Mad Bob to Leave?

April 1, 2008

Zimbabwean dictator is said to be ready to leave power and concede defeat. Sorry, but I’m doubtful.

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Dark Clouds Over Kenya

January 20, 2008

I admit my judgement on the Kenyan crisis was hasty and devoid of real knowledge about the issue. Now, after reading numerous analyses and news reports, I realized that the situation is looking more like the beginning of ethnic cleansing or – to use a politically incorrect but appropriate term – Genocide. Both sides, but mainly the opposition leader Raila Odinga, are responsible for the violence targetting the many ethnic groups of the African country. Once again, we’re seeing how lethal can be any policy based on ethny rather than on national unity. Kibaki and Odinga, which ethnies are they from? Let’s not care about them. They’re KENYANS first and foremost. The same can be said with respect to Iraq or Iran, where unscrupulous ‘pundits’ are playing the separatist game forgetting the Yugoslavian or Rwandan lessons.

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Rwanda ‘still teaching genocide’

January 18, 2008
Rwanda’s education minister is under strong pressure from MPs, over what they call “genocide ideology” present in some schools in the country.
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Help Stop Violence in Kenya

January 17, 2008

Wangari Maathai, former Kenyan MP: Don’t Ignore the Violence in Kenya

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Petition: Kibaki Must Step Down

January 12, 2008

A Kenyan commenter forwarded the link to a petition urging free and fair elections in Kenya.

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Free and Fair Elections Demanded in Kenya

January 9, 2008

The Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD) sent this appeal we proudly endorse, as we believe that real progress, peace and prosperity in Africa pass through a genuine democratic, free market, corruption-free system, rather than debt relief. Canadians urge Harper Government to push for restoration of democracy in Kenya

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The Failure of the African Union

October 3, 2007

I’ve always been doubtful about the outcome of the African Union mission in Darfur and today we learn that my doubts were legitimate. And I am not proud of that, of course.

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Mugabe: a tyrant from the start

October 2, 2007

James Kirchick for the Los Angeles Times: Those who say Zimbabwe’s president was once a hero are fooling themselves

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June 27, 2007

Moroccan Berbers plan first Israeli friendship association.


June 7, 2007

The Free Market Case Against the Immigration Bill. Our large welfare state combined with the importance of education to wealth creation provides a compelling reason to oppose importing unskilled immigrants and citizens

Mama Moonbat Cindy Shehaan wrote an op-ed expressing her hatred of America. I wonder when she is gonna move in, say, Cuba, Venezuela or Eurabia.

A must-read editorial that gives you an idea of how bad life is in Europe: Europeans’ flight from Europe

From YouTube: D-Day: Crisis On Omaha

Nuke’s News and Views: Roy Beck On U.S. Immigration

Irshad Manji: America beats Europe on assimilating Muslims

Islamic group targets women newscasters in Gaza

French magazines on edge as celebrity tipster faces jail in Saddam oil scandal

Robert Spencer: Remembering Tashbih Sayyed. His fearless commitment to the truth set him apart from his contemporaries

Action on Darfur: Bush tightens sanctions on Sudan over Darfur

Ethiopia honors victims of Marxist junta

Abu Khawla, Tunisian secularist and reformist: A Call for President Mubarak to Free Abdul Kareem. Arabic version here.

While world looks the other way: Burma extends Suu Kyi’s detention

Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa in the footsteps of their buddy Chavez: Morales, Correa target TV foes

Tiananmen massacre still continues today. Eighteen years since the repression of the anti-corruption and pro-democracy movement, Han Dongfang, founder of the first free Chinese trade union, looks at the current situation of human and civil rights in his country and warns that continued repression and terror against the people can only undermine society as a whole

Il massacro di Tiananmen dura ancora oggi. A diciotto anni dalla repressione del movimento anti-corruzione e pro-democrazia, Han Dongfang – fondatore del primo sindacato libero cinese – analizza l’attuale situazione dei diritti umani e civili nel Paese e lancia l’allarme: continuare a reprimere con il terrore il popolo porterà allo sgretolamento dell’intera società

What if it was not Paris Hilton, but any other ordinary citizen? Would he/she be pardoned so easily?

Washington Times: Justice for Sierra Leone?

Jaime Leygonier, enviado por Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, esposa de nuestro amigo Darsi Ferrer, sobre el arresto del mismo en La Habana en el dia de ayer: SEGURIDAD DEL ESTADO SECUESTRÓ AL DR. FERRER

Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy Joins Young Venezuelan Students in Solidarity

Darsi Ferrer: Anciana Muere por Derrumbe

Cuban doctors go into hiding. NAMIBIA has put the brakes on 13 Cuban doctors living in Namibia travelling to the United States, where they have sought asylum

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: El candado de la historia

Aini Martín Valero: Movimiento Plantados realiza actividad// Se reagrupa el Movimiento Las Marianas

Vigilia por Pedro Luis Boitel


April 22, 2007

New details emerge on the brutal killing of three Turkish Christians: Slain evangelists were tortured. What we’re facing today is Christianophobia. But you won’t hear this world anywhere, anytime.

Caccia ai cristiani dal Kashmir a Rabat. La testa di un uomo in una scatola davanti a una moschea pachistana

Go read my post about whats behind the liberation of Italian reporter Daniele Mastrogiacomo in Afghanistan. Some details are very disturbing (no graphic photos, however).

The genocidal Islamic supremacist group of the Muslim Brotherhood calls for attacks against West.

The cruelty knows no limits, as the Islamists are abusing children to behead people. There is video showing a 12-year-old boy severing a man’s head. If you can’t handle it, don’t click through, because it contains graphic content even though it’s not complete.

Video che mostra un bambino di 12 anni addestrato dai Talebani, che decapita un’uomo. Questi sono gli interlocutori del governo italiano, che si vuole portare ad un tavolo di pace..Il video non mostra per intero la decapitazione, però v consiglio di non guardarlo se siete sensibili e pensate di sentirvi male nel vederlo. Chi di voi invece vogliono vederlo, si renderà conto della vera natura del nemico e del perchè lo stiamo combattendo.

How Do You Say ‘Israel’ in Arabic? .You’re not going to find the answer in your text book

Daniel Pipes:Ora il vero pericolo è la svolta islamica di Ankara. «È meglio che la Casa Bianca cambi idea. Va bloccato l’ingresso dei turchi in Europa»

Is the veil a racial group? According to Danish authorities, it is. We live in world that is going nuts. Criticising this Islamist tool of Dark Ages oppression of women is becoming a ‘racial’ crime, even though the veil is not a race.

