Moroccan Liberal Denounces Islamism

August 16, 2007

From Memri:

In a July 23, 2007 op-ed on the liberal website Bila Hudud, Moroccan Berber author Abdelhamid Assassi writes that the vast majority of the Muslim world lives in ignorance and would prefer Osama bin Laden to secular democracy. He argues that these societies must, with help from the international community, take a difficult path towards secularization.Assassi, who lives in the Rif region of northern Morocco, writes regularly for Arabic-language liberal websites and heads the youth section of the liberal Moroccan Renewal and Equity Party.

Read the whole thing.

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Arab Liberals Speak Out against Jihad Doctors, Multiculturalism

July 11, 2007

MEMRI brings to our attention several op-eds wrote by arab liberals. Things we rarely hear.

The recent failed terror attacks in London and Glasgow provoked a great deal of commentary among liberals in the Middle East and North African media, in particular due to the alleged involvement of a number of doctors in the plot. Some writers dwelt on the paradox of those trained to save lives becoming terrorists; others pointed to the suspects’ backgrounds in order to argue that poverty and ignorance are not the main cause of terrorism; and a number of writers addressed the issue of Muslim immigration in Europe and the U.S.

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