Kareem Amer: Flood the Jail with Mail!

March 29, 2008

Below text emailed by the Free Karim Editor


Dear friends and fellow supporters of Kareem Amer,

The Free Kareem Coalition, in collaboration with the Committee to Protect Bloggers, are holding a new campaign called “Flood the Jail with Mail!” (taking place from April 7th-21st) aimed to get as many people as possible to send Kareem letters of support so that he can remain hopeful and in high spirits.

Kareem has spent over one year in prison, with no sign of his freedom yet. This past November, he was tortured by both prison inmates and guards while being asked to repent for holding certain beliefs. This is unacceptable. We cannot go on referring to Egypt as a democratic or modern state for as long as Kareem is still in prison. This unjust crime of imprisoning him has to be corrected immediately as it’s a serious abuse against the freedom of speech clause which Egypt constantly claims to adhere to.

We still await his unconditional release, and are continuing to do our best to secure his freedom.

But while we do that, we have to make sure that Kareem knows that we are all thinking about him. And for this purpose, we have launched a new campaign:


Please read the details here. It has all the details that you would require in order to pariticpate in this campaign, which will soon be joined by Reporters Without Borders and any other organization interested in making this initative as successful and effective as possible.

Free Kareem Coalition

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Another Attack on Free Thought in Canada

January 17, 2008

Lady Vorzheva alerts us about the show trial against Ezra Levant, editor of the Canadian magazine “Western Standard”, persecuted by Canadian law for publishing the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy. Levant keeps us up-to-date here.

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Anti-Jihadist Blogger Arrested

January 8, 2008

No, not in Egypt; not in Saudi Arabia, either. In Britain. Or, what is left of Britain.. (h/t: Mustang).

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Breaking News: Jailed Egyptian Blogger Karim Amer Tortured in Prison‏

November 13, 2007

Sandmonkey’s Sam alerts us: The lack of media attention is what is enabling them to get away with it. Please spread the news on this.

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Free Kareem worldwide rallies!‏

October 31, 2007

Received via e-mail from the director of the Free Kareem Coalition.


Dear friends, as the dates for our worldwide rallies near, we desperately need your help!

In order to influence the Egyptian government to free Kareem, and to have their officials know that the world has not forgotten about this young man, we are organizing our 3rd worldwide rally to mark Kareem’s one year imprisonment. We want to send this message to the Egyptian authorities: One year is enough! Free Kareem Amer now!

For this rally to be as meaningful and effective as possible, we need as many cities as we can get to be involved in organizing a rally for Kareem Amer on Friday, the 9th of November.

So far we have the following 10 cities confirmed:

  • Washington DC, USA
  • London, UK
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Rome, Italy
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Athens, Greece

We need at least 10 more cities involved for this rally to play a bigger role for Egypt as well as the international media. We need to get this message across to the Egyptian government for the sake of Kareem who did nothing wrong to be imprisoned and treated like this.

If you are interested in organizing a rally in front of your local Egyptian embassy, please contact us to have us confirm your involvement. It is a simple process; all you have to do is gather a group of people (can be as small as 2 and as big as 100) in front of the Egyptian embassy in a city near you, and take a few photos/videos of yourself protesting so that we can cover it worldwide. We strongly encourage you to hand in a one-page document that expresses your concerns for Kareem and reasons why he should be freed. It can include copies of our current petitions as well.

For more information please visit www.FreeKareem.org

Thank you! If your city is not yet listed here, please help us and Kareem by getting involved!

Esra’a Al Shafei
Free Kareem Coalition, Director

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Free Kareem Amer! One year is enough!

October 11, 2007

Esra’a Al Shafei, director of the Free Kareem website, sent us an email reminding us about Egyptian blogger Kareem Ameer Soliman (sorry for the spelling), who’s still imprisoned for expressing his secularist views on Islam. Following is the e-mail transcript.

Dear friends,

Almost a year has gone by, and Kareem Amer is still in prison. Egypt is getting away with this inexcusable human rights violation. The U.S government, while aware of the situation, is not doing enough and continues to financially assist Egypt despite the increasing crackdown on bloggers and activists. We need your help in raising awareness, all Kareem did was practice his rights to free speech, and if we don’t stand up for his freedom and these rights, there will be more victims. We want the world to know what the Egyptian authorities are putting Kareem and many others through all the while portraying itself as “democratic.” We need to stand up for freedom, and we need to do it right now. Kareem needs you. Please dedicate a few minutes of your free time to do the suggested things below.

There are several things that you can do to help:

  • Kareem has sent us his 6th letter from prison, which is now available in English on www.FreeKareem.org, re-publish this letter on your blogs or via e-mail as Kareem wants this letter to be read by as many people as possible. If you are a journalist, please ask your editor if you can dedicate a column in your paper to publish this letter (and you may feel free to shorten it whenever necessary, as long as the meaning is kept the way it is.) If you can, we would greatly appreciate your help if you can translate this letter. You will be credited with the translation and your work will be listed in the “What Kareem Said” page.
  • Worldwide Rallies are coming up on Friday the 9th of November. Please either show up to your local rally or if there is none organized for your city please prepare a rally in front of the Egyptian Embassy on this date. Let us know if you are willing to do this so we can list you as a coordinator for people to contact. Getting involved in the rallies and taking videos/pictures is one of the best ways you can help us spread the word on Kareem.
  • If you want to help Kareem stay in good spirits, please send him a personal letter to this address: http://www.freekareem.org/2007/06/05/updating-kareems-prison-address/

If you are a Twitter user, the Committee to Protect Bloggers is organizing a Twitter Day for Kareem. Please visit this entry for the relevant information:

Thank you all for your support. For a direct link to the information concerning our next set of worldwide rallies, please visit this link:

For pictures concerning the last worldwide rallies in April, scroll past the entries here:

Please write back if you would like to get involved, especially in the worldwide rallies.

Esra’a Al Shafei
Free Kareem Coalition, Director

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Sandmonkey is Back!

September 13, 2007

Some of you may have already seen it, but Egyptian superblogger Sandmonkey is blogging again.

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And Now for Something Different

July 18, 2007

Thank you so much, no2liberals.


June 7, 2007

My article at Human Events: Sarkozy Cannot Save France . An op-ed in the Opinion Journal reitered a similar concept as mine: The Old World needs an intellectual revolution to meet the challenges ahead. And following in his predecessor’s footsteps, Sarkozy pushes the Eurabian project.

The clownish Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema (a ‘former’ communist party member) paid a visit to his friends in Syria to reassure them that they can go away with their crimes in Lebanon and tells us again that Assad is a man of peace we can trust..Not only, he also affirmed that ‘Hamas and Hezbollah helped keep the Italian troops in south Lebanon safe’. No comment needed.

Antarinejad called for genocide against Jews – again.

California Assembly Passes Historic Iran Divestment Bill

Iranians Opposed to the Regime Applaud California on Iran Divestment Bill

Osama’s House of Horrors. The mainstream media stays mute on a recently discovered Al-Qaeda torture manual

U.S. battles Islamic Jihadists in Somalia

Historian Finds Proof of Arab Armies’ Intent to Destroy Israel

Newt Gingrich: Towards a 21st Century Governing Majority

Fleeing Palestinian terror rockets. Photo Feature: Sderot Refugees in Tel Aviv Tent City .The faces of the children speak volumes about their desire for a normal life.

‘The road to peace passes through Damasco’, said Nancy Pelosi. Jihadists moving into Lebanon from Syria

Magdi Allam: Guerra santa per via legale

Bizarre headline of the day

Mass Grave Containing Thousands of Jews Killed by Nazis Found in Ukraine

David Warren: Lebanon Again

Michael Young: Syria’s useful idiots: Westerners who deny the obvious about Lebanon

A must-read for all those who favor Turkey’s entry in Europe: Turkey’s leaders plan Muslim Europe

From no2liberals’ Nuke’s News and Views blog: Infidelophobia…In The Words Of The Koran!

Polish Girl’s Holocaust Diary Unveiled

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: To submit to the book is to exist in their hell

Nicaraguan thug Daniel Ortega is going to visit his friends the Mullahs in Iran, aboard a jet on loan from his pal Moammar Gaddafi (the man of the many spellings).

