UN resolutions pertaining to the truce after Desert Storm, which in effect made the truce null and void. When President Bush went to the UN and made his case, which provided another unanimous resolution, the WMD factor was the fourth item on the list. Once again, I encourage you to try the “google search” feature available on the web. But lets say that WMD was the only reason, which it wasn’t, but for your indoctrinated mind it was, what else was said about Saddam and his WMD program by other people of note, not just President Bush.
    Also, if you haven’t, and I’m certain that you haven’t, here is the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq. Just because it is convenient for leftists to ignore what was said and done before now, doesn’t mean everyone is as foolish, and has forgotten.
    You must be an Obamabot, to ignore the fact that he uttered the first lines to the adhan for salat with a first rate arabic accent. I speak French too, along with a little Tagalog, but not flawlessly, and I certainly don’t know the call to prayer for islam, and as I so clearly pointed out, he claims he is not muslim, yet the words in the adhan fulfill the basic requirement of the Shahada.
    We’ve abandoned Afghanistan? Where do you get your news, Huff’N’Puff Post?
    Another google term to search for you, is called Terrorist Death Watch. From 1 Jan 06 to Sep 07, over twenty three thousand mufsidun have been sent to their 72 goats between Iraq and Afghanistan..look it up.

  86. spud b potato says:

    He’s a muslim for god’s sake!! Is there no one with a brain out there?–

  87. Gino says:

    Make No Mistake on Obama. He is a super polished Muslim of unknown dimension and not much of his background is discovered even as of March 4, 2008. Since the most, if not all, Americans are feverishly against Hillary, Obama is getting a free ride on to the White House. It will happen even through the Novemer General Elections since the Repulicans are weak today. Upon Obama becoming President the hell will break through. Muslim countries will take America as Hostage and life of this – do not fear others for the fear itself – will all come down on us Americans. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT

  88. I started to say “You realize, of course that…” but then I realized you don’t really know. You are part of the gridlock in this great nation of ours. Someone running for President that you disagree with and the best you can say is “He’s a muslim.”
    He’s trying to be what President Bush promised but couldn’t deliver on; be a uniter, not a divider. I believe he, Bush, was sincere but so many of you pushed him into being so right wing that he failed to see other Americans and thier viewpoints.
    I can’t guarantee anything with Barack. No one with any sense about them can guarantee anything about any new President coming in. But I believe this, that Barack needs us, all Americans, not just the liberals? With all kidding aside and all gouging each other (“Barack’s a muslim” or “BHO”, etc.) don’t you think we, all of us, all of us American patriots must come together for the sake of our great nation? Don’t you in your hearts feel liberals are just as worthy as conservatives?
    If you don’t understand the sincerity of this blog from me, or of Barack’s candidacy, then perhaps we really are lost as a nation. Not because he will be a great president but because we, as a nation, will not be a great people.
    Love, sincerely
    ps. I just know, and man do I hope I’m wrong, that there are some hard headed conservatives reading this saying something like “what crap.” I hope not because we’ve got to come together on this next president.
    Ah, what’s the use? You’re not listening and you won’t listen.
    Love anyway.

  89. no2liberals says:

    Make no mistake, Obamaniacs, you’ve been bamboozled…hoodwinked, by a smooth talker, but a phony in every sense of the word.

  90. no2liberals, you said “you’ve been bamboozled…” Richard Hatch, the gay man who won the first “Survivor” TV show said “bamboozled.” Say, you’re not gay, are you? You kinda talk like you’re gay. Hmmmm. I think maybe you are gay. Yep. And I bet just like gay people still in the closet you’ll deny it.
    I better not say “love” to you. It might be taken the wrong way.
    (long thoughful pause…..)
    Oh well, I’ll take a chance. Love anyway.

  91. no2liberals says:

    Ah, David, the debate is now over, as the caring, compassionate, and tolerant liberal has resorted to homosexual characterizations.
    You really stretched what I said, not too surprising, but for the sake of accuracy, I said Obamaniacs were bamboozled, and I can assure you that I am definitely not included in that deluded group. Did you watch the video, hmm?
    Here is another video, since you seem to be fascinated with homosexuality, as it is a court case involving your beloved B-HO. Enjoy!

  92. no2liberals says:

    As for coming together on a President, give me a effing break.
    I don’t like any of the current crop of candidates, as they aren’t conservatives.
    My opposition to B-HO is genuine, and will only increase if he should be elected. I hate phonies and Marxist.

  93. Doctor No, I was kidding about you being gay. Of course, I have no idea. But I was trying to make a point with you and that is that just because someone says a word, i.e. Obama saying a muslim prayer, that that does mean they are a muslim or anything else, for that matter.
    You certainly may and should oppose Barack because you believe him to be a Marxist (he’s not) or a phony (he’s not that either) but that’s your opinion. That at least is getting to what you feel about his ideas and ideals.
    I think I’m gonna leave you alone for a while. I live in Texas and am a evangelist preacher (I have to write a sermon) and am the Democratic Party precinct chair, so I have to “honcho” the precinct caucus this evening. Should be pretty interesting this time around.
    I was hoping we could get into a discussion about the various issues but that time will come later this year perhaps.
    I’ll leave you with this; I heard a story about Jimmy Carter going to a Baptist Convention earlier this year and saying to the delegates something along the lines of “I know we have differences. But what are the things we agree on? Let’s start with those and work up to the difficult questions.” I like that idea very much. What do we agree on?
    David Perkins in Fort Worth

  94. no2liberals says:

    David, B-HO is a Marxist, and a phony. So how many Christians do you know who can recite the adhan with a first-rate arabic accent? I thought not.
    I live in Dallas, and I don’t believe you are an evangelical preacher. If true, please let me know which church, so I can warn my friends.
    As for mentioning the name of former President Peanutz…feh!
    Considering how anti-Jewish B-HO and his supporters are, including his big money bag men, as well as President Peanutz, I must assume you are anti-Jewish/anti-Israel. I need know no more.