Iran/Velo islamico: un milione fermate, 10mila processate. A Teheran, con l’inizio della primavera la polizia ricomincia a controllare l’abbigliamento delle donne. Se hanno capelli visibili, troppo trucco o non abbastanza vestiti, sono accusate di creare “insicurezza negli spazi pubblici. Le “irregolari” vengono sottoposte ad una procedura che mira ad umiliarle

Someone tell me this won’t really happen.

Now, if you can stomach it, go read the absurd praise Daily Kos dedicates to the Virginia Tech mass murderer.

Women Break Silence on Honor Killings. An Arab mother gives evidence charging her own son for murdering her daughter

An Iranian researcher wrote a must-read report on the activities of the Mullahs’ Lobbyists in the United States.

IRAN: UNIVERSITY FEMALE STUDENTS REBEL AGAINST VEIL . Na Toosari, Na Roosari! (No to Veil, No to Submission).

Islamist policeman trying to intimidate two women into respecting the Islamic ‘moral code’.

A black cow, seen on right, (the name the people uses to describe the female Islamists) trying to intimidate a young woman.

Another black cow, warning a woman against the status of her clothing and hair

See more photos here

Iran’s Babol University Students protesting kidnapping of the Student Leader: Bijan Sabagh. See Video here. (h/t: Kaveh Z) . Some wondered why there are no women. As you know, the Islamic Republic segregates women through a Gender Apartheid Policy. The students fight for secularism and democracy, as well as women’s rights.

In the footsteps of the Taliban, the Islamic Republic of Iran is going on with a dam that is flooding an archeological site dating back to the Persian empire era and considered as world heritage by the UNESCO. One hundred Iranians dared repression by staging a protest against this crime. More Photos here.


Hundreds of Moroccans protest Islamic terrorism

Scientist: Global Warming not caused by humans

A Private War on Poverty: Peer-to-Peer Development. David Rusin on the importance of the website Kiva, and harnessing technology to lend a hand to Africa’s entrepreneurs

Yulia Tymoshenko: Containing Russia

Quelli che mi conoscono sanno che sono di destra e che la sinistra non la sopporto proprio. Ma sanno anche che sono liberale convinta e che per questo non mi rispecchio nella destra italiana ed europea, che non considero liberale. Ebbene, in questo paese nel quale vivo (non per moltissimo ancora), il leader della Casa delle Libertà che si auto-proclama ‘anti-comunista’,  che fa? Mi difende un tiranno comunista quale Putin, nonostante mezzo mondo e tutte le destre del mondo libero (in primis quella americana) lo condannino. E nonostante Putin sia amico dei terroristi arabi, del nucleare iraniano e che voglia aggredire l’Estonia solo perchè quest’ultima vuole abbattere una statua sovietica (quindi comunista). E nonostante una parte dell’opposizione russa sia guidata da un liberale di destra. Ma sappiamo che l’Italia è un paese nel quale a destra si sta con i comunisti russi, fingendo di non sapere che al potere in Russia ci sono proprio loro,  e una sinistra al governo che ha come interlocutori privilegiati Hamas, Hezbollah, Talebani e forse fra un pò anche Al Qaeda. Gli italiani sono proprio messi male, ma le cose non cambieranno a breve, come non sono mai cambiate in 60 anni di Repubblica.


April 11, 2007


April 8, 2007


April 4, 2007

Palestinian terrorists upset after learning that at least one European leader isn’t willing to buy their propaganda

Terrorists endorse Pelosi’s agenda


My Trip to Gitmo.The real detention center one never hears about in the media

EU supports slow destruction of Israel by Arab leaders’ “diplomatic means”.

Magdi Allam: L’inchiesta di Santoro e i talebani di casa nostra

Weekly Standard: Italy negotiates with terrorists for the release of a journalist

1938 alert. Another anti-semitic attack in a French Jewish cemetery.

Lybian tyrant and Darfur genocide apologist: Gaddafi says only Islam a universal religion

Italian Foreign Minister meets Palestinian terrorists.

‘Moderate’ Khatami in all of his moderation.

Olivier Guitta: Morocco Under Fire

Newt Gingrich: Refusing to teach English keeps immigrants in the underclass

Giuliani holds lead among GOP hopefuls

Islam’s War Against Buddhism.The forgotten jihad

Back in the USSR. Putin seeks constitutional changes to stay in power other more years.

Dissident Catholic Priest Sentenced in Vietnam

Zapatero’s Spain accomplice of the oppression of 11 million Cubans.

Cuban Stars Shine for Non-cooperation Movement. Listen to their message here. In order: Orlando Gutierrez, Willy Chirino, Marisela Verena and Lissette Alvarez (Chirino’s wife). They have lots of fans in Cuba and their message of freedom has always been echoed by many of their countrymen. By inviting their people to not cooperate with the dictatorship in repressing their brothers, these artists can make the difference in this campaign.

Willy Chirino y su esposa Lissette son entre los artistas cubanos en el exilio que que se unieron a la iniciativa de no cooperacion con el régimen. El idolo de milliones de jovenes cubanos, tanto en la isla como en el exilio, lanzara mensajes radiofonicos al pueblo de Cuba para que siga no cooperando con la dictadura.

Willy Chirino, Jon Secada, Marisela Verena y Lissette Alvarez envian un mensaje al pueblo de Cuba. Escuchenlos en su propria voz.

willy chirinowilly chirino


Medicina Cubana: Health Care in Cuba, The two faces of a myth


Respaldan ex disidentes eslovacos al Movimiento Juvenil Contestatario en Cuba

Liannis Meriño Aguilera, Agencia Jóvenes sin Censura: Gracias al dictador



March 26, 2007

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalism and Islam: Sharia vs European constitutions. Problems in Holland and Denmark. Great Britain as an example: decades of multiculturalism that have lead to ghettos, closure, radicalism of Islamic communities. Women ever penalized. Being European citizens involves having the duty to integrate.

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalismo e Islam: la Sharia contro le costituzioni europee. I problemi in Olanda e Danimarca. L’esempio della Gran Bretagna: decenni di multiculturalismo hanno portato a ghetti, chiusure e radicalismo delle comunità islamiche. Sempre penalizzate le donne. Essere cittadini europei implica avere dei doveri di integrazione.

Bill Roggio: Al Qaeda’s Pakistan Sanctuary- Musharraf appeases the Taliban

Movie on Iranian Women’s Anti-Apartheid Struggle. A new movie features Iranian women disguising as men in order to enter the Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch a soccer match between Iran and Bahrain. See herehere and here. (h/t: Gateway Pundit)

I had posted it two posts ago, but the link was broken. Here is the news: Sudanese women to be stoned for adultery

Our good friend Sam of Sandmonkey was at an anti-Mubarak protest in Cairo, where police detained and beaten up some of his friends. Read his post here. And no, the protesters were NOT Islamists. They were secular, liberal reformists. The Islamists sit in the Parliament, while the secular democrats are in prison. The only constitutional amendment I agree with is the following:Article 5: Bans political activity/parties based on religion. If that means banning the Islamo-Fascist Muslim Brotherhood, then I agree strongly with it. As for the other articles, it’s evident that they aim to strenghten the hand of Mubarak and undermine any prospect of democracy. The MB must be outlawed, its members thrown in prison, while the secular reformers must be released and allowed to sit in Parliament.

