Venezuelans Say NO to Chavez!

I’ve always affirmed that when a people is given a chance, they choose Democracy over Tyranny. I’ve always affirmed that Chavez enjoy the support of just a tiny minority of thugs. Today, my beliefs have been confirmed, as the majority of Venezuelans REJECTED this Stalinist/Fascist Castro puppet. The difference in favor of NO was close to 20%, much more than the one announced by the regime. George of had this to say:

I have a very good friend in Venezuela who used to be a director of the CNE previous to Chavez coming to power. He was very involved in the group supporting the NO and had access to the reports of the auditing of the polling places. He told me around 10 PM last night that the difference in favor of the NO vote was close to 20%, and that the government was going to admit defeat but not with such a large margin. That’s why they kept delaying the results from 7 PM until 1 AM Venezuelan time. Chavez would have never accepted defeat if the real difference was only 1.5%

This means that Chavez will have to step aside once his (illegitimate) term comes to an end. Whether he will do it or not, it remains to be seen, and – knowing the totalitarian character he is – I fear he’ll stay in power anyway. However, with this vote, the international community will have to prevent him from keeping power and help Venezuelans get rid of him. Don’t wanna see another Burma. Hope the world community is gonna stand with those who chose democracy.

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