New Pics of Dissidents in Cuba

Photos sent to me by Julio Beltran Iglesias, also pictured in these pics.

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7 Responses to New Pics of Dissidents in Cuba

  1. Thanks for the photographs. Now we’ll have to figure out when will people from the United States be free to go and visit with these dissidents?

  2. freethoughts says:

    American “tourists”aren’t going to Cuba to meet dissidents. They’re going there to practice sexual tourism and pay respects to the dictatorship.

  3. Jimmy and Roslyn Carter, too?

  4. Matt says:

    Free thoughts, that is simply a goofy remark about sex tourism and going to “pay respects” to the dictatorship.

    Although you are not “free” to travel to Cuba, you are free to visit the model Caribbean nation of Haiti, where the CIA has personally approved the dictators for the last 60 years including Papa Doc Duvalier and Baby Doc Duvalier.

    Haiti is a showpiece of “freedom”, where free markets run rampant and leave entire nations on the trash heap of existence. We had 60 years to make Haiti right. The overwhelming majority of Cubans don’t want to countenance the notion of having their country being “made over” in the image of Haiti through IMF reforms which I doubt very much you know much about.


  5. Emily Coffey says:

    End The Blockade Against Cuba now!!!!!!!!

  6. freethoughts says:

    You mean the Castro’s blockade against the Cuban people? You mean the medical/tourist apartheid imposed by Castro against the Cuban people?

  7. Where is Dr. Alfredo Pulido López ?

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