Italian Govt Bans Darfur Demonstration

December 19, 2007

A peaceful demonstration to remind about the ongoing genodice in Darfur. Italy is a long-time commercial partner of the Arab-Islamofascist regime of Khartoum.


The Association of Darfur Refugees in Italy, the human rights movement “Italians for Darfur” and the Union of Young Italian Jews has been denied the right to demonstrate to call on the Italian government, which took over the presidency of the United Nations Security Council on december, to commit itself to unblock the impasse that prevents the deployment of a UN peace force of 26,000 troops in Darfur.
Authorization has been refused for a sit-in in front of the Italian Parliament to promote the request for intervention with respect to the Sudanese government responsible for the slowdown that has prevented the deployment of the peacekeeping force authorized by the UN resolution on August the 1st that should have been operative by the end of this month.
The committee for Darfur initiatives affirmed: “Despite being prevented from promoting peacefully and democratically our demands to the government with a demonstration, we won’t give up in our intention to urge the institutions to do more to prevent, in that region of Sudan, tormented for over four years, the continuous massacre of innocent victims”.
“To this end,” the note concludes, “we appeal to the Prime Minister, Romano Prodi to assume a strong stance towards the Sudanese government until it interrupts the obstructionism that is preventing the deployment of the peace-keeping force”.

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Vietata Manifestazione per il Darfur

December 19, 2007

Se si fosse trattato di manifestare a favore del terrorismo palestinese, l’autorizzazione l’avrebbero data. Ma chissenefrega di un popolo quale quello del Darfur, se i persecutori non sono israeliani od americani, ma arabo-islamisti, con i quali l’Italia fa affari da sempre..


(ANSA) – ROMA, 14 DIC – Le associazioni e i movimenti che avevano chiesto di potere effettuare un sit-in davanti a Palazzo Chigi per sollecitare l’impegno del governo in favore delle popolazioni del Darfur con un comunicato congiunto hanno protestato contro la mancata autorizzazione alla manifestazione. Nel comunicato, l’Associazione dei rifugiati del Darfur in Italia, il movimento per i diritti umani ”Italians for Darfur” e l’Unione dei giovani ebrei italiani affermano che non e’ stata autorizzata la manifestazione con cui volevano chiedere al governo italiano ”che a dicembre ha assunto la presidenza del Consiglio di sicurezza dell’Onu, un impegno concreto per sbloccare l’empasse che impedisce il dispiegamento della forza di pace di 26mila Caschi blu in Darfur”.

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The Failure of the African Union

October 3, 2007

I’ve always been doubtful about the outcome of the African Union mission in Darfur and today we learn that my doubts were legitimate. And I am not proud of that, of course.

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Ban Ki-Moon Beats Around The Bush, Gets It Totally Wrong

September 14, 2007

I was trying to convince myself that the announced UN mission in Darfur could actually do something to stop the ongoing genocide over there; but reading this complete nonsense by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, I have to change my mind once again and realize he is no this different than his predecessor. Like Annan with respect to Rwanda, Ki-Moon has just confirmed what a lot of us already knew: he did not understand anything about Darfur, or he doesn’t want to displease his pals in the Arab League by calling it like it is: GENOCIDE.

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Agosto 2007: continuano gli attacchi ai villaggi in Darfur

September 9, 2007

Da ItalianBlogsforDarfur: Jihad on Horseback: i media arabi censurano il conflitto in Darfur

Olmert Betrays Israel’s True Spirit

August 19, 2007

Israel’s disgraceful Prime Minister Ehud Olmert seems to have no problem with turning on the money taps for the ‘moderate’ assassins of Fatah. But he has no compassion for the Darfur refugees escaping an Arab/Islamist genocide many still keep calling ‘crisis’.

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Darfurian Asylum-Seekers in Israel

August 6, 2007

Sudan, Egypt, and Israel. Israel must under no circumstances send refugees to their death

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UN Springs Into Action?

