April 8, 2007

January 22, 2007

Got a very big fish in the Philippines: Testing confirms Abu Sayyaf death

Hizballah threatens attacks against UNIFIL in South Lebanon

Osama Obama ‘was educated in madrassa’

Israel finances its suicide and transfers millions to a ‘moderate’ Holocaust denier.

Magdi Allam: Se i musulmani democratici sono estremisti

Elias Bejjani: The terrorist infiltation in Lebanon can be stopped

An encouraging news: Afghan civilians stop terror attack at U.S. base

Echoes of Oil for Food in hard currency for Pyongyang

Today I am still more convinced that Turkey does not deserve to enter into the European Union.Turkish-Armenian editor shot dead in Istanbul .


Taslima Nasreen, Bangladeshi feminist and anti-Islamist writer: Let’s Burn The Burqa – Women too have sexual urges. So why didn’t Allah start the purdah for men? Clearly, He treated them on unequal terms

Singapore stifles dissent by suing two bloggers

Freedom for Egyptian has posted update on the case of detained secular and anti-Islamist Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Nabil.

Abdel Kareem Nabil

Young Cubans Defy Police Brutality

November 21, 2006

As the UN-led ‘peacekeepers’ are busy searching Israeli aircrafts to gun down, Syria and Hizballah (with the help of the Islamic regime in Iran) kill another anti-Syrian occupation Lebanese official. Lebanese Cabinet minister, Pierre Gemayel, is killed. We are gonna see another civil war, started by the forces of terror in Lebanon, while the blue helmets, once again, will be staying idle. May I already affirm the failure of the UN ‘mission’ ? Just this early morning, the Opinion Journal published the following op-ed by Michael Young, Don’t let Syria get away with killing Rafik Hariri . Sandmonkey has the first photos of the reactions of the Lebanese to this crime.

Mentre i caschi blu sono impegnati a scovare i caccia israeliani da abbattere, la Siria e gli Hezbollah (con l’aiuto del regime islamico in Iran) hanno ucciso un’altro nemico dell’occupazione siriana, il ministro libanese cristiano Pierre Gemayel. Il popolo libanese, quello che i tg non ci fanno mai vedere, scenderà in piazza e farà sentire la propria voce.Assisteremo ad un’altra guerra civile scatenata ancora una volta dai terroristi, il tutto sotto gli occhi dell’Onu (come accadde in Ruanda). Credo di poter già affermare che la ‘missione’ Onu è fallita da un pò, ma pare che molti non se ne siano accorti.


Israel thinks the right thing. No mercy with terrorists, whether they are in the streets or occupying ‘government’ posts. Israeli Official: Hamas Leadership Should be Assassinated

Speaking of the anti-Israel resolution passed by the U.N. Security Council, ambassador Bolton tells things nobody is willing to. Read the whole thing and enjoy the moment, as the Democrats might be preparing a bad surprise.

Magdi Allam: «L’islam in Italia? Tutto bene» .Un Dvd (idilliaco) per le scuole

Salim Mansur: Geneva Convention rules don’t apply to Gitmo jihadists

I don’t know if you’d care, but I am rooting for Newt Gingrich

Opinion Journal: So who really is responsible for the mess in Italy?

An Italian poll found that, if elections were held today, about 57% vote center-right and only 41% for the left. A majority of Italians also thinks Prodi is performing very bad. Hence, his party’s approval rate is one of the lowest in the recent years. Communists also lost a lot, they don’t even get the 5% of support. However, the Italians say they are looking for new leaders, possibly on the right.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali surprise guest in Denmark

Because of Islamist oppression, Desperate Afghan Women Attempt Suicide By Self-Immolation


The Black Book of the Sandinistas .Remembering Ortega’s Marxist Gulag

FPM: The UN solution to global warming is worse than the problem

As the America and Israel-haters focus – always – on the Palestinians : Sudan gov’t strikes N. Darfur . And the Libyan tyrant Muammar Qadhafi shows he has not changed and is still a supporter of genocide against non-Arab populations (he also committed crimes against Berbers “in the past”). Meanwhile, something that is not going to draw the international outcry: Darfur children dragged from mothers and shot


Frente para la Libertad Total de Cuba: Comunicado de Prensa de Solidaridad Con los Ciudadanos de Madruga, Cuba

