Dark Clouds Over Kenya

I admit my judgement on the Kenyan crisis was hasty and devoid of real knowledge about the issue. Now, after reading numerous analyses and news reports, I realized that the situation is looking more like the beginning of ethnic cleansing or – to use a politically incorrect but appropriate term – Genocide. Both sides, but mainly the opposition leader Raila Odinga, are responsible for the violence targetting the many ethnic groups of the African country. Once again, we’re seeing how lethal can be any policy based on ethny rather than on national unity. Kibaki and Odinga, which ethnies are they from? Let’s not care about them. They’re KENYANS first and foremost. The same can be said with respect to Iraq or Iran, where unscrupulous ‘pundits’ are playing the separatist game forgetting the Yugoslavian or Rwandan lessons.

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