Deborah Fait: Cecità morale. Quando riguardano Israele i giudizi sono sempre al vetriolo e affetti da cecità morale, le condanne piovono senza pietà e senza il minimo imbarazzo. Israele arresta una trentina di capi terroristi di hamas e D’alema che fa? Perbacco interviene immediatamente definendo l’arresto «un atto molto preoccupante che non contribuisce a rilanciare le condizioni di dialogo»

Enviado por Martha Beatriz Roque via e-mail: Fotos actividad 20 de mayo en Camagüey en la calle


June 7, 2007

The Free Market Case Against the Immigration Bill. Our large welfare state combined with the importance of education to wealth creation provides a compelling reason to oppose importing unskilled immigrants and citizens

Mama Moonbat Cindy Shehaan wrote an op-ed expressing her hatred of America. I wonder when she is gonna move in, say, Cuba, Venezuela or Eurabia.

A must-read editorial that gives you an idea of how bad life is in Europe: Europeans’ flight from Europe

From YouTube: D-Day: Crisis On Omaha

Nuke’s News and Views: Roy Beck On U.S. Immigration

Irshad Manji: America beats Europe on assimilating Muslims

Islamic group targets women newscasters in Gaza

French magazines on edge as celebrity tipster faces jail in Saddam oil scandal

Robert Spencer: Remembering Tashbih Sayyed. His fearless commitment to the truth set him apart from his contemporaries

Action on Darfur: Bush tightens sanctions on Sudan over Darfur

Ethiopia honors victims of Marxist junta

Abu Khawla, Tunisian secularist and reformist: A Call for President Mubarak to Free Abdul Kareem. Arabic version here.

While world looks the other way: Burma extends Suu Kyi’s detention

Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa in the footsteps of their buddy Chavez: Morales, Correa target TV foes

Tiananmen massacre still continues today. Eighteen years since the repression of the anti-corruption and pro-democracy movement, Han Dongfang, founder of the first free Chinese trade union, looks at the current situation of human and civil rights in his country and warns that continued repression and terror against the people can only undermine society as a whole

Il massacro di Tiananmen dura ancora oggi. A diciotto anni dalla repressione del movimento anti-corruzione e pro-democrazia, Han Dongfang – fondatore del primo sindacato libero cinese – analizza l’attuale situazione dei diritti umani e civili nel Paese e lancia l’allarme: continuare a reprimere con il terrore il popolo porterà allo sgretolamento dell’intera società

What if it was not Paris Hilton, but any other ordinary citizen? Would he/she be pardoned so easily?

Washington Times: Justice for Sierra Leone?

Jaime Leygonier, enviado por Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, esposa de nuestro amigo Darsi Ferrer, sobre el arresto del mismo en La Habana en el dia de ayer: SEGURIDAD DEL ESTADO SECUESTRÓ AL DR. FERRER

Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy Joins Young Venezuelan Students in Solidarity

Darsi Ferrer: Anciana Muere por Derrumbe

Cuban doctors go into hiding. NAMIBIA has put the brakes on 13 Cuban doctors living in Namibia travelling to the United States, where they have sought asylum

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: El candado de la historia

Aini Martín Valero: Movimiento Plantados realiza actividad// Se reagrupa el Movimiento Las Marianas

Vigilia por Pedro Luis Boitel


May 26, 2007

The Olmert administration seems to have realized that the Palestinian Authority is made up with blood-thirsty thugs and as such they are legitimate targets: IDF arrests Hamas education minister

Salim Mansur: Fifty-Nine Years of Hate. Arabs still deny Israel’s right to exist

Investors’ Business Daily: And Now, Al-Qaida In Lebanon

Fight on, Lebanon. “Fatah al-Islam” wages Syria’s war by proxy

Lebanon Fights Al-Qaeda. Our allies need the support of their freedom-loving friends

Business as usual at Amnesty International

Sderot: Still Under Fire. Israelis continue to suffer as a woman loses her life to a Qassam missile

People of Sderot, I am with you. Sderot residents call for action in Gaza. Poll reveals 71 percent of Sderot residents want military action in Gaza Strip, even if it means increased Qassam attacks; 94 percent blame government for poor security situation. A woman was killed by a rocket and Israel did its duty by fighting back and targetting Qassam cells. According to the Italian FM, Israel should simply sit back and stand idly by while the Nazis massacre the Jews. Here’s a short videoclip showing a Qassam rocket falling right next to a Sderot gas station.

The Olmert government does a right thing and a wrong one.

United – with anti-semites – Nations Watch: Jewish NGO denied U.N. status

Fred Thompson on sex trafficking and United Nations.

No, I am not surprised: ‘Soviets engineered Six Day War’

Muslim cabdrivers refusing blind passengers in Australia. But now they may face fines.

No suprise at all here: Jihadis aspire to ‘conquer France’

He he he he… Ha ha ha ha..

Olivier Guitta: Al Qaeda’s new strategy

Rosie O’Donnell without make-up (h/t: no2liberals)

Torture according to GITMO detainees. The Islamic Fascists and Assassins detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are seething and whining over horrific tortures they are going through..: being forced to read a newsletter full of ‘crap,’ being forced to use unscented deodorant and shampoo and having to play sports with a ball that would not bounce. Human Rights First is outraged and is asking for the brutal torturers to end this depravity and grant all of the detainees a ball that bounces, a decent newsletter and the possibility to read emails containing nice messages such as ‘death to the infidels’, ‘jihad is our way’ , instead of disgusting crap such as ‘learn to love life and renounce to your ideology of death, supremacism and violence’. (Pls, note my sarcasm)

From Hitler Mouse to Mother’s Suicide Mission. New horror video incites Palestinians to commit acts of terror

Canadian Coalition for Democracies: Canada must not fund Palestinian terror through UNRWA

Fjordman: The totalitarian character of Multiculturalism

FPM: Iranian “Reform” Charades. The mullahs – Rafsanjani, Khatami,Khamenei and Ahmadinejad – are all Islamic fundamentalists

In un paese serio, con una giustizia che funziona, uno come Sofri avrebbe l’ergastolo senza sconti di pena per il crimine che ha commesso.

At the beginning, Al-Hurra was established as a tool against the spread of Islamist propaganda. But it has been taken over by the Islamists. So, today we have another arabic TV airing anti-semitism. Your taxes at work, again. Arabic-Language Channel Airs Anti-Israel Comments from Hamas, Hezbollah

From the Jawa Report: Blogger receives threats after posting story on Islamberg

Religious Apartheid alert: Saudis arrest Christian for entering Mecca

We noted a story about a Pakistani girl murdered for ‘honor’ in Manchester, UK. Today we learn that her ‘husband’ has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The Weekly Standard: The Bureaucrats’ Revenge. Claudia Rosett: Crying Wolfowitz . . while the United Nations bankrolls dictators.

Rich Lowry: Michael Moore’s Sickness

Spanish blogger Lady Vorzheva is covering the upcoming Spanish local elections and reports of absolutely disgusting attitudes of the current socialist government, which include multiple aggressions to members of the Popular Party.

Daniel Pipes: Support the secularists in Turkey

Daniel Pipes: Un momento cruciale per la Turchia

The Hollywood crowd is a bunch of morons.

A very sad news, as the well-known Pakistani secularist and anti-Islamist essayist Tashbih Sayyed has passed away..

Austin Bay: Ending Darfur’s Genocide. Washington Post: Time’s Up to Act on Darfur

I saw this yacht during a trip I made a few years ago in northern Sardinia, in a port of the Emerald Coast. Saudi and Persian Gulf Sheikhs love to spend days here in Sardinia, many even bringing in a couple of Western girls for their harem, while women in their countries are forced into submission. I fear this yatch is ready to land in the north Sardinia now that summer nears.


May 6, 2007

More evidence for those who still insist in considering Hamas as an entity capable of ‘reforming’: Hamas: “The extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”

Sarkozy the new French president. Label me whatever, but I am not this optimistic that things are going to change. I fear that Sarkozy will be still another ‘right-wing socialist’. Of course, I wish I shall be wrong, but I know the Europeans mentality, given that I live among them. Sure, Sarkozy may behave differently than the other leaders. Time will say that.

Caroline Glick: The fruits of Hizbullah’s victory

EU: Islamists threaten Turkey’s changes of joining the Union. No, the EU did not say this. It said the opposite.