Reaccionan Damas de Blanco ante Polémica Declaración de Prensa

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información sobre la celebración de actividades por el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: El pasado 2 de noviembre del 2006, se llevó a cabo un debate sobre las bibliotecas independientes y su primer. Congreso, en la organización “Asociación de Opositores Hijos de la Virgen de Regla”. Participaron en la actividad 10 personas entre ellos una persona del barrio.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Amenazan e Impiden Libertad de Movimiento a Dama de Blanco en Cuba y también: Agradecen Damas de Blanco Solidaridad del Exilio Cubano

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información recibida de la provincia de Villa Clara, vinculada con “porristas” de las Brigadas de Respuesta Rápida: – Félix Reyes Gutiérrez, director ejecutivo de Cubanacán Press, quiere hacer pública su denuncia sobre los ciudadanos: Raúl López Albelo y Guadalupe González Fraga (alias Lupe), con domicilio en la calle Camilo Cienfuegos No.37 entre Coronel Acebo y Pachito Gómez, en Ranchuelo, Villa Clara, quienes están en trámites para viajar a los Estados Unidos. Según se ha podido conocer a través de diversas fuentes, son los encargados -entre otros militantes comunistas- de haber organizado los actos de repudio -durante los años 2005 y 2006- contra los opositores pacíficos del poblado, Félix Reyes Gutiérrez, Daniel Orlando Gómez Oses, Orestes Suárez Torres, Jesús Verdecia Castillo e Ismary Poso.

November 6, 2006

The Butcher of Iraq to end up like Mussolini

Il macellaio iracheno ed altri due complici faranno la fine di Mussolini

Those Palestinian women killed in the mosque siege were worse than human shields, they’re terrorist helpers.

One more reason I won’t regret going to the U.S. : Unemployment rate lowest in nearly 5-1/2 years I dare to suggest the Democrats and their followers to come live in Europe seeing their children looking desperately for a decent job and not being able to find one. I suggest to come here and live like the European parents who see their children unemployed even at 35 years old.

Non mi pentirò di certo di aver scelto gli Usa come mio paese futuro dove vivere e lavorare. Scende ulteriormente la disoccupazione. Creati novantaduemila posti di lavoro, il tasso di disoccupazione scende al 4,4%, il più basso in cinque anni e mezzo.L’America si è ripresa dall’impatto economico devastante dell’11 settembre, mentre l’Europa e l’Italia stanno facendo la fine dell’Argentina.

Pro-secular Turks march against Islamic radicals – Many fear that if left unchecked, Islamic fundamentalism will lead to a theocracy like that in Iran under the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Grandmother to sue Australian mufti over rape comment

La nonna di una donna vittima di violenza sessuale da parte di islamici ha querelato l’imam australiano che ha insultato la dignità delle donne dicendo che le vittime degli stupri  sono colpevoli perchè, non coprendosi con gli stracci islamici, sono ‘carne impura’

Tashbih Sayyed: The Mind Behind the Veil

L’Italia con il club dei dittatori per il seggio al Consiglio Onu

More photos showing  how Islamists deface women on hoardings

Report: They’d rather die: brief lives of the Afghan slave wives

Just one question: Why?

La guerra dimenticata. Assalto dei miliziani islamici. Massacro di bimbi in Darfur – Raid dei Janjaweed contro otto campi profughi: 63 gli uccisi,27 avevano meno di dodici anni

Opinion Journal: Robert Mugabe turns Zimbabwe from a success story to a human-rights catastrophe

Our friend, dr. Darsi Ferrer of the newly-founded National Patriotic Front, informs us (in Spanish) the maverick freedom fighters, among which himself, will bravely march in Havana on December 10, on the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Darsi Ferrer, Frente Patriótico Nacional: Marcha en honor a la Declaración Universal de derechos Humanos

Anti-Castro banner put in pre-university institute

Reacciona (Positivamente) Movimiento Sindical Independiente Por Exclusión de Cuba de Confederación Sindical Internacional

Government official runs down dissidents with his car

‘Logros’ de la revolución energetica: 240 Interrupciones Eléctricas Afectan a Villa Clara

Cuban schoolchildren trained to behave like thugs. Primary-school-age children take part in repudiating mob

August 4, 2006

Navy destroys Hizbullah’s harbor in Beirut Evidence Mounts that Kana “Massacre” Was a Fake

Aumentano le prove che dimostrano che la ‘strage’ di Cana è una messa in scena

Hizballah’s terror rockets kill 12 Israeli civilians

I missili dei nazisti Hezbollah uccidono 12 civili israeliani

Iranian official admits Tehran supplied missiles to Hezbollah. Sorry, but I find that banal. Yes, because it’s well-known that the Nazi Islamic Republic has, since 1979, been directly arming and funding terrorist groups. And, don’t forget, it’s the Islamic Republic regime that has created Hizballah. The IR practices terror abroad and at home and recently has killed jailed maverick freedom fighter Akbar Mohammadi. The Iranian people are: pro-US, pro-Israel and anti-regime. To defeat the threat posed by the IR regime, all the West needs to do is to DIRECTLY fund those genuine opposition groups fighting to peacefully overthrown the regime and replace it with a secular and democratic one. I wonder what is the world waiting for..