  95. Jennifer says:

    Could something as simple as a name promote peaceful relations??? Check it out, and let me know what you think.

  96. no2liberals says:

    Could something as simple as a name promote peaceful relations?

    The simple answer, is no.

  97. Ann says:


    You are absolutely fascinating to read! If I could, I’d love to shake your hand across the internet! Everything you said shows your intelligence and knowledge of what you are talking about. And you make more sense than anyone on this forum. Every time I watch Presidential elections I can’t help but laugh when Democrats participate in debates. It seems they never really listen to anything their opposition says and keep on singing their same old song. It all goes into one ear and out the other, and they’d argue with a ten-foot pole. This is exactly what I see on this forum from people like David. He keeps saying that Obama isn’t a Muslim even though he spoke a Muslim prayer in perfect Arabic, yet he ignores everything you say in your post about it, and keeps repeating himself. So very typical of Liberals. I, too, am sick and tired of the word “racist”, which is conveniently used today every time a white person says something remotely derogatory about anyone of a different race whether they deserve it or not because of their actions (and not the color of their skin!). And I can’t believe that David had to resolve to petty insults – that gay remark by David was not only rude and childish, but silly as well. Besides, no gay would be so pro Republicans and conservatives, since no true conservative would ever approve of the so-called “gay rights”. But that’s another issue.

    In a nutshell, one has to be insane or blind to vote for someone like Barack Hussein Osama (oops, Obama I meant…), liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. It’s not just about his name, though it does matter in this particular case. I can already hear Sadam laughing from Hell.

    All the best to you, no2liberals, and keep on posting!

  98. Lisa says:

    What does it take. America we are being attacked right now by tthe muslims. Obama people are erasing and tampering with internet sites that are anti obama. our voices are not being heard. And they have probably tampered with the voting machines as well.
    Pray PRAY PRAY- G-d is all we have!!!

  99. Lisa says:

    AMerica Do you want to see Barrack Hussein Obama partying in the white house with Louis Farrakan? Do you want to see dstruction of America?? It is all happening. Prepare NOW. IT is all from Barrack Hussein Obama. We need to demand that our constition be saved. DEMAND it. We need demand Answers as to why we are being silenced. It is because of BHO obama’s people!!

  100. Tom Smith says:

    You radical fascist, stupid black man, with your Hitler like blind followers, with your empty speeches, ” I am the only person can fix your dreams and the whole world.” You sound like Mussolini and the gestapo Hitler and all above you are a communist with no original ideas of your own.

    Go back to your grandma to Kenya! You got Islam in your blood by birth Hussein!!!!
    We know about your relationship with the ex terrorist Illinois professor and you racist church!!

    You are the last person on earth we want for president!
    We Floridians already vote for Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Ann says:

    As much as I despise Hillary, I’d take her over Obama any day. However, if she picks him for a VP and does become President, we are sunk just the same. If he is VP, there’s still a chance that he runs again, or become president autromatically if something happened to Hillary. Even though McCain is not the best candidate for presidency either, at least if he became President, Obama would crawl back to whatever hole he came from never to be heard from again, probably.

  102. Dustin says:

    I know the black republicans said it, doesn’t make it true, unlike you, i go by the words of the man. MLK Jr. was not a republican or a democrat, he had absolutely no affiliation to a party because for him race was bigger than either, and i know where you got your info, and of course other simple minded republicans will agree with you. They are simply trying to get the black vote, which they won’t. You provide links because you think it supports your claim, but i could say elvis is responsible for the assination of JFK and i can guarantee i could find a website to back up my claim. And yes, al qaeda was not in iraq, i’m impressed how you can delude yourself even after, bush, gates, mccain, and everyone said, no al-qaeda in iraq until after we went in. Its a fact, but yet you deny. Yea, and your right, maybe we shouldn’t elect barack because he knows some arabic and the prayer. Maybe we would be better off electing another president who has no idea about the region, who didn’t even know who sunni and shia were until after going in there. Maybe the well educated are not to be trusted, maybe we should elect mccain who said in his own words, “i don’t know much about the economy.” And you are obviously prejudice and don’t believe in the first amendment where it says freedom of religion, even though he is christian. It amazes me how close minded some people still are, because no2liberals is a bigot. Maybe ya’ll will win another election based on fear of the boogie man, but i hope that the american people have much more common sense after 8 years of failure, than you seem to have. Oh and to Tom, you are no different and i thought clinton supporters would have more intelligence than that, but there are nuts in every group i guess. And to all the people being “silenced”, if that were true i wouldn’t have to read your inane comments. If there is any common sense in your heads, please, start using it.

