Darsi Ferrer Beaten by Castroite Mob

I know I should have dedicated some posts to different topics to mark the Human Rights Day, but I thought I couldn’t postpone posting about the brutal aggression our friend Darsi Ferrer and other fellow dissidents suffered in the hands of a Castroite mob. Darsi, who is admired by a vast majority of Cubans who had the luck of meeting him in one of his humanitarian works, had publicly announced today’s march against the official tourist and medical apartheid suffered by the Cuban people. And the mob has been immediately been instructed and led to beat these peaceful demonstrators. Babalù has a clip with Darsi’s voice telling about the aggression.

Dissidents hold on to each other while marching through a street in Havana December 10, 2007. Dissidents marched in commemoration of the International Human Rights Day until they started being followed by government supporters.

A thug attacking foreign reporters and cameramen

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