August 1, 2007

Now we must hope they won’t behave like in Congo, Sierra Leone, etc. etc..

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L’Italia Finanzia il Genocidio in Darfur

July 31, 2007

Dall’inizio del genocidio in corso nel Darfur, gli affari con il regime assassino di Khartoum sono aumentati dell’ 80%. Leggete e mantenete bene in mente i nomi delle aziende che fanno affari mentre è in atto un Olocausto.

Egyptian Police Fire at Sudanese Refugees

July 22, 2007

Our friends the Egyptians shot dead a Darfur woman and wounded four more as they were trying to sneak into Israel and seek political asylum. And Israeli officials weigh deporting several other Darfurians back to Egypt. When I say Darfurians, I mean people fleeing an Islamo-fascist genocide, not blood-thirsty homicide bombers who slaughtered dozens of Jewish civilians.

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No Outrage Here

July 16, 2007

With the international community completely ignoring genocide in Darfur (like it did with respect to Rwanda), notoriously anti-African Arabs are doing what they’ve been blaming Israel for. The difference here is that Palestinian-controlled territories are historically Jewish lands; those Arabs, on the contrary, are occupying lands cleansed by evil camel militias through widespread murder and rape.

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June 22, 2007

The UN is not just a failure in itself, it’s ruled by ignorance, as well. It’s global warming, not the Janjaweed militias, that’s commiting genocide in Darfur


June 7, 2007

The Free Market Case Against the Immigration Bill. Our large welfare state combined with the importance of education to wealth creation provides a compelling reason to oppose importing unskilled immigrants and citizens

Mama Moonbat Cindy Shehaan wrote an op-ed expressing her hatred of America. I wonder when she is gonna move in, say, Cuba, Venezuela or Eurabia.

A must-read editorial that gives you an idea of how bad life is in Europe: Europeans’ flight from Europe

From YouTube: D-Day: Crisis On Omaha

Nuke’s News and Views: Roy Beck On U.S. Immigration

Irshad Manji: America beats Europe on assimilating Muslims

Islamic group targets women newscasters in Gaza

French magazines on edge as celebrity tipster faces jail in Saddam oil scandal

Robert Spencer: Remembering Tashbih Sayyed. His fearless commitment to the truth set him apart from his contemporaries

Action on Darfur: Bush tightens sanctions on Sudan over Darfur

Ethiopia honors victims of Marxist junta

Abu Khawla, Tunisian secularist and reformist: A Call for President Mubarak to Free Abdul Kareem. Arabic version here.

While world looks the other way: Burma extends Suu Kyi’s detention

Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa in the footsteps of their buddy Chavez: Morales, Correa target TV foes

Tiananmen massacre still continues today. Eighteen years since the repression of the anti-corruption and pro-democracy movement, Han Dongfang, founder of the first free Chinese trade union, looks at the current situation of human and civil rights in his country and warns that continued repression and terror against the people can only undermine society as a whole

Il massacro di Tiananmen dura ancora oggi. A diciotto anni dalla repressione del movimento anti-corruzione e pro-democrazia, Han Dongfang – fondatore del primo sindacato libero cinese – analizza l’attuale situazione dei diritti umani e civili nel Paese e lancia l’allarme: continuare a reprimere con il terrore il popolo porterà allo sgretolamento dell’intera società

What if it was not Paris Hilton, but any other ordinary citizen? Would he/she be pardoned so easily?

Washington Times: Justice for Sierra Leone?