American “savage” capitalism works and works well: Unemployment rate lower than the 1990s . I believe that I won’t regret deciding to move to the Unites States in the next few years.

European leaders’ political immaturity that leads them to mistake terrorists with who fights them.

Europe becoming more and more a totalitarian entity. A Finnish blogger has been summoned by the local police to be interrogated for criticism Islamism.

If you have the stomach, go read these two pieces of absolute non-sense, whitewashing and dhimmitude by a Vatican’s reporter who describes Khatami as a “man of peace and dialogue”. THEY SHOULD ASK THOUSAND OF IRANIAN STUDENTS WHAT THEY THINK OF KHATAMI. THEY SHOULD ASK THOSE WHO WERE THROWN OUT THE WINDOWS OF THE UNIVERSITIES IN 1999, WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT KHATAMI. THEY SHOULD ASK ZAHRA KAZEMI’S SON, OR THE THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS TORTURED DURING HIS “MODERATE” REIGN. Then, someone still wonders why I refrain from becoming a fan of the Pope.

Destra e sinistra in Italia fanno la fila per stringere la mano al macellaio Khatami.

Geert Wilders, Dutch MP: “Close all Islamic schools”

Bad news for the Mullahs, as many US states are taking important steps to weaken them: California, Florida, and maybe Ohio.

Remembering Pim Fortuyn, five years after his assassination: Europe’s Champion of Liberty

One year after Oriana Fallaci’s death, a group of Italian citizens gathered in Florence to remember her and call for a street named after her.


May 6, 2007

Magdi Allam has received the Mass Media Award of the American Jewish Committee in Washington. To see the video, you just have to fill in the short form, by typing your name and email address and then click on “register”, then you’ll be able to see it. He speaks from the minute 15:20. Click here.

Il discorso di Magdi Allam all’American Jewish Committee di Washington, dove ha ricevuto il premio Mass Media. Parte I, Parte II, Parte III.

Another non-terrorist Palestinian brutally executed by Fatah.

Defiant Infidel. Ayaan Hirsi Ali describes her transition from “the world of faith to the world of reason.”

The moment a teenage girl was stoned to death for loving the wrong boy, in northern Iraq.

Iranian workers’ massive protest against Islamic Republic’s policies.

Dissidents Unite!. Natan Sharansky’s Prague conference

Saudi Women Rising. Saudi women columnists protest against oppression of women in their country

Saudi women suffer from the oppression of an Islamic misogynist society. Their husbands beat them on a daily basis, hold them as slaves in their houses. That is why, some young women, when the husbands are away, enter in chats and have virtual sex, or make imaginary streap-teases with their web-cams to show themselves to thousands of unknown men, mostly young and sex-thirsty men who are repressed in a society which considers sex as a sin. From MEMRI: Saudi Women, Oppressed by Husbands, Turn to Stripping in Internet Chat Rooms in Search of “Admiration”

Fred Thompson, another candidate to look to: Sticks & Stones

Egypt’s blog rebels silenced by jail

Committee to Protect Journalists: Special Report 2007 on Press Freedom in the World.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, main Zimbabwean opposition party: A way out for Mugabe

Desperation in Cuba, where three soldiers defected with their weapons and tried to hijack a plane in order to flee the Gulag. So far, the regime is covering up the incident, probably because of fear that others could be encouraged to do the same. And, unsurprisingly, the Cuban regime is blaming the US. Everybody knows that people in Cuba cannot leave the country without the regime’s permission and the slavery they go through everyday prompts them to escape the Gulag by any mean. If the regime allowed people to leave whenever they want, these things wouldn’t happen. Frustration of the youth in Cuba is very high and it includes people forced to serve in the Cuban army. The three black men now face death penalty.

Below are the three young soldiers who defected, took their weapons and tried to hijack a plan to flee Cuba. They wanted to be free. The opposition movements are unanimously calling on all the other Cuban soldiers to free themselves from slavery and join the people. These three young guys are facing certain death in the hands of castro’s henchmen. They represent the feeling of frustraion of million of other young Cubans.

New form of non-cooperation takes place in Cuba

Enviado por Juan Escandel , a nombre de Domingo Lezcano Arcos: FRENTE DEMOCRÁTICO INDEPENDIENTE “ELENA MEDEROS”

Martha Beatriz Roque and the recently-released Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez.(Photo sent by Martha via e-mail)


May 1, 2007

Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq may have gone to meet the 72 virgins Satan.

A woman in northern Iraq was stoned to death in another ‘honor’ killing. Here is video of the woman after being stoned. Please, be warned that it’s graphic and may be very disturbing to some viewers.Click through the link only if you think you can handle it.

But there’s also a good news, as people marched in North Iraq in order to protest against ‘honor’ killings.

Magdi Allam: Non basta regolare i flussi Vanno salvati i nostri valori

Please go see: Video of the Crackdown on Iranian Women. That the Mullahs are criminal is a matter of fact, but they are mentally ill, too: They are filtering ‘immoral’ mobile messages (SMS), banning Western haircuts and eyebrow pucking for men and forcing shopkeepers selling evening dresses to saw off the breasts of the mannequins because they could excite some men…

More than one million Turks rally against Islamism, for secularism.

Picchiato a scuola perché critica i clandestini

Editorial comment: We cannot sit back and let Sharia take root in Britain

FPM: Europe’s Islamist-Leftist Alliance

Brussels Journal: Towards a Totalitarian Europe

Berlin angry at Muslim segregation demand

Mob and police torture Catholic man accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

Cattolico accusato di blasfemia, torturato dalla folla e dalla polizia in Pakistan

Our great friend Sandmonkey is calling it quits. Atlas Shrugs has interviewed him. ADNKronos: COURAGEOUS BLOGGER BOWS OUT

Photos from the Free Kareem Rally in Washington D.C.

Magdi Allam: Il denaro e la finanza come cavallo di Troia

For Europe, it’s easier to convict US soldiers than Islamic terrorists who plot the murder of their citizens.

TG5: La protesta delle musulmane che vogliono vestire all’occidentale

Bat Yeor: The Palestinianization of Europe

Marocchino bigamo tenta di uccidere la moglie italiana

Diana West: Failure to see jihad for what it is

Jewish woman attacked in Marseille train station

Iraqi columnist: Yankee, Don’t Go Home!

“Hamas or Abbas, It Makes No Difference,” Rudy Giuliani Says, No Israeli Concessions until the Arabs Stop Terrorism

Italy’s first online Islamic TV channel handled by supremacist group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and opponent of Israel’s right to exist.

‘Moderate’ murderer Mohammad Khatami tells Israeli reporters to ‘go to hell’

California Assemblyman Anderson’s Historic Iran Divestment Bill Passes Unanimously. Jewish Journal: Jews and Iranian Secularists unite behind Iran divestment bill . My post Publius Pundit.

New wave of anti-gay repression in communist Cuba

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: La cara pública de la moneda: (Serie No.7),sobre el irresponsable Sr. Moratinos

Nuestro querido amigo Máximo José García fue acosado por la policia politica por frecuentar la SINA

El MLC y la CAPPF se adhieren a la “Unidad por la libertad”

Comunicado en solidaridad con presos políticos

Two dissidents who were recently released after serving their sentences




May 1, 2007

Hamas attempt to kidnap IDF soldier thwarted. DEBKAfile Exclusive: Hamas threatens to start abducting Israelis and Jews overseas. And the Italian PM tries to fool himself into believing that the Palestinians want a two-state solution. But he doesn’t pressure the terrorists in the PA gov’t. As the anti-Israel bureaucrat he has always been,he’s pointing the finger at Israel, which have been making all kind of efforts in order to offer peace to its enemy.

Giuliani warns of ‘new 9/11’ if Dems win

Christian Converts Live In Fear in Intolerant Turkey

Having finished hosting U.S. politicians, Syria’s dictator has returned to jailing dissidents and sponsoring terrorism

. With his latest bloody crackdown, Vladimir Putin takes a step futher toward outright dictatorshipFormer Putin Advisor Discusses Brutality against Russian Opposition

More evidence that socialism doesn’t work: Food Shortages in Venezuela

El fracaso del socialismo se ve también en Venezuela, donde no hay embargo que culpar: Escasean alimentos básicos en Venezuela

Islamic Republic’s Animosity towards Pre-Islamic Iran, has Overruled Critics and Started Filling the Sivand Dam that will Drown 137 Archaeological Sites and Would Threaten the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great

People protesting this crime

Showing the symbol of Zoroastrian religion


April 22, 2007

New details emerge on the brutal killing of three Turkish Christians: Slain evangelists were tortured. What we’re facing today is Christianophobia. But you won’t hear this world anywhere, anytime.