La propaganda antisemita di Hamza Piccardo. Cliccate qui

We Will Not Capitulate until the enemy is defeated

Israeli blogger Dave liveblogging a rocket attack from a bomb shelter

Southeast Asian jihadis dispatched for global war on Israel

Ariel Cohen: Hezbollah’s War Crimes

Diana West: See no terrorists

Victor Davis Hanson : The Brink of Madness

Yemen’s ‘Moderate’ Tyrant Ali Saleh: “I Hope All Countries Bordering Israel Will Join the War”

Iraq the Model: This is utter absurdity that challenges reason and diverts the view from the real criminal, the children-murdering butcher Nesrallah

Egyptian blogger Big Pharaoh wonders if there will be an outrage for the barbarian murder of Iraqi children by the Islamist terrorists

The “glorious resistance” slaughters and wounds children in Afghanistan

Dopo aver massacrato i bambini iracheni che giocavano a calcio, la “gloriosa resistenza” massacra e ferisce bambini afgani. Perchè la ‘resistenza’ ha come obbiettivo principale donne e bambini iracheni ed afgani

I believe that it’s not a pure coincidence that this happens when Italy is ruled by a minority leftist government: ITALY: SEA RESORT TO OPEN BEACH FOR MUSLIM WOMEN. This is promotion of segregation and gender apartheid

Una spiaggia ‘velata’ per le musulmane .Trattasi di incoraggiamento alla segregazione ed apartheid sessuale. Il tutto, guarda caso, quando al potere c’è un governo di minoranza targato centro-sinistra.

Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran: Petition: Help Free Prisoners of Conscience in Iran

Cubans in the island: “We also wish to celebrate” . Via The Miami Herald . Many wish to celebrate, but of course they cannot yet. The army reservists have been mobilized and along with the police are everywhere here, here , here and here.This is because the regime is not as sure about the people ‘revolutionary zeal’ as they claim. Otherwise, why does the regime fear a popular uprising and to prevent it increases the number of police in the streets? 

Los cubanos en la isla dicen que quisieran celebrar pero no pueden (claro que no pueden, la dictadura ha sembrado el terror en el pueblo): Jorge, que estaciona automóviles en la Habana Vieja y quiere irse para Estados Unidos, dijo que ha estado despierto hasta tarde en estas dos últimas noches viendo por CNN en Español las multitudes de exiliados celebrando en Miami. ”Nada ha cambiado”, dijo con voz de cansancio, “pero las celebraciones me parecieron buenas”.”Aquí no están celebrando… ¡pero quisieran hacerlo!”, agregaron Fernando y Miguel, dos trabajadores de un restaurante cercano que tampoco quisieron dar sus apellidos . Para leer mas, hagan click aquí . Porqué la dictadura anticubana siente la necesidad de aumentar el numero de policias y hasta colocar el ejercito en las ciudades si estan tan seguros del ‘caracter revolucionario del pueblo’ ? La verdad es que, como demuestran los policias y militares visibles en cada rincon de las calles cubanas, el régimen siente que el pueblo podría lanzarse a las calles y hacer su revolucion democratica, como tratò de hacerlo cuando se lanzò a las calles de La Haban, en 1994 durante el Maleconazo. Porqué el pueblo de Cuba, en su mayoría y sobre todo los jovenes que siempre son el motor de las revoluciones democraticas, detesta el sistema totalitario que desgobierna la mas bella de las Antillas.

Letter from Senator Mel Martínez to The Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, The Pentagon, Washington, DC

Los cubanos en la isla conjeturan en voz baja . Muchos piensan que el tirano se murió, pero que la noticia va a ser divulgada solo unos meses después. En general, al pueblo cubano de a pie, enfrascado en su diaria búsqueda del sustento, parece esperar en silencio y no hacer pronósticos en público para evitar consecuencias adversas.”No me interesa y aquí no se puede hablar de eso”, explicó en voz baja la vendedora de un almacén. “Todo lo que yo ganó al mes son $27. Eso es lo único que a mí me preocupa”.Uno de ellos explicó que ”el cangrejo está acabando con…” y en lugar del apellido del gobernante utilizan la consabida mímica de las barbas largas.

