Genocide Brought to Justice

It’s beautiful when war criminals, genocidal monsters who slaughtered almost 2 million people in what has been one of the worst massacres after the Holocaust, are brought to justice and faces their victims directly. Top Associate Of Pol Pot Faces Victim In Courtroom.

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4 Responses to Genocide Brought to Justice

  1. Andrew says:

    Sorry I saw 2 million slaughtered and I thought you were talking about US backed General Suharto and the US mining of West Papua.
    Like Cambodia people are still denying the genocide while it continues in West Papua.

  2. freethoughts says:

    I’m sorry for you, but I was talking about the Cambodian genocide this time. Suharto was a brutal dictator, but not as brutal as Pol Pot.

  3. Andrew says:

    If you saw the Indonesian soldiers raping a pregnant woman and then cutting out and vivisecting her baby and raping the aunt when she try to object; you might be less sure that one is worse than the other.

    The sick people able to do do such things in Cambodia and elsewhere have no limit to what they will do when no-one is watching. Our western societies have for a hundred years been producing corporate executives able to view such things as a business issue.

    Such business people are also willing and able to distract the good majority of a nation like the US by focusing their efforts on endlessly repeating stories about Darfur; there are US corporations & military involves from Iraq to Afghanistan to Indonesia that need the attention of people with a working moral compass.

    God bless you for wanting to see an end to the monsters.

  4. freethoughts says:

    Andrew, as far as I can see, we have been always told endlessly repeating stories of supposed “Us crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan”, while people dies everyday in places like Darfur, Tibet, Chad,Burma, etc., which are definitely FORGOTTEN PLACES. So, it’s good that sometimes focus shifts to these places. I WISH FOCUS CAN REALLY BE SHIFTED on forgotten places, and that ACTION IS TAKEN TO STOP GENOCIDES AND MASSACRES that are censored just because not committed by Westerners.

    LET US NOT BE ACCOMPLICIT OF THE TRUE WAR CRIMINALS. It has nothing to do with right or left.

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