Bhutto Democratic? We Need to Be Cautious

Yesterday I wrote a post in which I said Benazir Bhutto may be the only viable alternative to both “moderate” Islamic Musharraf and the Islamo-fascists. I admit I had no clue as to her political ideology. She claims she is not marxist, but what she wants for Pakistan is “Islamic socialism”. Just take a look at her party’s vision in order to get an idea. At this point, my only hope is for Pakistan never to be left alone to fight Islamic fundamentalism. I don’t support Musharraf. I don’t support anyone so far. I only hope we will not have to face a nuclear-armed Taliban regime there one day or another.

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2 Responses to Bhutto Democratic? We Need to Be Cautious

  1. Matt says:

    Keep in mind that Musharraf came to power during the late ’90s (during Clinton’s second term). He staged a coup when he was general of the army (which he still is). I don’t know why the media calls him “President” when he’s a dictator (whom I’m not sure about pre-9/11 but certainly post 9/11 has the US government’s blessing). In Tom Clancy’s book, Battle Ready with Tony Zinni (who was head of CENTCOM till 2003), this is better detailed (inlcuding Zinni receiving a phone call from Musharraf the day of the coup to explain why he did it). I’ve been able to remove myself from the whole situation (of Islam vs. West) and realize that this is just like the Cold War: there’s the hot wars (Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan) and then there’s the ideological struggle (like in my college for instance). I don’t like dictators (I don’t care what political wing they’re from, left (whom I loathe especially) or right (which aren’t any better)). I guess the way the US government sees it, Musharraf is better than an Islamic Sharia based gov’t with nuclear weapons (assuming Iran doesn’t have them). Briefly checking Bhutto’s page you linked to, this is actually quite interesting: Islamic Socialism (a mixture of Isalm and Communism). Is it perfect? No. Do I like Communism? No. Do I like Islamism? No. However, I think (and I say this with all seriousness) sometimes we are too idealistic (and don’t realize that the “perfect” person may never come). Therefore, in my opinion, it’s better to work with what we have. Bhutto is all Pakistan really has. Is she a green-red mixture? Yes. Is she an alternative to Musharraf? Yes. Is she more moderate than him? I don’t know. That’s my take on the whole thing. I just hope my good friend who is a Pakistani (and very liberal by Pakistani standards, I think you get my drift) who likes classic rock (with whom I used to talk quite a bit) is ok. I’ve heard from her once since last year. I didn’t even know it but she left here and went back to Pakistan in December ’06 and has been there ever since.

  2. Bhutto Democratic? We Need to Be Cautious

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