Italian Govt Bans Darfur Demonstration

A peaceful demonstration to remind about the ongoing genodice in Darfur. Italy is a long-time commercial partner of the Arab-Islamofascist regime of Khartoum.


The Association of Darfur Refugees in Italy, the human rights movement “Italians for Darfur” and the Union of Young Italian Jews has been denied the right to demonstrate to call on the Italian government, which took over the presidency of the United Nations Security Council on december, to commit itself to unblock the impasse that prevents the deployment of a UN peace force of 26,000 troops in Darfur.
Authorization has been refused for a sit-in in front of the Italian Parliament to promote the request for intervention with respect to the Sudanese government responsible for the slowdown that has prevented the deployment of the peacekeeping force authorized by the UN resolution on August the 1st that should have been operative by the end of this month.
The committee for Darfur initiatives affirmed: “Despite being prevented from promoting peacefully and democratically our demands to the government with a demonstration, we won’t give up in our intention to urge the institutions to do more to prevent, in that region of Sudan, tormented for over four years, the continuous massacre of innocent victims”.
“To this end,” the note concludes, “we appeal to the Prime Minister, Romano Prodi to assume a strong stance towards the Sudanese government until it interrupts the obstructionism that is preventing the deployment of the peace-keeping force”.

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2 Responses to Italian Govt Bans Darfur Demonstration

  1. Matt says:

    Freedom of assembly can be heavily curbed in Italy? I didn’t know.

  2. freethoughts says:

    Yes, it can, if it’s about denouncing arab-islamist regimes.

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