Hundreds of Cubans Teach CodePink a Lesson

On January 12, 2008, hundreds of Cubans gathered in front of Miami’s Versailles restaurant to show the four CodePink moonbats the dignity of a people oppressed by 50 years of tyranny. Dignity the pro-terror gang of “women” would like to see denied for another 50 years. They also demonstrated in favor of Cuban freedom fighter Luis Posada Carriles, innocent of the communist charges against him. CodePink, which claims to be ‘against capital punishment’, in reality would have no problem to see him die in a Castroite firing squad. (Photos courtesy of Cuba Democracia y Vida). Among the demonstrators were representatives of several Cuban human rights groups helping their countrymen in the island, by donating toys, food, medicines,books and other items to be delivered by dissidents in Cuba to poor citizens.

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2 Responses to Hundreds of Cubans Teach CodePink a Lesson

  1. saggezard says:

    Nice post, Castro has killed many and it is incomprehensible that he has been committing such horrendous crimes a stones throw from US soils for such a long time. Unfortunately their oppositions leaders can be questionable the same way Iranian opposition is flaky, for instance the support US representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has continuously given to Mojahedin Khalgh MEK is a grand hypocrisy.

  2. freethoughts says:

    As for Lehtinen, I agree. I don’t believe that the other Cuban opposition leaders support MEK, at least, I never heard them expressing any opinion about MKO. Except Lehtinen.

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