  103. no2liberals says:

    Dang, Ann….thanks! :red:
    While I have my views, I do try and support what I am saying with facts. I think I have clearly stated why I believe B-HO is a muslim, as well as his Marxist leanings.
    One thing I haven’t mentioned, as it really hasn’t come up, are his qualifications, or lack of, to be President. He has no executive experience…at all, and in his eight years in the Illinois state Senate, he voted “present” 130 times. I don’t know, but I’m certain most of those bills he refused to vote either yea or nay on, were important to the citizens of Illinois. The only reason one would refuse to cast a “present” vote is for political opportunism, he was concerned with being identified as being on the record for or against an issue. He was trying to play both sides.
    Since B-HO became a U.S. Senator in 2004, his accomplishments are few. Of course there is the bill he is promoting that would send .7% of our Gross National Product(above what we already spend in international aid) to the *spit*UN*spit* for the millenium global poverty effort, but the rest is not illustrative of a man that shows true leadership qualities. Take for instance his chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on European Affairs, as it hasn’t met once since Jan 07.

    Doubts about Barack Obama’s presidential credentials have crystallized during the past two weeks over his stewardship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on European Affairs, which has convened no policy hearings since he took over as its chairman last January. That startling fact, first uncovered by Steve Clemons, who blogs on the Washington Note, prompted acid comment in Europe about the Illinois senator’s failure to visit the continent since assuming the committee post, and even speculation that he had never traveled there except for a short stopover in London.

    Incidentally, the issues that concern our European allies and NATO, are critical now, as NATO has taken charge of the forces in Afghanistan.
    How is that leadership?
    In the time he has served in the U.S. Senate, thirty eight months, he has “not voted” on two hundred and five bills, many of them very important to citizens of this country, exceeded only by Senator Clinton.
    How does that exhibit leadership?
    Not only am I convinced that B-HO is a stealth muslim candidate, with Marxist associates and leanings, but he is completely unqualified to take on the job as our nations Chief Executive.
    One last point, and it is made by the wonderful essayist Amil Imani, is what would happen if B-HO were President, and visited Iran.
    Is Obama’s Life At Risk?

    Who is an apostate according to the legislation? Anyone in the world, not just Iranians, born to a Muslim parent; also, any convert to Islam who leaves it. Only one parent needs to be a Muslim at the time of conception for Islam to own that child for life. Islam is Ummehist. Islam doesn’t recognize nationalities and national boundaries. And these Islamist zealots are very serious and have no sense of humor. Some say they have no sense at all, and they may be right. What they certainly have is a thirst for blood, particularly for the blood of infidels and apostates.

    My advice, Obama: Elected President or not, don’t you hazard a trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran. In fact, don’t you go anywhere near where the crazed Islamists can get their hands on you. You don’t even rate a fatwa from one of the many bloodthirsty crafty Ayatollahs or Moftis asking for your head. Your fate is already sealed. You are on automatic, so to speak– a person who was given the gift of Islam and who ungratefully turned his back to the one and only faith of Allah, so the Muslims believe. The punishment for this kind of betrayal is prescribed as haad (most severe), meaning death.

    You may protest that you are free to choose your religion and that you have chosen to be Christian. Nothing doing! You are stamped as Muslim at conception because your father was Muslim. Further, you have been doubly-stamped by your middle name Hussein. Muslims name their sons Hussein in honor of one of Islam’s most revered saints. Hence, the Muslims want what is theirs and you either repent and return to the fold or prepare yourself for the ultimate punishment: Death.

    Didn’t one doubt my saying that exact thing at the top of this thread?

  104. Dr. No. Dallas, huh? It figures. KKGM/1630am 12:30pm every Sunday afternoon in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Or or Some of the people on this blog ought to be ashamed of themselves. And listen to my sermons. Maybe a healthy dose of what Jesus Christ said would do you good. Ever hear that Jesus Christ said “Love your enemies?” or “Love one another” or maybe “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Those commmands from Jesus Christ are to be taken seriously.
    David Perkins in Fort Worth

  105. Ann says:

    David, loving your neighbor and tolerance toward others has nothing to do with who should become the next President. This doesn’t mean closing your eyes and not standing up for what you believe in.
    This country, though built up of many nationalities, still has and should have one common language – English, and though we welcome people of all religious backgrounds and allow them to worship the God of their choosing, we are still the country founded by Christians. If we lose these important things, we lose our national identity, something English people are fighting for in their country thanks to their English-speaking Christian country being taken over by Muslim immigrants. My friend in England tells me how English people are being frowned upon when they fly their national flag for the fear it would upset the Muslims. They now have such controversial subjects as whether Christmas should be celebrated the way we celebrate it for it, again, might upset the Muslims, or if Muslims should be “forced” to study English history in schools since it has nothing to do with their culture. It’s fine to welcome people of all religious and cultural backgrounds, that’s why we are a free country, but losing our national identity because of this is not right.
    An American President should reflect this country’s identity. Maybe this takes a way an opportunity from many people to become a president, but that’s tough cookie, that’s life. I am sure there are plenty of candidates who would make a great president but they don’t qualify simply because it’s the law that American President has to be US citizen by birth. But the fact that Barrack is US citizen by birth doesn’t make him more American than someone who was born, say, In Kenya, and brought to the US at a young age and raised “all American” on our soil. Whether he is a true Muslim or not doesn’t change the fact that he has tremendous associations with Islam. Reciting a Muslim prayer and having a Muslim father is small potatoes compared to many other facts about this individual. And the reason why people bring up his name, obviously, is how ironic it is that at a time like this, we have a candidate whose both, middle and last, names are a constant reminder of the two people most Americans have grown to hate – Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. At a time like this especially, when we are fighting the war on terror caused by Muslim extremists, the last thing this country needs is a President with his background, and yes – his name, too. Maybe many years in the future, when the world is a different place, but not now.