Doctor Darsi Ferrer from Havana sent me this beautiful article about the current situation in Cuba. One of his guesses is that Castro could have died. The article has been reprinted by Cuba Democracia y Vida (In Spanish)

Enviado a mi correo por el Doctor Darsi Ferrer, y publicado también por Cuba Democracia y Vida: Conteo Regresivo

July 25, 2006

Excellent news: IDF kills Hezbullah’s Maroun al-Ras regional commander

Belle notizie arrivano dal Libano, dove Israele ha ucciso un comandante regionale degli Hezbollah

Israel diplomats warned over Hizbollah ‘sleepers’

Nasrallah’s banks bombed .Well done, IDF!

Le forze di difesa israeliane hanno bombardato le banche degli Hezbollah, dove sono depositati tutti i conti dei nazisti

Ehud Olmert: Israel Also Has Humanitarian Problems

Il premier israeliano Ehud Olmert ricorda a Condoleeza Rice che anche Israele ha bisogno di aiuti umanitari

Diplomatic row deepens between Israel and Spain

Hizballah’s Nazi youth

Australia stands with Israel: Howard says Israel must defend its right to exist

Majority of Canadians supports Israel

La maggioranza dei canadesi sta con Israele

No more doubt on whose side the leftists stand on. Portraits of the Hitlers (Ahmadinejad and Khomeini) in Toronto and Buenos Aires!

Pontificating Against Israel .Why isn’t the Vatican allowing self-defense against terrorism?

A bit of sanity from the UN Human Rights Chief, even though we won’t hear this kind of sanity again: U.N. exec blames Hezbollah for deaths

The Islamic Republic of Iran supports and funds terror and Hizballah. But the majority of the Iranian population – who is anti-regime – wants to have nothing to do with all this. “We’re up to our ears in our own problems, so we don’t care about this stuff,” said Nina Kamarzarian, 21. “My government, they want to conceal their own problems,” she said. “All the time, they say, `Lebanon, Palestine, Arabs.’ They want to conceal the fact that the majority of the people are dissatisfied.” “Honestly, my concern is that if I walk hand in hand with a girl, I will be harassed and stopped by 20 police.”


Sharia’s war against beauty: Miss Indonesia under fire over ‘insulting’ swimsuit parade

La sharia odia le donne e la loro bellezza. Miss Indonesia rischia di essere condannata per aver indossato un bikini durante una sfilata

Cuban regime feeling heat from Czechs .The Czechs are stepping up their efforts to aid the Cuban dissident movement, triggering an angry response from Havana. They are planning two 30-foot radio antennas looming behind their embassy in the lush Rock Creek Park neighborhood (Washington) that will be used primarily to communicate with Cuba’s dissident movements.

Black Cuban freedom fighter and independent journalist Oscar Sanchez Madan, member of the Amaya family-founded Independent Movement for an Alternative Option, has been urged to go to the police unit of his town next week, to be interrogated about his noble activities. The political police threatened to arrest him unless he obeys to the police’s orders consisting in abandoning his opposition to the regime. He openly expressed to the police that he has no intention to obey those orders : “Next week, when I’ll go to the police unit, my opposition to the regime will remain the same as now”. “If they want to arrest me, let them do it even immediately. What a more honorable place for every freedom-loving human being but a prision in a totalitarian and militaristic regime lik the Castro-communist one” Listen this from his own voice here

Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option tells, from Matanzas, that it’s great that the U.S. gov’t plans to send financial help to the resistance movements in Cuba. He says he hopes more countries join this initiative and that all the opposition movements inside Cuba should welcome this unconditional aid. Listen to him here

The Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy celebrates its XV Anniversary

International SOS from the Cuban Human Rights Foundation

Lester González Pentón, Prisionero de Conciencia de la Causa de los 75: “Estoy Dispuesto a Morir Antes de Claudicar o Traicionar”

July 19, 2006

This one convinced me even more that Israel must ignore the European Union: Solana says EU won’t blacklist Hezbollah: “1000 rockets fired into Israel? Not enough for us to blacklist them”. Yes, you read well. Chamberlain also thought a couple of murdered Jews were not enough to consider Hitler a potential danger for the world. Except that they regretted only after witnessing that 6 million of Jews were killed into gas chambers.

