Mullahs Target Private Party

The Islamic Republic regime in Iran raided a private home and arrested about 30 men for ‘homosexual conduct’. This is not the first and won’t be the last time they do so, and for sure we can guess where these poor people have been taken.

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6 Responses to Mullahs Target Private Party

  1. Why do you care? Or have you changed lenses?

  2. freethoughts says:

    Why shouldn’t I care if people are facing persecution because of their sexual orientation and tastes? Do you know what individual liberty and privacy mean?

  3. “Why shouldn’t I care if people are facing persecution because of their sexual orientation and tastes?”

    Because they are undoubtedly suffering in your native country as well. It is upon you to explain why there is a moral imperative to enlarge the area of concern.

    “Do you know what individual liberty and privacy mean?”

    non sequitur.

    Now, how about answering the original question. Also, would you explain how you resolve your choice of concerns with the masthead exclamation of viewing the world “through a politically incorrect lens?”

  4. freethoughts says:

    Listen, what nonsense are you speaking? First off, I’m for gay rights and civil unions, as well as pro-choice. Then, I’m the first calling for granting more rights to gays and lesbians even though I am 100% straight. Having said this, you seem not to have a clue on how gays and lesbians are treated in Islamic countries. They are sentenced to death if committing penetrative sexual acts, and get lashes if they don’t commit penetrative acts but simply are openly homosexual. Don’t u think YOU TOO should care a little about the fate of gays in Iran or you think you should not give a damn, after all they’re not living in your country? i find yours a very complicit discourse.

    It’s as to say: Who cares if Africans starve to death, after all my country is in recession?

    Open your eyes (and mind). Use your brain.

  5. I’m misunderstood this blog as “Looking at the World through a Politically Incorrect Lens.” I should have been more thoughtful in assuming this to be true. It is clear by your response that you grow indignant when challenged on your views. Furthermore, you appeal to the emotional in reiterating your view. You would have to agree that this is a very liberal tactic, meant to stifle discourse. Your responses to me exude the sine qua non of political correctness.
    I respectfully suggest you change your subtitle.

    I am accustomed to the use of Reason in arguing a point. Understandably, I will remove you from my roll, and won’t comment further. I’m not trying to make things difficult; in fact, I’m trying to save us both valuable time.

    Good luck. FWM

  6. freethoughts says:

    I’m NOT going to change the title and pls don’t tell me what I have to do with MY OWN BLOG.

    As u can see, I’ve posted every one of your comments, but couldn’t refrain from responding to one about the horrific situation of Iranian homosexuals/lesbians. When it comes to someone who underestimates the nightmare of people in a totalitarian system, I can’t help but reminding that WE CANNOT STAND BY IDLE and doing as if it’s nothing we
    should care about simply because we live in our rich, democratic although imperfect West.

    Feel free to comment, but avoid telling me how I should handle my own stuff.

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