Jaime Leygonier, enviado por Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, esposa de nuestro amigo Darsi Ferrer, sobre el arresto del mismo en La Habana en el dia de ayer: SEGURIDAD DEL ESTADO SECUESTRÓ AL DR. FERRER

Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy Joins Young Venezuelan Students in Solidarity

Darsi Ferrer: Anciana Muere por Derrumbe

Cuban doctors go into hiding. NAMIBIA has put the brakes on 13 Cuban doctors living in Namibia travelling to the United States, where they have sought asylum

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: El candado de la historia

Aini Martín Valero: Movimiento Plantados realiza actividad// Se reagrupa el Movimiento Las Marianas

Vigilia por Pedro Luis Boitel


May 26, 2007

The Olmert administration seems to have realized that the Palestinian Authority is made up with blood-thirsty thugs and as such they are legitimate targets: IDF arrests Hamas education minister

Salim Mansur: Fifty-Nine Years of Hate. Arabs still deny Israel’s right to exist

Investors’ Business Daily: And Now, Al-Qaida In Lebanon

Fight on, Lebanon. “Fatah al-Islam” wages Syria’s war by proxy

Lebanon Fights Al-Qaeda. Our allies need the support of their freedom-loving friends

Business as usual at Amnesty International

Sderot: Still Under Fire. Israelis continue to suffer as a woman loses her life to a Qassam missile

People of Sderot, I am with you. Sderot residents call for action in Gaza. Poll reveals 71 percent of Sderot residents want military action in Gaza Strip, even if it means increased Qassam attacks; 94 percent blame government for poor security situation. A woman was killed by a rocket and Israel did its duty by fighting back and targetting Qassam cells. According to the Italian FM, Israel should simply sit back and stand idly by while the Nazis massacre the Jews. Here’s a short videoclip showing a Qassam rocket falling right next to a Sderot gas station.

The Olmert government does a right thing and a wrong one.

United – with anti-semites – Nations Watch: Jewish NGO denied U.N. status

Fred Thompson on sex trafficking and United Nations.

No, I am not surprised: ‘Soviets engineered Six Day War’

Muslim cabdrivers refusing blind passengers in Australia. But now they may face fines.

No suprise at all here: Jihadis aspire to ‘conquer France’

He he he he… Ha ha ha ha..

Olivier Guitta: Al Qaeda’s new strategy

Rosie O’Donnell without make-up (h/t: no2liberals)

Torture according to GITMO detainees. The Islamic Fascists and Assassins detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are seething and whining over horrific tortures they are going through..: being forced to read a newsletter full of ‘crap,’ being forced to use unscented deodorant and shampoo and having to play sports with a ball that would not bounce. Human Rights First is outraged and is asking for the brutal torturers to end this depravity and grant all of the detainees a ball that bounces, a decent newsletter and the possibility to read emails containing nice messages such as ‘death to the infidels’, ‘jihad is our way’ , instead of disgusting crap such as ‘learn to love life and renounce to your ideology of death, supremacism and violence’. (Pls, note my sarcasm)

From Hitler Mouse to Mother’s Suicide Mission. New horror video incites Palestinians to commit acts of terror

Canadian Coalition for Democracies: Canada must not fund Palestinian terror through UNRWA

Fjordman: The totalitarian character of Multiculturalism

FPM: Iranian “Reform” Charades. The mullahs – Rafsanjani, Khatami,Khamenei and Ahmadinejad – are all Islamic fundamentalists

In un paese serio, con una giustizia che funziona, uno come Sofri avrebbe l’ergastolo senza sconti di pena per il crimine che ha commesso.

At the beginning, Al-Hurra was established as a tool against the spread of Islamist propaganda. But it has been taken over by the Islamists. So, today we have another arabic TV airing anti-semitism. Your taxes at work, again. Arabic-Language Channel Airs Anti-Israel Comments from Hamas, Hezbollah

From the Jawa Report: Blogger receives threats after posting story on Islamberg

Religious Apartheid alert: Saudis arrest Christian for entering Mecca

We noted a story about a Pakistani girl murdered for ‘honor’ in Manchester, UK. Today we learn that her ‘husband’ has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The Weekly Standard: The Bureaucrats’ Revenge. Claudia Rosett: Crying Wolfowitz . . while the United Nations bankrolls dictators.

