Stefania Lapenna – the author of Free Thoughts – is a 25-year old Italian freelance writer and columnist presently living in Sardinia, Italy. She has been published in the Jerusalem Post (Israel), l’Opinione, Il Foglio and Ragion Politica (Italy). She is currently a contributor to TCS Daily, the American Thinker, Real Clear Politics and an occasional guest columnist at Town Hall and a contributor to Publius Pundit.

She would like to continue being published in American dailies and/or magazines, as she likes to write articles that can raise awareness about as many issues as possible. She focuses on Iran, Cuba and the Translatlantic Relationships even related to the War on Terror. However, she also is educating herself in the affairs of countries in Asia, Africa and Central Europe. This is due to her interest and passion in the promotion of democracy in every corner of the world, regardless of the political ideology of a dictatorship/authocracy in power. For instance, she is educating herself in the political systems of countries such as Maldives, Fiji, Sub-Saharian Africa and Egypt, just to mention a few.She considers herself as a ‘libertarian right-winger’, but she can’t find any political party in Italy that may be truly called ‘libertarian’. She believes strongly in individual liberties and responsibility. She admires liberal philosophers such as Karl Popper, Adam Smith, Ludwig Von Mises, Von Hayek, etc. She is also pro-free market and in some way she identifies herself with some of the ideas promoted by Ayn Rand.

Her position on the War on Terror couldn’t be more obvious: she supports military action in Lebanon,the Palestinian Authority, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, in order to destroy terror groups such as Hizballah, Hamas, Fatah, the Taliban and Al Qaeda. She believes in “peace through strength” and in the export/promotion of democracy. She considers herself as ‘politically uncorrect’, as she says what she thinks and opposes the bureaucracies of the UN and EU and thinks there may be alternatives to them, even though she is for national sovereignty even with respect to international issues.

She is fluent in English, self-educated in Spanish and is currently studying to learn a third language, Persian.

For the complete curricula, contact her: stefania07@hotmail.com

8 Responses to About

  1. Mansoor Irandoost says:

    contact me I can help you !!

  2. Leslie White says:

    Great site you have here! Keep hammering away at out enemies! We will win. Our cause is just.

  3. Contact me and I can assist you in you scholastic and political interests

  4. Rudy Carrera says:

    The site is a joy to read, despite so much evil news. Thanks for your efforts in exposing criminals and their actions.

  5. christian says:

    And i thought we had no allies in Europe anymore. It is good to find a diamond in the rough. Keep up the fight and your support of real freedom fighters like the ones in Cuba. Your a real inspiration and just know your not alone in this fight. I do what I can everyday. Tune in to michael medved you will love his mind and his wit, your arguements and his are identical.

  6. WhyWhyWicki says:

    What did Craig and Vitter do?

    Louise and Anna: “We diapered David Vitter.”

    Craig: “He’s a naughty boy.”

    Vitter: “I’m not the I-da-homo.”

    Arlen Specter: “Let’s try to resolve this.”

    Craig: “But I believe in The Magic Bullet.”

    Specter: “Lawrence stays; Diaper David goes.”

  7. bibomedia says:

    Have a nice day !

  8. B2 says:

    Clean, concise, hard-hitting, and not encumbered by the ramblings of an apologetic, agenda-driven Mainstream Media. Stefania sincero ed intrepido.

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