Two Videos from Iran

I can’t understand what this brave woman is saying, but I understand she is challenging repression against women by showing herself not covered with the mandatory and oppressive veil.

Here is more Islamist violence against Iranian youth. This guy is “guilty” with something very normal: having long hair. Or, as the Mullahs call it, “Westernized hair-style”…

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4 Responses to Two Videos from Iran

  1. Matt says:

    Iran Azad!!!!!!!!

  2. Saggezard says:

    She is saying: “…start your music, turn up your music and start dancing, (she starts singing a song) you want me to dance alone, come and start dancing with me…”

    This sort of thing has become common in Iran, unfortunately the people are too scared to join in, if you go to my blog you will see videos I posted on March 8th that shows similar acts. This sort of protest is peaceful civil disobedience that seems to be growing in Iran. Honestly this type of defiance would be the biggest slap in the face of the Ayatollahs, hopefully more people are going to join in including men and women of all ages. What is the regime going to do when the streets are filled with people with the type of clothes they like or even naked?

  3. no2liberals says:

    From all that my Persian friends have told me, my love of freedom and liberty, and seeing the people in these videos suffering humiliation and oppression in their daily lives, both sickens and infuriates me.
    I will not submit.
    Thanks for sharing these glimpses of Iran. Someday, hopefully soon, it will change…for the better.

  4. yashar says:

    translation: Please someone dance with me. Put some music on, and lets dance.

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