Italian Govt Bans Darfur Demonstration

December 19, 2007

A peaceful demonstration to remind about the ongoing genodice in Darfur. Italy is a long-time commercial partner of the Arab-Islamofascist regime of Khartoum.


The Association of Darfur Refugees in Italy, the human rights movement “Italians for Darfur” and the Union of Young Italian Jews has been denied the right to demonstrate to call on the Italian government, which took over the presidency of the United Nations Security Council on december, to commit itself to unblock the impasse that prevents the deployment of a UN peace force of 26,000 troops in Darfur.
Authorization has been refused for a sit-in in front of the Italian Parliament to promote the request for intervention with respect to the Sudanese government responsible for the slowdown that has prevented the deployment of the peacekeeping force authorized by the UN resolution on August the 1st that should have been operative by the end of this month.
The committee for Darfur initiatives affirmed: “Despite being prevented from promoting peacefully and democratically our demands to the government with a demonstration, we won’t give up in our intention to urge the institutions to do more to prevent, in that region of Sudan, tormented for over four years, the continuous massacre of innocent victims”.
“To this end,” the note concludes, “we appeal to the Prime Minister, Romano Prodi to assume a strong stance towards the Sudanese government until it interrupts the obstructionism that is preventing the deployment of the peace-keeping force”.

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Vietata Manifestazione per il Darfur

December 19, 2007

Se si fosse trattato di manifestare a favore del terrorismo palestinese, l’autorizzazione l’avrebbero data. Ma chissenefrega di un popolo quale quello del Darfur, se i persecutori non sono israeliani od americani, ma arabo-islamisti, con i quali l’Italia fa affari da sempre..


(ANSA) – ROMA, 14 DIC – Le associazioni e i movimenti che avevano chiesto di potere effettuare un sit-in davanti a Palazzo Chigi per sollecitare l’impegno del governo in favore delle popolazioni del Darfur con un comunicato congiunto hanno protestato contro la mancata autorizzazione alla manifestazione. Nel comunicato, l’Associazione dei rifugiati del Darfur in Italia, il movimento per i diritti umani ”Italians for Darfur” e l’Unione dei giovani ebrei italiani affermano che non e’ stata autorizzata la manifestazione con cui volevano chiedere al governo italiano ”che a dicembre ha assunto la presidenza del Consiglio di sicurezza dell’Onu, un impegno concreto per sbloccare l’empasse che impedisce il dispiegamento della forza di pace di 26mila Caschi blu in Darfur”.

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The Failure of the African Union

October 3, 2007

I’ve always been doubtful about the outcome of the African Union mission in Darfur and today we learn that my doubts were legitimate. And I am not proud of that, of course.

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Ban Ki-Moon Beats Around The Bush, Gets It Totally Wrong

September 14, 2007

I was trying to convince myself that the announced UN mission in Darfur could actually do something to stop the ongoing genocide over there; but reading this complete nonsense by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, I have to change my mind once again and realize he is no this different than his predecessor. Like Annan with respect to Rwanda, Ki-Moon has just confirmed what a lot of us already knew: he did not understand anything about Darfur, or he doesn’t want to displease his pals in the Arab League by calling it like it is: GENOCIDE.

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Agosto 2007: continuano gli attacchi ai villaggi in Darfur

September 9, 2007

Da ItalianBlogsforDarfur: Jihad on Horseback: i media arabi censurano il conflitto in Darfur

Olmert Betrays Israel’s True Spirit

August 19, 2007

Israel’s disgraceful Prime Minister Ehud Olmert seems to have no problem with turning on the money taps for the ‘moderate’ assassins of Fatah. But he has no compassion for the Darfur refugees escaping an Arab/Islamist genocide many still keep calling ‘crisis’.

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Darfurian Asylum-Seekers in Israel

August 6, 2007

Sudan, Egypt, and Israel. Israel must under no circumstances send refugees to their death

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