Rich Lowry: Michael Moore’s Sickness

Spanish blogger Lady Vorzheva is covering the upcoming Spanish local elections and reports of absolutely disgusting attitudes of the current socialist government, which include multiple aggressions to members of the Popular Party.

Daniel Pipes: Support the secularists in Turkey

Daniel Pipes: Un momento cruciale per la Turchia

The Hollywood crowd is a bunch of morons.

A very sad news, as the well-known Pakistani secularist and anti-Islamist essayist Tashbih Sayyed has passed away..

Austin Bay: Ending Darfur’s Genocide. Washington Post: Time’s Up to Act on Darfur

I saw this yacht during a trip I made a few years ago in northern Sardinia, in a port of the Emerald Coast. Saudi and Persian Gulf Sheikhs love to spend days here in Sardinia, many even bringing in a couple of Western girls for their harem, while women in their countries are forced into submission. I fear this yatch is ready to land in the north Sardinia now that summer nears.


May 25, 2007

Genocide being committed by an Al Qaeda-linked Arab/Islamist regime, with the material and economic support of the Arab regimes, Russia and China. And that is openly justified by fascists like Moammar Gaddafi. This is Darfur, and we chose to look the other way. Darfur, which many see as less important than, say, the Palestinian ‘plight’..

Victims outside of the village of Adwa.

Individual killed in Amaka Sara by helicopter gunship attack

burning of the village of Um Zeifa after the Janjaweed looted and attacked

Mihad Hamid, a year old girl, whose mother had attempted to escape an attack from helicopter gunships and Janjaweed marauders on their village, Alliet, in October 2004. Mihad had been hit by a bullet, puncturing her lungs.A man who was shot in the back of his arm by a government soldier upon returning to his village.

Fighting has destroyed villages like Burunga, now a ghost town

A young victim of the violence, now a refugee in Nyala


May 15, 2007

The genocidal and blood-thirsty gang of Hamas fired seventeen rockets into the Israeli city of Sderot, injuring several children, among the others. They threatens to fire dozens more. The threat must be seriously. After all, they can thank their European and American donors for giving them the possibility to build such expensive rockets. Our taxes at work. Of course, Israel is morally obligated to defend herself and announces it will respond harshly. Prepare for the international outcry from the usual hypocrits. One Jerusalem has a couple of must-see videos showing the aftermath of the attack and the moment when some rockets were being launched.

The Italian government’s best interlocutor has been sent to meet the 72 virgins Satan. Taliban’s top commander, Mullah Dadullah, has been killed.

A beautiful photo I was waiting to see

Magdi Allam: Moschee, è l’ora dei provvedimenti

From The-World-Has-Gone-Nuts Department: US and Europe united in forgetting that Jerusalem is the historical and eternal capital of Israel. Even more worrisome is the fact that a significant percentage of the Israeli public opinion is willing to commit suicide and canceling centuries of history.

The Nazis’ Mickey Mouse continues to preach hate to Palestinian kids

New York Daily News’ Editorial: There Can Be No Peace With Hate

Hamas Kindergarten

Majority of Europeans not yet recovered from Fascist indoctrination. In America, Jews have always been protected. In Europe, they ended up in the gas chambers.

A bit of sanity from the EU: EU proposes monitoring radical mosques , which are the absolute majority.

This confirms what we have been saying: Saddam Regime Provided Funding To Al-Jazeera TV

Probable ‘honor’ killing in UK

The victim was only 17

Al-Qaeda planning militant Islamic state within Iraq

Good news, as the US is winning the war against Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines.

Mohammad Fadhil, ‘Iraq the Model’ weblog: U.S. should stay and fight

Intervista a Mario Lozano, il soldato italo-americano che gli italiani vogliono mettere al rogo per via delle accuse della stalinista Sgrena.