Caccia ai cristiani dal Kashmir a Rabat. La testa di un uomo in una scatola davanti a una moschea pachistana

Go read my post about whats behind the liberation of Italian reporter Daniele Mastrogiacomo in Afghanistan. Some details are very disturbing (no graphic photos, however).

The genocidal Islamic supremacist group of the Muslim Brotherhood calls for attacks against West.

The cruelty knows no limits, as the Islamists are abusing children to behead people. There is video showing a 12-year-old boy severing a man’s head. If you can’t handle it, don’t click through, because it contains graphic content even though it’s not complete.

Video che mostra un bambino di 12 anni addestrato dai Talebani, che decapita un’uomo. Questi sono gli interlocutori del governo italiano, che si vuole portare ad un tavolo di pace..Il video non mostra per intero la decapitazione, però v consiglio di non guardarlo se siete sensibili e pensate di sentirvi male nel vederlo. Chi di voi invece vogliono vederlo, si renderà conto della vera natura del nemico e del perchè lo stiamo combattendo.

How Do You Say ‘Israel’ in Arabic? .You’re not going to find the answer in your text book

Daniel Pipes:Ora il vero pericolo è la svolta islamica di Ankara. «È meglio che la Casa Bianca cambi idea. Va bloccato l’ingresso dei turchi in Europa»

Is the veil a racial group? According to Danish authorities, it is. We live in world that is going nuts. Criticising this Islamist tool of Dark Ages oppression of women is becoming a ‘racial’ crime, even though the veil is not a race.

Iran/Velo islamico: un milione fermate, 10mila processate. A Teheran, con l’inizio della primavera la polizia ricomincia a controllare l’abbigliamento delle donne. Se hanno capelli visibili, troppo trucco o non abbastanza vestiti, sono accusate di creare “insicurezza negli spazi pubblici. Le “irregolari” vengono sottoposte ad una procedura che mira ad umiliarle

Someone tell me this won’t really happen.

Now, if you can stomach it, go read the absurd praise Daily Kos dedicates to the Virginia Tech mass murderer.

Women Break Silence on Honor Killings. An Arab mother gives evidence charging her own son for murdering her daughter

An Iranian researcher wrote a must-read report on the activities of the Mullahs’ Lobbyists in the United States.

IRAN: UNIVERSITY FEMALE STUDENTS REBEL AGAINST VEIL . Na Toosari, Na Roosari! (No to Veil, No to Submission).

Islamist policeman trying to intimidate two women into respecting the Islamic ‘moral code’.

A black cow, seen on right, (the name the people uses to describe the female Islamists) trying to intimidate a young woman.

Another black cow, warning a woman against the status of her clothing and hair

See more photos here

Iran’s Babol University Students protesting kidnapping of the Student Leader: Bijan Sabagh. See Video here. (h/t: Kaveh Z) . Some wondered why there are no women. As you know, the Islamic Republic segregates women through a Gender Apartheid Policy. The students fight for secularism and democracy, as well as women’s rights.

In the footsteps of the Taliban, the Islamic Republic of Iran is going on with a dam that is flooding an archeological site dating back to the Persian empire era and considered as world heritage by the UNESCO. One hundred Iranians dared repression by staging a protest against this crime. More Photos here.


Hundreds of Moroccans protest Islamic terrorism

Scientist: Global Warming not caused by humans

A Private War on Poverty: Peer-to-Peer Development. David Rusin on the importance of the website Kiva, and harnessing technology to lend a hand to Africa’s entrepreneurs

Yulia Tymoshenko: Containing Russia

Quelli che mi conoscono sanno che sono di destra e che la sinistra non la sopporto proprio. Ma sanno anche che sono liberale convinta e che per questo non mi rispecchio nella destra italiana ed europea, che non considero liberale. Ebbene, in questo paese nel quale vivo (non per moltissimo ancora), il leader della Casa delle Libertà che si auto-proclama ‘anti-comunista’,  che fa? Mi difende un tiranno comunista quale Putin, nonostante mezzo mondo e tutte le destre del mondo libero (in primis quella americana) lo condannino. E nonostante Putin sia amico dei terroristi arabi, del nucleare iraniano e che voglia aggredire l’Estonia solo perchè quest’ultima vuole abbattere una statua sovietica (quindi comunista). E nonostante una parte dell’opposizione russa sia guidata da un liberale di destra. Ma sappiamo che l’Italia è un paese nel quale a destra si sta con i comunisti russi, fingendo di non sapere che al potere in Russia ci sono proprio loro,  e una sinistra al governo che ha come interlocutori privilegiati Hamas, Hezbollah, Talebani e forse fra un pò anche Al Qaeda. Gli italiani sono proprio messi male, ma le cose non cambieranno a breve, come non sono mai cambiate in 60 anni di Repubblica.


April 19, 2007

Hope for the people of Darfur, as the United State is planning to take action to stop the genocide.End Darfur violence or face sanctions, Bush tells Sudan. “No-fly zone” over Darfur possible if Sudan doesn’t comply. I am really praying that this time they’re not only words. On the contrary, I don’t think a UN force would resolve would make the difference.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. If you needed more evidence, you just have to take a look at the anti-Zionist conspiracy theory promoted by this Palestinian, writing for nothing less but the Jerusalem Post. So much for the claims according to which the Arabs have no rights in Israel. The day when Jews can criticize Arab leaders in Arab newspapers, I’ll be glad to report it here.

Anti-Semitic incidents worldwide doubled in 2006

Lo scrittore algerino Yasmina Kadra ricorda a quest’Europa che dorme e si fa illusioni, che è lei il bersaglio del terrorismo islamico. “La jihad è globale, l’obiettivo è l’Europa”

I am against death penalty and am an advocate for life-term sentences for criminals. However, I agree with this article that states that the campaign by the abolitionists to save terrorists and genocidal mass murderers from a well-deserved death sentence is absurd and disgusting.

Washington Times: U.N. a haven for despots

Jeremiah’s post on the French hostages held by the Taliban.

Three hundred thousand Turks protest attack on Turkey’s secularism by the Islamists.

Norwegian-Somalian Kadra, who became famous in Norway for exposing imam support of female circumcision, was beaten unconscious

The Italian government’s interlocutors beat up dancers in Pakistan

Khartoum’s enablers in Beijing . Chinese Communists and Islamist genocide

The faces of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. People don’t stop killers. People with guns do. In Italy, we hear everyday about young Italian students who harass physologically and even physically other students, guilty with faring good with studies or refusing to follow imposed models and life-styles (such as drinking alchol and smoking at just 11 years old). Harassment often includes beatings against handicapped students.

Massive rally in Pakistan against Islamists

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism. What the Left doesn’t want you to know about the most successful economic way of life in the world

An interesting reading about soccer violence and the culture of illegality in Italy (h/t:Jeremiah )

Putin’s police arrest Garry Kasparov and peaceful democrats

New York Sun: Kasparov’s Arrest Spells Trouble

The Putin regime targets Estonia for planning to take down a Soviet statue

André Glucksmann: Se l’Europa guarda da un’altra parte. Quando i carri armati del blocco sovietico soffocarono la Primavera di Praga, nove dissidenti andarono a manifestare sulla Piazza Rossa di Mosca. Solo pochi intellettuali europei si commossero e riuscirono a salvare quegli eroi solitari dai manicomi dove la polizia politica li aveva rinchiusi. E tuttavia ventun anni dopo, le cancellerie e gli stati maggiori dell’Occidente scoprivano stupefatti che Solzenicyn, Sakharov, Bukovski e i nove dell’agosto 1968 avevano sconfitto l’impero comunista.

Ukraine’s Constitutional Crisis.From orange disappointment to democratic opportunity

Tens of thousands of Kyrgiz protestors call on the current president to keep promises.

Repression continues in the wonderful islands of the Maldives, as the regime there has hacked the largest opposition website.

