Italian Elections: Why Nothing Is Gonna Change

Italian pundit Federico Punzi (not at all a leftist) explains why we should not expect any sort of radical reform of the Italian political, economic and social system, no matter who wins, and why I was right to stay away of the ballots. As of this writing, it looks like Berlusconi is leading 47% to 37%.

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4 Responses to Italian Elections: Why Nothing Is Gonna Change

  1. Matt says:

    I just read the article. “Italy is still waiting for a Thatcher, a Reagan, or at least a Blair.” Indeed, bummer that nothing´s going to change for you guys!

  2. no2liberals says:

    I heard Mark Steyn on the radio today, and he mentioned that Berlusconi had won, but what really got my attention was, for the first time in a very long time, there will be no communists seated in Parliament.
    I don’t doubt Steyn, but is that true? If so, to me, that is the biggest news I’ve heard about your elections.

  3. freethoughts says:

    Yes, that’s the biggest news, and some close relative of mine is sad for this. Can’t imagine how bad my discussion with this person has been..

  4. no2liberals says:

    No…I couldn’t imagine having such a discussion with a close relative.
    Between us, I am elated to know that, even if for only one election cycle, the communist have no access to that type of power.

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