  106. Lisa says:

    i have yet to Barrack Hussein Obama state that he believes that is perfectly ok for Muslims all over the world to convert to christinity Hindusim Judasim or whatever religion of our choosing. THAT IS THE WAY OPERATE IN THIS COUNTRY HUSSEIN!! If you dont like it go back to KENYA! You MUSLIM!!!!

  107. no2liberals says:

    Dustin, I know how you hate facts, which is why I am adding some more.
    No AQ in Iraq is a fact, eh? I’ve read many different accounts, at different times, but some don’t change.
    Even though Zarqawi was AQ before he left Afghanistan, after getting his butt bombed at his training camp by the USAF, after he went to Iran, and then into the Kurdish region, he joined up with Ansar al-Islam. The name changed, but his background and who he was didn’t, and when he formally changed it to AQ in Iraq, only the name changed again. It was well reported, but since you won’t believe your lying eyes, I will only give you two links to hate on.
    Taliban-style group grows in Iraq.

    “We have captured two of [Ansar’s] bases and found the walls covered with poems and graffiti praising bin Laden and the Sept. 11 attacks on the US,” says Mustapha Saed Qada, a PUK commander. “In one, there is a picture of the twin towers with a drawing of bin Laden standing on the top holding a Kalashnikov rifle in one hand and a knife in the other.” He adds that the group has received $600,000 from the bin Laden network, and a delivery of weapons and Toyota landcruisers.

    In an interview with the Kurdish newspaper Hawlati, the group’s leader, Mala Kreker, declared bin Laden the “crown on the head of the Islamic nation.”

    Organization of Jihad’s Base in the Country of the Two Rivers.

    Zarqawi’s activities were not confined to a small corner of northeast Iraq. He traveled to Baghdad in May of 2002 for medical treatment, staying in the capital of Iraq for two months while he recuperated to fight another day. During his stay, nearly two dozen extremists converged on Baghdad and established a base of operations there. These al-Qaida affiliates based in Baghdad coordinated the movement of people, money and supplies into and throughout Iraq for his network.

    You ever hear of Salman Pak? If not, you are really gonna hate this…Iraq Special Weapons Facilities.

    Iraq told UN inspectors that Salman Pak was an anti-terror training camp for Iraqi special forces. However, two defectors from Iraqi intelligence stated that they had worked for several years at the secret Iraqi government camp, which had trained Islamic terrorists in rotations of five or six months since 1995. Training activities including simulated hijackings carried out in an airplane fuselage [said to be a Boeing 707] at the camp. The camp is divided into distinct sections. On one side of the camp young, Iraqis who were members of Fedayeen Saddam are trained in espionage, assassination techniques and sabotage. The Islamic militants trained on the other side of the camp, in an area separated by a small lake, trees and barbed wire. The militants reportedly spent time training, usually in groups of five or six, around the fuselage of the airplane. There were rarely more than 40 or 50 Islamic radicals in the camp at one time.

    And yet you call me deluded, a pot and kettle moment, for sure.
    Your calling me a bigot is not a debate ender, though I know how liberals always fall back on that old canard when they have no adequate response. That you would claim that members of the National Black Republican Association are liars or are simple minded shows me you are the bigot. They have no reason to lie, given the history of the Dhimmicrat party; and now there is your view of intelligent Black Americans. How can I be a racist against islam, it doesn’t represent a race, but a political theology. As for B-HO’s skin color, I don’t even see it when I look at who he is, what he has and hasn’t done, and what he would like to do. As I said before, I hate phonies and Marxist, and B-HO is all that.
    As for being close minded, I close it to people who wish to lead the greatest nation on Earth, and aren’t honest about themselves, and rely on mindless, emotional supporters who chant meaningless mantras, and treat a candidate like a rock star. You are clearly an emotion driven liberal, and Joan Swirsky has you pegged.

    I suspect that at the core of liberal “thinking” is the same kind of pathology that characterizes other mental disorders, i.e., a glitch in the brain that produces “feelings” and behavior over which liberals have no control.

    For instance, liberals are uniformly glum, not only in their grim demeanors and persistent anger, but also in their outlooks. Even in the flush of their midterm victory, they could hardly conceal their endemic rage, in spite of a brief moment of toothy, appliquéd smiles.

    This is because their worldview is uniformly negative. When things are good, they see only the bad and invoke the Misery Index cited routinely by Jimmy Carter and resurrected by the dour wannabe president John Kerry. When things could be better, they see only that things could be worse. When their theories are refuted by hard fact, they are unable to process the true from the untrue because their feelings tell them otherwise.

    If I’m close minded, in your view, then you are so open minded that your grey matter has spilled out, in my view.
    I hope you and your feeeewing about B-HO find comfort in one of his many stolen speeches, with a smooth delivery.

  108. no2liberals says:

    And then comes David, who would have us believe he is a follower of my savior, Jesus Christ.
    Yeah, David, I really feel the love you are spreading. First you try and end the debate by using homosexual characterizations toward me, and now refusing to use my screen nic.
    You sound like a typical liberal no-nothing, full of words, but incapable of understanding their meaning.
    I’ll check your hyperlinks later, with an anonymous web surfer.
    I may have been born in the a.m., but not this a.m.

    Dang…all this talk of feeewings with Dustin and David, reminds me of that famous song, so enjoy the video.

  109. Troy says:

    That’s funny. Ol Dave wanted to fight untill no2liberals handed him his ass and now he wants to talk about love. What a liberal! You can hit some people in the face with something and they will never get it. B-HO just said “I allways pledge allegiance to the flag when I’m in the senate” Get it. “when I’m in the senate” He’s slick like Bill and that’s all it takes to win over the sheeple. And his wife just talks about racism and how bad the country was untill hubby started winning. What a classy first lady she would be. As for Dustin and Dave, have another sip of that Kool-AID. p.s. no2liberals in 2012.

