NYT Shills for “Former” Islamist

Ebrahim Yazdi played an active role in helping Khomeini take over Iran and wage war on America. The following is an important note by Iranian secularist democratic movement SMCCDI in response to this article from the New York Times.

SMCCDI Note: Ebrahim Yazdi is despised by most Iranians, except by his few ignorant and “optimistic” new Islamist colleagues, who think that Islamism can be matched with Democracy. Indeed, Yazdi and his gang are considered, by an absolute majority of Iranians, as a kind of more illuminated-backwarded Islamist who helped the coming of cataclysm in Iran back in 1979, and that still try to save their face somehow.

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One Response to NYT Shills for “Former” Islamist

  1. saggezard says:

    Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi is a criminal yet is allowed to enter the USA and go to his Texas home numerous times with impunity. Yazdi was present at the executions and acted as an interrogator during the kangaroo trials of top government and military officials at the onset of the Islamic Revolution. In fact Yazdi ordered the amputation of the right arm of General Rahimi before he was brutally executed. Dr. Yazdi is an evil monster who enters the USA any time he wants and holds US citizenship. Why is he not prosecuted?

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