Angola rushes to help Mugabe slain his democratic opponents. Catholic Archbishop Urges Zimbabweans To Topple Mugabe.

Bono gets it wrong on Africa, again. Instead of pouring money to Africa, given that they have never contributed to enrich the populations (on the contrary, they are poorer), the West should support a Make Dictatorship History initiative.

Kinshasa di nuovo nelle mani di Kabila.Da giovedì 22 marzo la Repubblica democratica del Congo è di nuovo ripiombata nella spirale della violenza. Questa volta il teatro degli scontri  è la capitale Kinshasa, dove si stanno affrontando  le Forze armate leali al presidente Joseph Kabila e l’esercito personale di Jean-Pierra Bemba, leader dell’opposizione  ed ex-vice presidente di transizione, a carico del quale le autorità congolesi  hanno già emesso un mandato di cattura. Secondo le informazioni diramate dalle agenzie internazionali, gli incidenti hanno avuto inizio quando i miliziani fedeli al senatore Bemba si sono rifiutati di consegnare le armi alle autorità nazionali

Lech Walesa: A letter to the people of Cuba 



Ricardo Aguilar García: Denuncia de represión contra líderes del MLC y CAPPF 

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Causa y efecto del deficiente transporte público

Realizan Ayuno en Biblioteca Independiente


March 18, 2007

Three more Taliban thugs will be again free to join the terror war on Afghanistan. The unpopular Italian government caved in to the demands of some Taliban kidnappers holding an Italian journalist for the center-left paper “La Repubblica”. No link to the story in English yet, but I will post it here as soon as I find it.

Il governo italiano fa la corte ai Talebani ed si arrende alle loro richieste. Oggi gli italiani in Afghanistan ed Iraq saranno in maggior pericolo di essere rapiti, perchè i terroristi sanno che per avere concessioni, devono rivolgersi ai loro amici Prodi e D’Alema, i quali sono sempre pronti a leccargli il culo.

The Italian government pays Tunisian Al Qaeda suspect.

New York Post: Khalid Sheik Mohammed deserves being tried by military,not civilian courts. It is a global war against evil, whether we like it or not.

U.N. cries crocodile tears

Opinion Journal: Islamosocialism

From the ‘Iraq-Is-a-Quagmire’ Department: Baghdad deaths fall after security drive

Indian Islamo-fascists offer reward to any Muslim who decapitates Bangladeshi feminist activist Taslima Nasreen

In Darfur commessi crimini di guerra

Cyrus Kar, director of the movie clip “In Search of Cyrus the Great”: The Truth Behind “300”

From Gateway Pundit: Video Shows Beatings & Death of Zimbabwean Opposition Leaders

I have always affirmed that Africa’s evils are to blame on the ignorance of many African societies, but – above all – on the leaders of each African country. Not only dictators, corrupt rulers, but “magicians” turned “presidents”, too. As in the case of Gambia, where the president claims he dreamed a ‘powerful medicine’ capable to treat HIV, creating false hopes among the thousands of AIDS victims of his country.

Ho sempre detto che i mali dell’Africa sono da imputare principalmente all’ignoranza di molte comunità locali, ma sopratutto, ai leader di ogni nazione del Continente. Non solo dittatori e governanti corrotti che si arricchiscono intascandosi i soldi degli aiuti internazionali che dovrebbero andare alle popolazioni. Ma molto è imputabile anche ai cosidetti ‘maghi’ divenuti ‘presidenti’, come nel caso del Gambia, il cui presidente afferma di aver sognato una miracolosa cura contro l’AIDS. Povera Africa..

Former agents for the regime of Fidel Castro reveal what has for years been covered up: Castro directly ordened the death of would-be communist tyrant Salvador Allende, because the regime was aware that Allende was about to surrender.

Ex-agentes del gobierno castrista han revelado que Fidel dio la orden de liquidar a Allende

Eloy A González: Los que se sumaron a los justos. En ocasión del 4to. Aniversario de la Primavera Negra de Cuba

March 16, 2007

Al Qaeda thug Sheikh Mohammed admits he beheaded Daniel Pearl. In addition, he claimed responsibility for the 9/11  and Bali mass murders. But he can count on those who are still calling for shutting down GITMO, even though they don’t tell where they would like these thugs to be taken.

Opinion Journal: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s World War

Carlo Panella: Afghanistan: l’Unione vuole una Conferenza di pace con gli sgozzatori

New York Sun: Al-Jazeera’s Dirty Little Secret

Our ‘friends’ in the Persian Gulf: Persian Gulf Goliath .Dubai-based billionaire enterpreuner Khalaf Al Habtoor says “the U.S. funded he 9/11 attacks”.

SMCCDI: Iranian Teachers beaten and arrested

SMCCDI: Insegnanti iraniani picchiati ed arrestati

U.N. to focus permanently on Darfur, Iran, Cuba,China Israel. The United Nations has shown once again why it’s a totally bankrupt and failed organization, which sides with tyrants and terrorists and forgets the truly-persecuted and oppressed, such as the people of Darfur, who is dying under the daily air strikes of the genocidal Sudanese regime.

Petizione a favore della libertà di pensiero, contri i fascisti islamici. Solidarietà a Stefano Allievi, perseguitato dal fascista islamico Adel Smith.

French Jews flee persecution in France and flock to South Florida. This should be an alarming sign of a dark past we hoped it wouldn’t never occur again.

Pierre Akel: Foreign Policy, Reform and Terror in the Kingdom of Doublspeak

Petition to help free Bangladeshi rationalist and pro-Israel journalist Salah Choudhury

“Man-made Global Warming” becoming a new form of totalitarianism. Scientists threatened with death for ‘climate denial’

Kyoto’s Futile Future.The Green Left can say sayonara to its favorite treaty.

Stretching the Truth

Zimbabwean opposition chief brutally beaten

Lissette y Willy Chirino, un primer disco juntos (Check out “Music, Songs and Videos in my blogroll, to listen to some of the songs in their new album)

February 20, 2007

UPDATE 02/21/07 : Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi resigns.  The Left lost at the Senate over a vote on the Italian Afghanistan mission. Now it’s up to the President of the Republic to accept the resignation (he’ll most probably do so) and decide whether to schedule new elections (I don’t think he’ll do so, as he is from a party of the current gov’t). If elections are scheduled, they might be held in a few months. And, according to all polls, the Right would win easily. I don’t believe the right will change things (governments in Italy are known for breaking promises), but at least Italy would be again part of the Coalition of the Willing in the War on Terror and a faithful ally of the US and Israel, instead of Hezbollah and Hamas. This, even though many Italians have strong prejudices against America and Israel and tend to be sympathetic to the Palestinians. I will keep you up-to-date.