Excellent news: Michael Moore Faces U.S. Treasury Probe

(h/t: Babalu )

One million Turks marched again in favor of secularism and against Islamism.

Caroline Glick: Hirsi Ali’s Challenge to Humanity

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Can Secular Turkey Survive Democracy?.

John Howard, Australian Prime Minister: Muslims must assimilate

Cina e Russia continuerebbero ad armare le milizie sudanesi. La Cina e la Russia sono state accusate di fornire armi all’esercito sudanese e, di conseguenza, alle milizie janjaweed, in pieno contrasto quindi con quanto sancito nel 2005 dalla risoluzione del Consiglio di Sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite. La notizia, pubblicata dal quotidiano britannico Timesonline, precisa che l’accusa è contenuta in un report pubblicato l’8 maggio da Amnesty International, dove viene denunciato il comportamento dei governi di Mosca è Pechino che, nonostante l’embargo sulle armi imposto al Sudan, continuerebbero a vendere materiale bellico al governo di Khartoum


May 15, 2007

Newt weighs joining presidential race. I really hope he does.

New apostasy bill to impose death on anyone who leaves Islam. Pakistan’s government sends draft bill tabled by six-party Islamic alliance to standing committee for review. Under the bill’s terms, apostates would be sentenced to death or life in prison. Testimony by two adults is the only independent evidence needed to determine or demonstrate apostasy. Lahore archbishop is praying the bill is never adopted.

Nuova legge sull’apostasia, a morte chi abbandona l’Islam. Il governo pachistano ha inviato alla Commissione permanente un nuovo testo di legge presentato dall’Alleanza dei partiti islamici che punisce con la morte o l’ergastolo chi si converte ed abbandona l’Islam. Per essere condannati, basta la testimonianza di due adulti. Arcivescovo di Lahore prega affinché non venga approvato

Be a tyrant and corrupt if you wanna be given a privileged role at the United – with dictators – Nations: Zimbabwe to head key U.N. body . The U.N. is morally evil.

A must-read that confirms my claim about Sarkozy being a ‘right-wing socialist’ in the economic sphere, rather than a ‘Tachterite’: Sarkozy Is No Free Market Capitalist. David Warren reminds that Sarkozy’s global warming-focused victory speech makes him no that different than the other leaders of the non-Anglo Saxon world. An op-ed at Weekly Standard describes him as a ‘protectionist’

Liberal Arabs Rising. Arab authors criticize support for terrorism in Muslim society

Islamic regime enforces Gender Apartheid and Sharia in Iran: Men and Women to be separated in hospitals

Hope in art for Iran’s Death Row children. The Islamic Republic regijme couldn’t stand the international echo the art of Delara Darabi led to, and they decided to take away all of her art works and belongings.

Iranian human rights activists in Sweden angry at the Swedish gov’t’s decision to welcome Islamic Republic’s ‘foreign minister’ during an official visit.

Pakistan Christians Receive Threatening Letters Urging Conversion

Before making a hero of someone, let us think twice. Moral Equivalenc Alert: Pope compares Marxism (that is, communism) with Capitalism (that is, liberal democracy and free markets, the onlyt system that protects the individual’s political, social and economic freedoms.

