Repression against Darsi and other Dissidents – Videoclips

Here’re two videoclips of the brutal crackdown on a peaceful march organized by dr. Darsi Ferrer in Havana on December 10th, 2007. From Babalu: “you can see that Dr. Ferrer is walking with his wife while the other two people are yelling “viva fidel” one guy is literally grabbing Dr. Ferrer’s wife’s hand and raising it in the air yelling “viva fidel.”

Among the slogans shoted by the hired thugs are the usual “mercenaries”, “traitors”, “worms”, “long live fidel, long live raul, long live the revolution”, “long live the 5 heroes prisoners of the empire” (in referrence to the 5 Castroite spies jailed in the US for spying on the exile community and being complicit in the killing of two pilots of Brothers to the Rescue. In an email exchange with me, Darsi confirmed that many of those in the mob were the very same people who already had participated in previous ‘repudiation acts’. Also, he said the mob tried unsuccesfully to involve ordinary Cubans in the repressive act. On the contrary, many people even tried to join the dissident march and some were even detained. Watch the two clips below.

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