My article in the American Thinker: Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus . See also my post at Publius Pundit here.

Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf (our supposed ‘allies’) trained Al-Qaeda men to fight in Somalia

Buone nuove: Clementina Forleo potrebbe finire sotto processo a Brescia

Apparently, the Italian government sees nothing wrong in talking to  Hezbollah. Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema, whose  government faces a crisis of popular legitimacy according to all polls, told Prodi that “unless there’s unity on the foreign policy, the government has to resign and schedule new elections”. Those who are familiar with Italian politics know that the Left is split on every topic, from economy to the very same foreign policy. Even being right-leaning, I don’t consider myself that follower of the European Right, let alone the Italian one, as I see them as very immature when it comes to reform the economic, pension and job market system. But, I am counting the days when this anti-American government comes to an end. And it’s almost sure that, if elections were held today, they would lose big time.

World public opinion still refuses to face the reality.West-Islam civilisations clash rejected. It’s the Islamic terrorists who declared this clash. Go explain it to the ‘world public opinion’..Meanwhile, the Saudi regime fuels jihadists’ thirst for murder of free thinkers. The latter pledge to defend their right to free speech.

Diana West: Islamists’ female victims

Farid N. Ghadry, Syrian dissident: Syria’s terror networks

Italian court rules in favor of Dark Ages: PAKISTANI MARRIAGE BY PHONE VALID RULES COURT

Egyptians Islamists suggest abolishing love

Secret religious police to spy on unmarried lovers. In Malaysia. And in Saudi Arabia, the police punish those who dared to defy the official ban on Valentine’s Day.

From Sandmonkey, a disturbing story on a father who disowns his own son (the detained blogger Abdel Kareem) because of the latter’s political opinion. Daily Star: Freedom for an Egyptian blogger and freethinker . You can sign the petition here.

Anna Mahjar-Barducci: A step backward in Moroccan freedoms

Serbian war criminal sentenced to 37 years over role in massacre of Bosnians.

Libero: E’ PERICOLOSO FARE IL BLOGGER IN EGITTO. Potete firmare la petizione qui.

38 Cuban doctors defect in Venezuela; plan to move to the United States.(Spanish).

38 médicos cubanos en Venezuela desertan buscando un nuevo destino

Recent defectors now in Colombia

Las Damas de Blanco con paso firme en Internet, pero censuradas

Cuban rock band openly speaks out against Castro. “He’s a SOB. He’s the real cause of our country’s problems”, says the band leader from Havana. (Spanish).

Grupo rock cubano clandestino, desde la isla habla abiertamente contra los Castro. Llegó la hora de llamar las cosas por su nombre

January 28, 2007

The Righteous Among the Nations are all those who not only say “Never Forget”, but who are committed to prevent that from becoming “Again”. Never forget: anti-semitism and anti-zionism ARE THE SAME THING.

UN approves resolution condemning Holocaust denial

Islamism strikes again in Iran. While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO?

Indonesia Jihadist Admits To Beheading Christian Girls.Not even in front of a horrific beheading does the mainstream media calls the murderers with their true name. Whatever crime, they’re still “militants”..

Magdi Allam:L’imam: «Giusto picchiare le donne» .«È l’Islam che lo dice. Il Corano lo ordina». Verona, dopo la predica Amal massacrata dal marito. Lo ha denunciato: ora vive barricata in casa con i figli

Cause they don’t know what they are doing. She may be unaware, but her friends Hizballah would stone her to death for just posing like this. I guess she would regret for supporting the terror gang if they would seize power.

Yet another ‘honor’ killing in Jordan: Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

Off Topic cartoon:

Foul Weather

Human Rights First: Sudan Must Not Lead the African Union. Electing Sudan to chair the African Union would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house

More updates on Abdelkareem Nabil, the Secularist,anti-Islamist Egyptian blogger arrested by our ‘secular’ and ‘moderate’ friends in the Mubarak gov’t , for speaking out against jihad preaching at Al-Azhar.

Russia, before and after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

Fotos de Actividades de Las Damas de Blanco

January 13, 2007

DhJimmy Carter, not even his friends like him anymore: Mass Resignation at Carter Center

Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich: New York City’s successes have lessons for Baghdad


A must-read essay: After the Danish Cartoon Controversy

Report: France accused of genocide by Rwanda’s leader

State terror in Egyptian prisons, where the Egyptian police sexually-harass a prisoner for resisting abuse. Follow all the hyperlinks at Gateway Pundit, but be warned that the videos are very graphic.

R.I.P., Miguel Valdes Tamayo. Castros’ crimes know no limit, not even human mercy. In our last post, we posted this pic showing ex-political prisoner and independent librarian Miguel Vazquez Tamayo delivering food and medicine to a poor Cuban lady. It was on Christmas. On December 31, he was hospitalized for heart problems, due to the continuous harassment he faced from the police and the fascist mobs. For months, he was denied the permit to leave Cuba to receive treatement in the U.S. So, it happens that on January 11, 2007, Miguel has died of heart attack. And his death adds up to the tens of thousands under the communist tyranny. Rest in Peace, Miguel. Official statement by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society (in Spanish). Cuban dissidents pay respects to formerly jailed activist who died of heart attack

Otro crimen mas del régimen castrista. Muere opositor del grupo de los 75Comunicado oficial de la Asamblea Para Promover la Sociedad Civil en Cuba.

Aini Martin Valero: Niegan visita a madre de preso político

Noticias enviadas desde Cuba por el periodistas independiente Carlos Serpa Maceira: La Circulación del Periódico La República en Cuba Promueve una Lectura Sin Censura . Carlos necesita urgentemente del ayuda solidaria de todo aquel que quiere una Cuba libre y se solidariza con los que luchan pacificamente pero con determinacion, para conseguir lo que la mayoria de los cubanos quieren. Carlos puede parar a la carcel en las proximas horas si no paga una ilegitima multa de 250 dolares que le fue impuesta por los esbirros de la policia politica por el “delito” de Desobediencia Civil. Si quieren ayudarlo, favor enviarme una email ( ) y les dejaré saber como pueden ayudar. Es urgente, por eso agradeceremos si ustedes quieren ayudar. A proposito, lean este articulo: Exilio Cubano Ignora Pedido de Periodista Independiente

Congress of Independent Librarians – Photos sent by Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

From left to right: our good friends Sergio Pastor Martinez Carrazana, Maximo José Garcia and Ricardo Aguilar, “Von Hayek” Library

“Ignacio Agramonte” I L

John Locke I.L.

