‘Reforms’ in Cuba UPDATE: Videos

A group of Ladies in White were marching peacefully, bringing flowers in their hands, when they were forcefully dragged and beaten by “reformist” Raul Castro’s mobs.

H/T: Babalù.com

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6 Responses to ‘Reforms’ in Cuba UPDATE: Videos

  1. […] and for all Cubans — remains absent”; Child of the Revolution, Ninety Miles Away and Free Thoughts all post photos of the incident. Posted by Janine Mendes-Franco Share […]

  2. Matt says:

    No he visto el video todavía pero ya vi las fotos en un enlace desde KillCastro. Alguien lo dijo muy bien: <> Gracias a Dios que, según sus fuentes, todos se libraron.

  3. Matt says:

    No publicó la cita. “Si alguien quiere que los cubanos manifestan pacifico y publicamente, deben mirar a estas fotos.”

  4. […] if to underscore its impact, Free Thoughts posts a series of photos as well as video of the incident, while over at Revista de Asignaturas […]

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