The Cuban Opposition finally puts differences aside for the sake of democracy in their island.Today in Havana the long anticipated UNITY of the opposition has been announced. The official statement.

Unidad por la Libertad. Mensaje al Pueblo de Cuba y a los pueblos del mundo



Llegan a Miami una veintena de inmigrantes cubanos

We reported his essays many times. They were a detailled account of the Cuban reality and the injusticesn perpetrated against the Cuban people by the Castros. He was threatened several times with being arrested; he was fined and even beaten. But now he has been arrested and condemned to 4 years in prison after a summary trial without the right to hire a lawyer. By knowing his valiant attitude, he won’t be intimidated, nor will he cave in to his repressors. He will likely adopt the civil desobedience he always advocated. Oscar Sánchez Madan is a valiant outspoken anti-communist freedom fighter, member of the “Alternative Option” Independent Movement. Cuban journalist sentenced to 4 years in jail

Periodista independiente cubano condenado a 4 años en juicio sumarísimo

Oscar Sánchez Madan

Cuban asylum seekers hold protest march in the Cayman Islands against likely deportation to Cuba.


March 30, 2007

The European Union hits bottom and pretends to escape the reality

Report: How two teens were recruited for jihad

UN Human Rights Violators Council does what it can do better: repress any form of free speech on Islam.The UN, a dangerous,meaningless and corrupt entity, now turned into the favorite meeting place for the world’s tyrants for the world’s tyrants and terror-supporting organizations. It happens that at the ‘Human Rights’ Council, who defends human rights against the regimes members of the Council, is expelled, in the very style of every dictatorial regime. Pls, don’t miss this video. Insults against ambassadors and mocking of human rights experts; justification of violence against women and gays; glorification of terrorism; Holocaust denial; demonization of Israel—the video shows how all of that and more was allowed by the Council. New York Sun: The Man the U.N. Won’t Thank

Organizzazione della Nazioni Unite: un’entità da abolite subito. Il Club dei Dittatori, da dove possono giustificare i loro crimini con il beneplacito di questa schifezza chiamata Onu. Leggete qui e qui, per capire e rendervi conto.Questa è l’organizzazione che i signori del governo italiano vorrebbero che guidasse il mondo. Infatti, chiedere l’autorizzazione ai dittatori che siedono lì.

I am happy to learn that Israeli PM Olmert is not always the ‘dove’ that caves into the Palestinians’ demands and blackmails. He seems to understand that the return of Palestinian ‘refugees’ would automatically mean the end of the Jewish state.

Europeans’ coward ignorance of world affairs and moral blindness: Poll: Majority of Germans consider the US as a major threat to world peace than the atomic bomb of the Mullahs. Never mind that it was the Americans who freed them and Europe, from the Nazis and Communists.

The true face of the Saudis: Saudis threaten Israel with war

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalism and Islam: Muslims in Europe, no to ghettos, yes to integration.Multiculturalism fosters fundamentalist violence. Politicians must concern themselves with integrating Muslims. The positive example of Denmark.

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalismo e Islam: musulmani in Europa, no al ghetto, sì all’integrazione. Il multiculturalismo favorisce la violenza fondamentalista. I politici devono preoccuparsi di integrare i musulmani. L’esempio positivo della Danimarca.


I’m rooting for Newt Gingrich, but if take a look at the polls, the only GOP candidate who would beat Dems is – so far – Giuliani. I like him for being tough on crime, open-minded on science and research, but I am unsure of which his foreign policy vision is. I am also a strong free-market and small government advocate. According to this op-ed by Steve Forbes, Giuliani is the most free market-oriented candidate. From what I read on Newt’s site, he seems to have the correct vision on foreign policy. He would be able to win wars, wouldn’t cave in to the diktats of the Euros, Dem and UN bureaucrats, promote democracy as a sine-qua-non condition for peace to be real, wage war (even military) on Al Qaeda’s strongholds, whether in Somalia, Pakistan or Afghanistan, support regime change in Iran, wouldn’t ratify the meaningless Kyoto Treaty, refuse to join the International Criminal Court (a tool in the hands of the anti-Americans), be tough on the UN, wouldn’t call for the establishment of a Palestinian state (at least as long as there are terrorist movements in power) and so on. How likely is his nomination in 2008 if he decided to run right now?

Anderson’s Historic Iran Divestment Bill Gets Huge Boost. If only many others, including the European nations, followed suit, the Mullahs’ regime would be weaker.

A must-read essay from Valentina Colombo: LIBERALS, ARAB AND MUSLIM, PLEASE… WAKE UP!


The Global Warming Industrial Complex.There are a lot of jobs riding on global warming

Censura globale.Siti oscurati, blog cancellati, arresti. Altro che libertà del web. I dati di un fenomeno sempre più esteso nell’ultimo studio realizzato dalla “OpenNet Iniziative” (Oni), che ha condotto un monitoraggio di sei mesi in quaranta paesi

Greece Must Acknowledge Its Complicity in the Shoah.Today, as European nations continue to struggle with the legacy of the Holocaust, the role of the Greek state in facilitating genocide against its own Jews remains unacknowledged and ignored.

New Beverly Hills mayor an Iranian-born Jew. Below, he is seen with General Shaoul Mohfaz. Both are from Shiraz, Iran and are proud of their Persian roots and heritage.

Federation of Cuban Women unmasked in Geneva.Activists who defend human rights in Cuba confront representatives of the dictatorship at the UN Human Rights Council

Declaracion de Gloria y Emilio Estefan

What the Castroites do not want you to know.U.S. is main food source for Cuba .So, where is the embargo?

Members of the “Marta Abreu” Femenine Front continue distributing pro-democracy material and censored literature to the people of Santa Clara, who – as always in two years of such activities – accept them and ask for more. News in Spanish.

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Opositoras intentan romper bloqueo informativo





March 1, 2007

U.S. says would not extradite CIA agents to Italy . The US did the right thing

Discover the Network: The Radical Face of Palestinian “Moderation” . Mahmoud Abbas’s political resume is replete with lies, deceit, and praise for the sacrifices of “the martyrs.”

Magdi Allam, Il Corriere della Sera: No Dialogue With Those Who Refuse to Recognise Israel

Magdi Allam: Minacce a Nosheen, aiuta le pachistane a studiareHa 24 anni, vive a Carpi, fa parte della Commissione pari opportunità

Why am I supporting Giuliani? Not because he’s an Italian-American,but because he has the right ideas on foreign and domestic policy.In my opinion, he’s the best of the GOP candidates for 2008.

Gender equality, Islamist-style . And two more ‘honor’ killings in Pakistan.

Sen. Brownback: Genocide Won’t Be Tolerated in Darfur . International court names first suspects to be accused of war crimes in Darfur

Boston Globe: The blogger and the pharaoh . An Egyptian blogger wrote a comment telling me of this video about the real nature of the Mubarak’s regime and its repressive methods used to imprison liberal-minded and secular bloggers and dissidents like Abdel Kareem or Ayman Nour.

Free Thoughts scares the Chinese censors! This blog is censored in China. Type this blog’s url into this site and see by yourself.

World Court faults Serbia in genocide

Hasta La Vista, Free Speech.Hugo Chávez consolidates his hold on Venezuela’s media

Nearly Two Dozen Cubans fled Castro’s Cuba and land in Key West, Florida.

Veteran anti-Batista and anti-Castro freedom fighter dies in Miami.He fought alongside Castro during the revolution against Batista, but was one of the many revolutionaries who were not communist and who fought to restore democracy instead of establishing communism. Chanes de Armas with President Bush.


February 24, 2007

ACLU again shills for terror supporters

Islamic Republic of Britain Update: Muslims should adapt to UK’s school system. Schools ‘should accommodate Muslim needs’

Diana West: Imposing Islamic law

From the very same Europeans who blame the U.S. for ‘violating privacy rights’: Europe’s Plan to Track Phone and Net Use  . But try to blame the Europeans. They’ll accuse you to meddling into their internal affairs..