“Friederick V. Hayek” I. L.

January 11, 2007

More good news from the war on terror: Al Qaeda jihadist who planned 1998 embassy bombings killed

No Exit in Somalia. In Somalia the U.S. stays on the anti-terror offense

Prodi e gli aiutini per gli amici.La creazione di enti e commissioni farà apparire magicamente 250 nuovi (e inutili?) posti di lusso

Italian gov’t’s anti-americanism. Italy opposed to U.S. action in Somalia .That’s not all for today. They are eager to condemn those who worked to protect our national security from terror-enablign imams.Italy weighing CIA agents’ indictments .Human insanity knows no limits. I expect harsh criticism from the U.S. gov’t, for Italy’s blatant meddling into U.S.’ sovereign decisions (attacking Al Qaeda strongholds in Somalia) and the indictment of its agents for fighting terrorism.

Il Giorno ha intervistato Adriana Bolchini, alias Lisistrata.

Britain’s huge problem update. British Mullah defends killing of non-Muslims

SMCCDI: Bush vows action on Islamic regime for support of terror

Moroccan blogger Myrtus: This is not funny! Morocco suffers from MOHAMED CARTOON CONTROVERSY side effects!

SMCCDI: Huge explosion rocks Iran’s south central region

ITALY: MP RECEIVES DEATH THREATS OVER HER ANTI-VEIL BATTLE. The parliamentarian, Daniela Santanchè, is member of the center-right wing party of the National Alliance, whose leader is the ex foreign minister Gianfranco Fini. She is author of a recently-published book entitled: “The denied woman: from female genital mutilation to liberation”, in which she tells about the oppression of women in the Islamic society and how we can do to help them liberate themselves from the Dark Ages Islamist yoke. During a TV debate where she defended her feminist positions, Daniela was faced by an angry imam who praised poligamy, gender apartheid and the mandatory veil. This imam has recently affirmed that “all the mayors have the duty to build mosques”. Last day, Santanchè has received a letter from London, in which she is threatened with death. The letter contains photos of Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali and states: “We will get rid of you”. Santanchè lives accompained by bodyguards since these sad events.

Magdi Allam: Santanchè, minacce per la battaglia anti-velo

Daniela Santanchè

Freedom for Egyptians reminds us that the Washington DC rally in support of detained Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem is to be held today. For more info, click here and if you are living near Washington, you may want to join the rally.

Cindy Sheehan & co. in Cuba (idols of the MSM) refuse to visit Cuban political prisoners , saying that they don’t give a d..n about the human rights violations by the Castroite regime.

As of recently, a friend – a freelance writer – went to Cuba and she was able to interview people without the regime’s consent. She also interviewed two independent journalists, one of which was victim of a brutal aggression by Castroite mob during a peaceful march in honor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Dec 10, 2006. Read her new article here. It’s a must-read.

Cuban dissident deported from Bolivia to Colombia after criticizing Morales

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer información sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: Miembros del Movimiento Femenino Martha Abreu, de Santa Clara, Villa Clara, distribuyeron literatura censurada por el Gobierno, en respuesta a las orientaciones del Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes y en contra de los 48 años de dictadura comunista. La actividad se realize el pasado 2 de enero en las calles de los Repartos Oeste y Virginia de la ciudad de Santa Clara. Se repartieron Boletines de Mar por Cuba; de Plantados hasta la libertad y la democracia en Cuba; del Comité Cubano de Derechos Humanos; folletos Cuba: un analisis social, económico y politico actual; La economía cubana de hoy; Salvación o condenación; la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos; Para Cuba ya es hora y Yo no coopero con la dictadura.

The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society’s Martha Beatriz Roque sent the following pics, showing the delivery of products to poor Cubans by members of the Assembly. The products are sent by the exile groups based in Miami.Please, notice how these people are not afraid to sign opposition documents, nor to reveal their names, even though they may risk jail or high fines. This shows once again that the opposition movements is growing more and more popular, despite all efforts by the regime to discredite it. This is the true Cuban people, not those who participate to the infamous repudiation acts.

Copy of the Assembly document signed by the lady.

Former political prisoner and independent librarian Miguel Vazquez Tamayo delivers products to the poor lady, who signs the document.

Another resident receives the products and signs the Assembly document confirming that he has received the items.

This man and his daughter asked to go to a photo reporter’s house. They said they feel ashamed to show the bad conditions they live in. The man shows the Assembly document he signed.

Martha Beatriz also sent us a report (here, in Spanish) about a poor young Cuban couple who suffers from the HIV disease. They don’t have a house, so they sleep in an empty house and the regime wants to kick them out of there. The woman is only 16-years old and is not known if her baby also has been infected with HIV. Martha sent us a couple of photos and the original documents of the regime’s authorities (here and here), who still refuse to assist the poor couple and even imposed a very high fine. The couple sent  to Martha a letter, asking for help. The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society has given the couple half of the money needed to pay the fine. The money were politely donated by the exile groups.

January 2, 2007

From the Shias-And-Sunnis-Can-Never-Collaborate Department: ‘Hamas training in Iran’

The defeat of Islamists in Somalia is official and the country is not going to be turned into another Taliban state: Somalia PM: Islamic forces neutralized

Caroline Glick: The longest-running big lie

Magdi Allam: Il mio appello per il 2007: che sia l’anno del riscatto della verità, dalla cappa di mistificazione della realtà e dalla gabbia ideologica del multiculturalismo. Parte 1, Parte 3

The new U.N. Secretary General is quite unaware of how world works: ‘Israel-Palestinian conflict is key’

The Islamic Republic of Iran is at it again, and I couldn’t refrain from laughing when I happened to read this: Advisor to Ahmadinejad claims Hitler was Jew who conspired to establish Jewish state

Opinion Journal: Anti-Americans on the March

A news widely ignored by the MSM: Tear-gassing at Sudan cathedral leaves six hurt

SMCCDI: Two more executed in Iran

French marchers say ‘non’ to 2007. I suggest 2007 to hire a bodyguard..

Turkmenbashi.The sad legacy of an eccentric dictator

December 29, 2006

One of the world’s worst tyrants and war criminals will go to meet Satan tomorrow morning. Saddam Hussein to hang in the early hours of tomorrow (saturday). Personally, I am against the death penalty, but I think exceptions exist and one of these is Saddam’s execution, which is very well-deserved. As was that of Mussolini, hanged in a well-known square in Milan.

Piazzale Loreto per Saddam Hussein domani all’alba. Questo è il destino che si merita.

