Musharraf Regime Plays Games with Benazir Bhutto

Like Aung San Su Kyi, the General-in-chief detained the opposition leader. She has been released, but the situation is more tense than ever. In my opinion, she is the only viable alternative to both Musharraf and the Islamo-fascists who would turn Pakistan into another Taliban Afghanistan.

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5 Responses to Musharraf Regime Plays Games with Benazir Bhutto

  1. no2liberals says:

    I am not comfortable with what is going on there, but I think we should be very careful not to do to Musharraf what we did to the Shah, and create even bigger problems that we would pay dearly for, for many decades.

  2. freethoughts says:

    I agree with you, but let us not forget that the Shah’s intelligence services did not have ties to terrorist groups. Musharraf’s intelligence is believed to have ties to Al Qaeda. Also, if Musharraf was so much against terrorists, why were the Taliban able to build a stronghold in Waziristan? Pakistan, along with the UAE, was the only country in the world that recognized the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. I agree that we should not do to him what we did to the shah, but I hope that Benazir Bhutto wins the election and she will no doubt be a more reliable ally of the US and much more determined to end the Taliban and AQ presence in her country. Not to mention the fact that she will empower her country’s women, as well.

  3. no2liberals says:

    Like I said, this uncertainty makes me very uncomfortable, as it should anyone.
    Very early, after the initial invasion of Afghanistan, the removal of the Taliban, and AQ being scattered to the hills, a British journalist, I can’t remember who (got a new computer and all of my bookmarks are still locked in my old hard drive), wrote a lengthy and informative article based on captured documents, as to what OBL was up to. It was OBL’s intention to preside over the downfall of Musharraf, by any means, and have the wacko Islamist take control, thus giving him the nuclear capability he so desparately sought, and would use. I was a regular at lgf at the time, and not everyone took this info as seriously as I did, or at least didn’t comment on it. Now, after six years, and more uncertainty, it seems to be common knowledge.
    I think Musharraf’s biggest problem in Pakistan, is that he has so few he can truly trust. The business of fighting terrorism, has been very profitable for Pakistan, and business has been very good, just on remittances from Washington. Were he too successful, those funds would dry up.
    There is a blog you might find interesting, as he gets regular email updates from a journalist in the NW Frontier of Pakistan. Peace And Freedom. Email John and tell him no2liberals sent you, and he will email daily updates.

  4. no2liberals says:

    BTW, WTH is going on in Italy?
    Pre-emptive Surrender in Italy.

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