Bella riflessione quella di Enzo di 1972, della quale condivido tutto. Che i liberali in Italia non esistano, è un dato di fatto. Premetto che della politica italiana non mi interesso granchè, mentre sono più concentrata su quella americana, dato che gli Usa saranno presto il mio nuovo paese d’accoglienza. Sono di destra, ma ritengo che la vera destra è liberale. Il che significa che se sono contro gli integralisti islamici, non posso appoggiare gli integralisti religiosi anche cattolici che vorrebbero limitare le scelte individuali di ogni essere umano. Si può essere d’accordo o meno con il riconoscimento giuridico delle coppie di fatto e delle convivenze (io sono d’accordo), ma anche chi non è d’accordo e preferisce sposarsi, non può e non ha il diritto di proibire agli altri di convivere. Al giorno d’oggi la Chiesa ha contribuito ad allontanare i credenti per via delle sue posizioni integraliste su aborto, unioni civili, convivenze ,eccetera. Difendo la convinvenza perchè la convinvenza permette all coppia di conoscersi meglio e di sposarsi solo se si è sicuri. Si dice che tanto si può divorziare.Il divorzio la Chiesa lo ha avversato per molto tempo. E’ così facile divorziare, dovendo andare in giro per tribunali ed avvocati? I figli soffrono molo per la separazione dei genitori. Fosse per me, io conviverei tutta la vita, sarà perchè sono atea e non credo nel sacramento del matrimonio. Ma ritengo che chi decide di convivere debba avere GLI STESSI DIRITTI di chi è sposato. E ciò vale anche per le coppie omosessuali. Non sto dicendo che debbano avere più diritti, perchè io sono la prima a non volerlo. Ma gli stessi diritti, questo sì. Non sono a favore del matrimonio tra omosessuali, nè all’adozione dei bambini. Ma sulle unioni civili sono d’accordo. Visto che difendiamo tanto la famiglia e siamo per il matrimonio religioso, cerchiamo anche di dire alla nostra classe dirigente che se oggi non ci si sposa, è anche perchè non si hanno le possibilità economiche di farlo. Da una parte abbiamo gli ipocriti che vanno al Family Day, ma allo stesso tempo sono loro stessi divorziati, e fidanzati con ragazze giovani (vedasi Casini) oppure tradiscono la moglie e si portano un’harem di donne (come Berlusconi). Dall’altra abbiamo chi rivendica orgogli laici dimenticandosi che siamo comunque un paese laico e vede pericoli laddove non ce ne sono, mentre dimentica che al giorno d’oggi le questioni davvero importanti sono la difesa dell’Occidente dall’aggressione islamica che sta avvenendo mentre noi si parla di DICO. Inoltre, prima di essere papisti a tutti i costi, ricordiamoci che il Papa ha accolto a braccia aperte il macellaio islamico Mohammed Khatami, mentre a chi si permette di criticare le sue posizioni integraliste sulle questioni etiche, lo bolla come “terrorista”. Invece, per il Papa terrorista Khatami non lo è, vero? E’ una riflessione serena, non anti-clericale, perchè non sono anti-clericale. Semplicemente sono di una destra libeale che, come diceva Popper, non può non essere a favore dei diritti dell’individuo a fare ciò che vuole a patto che ciò non violi i diritti di terze persone.

Gates of Vienna: On Bureaucracy, Liberty and the Rule of Law

Ha ha ha ha ha… ha ha ha ha

Courageous act of resistance in China, as an unkwown individual damaged the huge portrait of the responsible for the genocide of 2 million Chinese in his ‘cultural’ revolution: Mao Tse Tung, in Bejing.

FPM: Why aren’t Chinese dissenters as well known as Sakharov and Sharansky?

Syria jails activist for D.C. meetings

Opinion Journal: Putin wants to disbar Russia’s most distinguished human-rights lawyer

Condoleeza Rice: U.S. Ties to Russia Complicated Over Putin’s Moves to Consolidate Power

Alvaro Vargas Llosa: Latin America’s Idiot Populist Leaders

Washington Post: Venezuela Continues to Slide

A bit of good news, as a judge dropped charges against Cuban freedom fighter Luis Posada Carriles.

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: La cara pública de la moneda. (Serie No.Ocho)

Dying To Flee Cuba. Thursday’s shootout at Havana International Airport by army conscripts seeking to flee Cuba underlines how badly Cuban youth want out. The mutineers will be executed, but it’s the regime that’s dying

Darsi Ferrer: Cómplices del Crimen Internacional del Apartheid

Silvio Bénitez Márquez: Actividad contestaria de activistas del occidente del pais en el lanzamiento del partido liberal nacional cubano

Ladies in White marching in Havana on Mother’s Day

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: La cara pública de la moneda. (Serie No.9)

Enviado por Martha Beatriz via email: “José Díaz Silva me pidió que divulgara estas fotos de actividades que se hicieron en el mes de diciembre del 2004 unos días antes de él caer preso y que no había podido divulgar.”


