Lebanon 2006: Unfinished War

Jonathan Spyer: Lebanon 2006: Unfinished War

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One Response to Lebanon 2006: Unfinished War

  1. Saggezard says:

    Sorry for being off topic, but we need help to get this word out. Islamic Republic of Iran General legislative elections are being held on Friday March 14 2008. Right now many elements of the opposition are calling for an extensive boycott, including Iranian bloggers and exile run satellite TV stations beaming into Iran . The Islamic Republic has contingency plans to divert attention from the call for boycott. Also there are plans to slow down the voting process in order to show longer lines at polling stations. I ask for your support in getting the word out to keep your eyes open and look carefully at the participation of Iranian people in this upcoming election. Unfortunately the presidential election which led to Ahmadinejad’s installment was very poorly reported and the illusion was projected that many people participated. Iranian opposition groups are unifying in the objective of raising the heat under the Islamic regime. we need your help.

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