My article at American Thinker: Iran’s So-called Elections

Somalia rescued from Taliban rule.

Declassified State Department Document:Arafat Responsible for Storming of Embassy and Murder of Americans in 1973 . And yet, this murderer was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Hamas makes it clear once again that all it looks for is Israel’s annihilation.

Magdi Allam: La moschea di Colle Val d’Elsa: un’inchiesta de “Il Giornale” sul patto tra la sinistra e gli islamici. Parte 1, Parte 2.

Elias Bejjani: Canada’s Prime Minister takes the right line on Syria

Ammar Abdulhamid: The delusion of a dialogue with Syria

Magdi Allam: Se nel Corno d’Africa nasce il nuovo Califfato del terrore

Sharia in what has always been secular Turkey : EDITOR OF GAY MAGAZINE TO STAND TRIAL

The Australian: Death of religious tolerance in Malaysia

A good article about the omission of ‘Persian Gulf’ name

The traditional food of those that use unrecognized names for the Persian Gulf

The Independent Librarians in Congress for Democracy under the umbrella of the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, continue delivering food and other stuff to poor people. And the population welcomes the dissidents’ work. This is  more evidence of the growing popularity they are gaining, despite the regime’s attempts to discredite them. The products have sent by the Miami-based anti-regime organizations.

In the below photos, two Havana residents with the products. Photos are courtesy of Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello.

The man signs a document where he confirms he has taken the products delivered. The document also contains the logo of the Assembly

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Circula en Cuba Periódico El Nuevo Herald

A Havana resident reading the Miami-based El Nuevo Herald, one of the newspapers distributed to Cubans visiting the U.S. Interests Section in the capital. This is one of the many ways to help Cubans know the world through non-gov’t outlets

Un residente del municipio capitalino la Habana Vieja leyendo en la vía pública una copia del periódico

Circula Informe Pasos a la Libertad en Bibliotecas Independientes en Cuba

L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.

Denuncian Persecución Política Contra Activistas Sindicales en Cuba

December 27, 2006

Bad news for Islamists and jihadists, good news for the civilized who don’t want Somalia to turn into a Taliban state: Islamist Forces in Somalia Are on the Retreat

Iraq court upholds Saddam death sentence

Olmert wants Israel to commit suicide. Add that to this one and draw your conclusions.

Hamas threatens attacks on US . And the U.S. wants to give’em a state..

Mark Steyn: Biggest story of our time: our self-extinction

Omar, Iraq the Model: How to beat Iraq’s Shiite extremists

Sharia alert in Indonesia: Aceh launches crackdown on ‘un-Islamic’ behaviour

James Brown, R.I.P.

Activity of one of over 100 Independent Libraries (ILs) which are celebrating the first Congress of the ILs throughout Cuba, organized by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, whose main leader, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, sends us the photos, like the below ones

Sigue adelante campaña “Con la misma moneda”

Niñas de Flamur, tan valientes como sus madres

December 20, 2006

Gingrich Announces He May Run for President .Here is one of the reasons for which I am endorsing him: Gingrich: Imams should have been arrested

Daniel Pipes: Terribile rapporto di James Baker sull’Iraq

SMCCDI: Sham elections turn into another debacle 

SMCCDI: Le false elezioni iraniane boicottate dalla maggioranza della popolazione  

Salim Mansur: Throughout their history, Muslims have been the primary perpetrators and victims of their own violence 

I am really disgusted in seeing the way the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting the news. First, I read al-AP insulting the Iranian nation and millions of Iranians (no confusion with the regime, pls) by calling the historical Persian Gulf as “Arab Gulf” (the sheikhs must be jumping of joy after reading it) and then, almost all the MSM (AP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, AFP) calling Rafsanjani, the MURDERER OF THOUSANDS, INCLUDING DISSIDENTS IN EUROPE and MASTERMIND of the 1993 bombings in Argentina, as “moderate” ! But don’t be surprised, these are the very same media which refer to Bin Laden as “Saudi dissident” and refuse to call terrorists as terrorists, preferring to appease them by calling them “militants”, “rebels” and, I guess they will soon or later call them “frustrated poor people seeking revenge against the bad evil Zionists and Americans”. Not to mention the LIES the media are reporting about the so-called “elections” in Iran, claiming about a sort of “larger than expected turnout in Iran’s elections” and stupidities of this kind ( the Mullahs must be jumping of joy seeing how they are able to manipulate the foreign media). Again, don’t be surprised: AP and Reuters (to name a few) are the very same which have fabricated photos during the Lebanon war this summer (I hope you remember the Fauxtography Scandal). The televised media here are also reporting the sham elections as if they were democratic elections and seem to be happy that Rafsanjani “won” , so the European masters will do business with him, forgetting his crimes.The world is losing ethics.

Bin Laden killed.

Menghistu, il Terrore rosso fu genocidio. L’ex despota marxista, ora in esilio in Zimbabwe, sterminò i suoi oppositori e usò le carestie come arma di governo.L´Etiopia condanna l´ex dittatore: rischia la pena di morte

Weekly Standard: Meet Mugabe’s Victims

December 16, 2006

David Horowitz: Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar

Opinion Journal: Kofi Annan’s legacy: Rwanda, Darfur, Iraq and Oil for Food

The news wire services are all shocked: the Saudis say they would back Sunnis.. Shocking! The Saudis have been backing the Sunni terrorists in Iraq for 3 years now, with both money and arms.

More evidence showing why Olmert is unfit to lead Israel

Magdi Allam: Il gigante d’argilla

Honour killing being exported to Italy

UN downgrades man’s impact on the climate. I expect sooner or later they will admit that the so-called ‘global warming’ is a myth and the failure of the Kyoto Protocol. Should I expect such a thing to ocurr anytime soon?

Interview with Bjorn Lomborg, free market enviromentalist

Canadian Coalition for Democracies: The real lesson to be learned from the suffering of Maher Arar

Myrtus: A collective statement by moderate muslim bloggers to the Iranian regime about its Holocaust denial conference

Former Ethiopian tyrant Mengistu Haile Mariam convicted of genocide

Castro and Pinochet, two faces of the same coin.

Pinochet, A Cold War dictator who paved the way for democracy

A Dictator’s Double Standard .Augusto Pinochet tortured and murdered. His legacy is Latin America’s most successful country

Vaclav Havel calls for boycott on tourism in Cuba.”I cannot go to Cuba to relax on the beach and keep my eyes shut, while dozens of political prisoners are behind bars there”.

