Highest Corporate Tax Rates in the World Hurts States

March 31, 2008

Emailed by GetLiberty’s Daily Grind.


A recent study by the Tax Foundation finds that 24 States, when their corporate tax rates are combined with the Federal rate of 35%, have the highest such tax rates in the world:

“’This is startling news for America’s businesses and workers,’ said Tax Foundation president Scott Hodge, the study’s author. ‘Tax competition for jobs and investment is fierce, and the U.S. continues to fall further and further behind. Our states should be the world’s leaders in many things, but high taxation should not be one of them. The high federal corporate tax rate is literally crushing states’ competitive abilities. That means fewer jobs for American workers.’”

When cross-referenced with the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index, 79% of the States with the highest corporate tax rates in the world rank in the bottom half of ALEC-Laffer’s overall rankings for 2007 of individual States. This is beyond correlation; such a high rate demonstrates causation between high tax rates and overall economic performance.

And folks wonder why businesses are going overseas!

ALG Perspective: This is a no-brainer. When businesses are over-taxed, they go do business elsewhere, and it hurts the economic performance of the States with those high rates. If the U.S. wants to remain competitive in the global marketplace, and to create new jobs in the economy, it needs to slash corporate tax rates and make America the best place to do business in the world

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Mullahs Target Private Party

March 31, 2008

The Islamic Republic regime in Iran raided a private home and arrested about 30 men for ‘homosexual conduct’. This is not the first and won’t be the last time they do so, and for sure we can guess where these poor people have been taken.

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Egypt’s Grand Mufti Threatens Geert Wilders

March 29, 2008

Tantawi: Let Wilders come to Egypt; get ready to kill him.

This blog fully endorses Wilders’ campaign against Islamism and in favor of freedom and equality for men and women. Therefore, this blog encourages to watch to his new movie.

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Socialized Medicine is Less Efficient and More Expensive

March 29, 2008

Emailed by GetLiberty.org’s Daily Grind


A compelling – and somewhat shocking – new report has revealed that taxpayer-funded universal healthcare could wind up being more costly and less efficient than its private sector alternatives.

What makes the report compelling is that it comes at a time when the leading left-wing politicians are falling all over themselves to promise just the opposite. What makes it shocking is where it comes from: Harvard University.

John Goodman at the National Center of Policy Analysis (NCPA) has summarized the findings of Harvard’s National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which note that:

  • Publicly-financed healthcare systems throughout the world have not shown any evidence in the ability to control the healthcare costs;
  • Those systems only seem to be modestly progressive because while the rich may, in fact, end up paying more, the limits of taxpayer funding will limit the options for everyone else;
  • Marginal increases in government spending, if used on specialists and elective procedures, may actually be regressive because it deprives the poor of costlier treatments;
  • Public healthcare has little impact on economic inequalities;
  • And, increased government spending on healthcare tends to reduce financing of other public services.

In other words, the promises Americans have heard that universal healthcare will keep costs down, would bring better healthcare to the poor, will be more efficient, will help bring economic equality to our society, and will be affordable by taxpayers – these are all a sham.

The author of the study notes that publicly-provided healthcare is less efficient at providing and delivering services than private healthcare:

“In general, financing systems are more efficient the less they distort individuals’ choices (around work, consumption, investment, etc.) In this sense, private insurance … and out-of-pocket payments are fully efficient.” (Glied, 6)

It appears that Harvard, for far too long a veritable bastion of socialist balderdash, has dusted off its motto and retrieved its legacy: Veritas – for the health of all involved.

ALG Perspective: Universal healthcare will mean longer waits for treatment, because there will be more use of unnecessary elective procedures. It will mean that costs will go up because it will limit competition. It will mean that overall everyone will receive poorer quality of care. And generally speaking, the larger government bureaucracies become, the less they are able to help those who cannot help themselves. Those who can afford healthcare should be allowed to continue to do so without having to subsidize the weight of a universal system which will undermine everyone’s care including their own.

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Kareem Amer: Flood the Jail with Mail!

March 29, 2008

Below text emailed by the Free Karim Editor


Dear friends and fellow supporters of Kareem Amer,

The Free Kareem Coalition, in collaboration with the Committee to Protect Bloggers, are holding a new campaign called “Flood the Jail with Mail!” (taking place from April 7th-21st) aimed to get as many people as possible to send Kareem letters of support so that he can remain hopeful and in high spirits.

Kareem has spent over one year in prison, with no sign of his freedom yet. This past November, he was tortured by both prison inmates and guards while being asked to repent for holding certain beliefs. This is unacceptable. We cannot go on referring to Egypt as a democratic or modern state for as long as Kareem is still in prison. This unjust crime of imprisoning him has to be corrected immediately as it’s a serious abuse against the freedom of speech clause which Egypt constantly claims to adhere to.

We still await his unconditional release, and are continuing to do our best to secure his freedom.

But while we do that, we have to make sure that Kareem knows that we are all thinking about him. And for this purpose, we have launched a new campaign:


Please read the details here. It has all the details that you would require in order to pariticpate in this campaign, which will soon be joined by Reporters Without Borders and any other organization interested in making this initative as successful and effective as possible.

Free Kareem Coalition

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Olympic Games 2008

March 25, 2008

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Magdi Cristiano Allam

March 24, 2008

Famous Egyptian-born investigative journalist Magdi Allam has officially left Islam for Christianity. He’s one of the many Muslims secretly leaving the religion of peace. Let’s just hope this trend continues. P.S. : Magdi already received several more death threats for ‘apostasy’. Now it remains to be seen what the Italian government will do to protect him. His enemies are in Italy, as well. I’m not a believer and I don’t like the Church and the Vatican, but I praise Magdi for taking such a very courageous step.

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