Non ci crederete quanto sono idioti quelli dell’UE . Leggete se avete stomaco. Javier Solana: “Mille missili su Israele? Non sono sufficienti per noi per indicarla come organizzazione terroristica” 

A great news: 40-50% of Hizbullah’s military capability destroyed . But it needs at least another week to destroy once for all Hezbollah’s capacity to attack Israel

Una buona notizia: I raid israeliani contro postazioni terroristiche in Libano hanno già distrutto quasi il 50% della forza militare Hezbollah. Ma serve ancora una settimana e qualcosa per distruggere totalmente il gruppo nazi-islamico.

Hezbollah rockets hit Palestinian-controlled Nazareth, killing 2 children. Will that be enough for the anti-Israel crowd to wake up and stop supporting the Hezbollah?

Razzi Hezbollah uccidono 2 bambini palestinesi a Nazareth. Sarà sufficiente questo episodio per far sì che la sinistra smetta di appoggiare gli Hezbollah?

A seriously wounded man in Haifa, hit by a rocket

Qui sotto, uno dei tanti feriti gravi colpiti dai razzi hezbollah ad Haifa


FrontPage Magazine: Restraint Means Genocide – Washington should tell Israel to finish the job

PRO-ISRAEL DEMONSTRATIONS IN ROME AND MILAN! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS.To the Israeli Nation: Hasak ve Amar! (Be strong and brave

US Senate expresses support of Israel

Vatican still attached to its anti-semitic roots: Israel Is Fighting for its Life, but the Vatican “Deplores”  Departing secretary of state Sodano is one of the prominent proponents of the anti-Israeli camp. But there are some who have a different view on the new war in Lebanon. An interview with Fr. David Maria Jaeger

Il Vaticano non rinnega le sue tradizioni antisemite. Israele difende la propria vita, ma il Vaticano “deplora” – Il segretario di stato uscente Sodano è esponente di punta della corrente anti-israeliana. Ma c’è chi giudica diversamente da lui la nuova guerra in Libano. Un’intervista di p. David Maria Jaeger

Mohammed Fadhil, Iraq The Model weblog: The regime in Iran is the cause of chaos in Lebanon and Iraq 

No part of Israel is safe, Iranian lawmaker says  – Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi wants these people to ‘help’ resolve the Israel-Hezbollah crisis..To ask the regime in Iran to help resolve the crisis is like to hand over a child to a pedophile asking him to take care of the child.

Il portavoce del parlamento  iraniano: “Nessuna zona di Israele sarà al sicuro” . Questa è la gente che il signor Prodi crede possa aiutare a risolvere la crisi attuale..

Brigitte Gabriel: Thank You, Israel! – Lebanon’s persecuted Christians say thanks for driving terrorists out of the Paris of the Middle East.


Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi: “We [the center-right wing coalition] stand with Israel, without ifs and buts. Israel has been attacked by terrorist and authoritarian regimes and today we must choose: either we stand with democracy or with terror and tiranny. Without any doubt we stand with Israel and its right to defend itself”.While he was not perfect, I miss his gov’t so much. While the current gov’t is allied with the U.N., a poll found that 78% of the Italians are supporting Israel’s defensive actions. Read Berlusconi’s words,although in Italian, here 

Rimpiango il governo Berlusconi, oggi ancora di più: ”Senza dubbi ci schieriamo con Israele” 

France seems to get it: ‘Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself’ 

Pare che la Francia si stia rendendo conto che Israele ha diritto a difendersi

Bad news from Afghanistan: Afghanistan to re-form virtues ministry 

Brutte notizie dall’Afghanistan, dove si starebbe nuovamente pensando ad un minitero per il controllo del vizio e la promozione della virtù

Genocide is taking place in Zimbabwe 


Il mio articolo su Ragion Politica: L’Iran e le opposizioni al Regime degli Ayatollah 

Roberto Miranda Díaz, Relaciones Públicas Movimiento Liberal Cubano: Desafiando el Miedo  Nota Desde Cuba de Enfermo de SIDA

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Solicitan a la Fiscalía la Libertad de Periodista Encarcelado en Cuba 

Members of the Cuban Liberal Movement founded the Christian Liberal Front (Spanish)

Activistas democraticos cubanos fundan el Frente Liberal Cristiano, afiliado al Movimiento Liberal Cubano. Para leer, pulse aquì 


Activistas del MLC llevando a cabo una vigilia en solidaridad con Guillermo Fariñas. Para leer, pulsar aquì


Below, members of the “Todos Unidos” Assembly. Sent to me by Martha Beatriz Roque