Demócratas cubanos exigen una condena internacional de la brutal agresión a un grupo de disidentes en La Habana

Mario Llerena, 93, Dies in Miami; Castro Ally, Then Critic. a Cuban intellectual, he broke with Castro before he took power because of Mr. Castro’s shift toward Communism

One of the 14 dissidents savagely beaten up by a hired mob in Havana while marching silently near the UN mission there to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of HRs, speaks out and says nothing will stop the peaceful struggle for freedom. (Spanish)

Uno de los agredidos por las turbas fascistas dirigida por la seguridad del estado terrorista,el dia 10 de Diciembre, cuenta lo que sucedió aquel dia: Nuestra dignidad y valor eran superiores a ellosY para que lo sepa el mundo entero, nosotros vencimos y venceremos. podemos ser encarcelados en cualquier momento. Pero aún así, nuestra lucha pacífica seguirá adelante.”

Movimiento Liberal Cubano convoca a vigilia masiva

Damas de Blanco Envían Mensaje al Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja

Cuban independent journalist Ahmed Rodriguez Albacia, released after 9 days of psychological torture, pledges to go ahead with his opposition to Castro’s tyranny.

Before and after the arrest


The below photos are courtesy of independent journalist Carlos Manuel Serpa Maceira, who sent them to us via email from Havana

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Se declara en Huelga de Hambre Sólida Madre de Periodista Independiente Arrestado en Cuba

Ahmed’s mother, was on hunger strike to protest her son’s arbitrary and illegitimate arrest

Margarita Albacia

From left, Ahmed’s mother and, fourth from left, Ahmed himself.

A member of an independent library that participates to the First Congress of the Independent Libraries organized by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, has delivered food to an old Cuban woman living in extremely poor conditions in Old Havana. The Cuban people are more than willing to accept the humanitarian help of the freedom fighters. Unlike the State Security mobs who represent the minority, and wealthy people, the majority of Cubans, who live in daily misery, have a good opinion of the dissidentsEntrega la BI Jesús Yáñez Pelletier Jaba Navideña

The woman signs this document, with the logo of the Assembly

December 11, 2006

Opinion Journal: Evidence from Lebanon about how terrorists use civilians

Mark Steyn: ISG must stand for, uh, Inane Strategy Guesswork

Bolton’s Departure . Score one for the appeasement crowd.

The corrupt Kofi Annan loses another occasion to shut up, as he delivers his farewell speech blaming the US for all the evils of this world.


Maverick Iranian students interrupt Ahmadinejad’s speech  by shouting anti-regime slogans

Burning Ahmadinejad's portraits

‘Fascist President, Polytechnich is not your place’


SMCCDI: Islamic regime organizes another masquerade at the occasion of the “International Human Rights Day”

SMCCDI: Il regime islamico organizza l’ennesima mascherata in occasione della Giornata Internazionale per i Diritti Umani

Opinion Journal: Jeane Kirkpatrick’s blunt style and strong defense of liberty will be missed


Editorial: The Agonies of Zimbabwe

Jailed for a Blogpost.In a cramped jail cell in Alexandria, Egypt, sits a soft-spoken 22-year-old student. Kareem Amer was remanded to over a month in prison for allegedly “defaming the President of Egypt” and “highlighting inappropriate aspects that harm the reputation of Egypt.” Where did Amer commit these supposed felonies? On his weblog.

I admit not knowing anything about Fiji, except its geographical location (because I always liked geo), so I don’t know which kind of system is there, but I presume that the military coup which has taken place is not good news for a sort of democracy there.

Former Chilean dictator Pinochet passes away

Several weeks ago, our friend Darsi Ferrer from Havana said he and others were planning a peaceful demonstration near the UN offices in  the Cuban capital to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A few days ago, he sent us a statement where he said he was expecting repression of this march. Such a prediction turned to be true and today, a hired fascist Castroite mob led by and belonging to the State Security and the Communist militias (self-proclaimed ‘rapid response brigades’) today attacked the peaceful dissidents who were marching silently – WITHOUT ANY BANNER NOR SHOUTING ANY SLOGAN – around the UN offices to pay homage to the Declaration. The usual slogans shouted at the dissidents were ‘mercenaries’, ‘worms’, ‘scum0’ and others. Darsi and some other were taken away by force by the mob on board of buses brought in for the occasion. ALL THIS, IN FRONT OF THE FOREIGN JOURNALISTS. The unpopular mob even said they would kill the dissidents if they could. This is the very regime that, while ordering repression of a march in honor of the Declaration, sits at the UN’s Human Rights Commission. Read more here




Below are the photos of some of the dissidents being attacked by the fascist mob.

Las camisas negras asalariados de los Castro

Darsi protecting his wife, both surrounded by the thugs

Darsi and wife attacked

Darsi protecting his wife, both running with some other dissident from the thugs

A dissident, Carlos Rios, (Center) scuffles with government supporters in Havana December 10, 2006. An angry mob of more than 200 Cuban government supporters attacked 12 human rights activists on Sunday, International Human Rights Day, physically manhandling the demonstrators as they drove them from a Havana park. The protest was called by the National Patriotic Front

another dissident (2nd Right) attacked

Darsi ( left, in the middle, with a blue t-shirt) and his wife (with blonde hairs) surrounded by the thugs

Carlos Rios (rear, in yellow jacket) tries to run from the thugs

The Cuban blogosphere reacts. Babalu ,The Real Cuba ,Child of the revolution ,Marc Masferrer ,Abajo Fidel .

Meanwhile, on the same day, a group of Ladies in White bravely marched to the church of Santa Rita in Havana, like every Sunday since 2003.

damas de blanco


November 6, 2006

The Butcher of Iraq to end up like Mussolini

Il macellaio iracheno ed altri due complici faranno la fine di Mussolini

Those Palestinian women killed in the mosque siege were worse than human shields, they’re terrorist helpers.

One more reason I won’t regret going to the U.S. : Unemployment rate lowest in nearly 5-1/2 years I dare to suggest the Democrats and their followers to come live in Europe seeing their children looking desperately for a decent job and not being able to find one. I suggest to come here and live like the European parents who see their children unemployed even at 35 years old.

Non mi pentirò di certo di aver scelto gli Usa come mio paese futuro dove vivere e lavorare. Scende ulteriormente la disoccupazione. Creati novantaduemila posti di lavoro, il tasso di disoccupazione scende al 4,4%, il più basso in cinque anni e mezzo.L’America si è ripresa dall’impatto economico devastante dell’11 settembre, mentre l’Europa e l’Italia stanno facendo la fine dell’Argentina.

Pro-secular Turks march against Islamic radicals – Many fear that if left unchecked, Islamic fundamentalism will lead to a theocracy like that in Iran under the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Grandmother to sue Australian mufti over rape comment

La nonna di una donna vittima di violenza sessuale da parte di islamici ha querelato l’imam australiano che ha insultato la dignità delle donne dicendo che le vittime degli stupri  sono colpevoli perchè, non coprendosi con gli stracci islamici, sono ‘carne impura’

Tashbih Sayyed: The Mind Behind the Veil

L’Italia con il club dei dittatori per il seggio al Consiglio Onu

More photos showing  how Islamists deface women on hoardings

Report: They’d rather die: brief lives of the Afghan slave wives

Just one question: Why?