To my Iranian readers: my original article , Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus , published in the American Thinker, now has been translated by Save Pasargad in Parsi. Janeshanan Nalayegh Korosh

Magdi Allam: Matrimoni misti? La sharia è già da noi

Another ‘honor’ killing in Britain, as a Pakistani man has slaughtered his family because they were ‘too Western’

Rudy Giuliani may be the first Italian-American to become U.S. President . Rasmussen Poll: Giuliani 52% Clinton 43% .Yet, the Italian media are focusing on Hillary Clinton, as if Rudy weren’t running. Hugh Hewitt interviews Giuliani

My post at Publius Pundit: Political Instability in Italy

Magdi Allam: No a Israele? Niente dialogo. Non si dialoga con chi non rispetta Israele

Our ‘friend’ and ‘ally’ , the ‘secular’ regime of Hosni Mubarak, has just sentenced Secularist, Anti-Islamist, Liberal Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem to 4 years for “insulting Islam” and “the President” (the self-proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt).  Abdel Kareem is one of the many emerging moderate, secularist Arabs whose englightened voices are silenced by so-called ‘secular’ authoritarian regimes. Fellow blogger Sandmonkey was at the trial and tells more here. Freedom for Egyptians says she is sad. Toasted Bread writes that it’s a sad event for bloggers. From the Washington Post: The ‘Crime’ Of Blogging In Egypt . Amnesty International: Karim Amer sentence makes bloggers new target of the authorities.Our govts give plenty of money to the Mubarak’s regime. I wish to be proven wrong, but I very much doubt that any Western leader will threaten to cut diplomatic relations with Egypt over this case.

Speaking of repression against bloggers, the blogs of two Iranian friends were shut down by the Mullahs’ regime.

FrontPage Magazine: Trita Parsi, The Mullahs’ Voice in Washington

Opinion Journal: The Earth was warming before global warming was cool

Female Pakistani Minister Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil

Weekly Standard: What’s in a Name? Ask Taiwan

Gobierno italiano cómplice del apartheid en La Habana (h/t: Marc, Babalu)

Jaime Leygonier: Arrestan a madre y niñas sin hogar

Enviado por Darsi Ferrer: Agreden policías alemanes a opositor cubano

To sweeten your weekend, a song I chose from my jukebox. ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing’, sang by the couple Willy Chirino and Lissette, famous Cuban-born singers.

February 20, 2007

UPDATE 02/21/07 : Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi resigns.  The Left lost at the Senate over a vote on the Italian Afghanistan mission. Now it’s up to the President of the Republic to accept the resignation (he’ll most probably do so) and decide whether to schedule new elections (I don’t think he’ll do so, as he is from a party of the current gov’t). If elections are scheduled, they might be held in a few months. And, according to all polls, the Right would win easily. I don’t believe the right will change things (governments in Italy are known for breaking promises), but at least Italy would be again part of the Coalition of the Willing in the War on Terror and a faithful ally of the US and Israel, instead of Hezbollah and Hamas. This, even though many Italians have strong prejudices against America and Israel and tend to be sympathetic to the Palestinians. I will keep you up-to-date.

My article in the American Thinker: Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus . See also my post at Publius Pundit here.

Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf (our supposed ‘allies’) trained Al-Qaeda men to fight in Somalia

Buone nuove: Clementina Forleo potrebbe finire sotto processo a Brescia

Apparently, the Italian government sees nothing wrong in talking to  Hezbollah. Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema, whose  government faces a crisis of popular legitimacy according to all polls, told Prodi that “unless there’s unity on the foreign policy, the government has to resign and schedule new elections”. Those who are familiar with Italian politics know that the Left is split on every topic, from economy to the very same foreign policy. Even being right-leaning, I don’t consider myself that follower of the European Right, let alone the Italian one, as I see them as very immature when it comes to reform the economic, pension and job market system. But, I am counting the days when this anti-American government comes to an end. And it’s almost sure that, if elections were held today, they would lose big time.

World public opinion still refuses to face the reality.West-Islam civilisations clash rejected. It’s the Islamic terrorists who declared this clash. Go explain it to the ‘world public opinion’..Meanwhile, the Saudi regime fuels jihadists’ thirst for murder of free thinkers. The latter pledge to defend their right to free speech.

Diana West: Islamists’ female victims

Farid N. Ghadry, Syrian dissident: Syria’s terror networks

Italian court rules in favor of Dark Ages: PAKISTANI MARRIAGE BY PHONE VALID RULES COURT

Egyptians Islamists suggest abolishing love

Secret religious police to spy on unmarried lovers. In Malaysia. And in Saudi Arabia, the police punish those who dared to defy the official ban on Valentine’s Day.

From Sandmonkey, a disturbing story on a father who disowns his own son (the detained blogger Abdel Kareem) because of the latter’s political opinion. Daily Star: Freedom for an Egyptian blogger and freethinker . You can sign the petition here.

Anna Mahjar-Barducci: A step backward in Moroccan freedoms

Serbian war criminal sentenced to 37 years over role in massacre of Bosnians.

Libero: E’ PERICOLOSO FARE IL BLOGGER IN EGITTO. Potete firmare la petizione qui.

38 Cuban doctors defect in Venezuela; plan to move to the United States.(Spanish).

38 médicos cubanos en Venezuela desertan buscando un nuevo destino

Recent defectors now in Colombia

Las Damas de Blanco con paso firme en Internet, pero censuradas

Cuban rock band openly speaks out against Castro. “He’s a SOB. He’s the real cause of our country’s problems”, says the band leader from Havana. (Spanish).

Grupo rock cubano clandestino, desde la isla habla abiertamente contra los Castro. Llegó la hora de llamar las cosas por su nombre

February 17, 2007

We just missed another big fish in Iraq: Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq reportedly wounded

Report: Syrian Group Claims It Has Missing Israeli Soldier.Israel has never had the guts to enter Syria and rescue the soldier even by force. I doubt Mr. Olmert will have them now.

If you still have any doubt, these two polls might help convince you to choose Rudy Giuliani as GOP nomination. Or you may face 5 years of Clinton White House.

Avrete sicuramente sentito i telegiornali italiani parlare solo di Hillary Clinton. E’ stranoto che i media nostrani facciano il tifo per la cornuta moglie di Bill, con la scusa che sarebbe la prima donna presidente. Visto che di primati si tratta, perchè ad esempio i tg non dicono che anche Giuliani batterebbe un record storico? Infatti, sarebbe il prima italo-americano presidente Usa. E, stando a quasi tutti i recenti sondaggi, lui batterebbe di gran lunga sia la Clinton che gli altri candidati democratici. Per chi non lo sapesse, Giuliani è sì un uomo con le palle in politica estera (e non si farebbe influenzare dagli isterismo europei ed onusiani, come sta facendo Bush); egli è anche favorevole al diritto all’aborto, all’eutanasia,alle unioni civili ed alla ricerca sulle cellule staminali embrionali. Ecco perchè è molto amato anche dai non repubblicani. Ovviamente, ci saranno le nomination sia democratiche che repubblicane. E stando ai sondaggi tra i repubblicani, lui non avrebbe difficoltà a vincere la nomination per la corsa alla Casa Bianca. Se di record si deve parlare, i media italiani comincino a parlare anche di Giuliani. A meno che non vogliano nascondere agli italiani il fatto che ad ancora un’ anno e mezzo dal voto, Giuliani è gia in testa a quasi tutti.

Iraq-based terrorists using Austrian rifles from Iran

Nuke Boost

Magdi Allam: La lezione del tunisino che vuole eliminare i governanti. In un saggio ha scritto: «Oggi ci sono governanti lacchè dell’imperialismo e per questo bisogna ucciderli». Rached Ghannouchi, già espulso, al convegno di Napoli sui «musulmani democratici». Per chi non lo sapesse, costui è un’imam fondamentalista di Londra, che ha emesso una fatwa che invita i suoi sostenitori a cercare ed uccidere i mussulmani laici e riformisti che invocano la riforma dell’Islam e la democratizzazione delle loro società. Va detto che tra questi riformisti ci sono sia intellettuali di sinistra (come Lafif) che di destra. Non importa il colore politico. Si tratta di aiutare questi illuministi a vincere la battaglia per la laicizzazione del mondo islamico. Ringrazio Magdi per aver portato all’attenzione dei lettori italiani circa la presenza di tale personaggio quale Rachid Ghannouchi.Ho appena contattato Abu Khawla,ccordinatore della Campagna Internazionale per salvare Lafif Lakhdar dalla condanna a morte emessa proprio da tale Ghannouchi. Ho chiesto ad Abu se è possibile tradurre in inglese l’editoriale in questione e pubblicarlo su Middle East Trasparent. In seguito, verrà pubblicato sul blog dedicato a Lafif Lakhdar, dove ci si potrà rendere conto di chi è l’inquisitore islamico invitato al convegno di Napoli.