  110. Troy says:

    If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a freakin duck. but ingnore for now all the signes like he cares more about africa than USA, or that his church gave a lifetime achievement award to Louis Farrakhan, or that his pastor said white people are not allowed into heaven. Do you like his plan? that he will raise taxes to the highest rate ever in this country? So he can give more to the lazy trash that just won’t get a job. He’ another vote farmer. take the money from the responsible working people and give it to the trash and they vote for him. It makes me sick! They even get the money when they do work by claiming the couple is seperated, it’s normal practice. “I worked in a prison for 8 yrs”. The more kids they make – the more money they get. I had one guy tell me “I don’t pay for groceries, why should I pay for groceries”. He was making the same as me. I hate anyone that supports these people, Yes Billary to.

  111. no2liberals says:

    B-HO just said “I allways pledge allegiance to the flag when I’m in the senate” Get it. “when I’m in the senate”

    Henh…I get it, Troy!

  112. Sorry, No2liberals. I didn’t think a little humor in calling you Dr. No would hurt your feelings. I was wrong. You don’t understand humor.
    As for checking my website with an anonymous surfer (or whatever) that’s not necessary but if you are so full of mistrust, go ahead.
    To Troy who said “That’s funny. Ol Dave wanted to fight untill no2liberals handed him his ass and now he wants to talk about love.” As a follower of Christ, I always talk about love. Nice talk, BTW “handed him his ass.” This is not a debating society. Get over it!
    President Barack Hussien Obama!
    listen to me today….KKGM/1630 am in the DFW area at 12:30 pm Central time or live on the internet http://WWW.KKGMam.Com or later when I post my latest sermon on
    Or do you want to say “That’s funny. Ol Jesus wanted to fight untill no2liberals handed him his ass and now he wants to talk about love.”

  113. no2liberals says:

    David, you couldn’t possibly hurt my feelings, you only demonstrate your insecurity and lack of respect for others by making untoward assertions, and name mocking. If it was humorous to you, fine with me, but if you expect others to share in it, you need to be clear about it.
    And no, I don’t trust you, you seem rather bizarre to me. So you’re now Jesus? That’s not even remotely funny, but indicative of a number of problems.
    I haven’t seen anything posted by you of substance concerning B-HO, other than your feeewing he will make a good President, and you certainly haven’t offered any facts to substantiate your notion that he is. If you want to make this about you and I, just say the word. While Jesus was a shepherd, I’ve always been one of his sheepdogs. Are you familiar with the story of sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs?
    You could never make me lose my composure, I have experienced greater restraint in far more serious matters, than debating twits on the innernut.

  114. Troy says:

    A hipocrite and schizophrenic. Man your all over the place. “That’s funny, ol Jesus wanted to fight” something like that would never have entered MY mind. Of course Jesus doen’t want to fight, You did. It’s time to quit throwing rocks and running to hide hehind someones leg. Your’re too old for that now. As fare as listening to your sermons, not a chance. wierdos and hipocrites are the reason I don’t go to church much anymore. Let me remind you of what you wrote to no2liberals. “you’re not gay are you, You talk like you’re gay, I think you might be gay, I’ll bet just like gay people in the closet do, you’ll deny it”. (Thus wanting to fight) then you said “Love your enemies, Love one another, and love your neighbor as yourself. you need to start over and listen to someone elses sermons and work on that yellow streak. let us know how that goes and get back to us with that link.

  115. Troy says:

    And before you say it. No, I’m not gay either oh confused one. You should hope we were because gay people are liberals like yourself.

  116. Tom Smith says:

    Political columnist Goldberg pointed out that OBAMA Hussein frequently visited Bill Ayers in the mid 1990’s.
    They served together on the board members Wood Fund- founded by univ. professor RASHID KHALIDI, /Israel. (Osama Hussein’s confession, admits his friendship w the infamous terrorist.

    Obama’s friend who took part of the bombing of Capital and the Pentagon.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The senator Obama has dirty money in his hands in money laundering with a real estate businessman Rezo, ACCUSED FELON TONY REZCO. Who is facing federal charges of attempted extortion, money laundering and fraud.
    ACCUSED FELON TONY REZCO. Who is facing federal charges of attempted extortion, money laundering and fraud
    Rezo raised money for Obama and with the money the senator purchased his present Chicago home at 2005. Obama’s purchase of land via Rezko may increased the value of his property beyond the actual purchase prize.

    Last November Obama’s friend his church’s gay choir director was murdered. Recently Obama is under investigation since he may be gay. Ex con Larry Sinclair who is gay posted on the Internet, claming Obama had sex with him.

    The New York Post reported claming obama being an Iranian agent sent to take over the USA government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You Hitler like communists will not succeed!!!
    Obama Hussein is a black Muslim you admit it or not.
    He never will be our President.
    He should be investigated and I pass this message to everyone online I am able to.
    Based on the reports from New York Post.

    It’s Tax Time! Get tips, forms and advice on AOL Money & Finance.

  117. snow says:

    I have found in reading a lot of sites and posts that African Americans hate Caucasians more than the other way around. Thats what I want as a President someone who is a bigot and a liar. Mr. 1/2 and 1/2

  118. dustin says:

    “you only demonstrate your insecurity and lack of respect for others by making untoward assertions, and name mocking.”- no2liberals isn’t that all you do to barack obama and then you complain when its done to you, sounds like a typical right wing conservative

  119. no2liberals says:

    Addendum to previous posts.
    Report Details Saddam’s Terrorist Ties.