April 19, 2007

Hope for the people of Darfur, as the United State is planning to take action to stop the genocide.End Darfur violence or face sanctions, Bush tells Sudan. “No-fly zone” over Darfur possible if Sudan doesn’t comply. I am really praying that this time they’re not only words. On the contrary, I don’t think a UN force would resolve would make the difference.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. If you needed more evidence, you just have to take a look at the anti-Zionist conspiracy theory promoted by this Palestinian, writing for nothing less but the Jerusalem Post. So much for the claims according to which the Arabs have no rights in Israel. The day when Jews can criticize Arab leaders in Arab newspapers, I’ll be glad to report it here.

Anti-Semitic incidents worldwide doubled in 2006

Lo scrittore algerino Yasmina Kadra ricorda a quest’Europa che dorme e si fa illusioni, che è lei il bersaglio del terrorismo islamico. “La jihad è globale, l’obiettivo è l’Europa”

I am against death penalty and am an advocate for life-term sentences for criminals. However, I agree with this article that states that the campaign by the abolitionists to save terrorists and genocidal mass murderers from a well-deserved death sentence is absurd and disgusting.

Washington Times: U.N. a haven for despots

Jeremiah’s post on the French hostages held by the Taliban.

Three hundred thousand Turks protest attack on Turkey’s secularism by the Islamists.

Norwegian-Somalian Kadra, who became famous in Norway for exposing imam support of female circumcision, was beaten unconscious

The Italian government’s interlocutors beat up dancers in Pakistan

Khartoum’s enablers in Beijing . Chinese Communists and Islamist genocide

The faces of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. People don’t stop killers. People with guns do. In Italy, we hear everyday about young Italian students who harass physologically and even physically other students, guilty with faring good with studies or refusing to follow imposed models and life-styles (such as drinking alchol and smoking at just 11 years old). Harassment often includes beatings against handicapped students.

Massive rally in Pakistan against Islamists

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism. What the Left doesn’t want you to know about the most successful economic way of life in the world

An interesting reading about soccer violence and the culture of illegality in Italy (h/t:Jeremiah )

Putin’s police arrest Garry Kasparov and peaceful democrats

New York Sun: Kasparov’s Arrest Spells Trouble

The Putin regime targets Estonia for planning to take down a Soviet statue

André Glucksmann: Se l’Europa guarda da un’altra parte. Quando i carri armati del blocco sovietico soffocarono la Primavera di Praga, nove dissidenti andarono a manifestare sulla Piazza Rossa di Mosca. Solo pochi intellettuali europei si commossero e riuscirono a salvare quegli eroi solitari dai manicomi dove la polizia politica li aveva rinchiusi. E tuttavia ventun anni dopo, le cancellerie e gli stati maggiori dell’Occidente scoprivano stupefatti che Solzenicyn, Sakharov, Bukovski e i nove dell’agosto 1968 avevano sconfitto l’impero comunista.

Ukraine’s Constitutional Crisis.From orange disappointment to democratic opportunity

Tens of thousands of Kyrgiz protestors call on the current president to keep promises.

Repression continues in the wonderful islands of the Maldives, as the regime there has hacked the largest opposition website.

The Cuban Opposition finally puts differences aside for the sake of democracy in their island.Today in Havana the long anticipated UNITY of the opposition has been announced. The official statement.