Amil Imani: PC is the Incubator of Islamism

Petition by Amil Imani: No Bombs, No Appeasement: Support the People of Iran’s Struggle for a Secular, Peaceful Democracy

While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO? Below are images from a peaceful demonstrations of Iranians in Iran, protesting against the announced flooding of part of their cultural heritage.

From moroccan blogger Myrtus: Yet another Muslim nutjob cleric making the headlines….this time in Malaysia. He’s eagerly advocating to impose the use of chastity belts on women in order to protect them from sexual predators.

More children die as Dark Ages persists in the Islamic world: Polio cases jump in Pakistan as Islamists declare vaccination an American plot

A news story the global warming alarmists would not like you to read: Kathmandu gets first snowfall in 63 years

Mona Eltahawy: Arab blogs give youth venting space

And Venezuela takes a giant step toward socialist Dark Ages and bankruptcy: Chavez could nationalise supermarkets

Encouraging news from Cuba: Even some Communist Party members denounce violence against human rights activists

Jaime Leygonier: Alemania niega asilo político a opositor cubano

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Arrestan en Cuba a Observador de Derechos Humanos

Cayman sends Cuban refugees back to Castro.(Hat Tip: The Real Cuba)

January 28, 2007

The Righteous Among the Nations are all those who not only say “Never Forget”, but who are committed to prevent that from becoming “Again”. Never forget: anti-semitism and anti-zionism ARE THE SAME THING.

UN approves resolution condemning Holocaust denial

Islamism strikes again in Iran. While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO?

Indonesia Jihadist Admits To Beheading Christian Girls.Not even in front of a horrific beheading does the mainstream media calls the murderers with their true name. Whatever crime, they’re still “militants”..

Magdi Allam:L’imam: «Giusto picchiare le donne» .«È l’Islam che lo dice. Il Corano lo ordina». Verona, dopo la predica Amal massacrata dal marito. Lo ha denunciato: ora vive barricata in casa con i figli

Cause they don’t know what they are doing. She may be unaware, but her friends Hizballah would stone her to death for just posing like this. I guess she would regret for supporting the terror gang if they would seize power.

Yet another ‘honor’ killing in Jordan: Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

Off Topic cartoon:

Foul Weather

Human Rights First: Sudan Must Not Lead the African Union. Electing Sudan to chair the African Union would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house

More updates on Abdelkareem Nabil, the Secularist,anti-Islamist Egyptian blogger arrested by our ‘secular’ and ‘moderate’ friends in the Mubarak gov’t , for speaking out against jihad preaching at Al-Azhar.

Russia, before and after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

Fotos de Actividades de Las Damas de Blanco

January 26, 2007

Time Poll: Giuliani would beat Clinton, Edwards or Obama if elections were held today. Rudolph Giuliani is an Italian-American, proud of its origin, but with a charisma I’d like the Italian politicians to have (but I don’t hold my breath). He is an Italian american I can be proud of. The Italian-Americans are not only Nanci Pelosi, of course.

Magdi Allam: Se la poligamia viene rivendicata come un diritto

Al Qaeda in Gaza.

Docs Seized in Iraq Reveal Plan for Attack in U.S.

Mohammed Fadhil (Iraq The Model): Iraq’s future doesn’t rest on the outcome of a coin flip. I have an advise to the Bush administration: withdraw the troops, and let the Dems handle the aftermath in Iraq. Let them take the responsibility to deal with the real quagmire that would result after retreat.

A bit of good news: Flip Flop won’t run for president

Newt Weighs In.The former Speaker weighs in on winning campaigns, Iraq, and what might happen in 2008

Amil Imani: Would Iran’s Mullahs Use the Bomb?

A must-read on Israel, from maybe the only sane journalist at the Kuwait Times

Prodi friend of Kgb, according to statements made by the late Russian dissident and kgb defector. The Left in Italy is furious at BBC’s decision to broadcast this report.

Christians under Attack in China.The concept of religious freedom is lost on Beijing

And the Chinese Communist butchers keep on censoring the Internet: China’s Hu vows to “purify” Internet

Washington Times: Genocide continues in Darfur

NGO says Russia probes Chechnya link to slain reporter

Investor’s Business Daily: A Dictatorship Rises in Venezuela

Noticuba Internacional: Algo que debemos conocer

Enviado por Carlos Serpa Maceira: Damas de Blanco Realizan Té Literario

De izquierda a derecha aparecen Katia Martín Velez; el invidente Juan Carlos González Leyva, presidente de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos; Isabel Ramos; la periodista Tania Maceda; Berta Soler Fernández; Lidia Lima; el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira, y Gisela Sánchez

De izquierda a derecha, el padre Ricardo Medina Salabria, del Catolicado Ortodoxo Bizantino de Cuba; Lidia Lima, Berta Soler Fernández; Tania Maceda, Isabel Ramos; Juan Carlos González Leyva y Katia Martín Velez. Foto: Carlos Serpa Maceira.

January 22, 2007

Got a very big fish in the Philippines: Testing confirms Abu Sayyaf death

Hizballah threatens attacks against UNIFIL in South Lebanon

Osama Obama ‘was educated in madrassa’

Israel finances its suicide and transfers millions to a ‘moderate’ Holocaust denier.

Magdi Allam: Se i musulmani democratici sono estremisti

Elias Bejjani: The terrorist infiltation in Lebanon can be stopped

An encouraging news: Afghan civilians stop terror attack at U.S. base

Echoes of Oil for Food in hard currency for Pyongyang

Today I am still more convinced that Turkey does not deserve to enter into the European Union.Turkish-Armenian editor shot dead in Istanbul .


Taslima Nasreen, Bangladeshi feminist and anti-Islamist writer: Let’s Burn The Burqa – Women too have sexual urges. So why didn’t Allah start the purdah for men? Clearly, He treated them on unequal terms

Singapore stifles dissent by suing two bloggers

Freedom for Egyptian has posted update on the case of detained secular and anti-Islamist Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Nabil.

Abdel Kareem Nabil

Young Cubans Defy Police Brutality

January 11, 2007

More good news from the war on terror: Al Qaeda jihadist who planned 1998 embassy bombings killed

No Exit in Somalia. In Somalia the U.S. stays on the anti-terror offense

Prodi e gli aiutini per gli amici.La creazione di enti e commissioni farà apparire magicamente 250 nuovi (e inutili?) posti di lusso

Italian gov’t’s anti-americanism. Italy opposed to U.S. action in Somalia .That’s not all for today. They are eager to condemn those who worked to protect our national security from terror-enablign imams.Italy weighing CIA agents’ indictments .Human insanity knows no limits. I expect harsh criticism from the U.S. gov’t, for Italy’s blatant meddling into U.S.’ sovereign decisions (attacking Al Qaeda strongholds in Somalia) and the indictment of its agents for fighting terrorism.

Il Giorno ha intervistato Adriana Bolchini, alias Lisistrata.

Britain’s huge problem update. British Mullah defends killing of non-Muslims

SMCCDI: Bush vows action on Islamic regime for support of terror

Moroccan blogger Myrtus: This is not funny! Morocco suffers from MOHAMED CARTOON CONTROVERSY side effects!

SMCCDI: Huge explosion rocks Iran’s south central region

ITALY: MP RECEIVES DEATH THREATS OVER HER ANTI-VEIL BATTLE. The parliamentarian, Daniela Santanchè, is member of the center-right wing party of the National Alliance, whose leader is the ex foreign minister Gianfranco Fini. She is author of a recently-published book entitled: “The denied woman: from female genital mutilation to liberation”, in which she tells about the oppression of women in the Islamic society and how we can do to help them liberate themselves from the Dark Ages Islamist yoke. During a TV debate where she defended her feminist positions, Daniela was faced by an angry imam who praised poligamy, gender apartheid and the mandatory veil. This imam has recently affirmed that “all the mayors have the duty to build mosques”. Last day, Santanchè has received a letter from London, in which she is threatened with death. The letter contains photos of Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali and states: “We will get rid of you”. Santanchè lives accompained by bodyguards since these sad events.

