Venezuelans Celebrate Freedom Victory

Student leader Freddy Guevara

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2 Responses to Venezuelans Celebrate Freedom Victory

  1. Matt says:

    You should’ve seen my polisci prof today, Stefania. You would’ve loved it! I told CharlieBravo that he looked/sounded on the verge of tears (since Chavez lost). To make the day even better, we were talking about the Communist Lebowitz book we had to buy; that was the panel presentation for Friday and today (Lebowitz advised Chavez for a bit). I was able to inject personal experience when I talked about some Venezuelans’ reactions to the NO and also I helped educate the class on cadenas and how they were used last night and on April 11.
    To top it off, the guy defending Lebowitz’s position (he genuinely thought it was a good idea, btw; Lebowitz and the referendum), his parents were from Poland (lived there during Communist rule) and told him basically don’t fall for this, you don’t know what it’s like living under a regime like that. Evidentally, he didn’t listen.

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