    A former Bush administration official who was a member of the counter-terrorism evaluation group that analyzed terror networks and links between terrorists and states, David Wurmser, said he felt the report began to vindicate his point of view.

    “This is the beginning of the process of exposing Saddam’s involvement in Islamic terror. But it is only the beginning. Time and declassification I’m sure will reveal yet more,” he said. “Even so, this report is damning to those who doubted Saddam Hussein’s involvement with Jihadist terrorist groups. It devastates one of the central myths plaguing our government prior to 9-11, that a Jihadist group would not cooperate with a secular regime and vice versa.”

  120. no2liberals says:

    Dustin, only a typical leftard like you would distort a post made to a specific comment. While I have derided B-HO, this thread was about him, and yes, I don’t respect B-HO, nor those in his amen choir. If you think my responses to B-HO are bad now, stay tuned if he gets the nomination, and(God forbid) he gets elected, the vitriol will transcend anything you leftards have thrown at President Bush.

  121. dustin says:

    well when he gets elected i’ll be sure to hear what you have to say

  122. no2liberals says:

    Perhaps, til then it’s if.
    B-HO’s old problem is his new problem now, and that is the Marxist liberation theology of his black separatist and supremacist church. His bumbling, stumbling efforts to distance himself are too little too late.

  123. no2liberals says:

    It’s the weekend, time for Mark Steyn.
    Obama’s Pastor Disaster.

  124. Pamela says:

    You people are disgusting bigots who probably think he’s the “anti christ” just because he’s charismatic. So stupid. Lemmings. There is no such thing as a magic man in the sky. And the pic was taken during the singing of the national anthem — you don’t usually put your hand on your heart for that, it’s not biggie.

  125. no2liberals says:

    So Pamela, by your post I must surmise you are a non-racist, who presumes to know what others think, believes in the magic B-HO, but not God, that you are more intelligent, and not a crowd follower.
    Yet in your brilliant and enlightened mind, you don’t even know, and didn’t bother to look up, the protocol for the playing of the National Anthem. Notice that all others at that event showed the proper respect to our National Anthem, our Flag, and our nation, except for your darling B-HO.
    Pardon me if I am unimpressed with your brilliance, enlightenment, or you.

  126. dustin says:

    a lot of people do not put their hand over their heart during the national anthem, you’ll see that at any sporting event, but i like how for so long you claimed he was muslim, but now that his church could hurt him, he’s a misguided christian. I love how you don’t talk about issues, i guess they tend to get in the way

  127. dustin says:

    Its funny how the right always targets religion they have McCain’s spirtual guide who called for the destruction of islam, and hagee who calls the catholic church “the great whore”, “the anti-christ”, and a “false cult.” Do you not see this hypocrisy you spew?

  128. Tom Smith says:

    I am so sick of obama getting away with everything. He lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You saw his interview, saying he never was present when his pastor said disturbing stuff but in his speech he said he was.

    He says to the American people he is the only person to be trusted because he did not agree w the Iraq war from start at the same time he lies.
    His black supporters and obama is a very dangerous man.
    What do we know about this man? We really do not know too much!!

    Read about Black theology!!! They want to destroy white America!

  129. no2liberals says:

    I know you wish I would not respond, so you could at least imagine you have won an argument.
    I still believe he is a stealth muslim, his church in name only doesn’t change that, and if you are capable, go all the way back to the top of thread, and read down, and tell me where I said he was a misguided Christian. While you are there, you might notice, where I mentioned his alleged church there as well, and that his so-called minister came from the Nation of Islam, also that he has NoI members working for his Senate staff in D.C. and Chicago, as well as his election staff.
    I don’t talk about issues? Hello Mr. Pot, I’m Mr. Kettle. Every time I have disproved your false assertions, you just ignore it, and pretend it never happened.
    Typical leftard.
    As for many not placing their hands over their hearts, how many do you or have you known, that were trying to be CINC? Yeah…I thought so.

    As for McCain, I already don’t like him, so you can focus on his issues all you want. There is one big difference between he and B-HO, McCain has not been involved with them for over twenty years, and McCain never threw his grandmother under the bus, like B-HO, and McCain never received an endorsement from the New Black Panthers and displayed it on his webpage, like B-HO.
    As for hypocrisy, B-HO is the walking-talking definition of it. He proclaims himself to be the new messiah, the crippled will walk, the sick will rise healed, and he will unify all racial disharmony, yet he is associated for twenty years with the most vile, hate-filled group of racist to have ever lived, that hate this country, but because of stupid, easily led people, like you, he believes he can fool enough of them to get elected. If he gets the donk nomination, that’s when his really painful proctology exam begins, when his ineptitude as a public servant will be exposed.

  130. dustin says:

    You don’t disprove any assertions of mine; you just regurgitate the views of others that have the same point of view as you. You think by quoting the black republicans it proved your point, but it showed that you have just been told what to think and have no real ideas of your own, and also that you can’t see that a group with republican in the title would have a biased opinion. You are far too close-minded and ignorant to have a reasonable discussion with. You complain when one person personally attacks you, but then you spew your own personal attacks. That because i support obama i must be stupid just continues to highlight the intolerance that the right rallies around and clings to.

