The 9/10 Candidates

I haven’t still made my mind on who to endorse as next US president. I don’t think I’m going to do so in the next few months unless a credible candidate surfaces the political scene. Huckabee? Ron Paul? Romney the mormon? Giuliani?McCain?  The first three are nothing but incompetent, 9/10 candidates. Giuliani and McCain? Controversial, in my opinion. So, who’s left? If I had to choose as the lesser of ‘evils’, I would opt for Giuliani, and no, not because “he is of Italian origin”. I really can’t find many reasons for opting for him, either. So what? My favorick pick would have been Newt Gingrich, but he’s decided not to save a disastrous election campaign by running for the White House. Forgive me, but unless Giuliani is the GOP nomination, I don’t see any difference between electing a Democrat or a Huckabee or Romney. Sorry.

6 Responses to The 9/10 Candidates

  1. no2liberals says:

    I’m a fiscal, social, and pro-gun conservative.
    Guiliani fails on all three.
    Romney is a fabricated conservative.
    Mike is too weak on national security matters.
    McCain has taken too many positions with the Democrats.
    Paul is a lunatic.
    Thompson is as close as a real conservative candidate as we have, but he doesn’t seem interested enough.
    It’s all very confusing.
    I will never vote for a Demonrat, ever again, that’s for certain.

  2. janiveer says:

    I agree that it is a pretty dismal group of choices. Huckabee seems just as socialist as obama, and if your worried about the influence of religous groups on policy, obama may be as faith inspired as the christian “compassionate conservatives”. paul is a nut-for me, he is bad on defense and domestic issues like immigration.giuliani is less scary to me, too, but i haven’t figured out who to hope for. What about thompsen, is he really out already?

  3. freethoughts says:

    Very confusing, indeed. Haven’t ever heard about an election campaign as boring as the one taking place for this year’s elections. Having said this, if it will be a Dem vs. Giuliani, I would pick the latter. If a Dem vs. Huckabee, I wouldn’t pick anybody of them.

  4. Matt says:

    Huckabee, Romney, and McCain I do not like at all. I don’t like all of Paul’s views but I especially like his on ending birthright citizenship for the children of the millions of illegal aliens in the US. Giuliani I don’t like; he’s too soft on illegal aliens. As far as electable candidates go, I’d choose Thompson. My biggest problem with this year is a) both parties have brought out their “B” squads (including Hillary *shudder*) and b) there’s nobody decent from the Republican party. Unless a decent third party candidate comes about, it won’t be much of an election (just varying degrees of how bad do you want the country to get sucker punched for the next few years?).

  5. Since Tom Tancredo has dropped out and Duncan Hunter has no chance, I will have to go with Fred Thompson.

  6. freethoughts says:

    Jordan, forgive me, but I can’t stand Tancredo. If I recall well, he’s the one who considers Miami as a “third-world city” because of the strong presence of hard-working, tax-paying, law abiding LEGAL Hispanics, mainly Cubans. Well, if a would-be candidate considers LEGAL immigrants as the evil, then I must be the evil, too, as I will be a LEGAL immigrant, hopefully in the not so far future. And, I would pay taxes, abide by the law, and would improve my English.

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