La guerra dimenticata. Assalto dei miliziani islamici. Massacro di bimbi in Darfur – Raid dei Janjaweed contro otto campi profughi: 63 gli uccisi,27 avevano meno di dodici anni

Opinion Journal: Robert Mugabe turns Zimbabwe from a success story to a human-rights catastrophe

Our friend, dr. Darsi Ferrer of the newly-founded National Patriotic Front, informs us (in Spanish) the maverick freedom fighters, among which himself, will bravely march in Havana on December 10, on the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Darsi Ferrer, Frente Patriótico Nacional: Marcha en honor a la Declaración Universal de derechos Humanos

Anti-Castro banner put in pre-university institute

Reacciona (Positivamente) Movimiento Sindical Independiente Por Exclusión de Cuba de Confederación Sindical Internacional

Government official runs down dissidents with his car

‘Logros’ de la revolución energetica: 240 Interrupciones Eléctricas Afectan a Villa Clara

Cuban schoolchildren trained to behave like thugs. Primary-school-age children take part in repudiating mob

October 21, 2006

That Britain is house to the main Islamic terror groups is well-known, so this comes as no suprise: Al Qaeda ‘building cells in Britain’

Friend and Ally update: Jordan’s King Abdullah releases Hamas thugs

Elias Bejjani : We Will Never Forget Syrian Atrocities – We demand to know the fates of murdered and still-imprisoned Lebanese who dared stand up to those who occupied the Land of the Cedars.

The Taliban state of Somalia has banned swimming for women at beach


White House rejects Yugoslavization of Iraq

“Cosi’ uccidiamo in Darfur”, la confessione di un janjaweed

Ethiopian government blocks report of massacre by its forces (h/t: Gateway Pundit).

US Congress report : Venezuela a ‘potential hub of terrorism’ in Americas

Noticuba Internacional: Lo que Chavez, Castro y EE.UU no dicen sobre Posada Carriles

Sylvia G. Iriondo’s Statement at the Cuba Transition To Democracy International Summit , Solidarity Panel Discussion, Biltmore Hotel, October 13, 2006

Campaña de No-Cooperación Sale a las Calles de Miami

El miembro del Comité de Relaciones Públicas de la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, Miguel Valdés Tamayo (Grupo de las 75) informó, que El miércoles 18 de octubre de 2006, en ocasión de salir del Centro Roosevelt, de la Oficina de Intereses de los Estados Unidos de América, fue detenido.Para seguir leyendo la noticia, pulsar aqui (PDF)

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere a dar a conocer la siguiente información, sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes. Para seguir leyendo la noticia, pulsar aqui (PDF)

Some Ladies in White gathered after winning the 2006 Human Rights First Prize

Carta de Miriam Leiva,representantes de las Damas de Blanco, publicada en El País, con motivo del nuevo reconocimiento que han recibido las Damas de Blanco

October 19, 2006

From The-World-Has-Gone-Nuts Dep.t: Terror-enabling Islamists to make case for violence at Dublin’s Trinity college.

Honest Reporting: A Reuters cameraman takes part in rock-throwing attacks against Israeli security forces

Britain’s Surrender to Radical Islam.Ripping away the veil over the failure of policy-makers.

Magdi Allam: In Italia è meglio difendere il diritto a non indossarlo

From Gateway Pundit: 92 Year Old Turkish Woman Faces Charges for Veil Statements

Una donna turca di 92 anni è sotto processo nel suo paese per aver espresso la sua opinione sullo straccio che opprime le donne mussulmane.

It should be cristal clear to Europe (and the State Dep.t) what the Mullahs would do with the nuclear bomb: Ahmadinejad: “Israel cannot survive” . And it should be abundantly clear to all of them that the Shia Mullahs finance Sunni Hamas: Islamic Republic Paid Hamas Not to Free Abducted Israeli Soldier

Marze Por Gohar, Iranian opposition website: Hezbollah newspaper credits Ahmadinejad with hostage taking

Scott Ritter is a lunatic person whose opposition to democratic regime change in Iran (by the Iranian people, but with the crucial moral and economic support of the U.S.) makes him the enemy of the Iranian people.

Tunisia moves against headscarves. (h/t: Myrtus) . Two Tunisian women express different viewpoints on this. Leyla in the US says she disagrees. Massir in Tunisia says she is against hijab and supports the ban. Massir has posted her thoughts on it and I can manage to understand what she wrote in French : Je suis contre le port du voile

Hundreds Mourn Myanmar Activist Thet Win Aung.Nearly 300 friends and sympathizers attended the funeral of a 34-year-old pro-democracy activist who had been imprisoned by the military junta and died this week in jail, a colleague said Wednesday

FERMIAMO IL GENOCIDIO DEL POPOLO TIBETANO!. Manifestazione di fronte al consolato cinese di Milano.

Judge: Ethiopian forces killed 193 unarmed protesters. ‘Old men killed in their homes, children attacked in gardens’

Independent press bureau ratifies commitment with liberty and democracy for the Cuban people

En Cuba, Madre e hija mueren por epidemia de Dengue

Biblioteca Independiente “Ronald Reagan” realiza actividad para niños

Denuncian Represión Contra Bibliotecario Independiente en Isla de Pinos

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Ratifican en Cuba Apoyo a Proclama del Movimiento Sindical Independiente

Young activists in Cuba participate in video conference call with Miami-based Cuban Democratic Directorate

The first Congress of the Independent Libraries organized by the Assembly to Promote Civil Society is underway across Cuba, and despite the brutal repression the librarians are facing. The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society is civil society coalition of 365 Cuban opposition movements that fight peacefully for democratic and regime change in the island. From Octuber 10, 2006, to February 2007, a meeting of the 152 independent libraries is taking place in numerous Cuban towns and cities. They are informing the population about the goals of the civil desobedience and non-cooperation campaigns named “Yo no coopero, yo si quiero el cambio” (I don’t cooperate with the repressive authorities, I want the change). The official motto is “We are gathering for democracy”. Banned books, reviews, leaflets are being distribuited to the neighbors of the libraries where the meetings are taking place and to the population at large. There will be special events with youths and children, too.

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello from Havana sent us these first photos showing the librarians and libraries gathered in Congress for Democracy.

Below is the “Elena Mederos” independent library.


Miguel Vazquez Tamayo was shortly detained two times last week, but he has no intention to be intimidated.

Watching one of the many banned videos

My Publius Pundit post on the issue is here.