  131. no2liberals says:

    Dustin, not only are you an intellectually challenged leftard, but a liar as well.
    I disproved your assertion that there were no AQ in Iraq under Saddam, as well as the fairy tale of Dhimmicrats being the party of tolerance and racial justice, among other things.
    Having you, a mindless Obamabot, call me close minded is indeed high comedy.
    As for the personal attacks I was referring to, that person would make snide remarks, then say “peace” and “love.” I know you leftards think you have a monopoly on nuance, but it isn’t demonstrated by your inability to grasp it.
    I found this video of an Obama Focus Group to be very interesting, but I doubt you have the ability to comprehend it, you are already a programmed bot.

  132. dustin says:

    Keep whining and moaning because the fact of the matter is, you have no candidate. You have already lost and all you are left with is bitterness. Keep attacking everyone else’s candidates, because you have no one to support. That’s why you don’t talk about issues because no one left agrees with you. You can continue to make your inane assertions and then try to back them with equally ridiculous sources, because your ignorant arguments will continue to fall on deaf ears. I would pity you if it weren’t for the bile that is spewed from your mouth, you don’t deserve a candidate.

    Iraq’s Alleged Al-Qaeda Ties Were Disputed Before War
    Links Were Cited to Justify U.S. Invasion, Report Says

    By Jonathan Weisman
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Saturday, September 9, 2006; Page A01

    A declassified report released yesterday by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence revealed that U.S. intelligence analysts were strongly disputing the alleged links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda while senior Bush administration officials were publicly asserting those links to justify invading Iraq.

    Far from aligning himself with al-Qaeda and Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Hussein repeatedly rebuffed al-Qaeda’s overtures and tried to capture Zarqawi, the report said. Tariq Aziz, the detained former deputy prime minister, has told the FBI that Hussein “only expressed negative sentiments about [Osama] bin Laden.”

    The report also said exiles from the Iraqi National Congress (INC) tried to influence U.S. policy by providing, through defectors, false information on Iraq’s nuclear, chemical and biological weapons capabilities. After skeptical analysts warned that the group had been penetrated by hostile intelligence services, including Iran’s, a 2002 White House directive ordered that U.S. funding for the INC be continued.

    ….”a CIA assessment in October 2005 concluded that Hussein’s government “did not have a relationship, harbor, or turn a blind eye toward Zarqawi and his associates,” according to the report.”

    “Democrats and Republicans agree that analysts and politicians of all political stripes were wrong about the prewar assessments of Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. But the committee report indicates that intelligence analysts were substantially right about Hussein’s lack of operational links to al-Qaeda.”

    “In a classified January 2003 report the CIA concluded that Hussein “viewed Islamic extremists operating inside Iraq as a threat.” But one day after that conclusion was published, Levin noted, Vice President Cheney said the Iraqi government “aids and protects terrorists, including members of al-Qaeda.”

    “Intelligence reports in June, July and September 2002 all cast doubts on a reported meeting in Prague between Iraqi intelligence agents and Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. Yet, in a Sept. 8, 2002, appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Cheney said the CIA considered the reports on the meeting credible, Levin said.

    In February 2002, the Defense Intelligence Agency concluded that “Iraq is unlikely to have provided bin Laden any useful [chemical and biological weapons] knowledge or assistance.” A year later, Bush said: “Iraq has also provided al-Qaeda with chemical and biological weapons training.”

    and here is report of the Department of Defense Inspector General on its “Review of the Pre-Iraqi War Activities of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.”

  133. no2liberals says:

    Okay Obamabot boy, that source is from a leftard Senator, nice that you aren’t biased. LOL!
    Too bad that one link you provided is so old. How about something much newer.
    Obama’s Terror Links.
    As for your false impression that I’m whining and moaning, you might want to consult your local mirror on that one.
    This thread has gone on since January, and only in the past few weeks did my candidate drop out, and yet you try and make it sound like I never had one before. I’ve laid out my reasons why B-HO is not qualified to lead this great nation, and that he is a liar and a Marxist. Nothing you say, or any equivocation you attempt can alter that.
    B-HO is pathetic, and you are pitiful for believing his BS.

  134. no2liberals says:

    See what happens with a middle name like that?
    It should read Saddam’s Terror Links.

  135. dustin says:

    I only posted quotes from the article that were facts and can be verified, and the link is old because that was the official report, the government has no reason to make a new report that says the same. You’re right, i can’t change an idiots mind, so keep believing in false truths.

  136. no2liberals says:

    Yep, you’re right, alright, despite overwhelming information you still haven’t changed your idiotic mind.
    I sited as many as five different sources, you give one from a leftard, cut and run Senator’s webpage, and that’s supposed to be convincing. Well, I suppose it is to an idiot.
    Just so you will know, there are many search engines available these days, you might try them and ask them if AQ was in Iraq before the invasion. Lots of info, and not all of it says what you want to hear.
    I have a Kurdish friend coming home after five years as an interpreter in Iraq for our military, and he informed me in 2001 that the Kurds were fighting with the AQ and affiliated groups before then, which was also mentioned in one of the links I provided.
    As for the government making a new report, they do it all the time, it’s just the liberal media and the nutroots types, like you, seldom want to hear it, like the new report that the NIE report was mistaken about Iran’s nuclear program.

  137. dustin says:

    And sorry if i don’t just assume the military or anyone involved is telling the truth after George Bush has forced them numerous times to play politics and after so many seem to resign and then say how incompetent the admin is, i’m sure he was there, but the military has their role to play and its been proven its to do what they’re told and repeat whatever they’re told.