Magdi Allam: Santanchè, minacce per la battaglia anti-velo

Daniela Santanchè

Freedom for Egyptians reminds us that the Washington DC rally in support of detained Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem is to be held today. For more info, click here and if you are living near Washington, you may want to join the rally.

Cindy Sheehan & co. in Cuba (idols of the MSM) refuse to visit Cuban political prisoners , saying that they don’t give a d..n about the human rights violations by the Castroite regime.

As of recently, a friend – a freelance writer – went to Cuba and she was able to interview people without the regime’s consent. She also interviewed two independent journalists, one of which was victim of a brutal aggression by Castroite mob during a peaceful march in honor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Dec 10, 2006. Read her new article here. It’s a must-read.

Cuban dissident deported from Bolivia to Colombia after criticizing Morales

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer información sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: Miembros del Movimiento Femenino Martha Abreu, de Santa Clara, Villa Clara, distribuyeron literatura censurada por el Gobierno, en respuesta a las orientaciones del Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes y en contra de los 48 años de dictadura comunista. La actividad se realize el pasado 2 de enero en las calles de los Repartos Oeste y Virginia de la ciudad de Santa Clara. Se repartieron Boletines de Mar por Cuba; de Plantados hasta la libertad y la democracia en Cuba; del Comité Cubano de Derechos Humanos; folletos Cuba: un analisis social, económico y politico actual; La economía cubana de hoy; Salvación o condenación; la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos; Para Cuba ya es hora y Yo no coopero con la dictadura.

The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society’s Martha Beatriz Roque sent the following pics, showing the delivery of products to poor Cubans by members of the Assembly. The products are sent by the exile groups based in Miami.Please, notice how these people are not afraid to sign opposition documents, nor to reveal their names, even though they may risk jail or high fines. This shows once again that the opposition movements is growing more and more popular, despite all efforts by the regime to discredite it. This is the true Cuban people, not those who participate to the infamous repudiation acts.

Copy of the Assembly document signed by the lady.

Former political prisoner and independent librarian Miguel Vazquez Tamayo delivers products to the poor lady, who signs the document.

Another resident receives the products and signs the Assembly document confirming that he has received the items.

This man and his daughter asked to go to a photo reporter’s house. They said they feel ashamed to show the bad conditions they live in. The man shows the Assembly document he signed.

Martha Beatriz also sent us a report (here, in Spanish) about a poor young Cuban couple who suffers from the HIV disease. They don’t have a house, so they sleep in an empty house and the regime wants to kick them out of there. The woman is only 16-years old and is not known if her baby also has been infected with HIV. Martha sent us a couple of photos and the original documents of the regime’s authorities (here and here), who still refuse to assist the poor couple and even imposed a very high fine. The couple sent  to Martha a letter, asking for help. The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society has given the couple half of the money needed to pay the fine. The money were politely donated by the exile groups.

January 5, 2007

Al Qaeda TV .Qaeda’s increasing sophistication, and our continuing confusion

Astounding bit of sanity from the new U.N. secretary general: New U.N. Chief Defends Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein – “Saddam Hussein was responsible for committing heinous crimes and unspeakable atrocities against the Iraqi people,” Ban said in his first news conference as secretary general.

Last Vestiges

Michelle Malkin is going to Iraq, let us wish her a safe trip

Da Prodi per Prodi.Zitto zitto, il premier ha rinnovato il contratto statale a suo fratello. E ha pure partecipato al voto. E attaccava le leggi ad personam di Berlusconi…

‘Muslims should integrate into British values’. No, the opposite, according to this article published in (where else?) The Guardian.

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney eyes 2008 bid

SMCCDI: Four more executed in Iran

SMCCDI: Altre quattro esecuzioni in Iran

U.N. troops in south Sudan raping children: report

December 27, 2006

Bad news for Islamists and jihadists, good news for the civilized who don’t want Somalia to turn into a Taliban state: Islamist Forces in Somalia Are on the Retreat

Iraq court upholds Saddam death sentence

Olmert wants Israel to commit suicide. Add that to this one and draw your conclusions.

Hamas threatens attacks on US . And the U.S. wants to give’em a state..

Mark Steyn: Biggest story of our time: our self-extinction

Omar, Iraq the Model: How to beat Iraq’s Shiite extremists

Sharia alert in Indonesia: Aceh launches crackdown on ‘un-Islamic’ behaviour

James Brown, R.I.P.

Activity of one of over 100 Independent Libraries (ILs) which are celebrating the first Congress of the ILs throughout Cuba, organized by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, whose main leader, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, sends us the photos, like the below ones

Sigue adelante campaña “Con la misma moneda”

Niñas de Flamur, tan valientes como sus madres

December 16, 2006

David Horowitz: Jimmy Carter: Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler, Liar

Opinion Journal: Kofi Annan’s legacy: Rwanda, Darfur, Iraq and Oil for Food

The news wire services are all shocked: the Saudis say they would back Sunnis.. Shocking! The Saudis have been backing the Sunni terrorists in Iraq for 3 years now, with both money and arms.

More evidence showing why Olmert is unfit to lead Israel

Magdi Allam: Il gigante d’argilla

Honour killing being exported to Italy

UN downgrades man’s impact on the climate. I expect sooner or later they will admit that the so-called ‘global warming’ is a myth and the failure of the Kyoto Protocol. Should I expect such a thing to ocurr anytime soon?

Interview with Bjorn Lomborg, free market enviromentalist

Canadian Coalition for Democracies: The real lesson to be learned from the suffering of Maher Arar

Myrtus: A collective statement by moderate muslim bloggers to the Iranian regime about its Holocaust denial conference

Former Ethiopian tyrant Mengistu Haile Mariam convicted of genocide

Castro and Pinochet, two faces of the same coin.

Pinochet, A Cold War dictator who paved the way for democracy

A Dictator’s Double Standard .Augusto Pinochet tortured and murdered. His legacy is Latin America’s most successful country

Vaclav Havel calls for boycott on tourism in Cuba.”I cannot go to Cuba to relax on the beach and keep my eyes shut, while dozens of political prisoners are behind bars there”.

Demócratas cubanos exigen una condena internacional de la brutal agresión a un grupo de disidentes en La Habana

Mario Llerena, 93, Dies in Miami; Castro Ally, Then Critic. a Cuban intellectual, he broke with Castro before he took power because of Mr. Castro’s shift toward Communism

One of the 14 dissidents savagely beaten up by a hired mob in Havana while marching silently near the UN mission there to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of HRs, speaks out and says nothing will stop the peaceful struggle for freedom. (Spanish)

Uno de los agredidos por las turbas fascistas dirigida por la seguridad del estado terrorista,el dia 10 de Diciembre, cuenta lo que sucedió aquel dia: Nuestra dignidad y valor eran superiores a ellosY para que lo sepa el mundo entero, nosotros vencimos y venceremos. podemos ser encarcelados en cualquier momento. Pero aún así, nuestra lucha pacífica seguirá adelante.”

Movimiento Liberal Cubano convoca a vigilia masiva

Damas de Blanco Envían Mensaje al Comité Internacional de la Cruz Roja

Cuban independent journalist Ahmed Rodriguez Albacia, released after 9 days of psychological torture, pledges to go ahead with his opposition to Castro’s tyranny.

Before and after the arrest


The below photos are courtesy of independent journalist Carlos Manuel Serpa Maceira, who sent them to us via email from Havana

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Se declara en Huelga de Hambre Sólida Madre de Periodista Independiente Arrestado en Cuba

Ahmed’s mother, was on hunger strike to protest her son’s arbitrary and illegitimate arrest

Margarita Albacia

From left, Ahmed’s mother and, fourth from left, Ahmed himself.

A member of an independent library that participates to the First Congress of the Independent Libraries organized by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, has delivered food to an old Cuban woman living in extremely poor conditions in Old Havana. The Cuban people are more than willing to accept the humanitarian help of the freedom fighters. Unlike the State Security mobs who represent the minority, and wealthy people, the majority of Cubans, who live in daily misery, have a good opinion of the dissidentsEntrega la BI Jesús Yáñez Pelletier Jaba Navideña

The woman signs this document, with the logo of the Assembly


December 13, 2006

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