Italy’s Immigration Agita

Gerald Robbins for the Weekly Standard: Turin is an example of Italy’s unsteady future

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3 Responses to Italy’s Immigration Agita

  1. msecchi says:

    I am sorry to say but your ar referring to something that does not make any sense at all.
    I do not want to enter into any attack but the Weekly Standard is not the best source of information.
    The author seems to point the problems of Turin and next of the all of Italy to the fact that Italy has now nearly 1 millions of Muslims and at the Local Market there is a stall selling Halal Food. Due to this reason the culture and history of Italy is now under siege! Are we serious??

    I would like to give you few figures about Muslin integration and real numbers in Europe from a much more reliable source. The UK Foreign Office that I can reassure you is not connected or linked to any Muslim group!

    Total population: 58.4 million
    Muslim population: 825,000 (1.4%)

    Total population: 58.8 million
    Muslim population: 1.6 million (2.8%)

    Total population: 7.4 million
    Muslim population: 310,800 (4.2%)

    Total population: 9 million
    Muslim population: 300,000 (3%)

    Total population: 16.3 million
    Muslim population: 945,000 or 5.8%

    Total population: 62.3 million
    Muslim population: Five to six million (8-9.6%)

    The full list is here

    You will see that Italy has the lowest number of Muslim population and the smallest percentage.
    None of the Europeans countries that have alarger Muslim population is having any kind of problems in loosing European culture, history and background.
    I think Europe has lost long ago its culture selling it out for some Oil and dirty US $

    If you are thinking of loosing the Italian Culture to which one are you referring…with few recent cases including the Pornoprof I do not think Italy ( and the west) are sending out a great message!

  2. freethoughts says:

    Il Foreign Office, come si sa, è inglese, e gli inglesi sono dhimmi. Quindi hai preso una fonte biased. L’Italia è sotto assedio da parte degli islamici, e presto diverrà un paese islamizzato, fortuna che io ora sto dall’altra parte dell’Oceano. Meglio una pornoprof che una società di misogini e coglioni che adorano un pedofilo (Maometto lo era, basti ricordare che sposò con la forza una bambina di nove anni) e che picchiano le donne (mogli e figlie) perchè sta scritto nel corano (e ci tengo a scriverlo con la c minuscola). Quelli del WS sono dati reali, anche se so che voi filo-islamici la verità non volere accettarla.

  3. giorgio says:

    Ho tradotto l’articolo in italiano per chi fosse interessato (qualche errorino ci sarà ma il senso credo si capisca…). Ciao

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