  138. Troy says:

    In the beginning, Jerimiah Wright was his spiritual advisor and mentor. Now that the God Damn America videos are out, he’s just “that crazy uncle that everyone has that you never know what he’s gonna say”. Well, he promised change didn’t he. There it is.

  139. mike says:

    Evolution is biggest fraud of the 21th century. Read the evidence here:

  140. austin says:

    Barak Hussein Obama is the biggest fake ever.I was watching one of his publicised speeches about his beliefs and he never EVER denied to being Muslim.All he said almost over and over again was that he thought better than other people. WTF.I remember the bible saying all people are created equally.Hmm doesnt sound very christian to me or probably you does it i mean seriosly.I bet you some WORSHIPER of Barak who couldnt stand to see the guy get ripped on would make up all these lame excuses about how great he is.I also couldnt have swore that BOTH his father and stepfather were muslim he also went to a muslim school. I know this war wasnt as bad as world war 2 but seriosly the Japs attacked us with bombs and planes killing many and we nuke them,the terrorist muslims did too, why didnt we do the same.Ill tell you why idiots like Barak who have to use cover-ups convinced the gov not too.The verdict; It’ll be a sad make the miserable day in america when Barak become Pres.Boo Obama

  141. austin says:

    F*cken terrorist

  142. First of all I want to say that I’m an African American and I want to tell Americans that they would be making the biggest mistakes of their lives to elect Barrack Hussein Obama as the Democratic nominee or eventually as Americas First Black President.
    Obama is trying to paint a picture of himself as someone who will bring change to America, but one has to look real deep to know whom Obama is, and that reflects the same things with his pastor and mentor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright. And Americans does not know what is going on in the middle east today because of an Obama candidacy, the Islamic terrorists are happy dancing and rejoicing in the streets because they know Obama will be Americas president and it’s favorable to them because he is a Muslim as his middle name suggests and he would be sympathetic to their cause. That explains why Obama was against the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq in the first place as echoed by his pastor, and I tell you Obama would not have done anything if he was president during the September 11 attacks on America hw would not have fought the terrorists but leave them in place to terrorize Americans. Why did Obama not refute his pastor when he was making those remarks he was making? And only did after Jeremiah Wright attacked him? America needs a president that can unite it and solve the economic problems that is on the ground. Senator John McCain is not qualified for the job because he doesn’t even have economic policies that would turn the economy around. We should look at Clinton’s economic record while he was President and the numbers speak for itself. Hillary Clinton can turn the economy around and protect Americans too. It’s the case of the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t. Obama is a nobody with a hidden agenda he is a green snake under a green grass using sweet speeches to win the American population to his side. Look at it his name is even associated to the two most dangerous men on earth .Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. America open your eyes and think twice

  143. B. Patterson says:


  144. […] him negatively. And while not about race per se, Obama’s Muslim heritage has resulted in an unusual amount of emphasis placed on his middle name and subsequent allegations about his patriotism. Both of these play some role in Obama’s difficulties with Jewish voters. And being black […]

  145. tony d says:

    last eight years bush destroyed our economy,as registered democrate had a lot of hope that we will take over the white house on 2008.But unfortunately our leaders are so stupid that they support a moslim candidate.Once amoslim always a moslim.How could we forget 9-11.Our economy is doing bad,so many other thing not doing good but how we give our country to a terrorist?B-ho is a moslim..he can lie but he can not hide.As of t-bone show me a moslim country accept other relegious and peacefull.It is a blood thurst and most violance relegious.Wake up America,do not hand over your country to a terrorist.

  146. jr. says:

    barack HUSSEIN obama is a socialist douchebag!!!! anybody who believes his retarded policies of bombing our allies and dining our enemies needs to have thier heads examined by a phsyciatrist. really, is america, as a whole, dumb enough to vote for this loser??? b. patterson is right, that waste of space IS THE ANTICHRIST!!! at least we have john”maybe a conservative”mccain to vote for.

  147. sonny says:

    this world is headed for destruction .this system of things as we know it will soon pass away .no man can prevent it because it is GODS will.laugh if you want ,as they did in the days of noah.please donot put your faith in any man or man made government on earth today.if you dont believe in GODS word please ,please give it a matter who is elected to this country or any other government of this world he or she will not be our salvation.look at this world under mans rule dose it not tell you something? do not the signs predicted in the bible that are taking place on earth more and more today make you wonder?please dont let any man made promise mislead not a preacher.i dont even go to church,because i dont trust a lot of religion or religious so called leaders.if you believe in this world and man made government thats your business.but i believe in GODS comming kingdom.satin is the ruler of this world now ,but it will soon be over.we have a choice,im just trying to make the right one and i want you to do the same.mankind dies,but the LORD can give us eternal life under his rulership if we just only trust in his word.GOD have mercy on us all.i care what happens to you.GOD will bless you if you vote for him as ruler rather than man.pray for help and he will answere.thank GOD for jesus, amen.

  148. jr. says:

    just another reason to not vote for OBAMA BIN LADEN. ‘ozone’ al gore just endorsed him, and… the queen of the socialist republic of michigan, jennifer ‘and in 5 years you’ll be blown away’ granholm also endorsed him. YIKES!!! who’s next, maybe kwame’ the thug prince of detroit’ kilpatrick? michigan’s going to hell in a handbasket, people, and the democrats are buying the tickets. next stop for the democrat-run train of misery, high taxes, high unemployment,and a stagnant economy, washington d.c. (well, i guess it isn’t all bad; the red wings brought back lord stanley’s cup to it’s rightful home, hockeytown, detroit michigan…) hey, in this state, we need SOMETHING to feel good about.

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