Italy’s Open Border Problem

My article for Human Events: Italy’s Open Border Problem

Sardinia, Italy — A girl verbally insulted and then killed by a Slavic-speaking person who used the tip of an umbrella as a murder weapon . Dozens of villas assaulted by a mix of Morroccans, Romanians and Albanians in northern Italy. Shop owners murdered at random. This is but a part of the very long list of criminal events Italians learn about on an almost daily basis when they turn over the pages of newspapers or watch the morning and evening news. The common thread linking these crimes is the fact that all of the perpetrators were in Italy illegally.

Go read it all here.

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2 Responses to Italy’s Open Border Problem

  1. Italys Open Border Problem

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  2. Matt says:

    Stefania, I read your whole article. I think it’s ironic in a sense that this is happening in both Italy and the US. The one thing that is stoppig an uber-wave of illegal aliens from entering the US is the fact that the NAU isn’t up in running yet (I doubt if a conservative Italian Prime Minister wanted to, he could kick out all illegals due to the EU). ” How about every single foreigner continuously breaking the law by living here illegally?” That’s how I feel about the situation here. Every illegal alien that is a) drawing from our public services (such as education, health care, etc.) is guilty of tax evasion as they are not paying into the system or b) working is committing document fraud (as they had no documentation from their native country to come much less work here in the first place; this doesn’t refer to those who over stay their visas) which is a felony! Someone said it best tonight on Lou Dobbs (when they were interviewing a professor from College of William & Mary). He said, “The Mexicans believe they have a given right to come into the US and claim that they are doing themselves and Americans a favor by working for less than Americans.” No! No person (except a US citizen) has a right to come into this country! Coming here is a privllege! Does this mean I’m in favor of ending Cuban (or other nationalities of) refugees coming here? Hell no! In fact, they should abolish wet-foot dry-foot.! However, as for these people (Mexicans, and any other illegal alien) who think they have a right to come here, steal from us, not learn English, and not try to adapt to US culture (especially those that commit violent crimes, like rape, robbery, homicide), leave or hopefully in 2008 we’ll elect a President with the courage to enforce our laws and kick all you illegals back to your countries (that you evidently like so much better than here, since you continuously badmouth us and yet still work and raise your kids here). FYI, this rant wasn’t directed at you, Stefania.

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