UK Government Loses Terror Decision

British Justice legitimizes yet another terror group, the Islamo-Marxist cult front group Mujaheddin e-Khalq, a terrorist movement that fights to establish a Maoist-Islamist tyrannical regime in Iran, and is opposed by the absolute majority of Iranians, both in Iran and outside.

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3 Responses to UK Government Loses Terror Decision

  1. Matt says:

    Sometimes I ask what is the world coming to. This only proves to me that under the Leadership of Labour, Britain is falling, fast. They finally signed the EU Treaty the other day, if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t hear about it first hand, was studying for finals. Regardless, their kowtowing to every Islamist and Marxist group will only hasten their downfall.

    Even though Korosh published this a while back, I do like this video:

  2. no2liberals says:

    Matt, you should check out the Gates of Vienna for extensive threads on the EUSSR.
    I will post some threads later, but have to get back to work now.
    A friend of mine, a former Iranian Air Force pilot who was imprisoned for eight years by the IRI, has testified before a number of U.S. Senate subcommittees for Sen. Brownback. He was asked to testify a few years ago about the MEK, and he told them emphatically that the MEK was a terrorist group. They still remain listed as such in the U.S.

  3. no2liberals says:

    I meant I will post some links, not threads, later.

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