Obama supporter in California

Obee-Obee supporter in California is holding a sign that says “Allah Akbar, Obama Rahbar (Obama is our Leader)”:

Islamic Institute of Orange County . – Anahiem , CA

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3 Responses to Obama supporter in California

  1. Matt says:

    I don´t see the “our” on the sign. I guess the guy doesn´t speak/write English that well, haha. It´s got a nice ring to it. How about “Allah Akbar, le muslim Ahbar!” (God is Great, a non-Muslim is our leader!)?

  2. zoey says:

    wow… who would have ever thought that would be in orange county. amazing times.
    nice blog 🙂

  3. Jewel Atkins says:

    So much thought and creativity went into the designing of that building, and then they fill it up with ignorant men and their backward teachings, and their uglification of women. This is going to get really ugly, especially if and when they start referring to California as Al Andalus al Jadeed!. New Andalus.

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