Unidad por la Libertad. Mensaje al Pueblo de Cuba y a los pueblos del mundo



Llegan a Miami una veintena de inmigrantes cubanos

We reported his essays many times. They were a detailled account of the Cuban reality and the injusticesn perpetrated against the Cuban people by the Castros. He was threatened several times with being arrested; he was fined and even beaten. But now he has been arrested and condemned to 4 years in prison after a summary trial without the right to hire a lawyer. By knowing his valiant attitude, he won’t be intimidated, nor will he cave in to his repressors. He will likely adopt the civil desobedience he always advocated. Oscar Sánchez Madan is a valiant outspoken anti-communist freedom fighter, member of the “Alternative Option” Independent Movement. Cuban journalist sentenced to 4 years in jail

Periodista independiente cubano condenado a 4 años en juicio sumarísimo

Oscar Sánchez Madan

Cuban asylum seekers hold protest march in the Cayman Islands against likely deportation to Cuba.


March 26, 2007

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalism and Islam: Sharia vs European constitutions. Problems in Holland and Denmark. Great Britain as an example: decades of multiculturalism that have lead to ghettos, closure, radicalism of Islamic communities. Women ever penalized. Being European citizens involves having the duty to integrate.

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalismo e Islam: la Sharia contro le costituzioni europee. I problemi in Olanda e Danimarca. L’esempio della Gran Bretagna: decenni di multiculturalismo hanno portato a ghetti, chiusure e radicalismo delle comunità islamiche. Sempre penalizzate le donne. Essere cittadini europei implica avere dei doveri di integrazione.

Bill Roggio: Al Qaeda’s Pakistan Sanctuary- Musharraf appeases the Taliban

Movie on Iranian Women’s Anti-Apartheid Struggle. A new movie features Iranian women disguising as men in order to enter the Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch a soccer match between Iran and Bahrain. See herehere and here. (h/t: Gateway Pundit)

I had posted it two posts ago, but the link was broken. Here is the news: Sudanese women to be stoned for adultery

Our good friend Sam of Sandmonkey was at an anti-Mubarak protest in Cairo, where police detained and beaten up some of his friends. Read his post here. And no, the protesters were NOT Islamists. They were secular, liberal reformists. The Islamists sit in the Parliament, while the secular democrats are in prison. The only constitutional amendment I agree with is the following:Article 5: Bans political activity/parties based on religion. If that means banning the Islamo-Fascist Muslim Brotherhood, then I agree strongly with it. As for the other articles, it’s evident that they aim to strenghten the hand of Mubarak and undermine any prospect of democracy. The MB must be outlawed, its members thrown in prison, while the secular reformers must be released and allowed to sit in Parliament.

Angola rushes to help Mugabe slain his democratic opponents. Catholic Archbishop Urges Zimbabweans To Topple Mugabe.

Bono gets it wrong on Africa, again. Instead of pouring money to Africa, given that they have never contributed to enrich the populations (on the contrary, they are poorer), the West should support a Make Dictatorship History initiative.

Kinshasa di nuovo nelle mani di Kabila.Da giovedì 22 marzo la Repubblica democratica del Congo è di nuovo ripiombata nella spirale della violenza. Questa volta il teatro degli scontri  è la capitale Kinshasa, dove si stanno affrontando  le Forze armate leali al presidente Joseph Kabila e l’esercito personale di Jean-Pierra Bemba, leader dell’opposizione  ed ex-vice presidente di transizione, a carico del quale le autorità congolesi  hanno già emesso un mandato di cattura. Secondo le informazioni diramate dalle agenzie internazionali, gli incidenti hanno avuto inizio quando i miliziani fedeli al senatore Bemba si sono rifiutati di consegnare le armi alle autorità nazionali

Lech Walesa: A letter to the people of Cuba 



Ricardo Aguilar García: Denuncia de represión contra líderes del MLC y CAPPF 

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Causa y efecto del deficiente transporte público

Realizan Ayuno en Biblioteca Independiente



March 22, 2007

My article at Real Clear Politics: The Human Cost of Iran’s Islamist Rule

For the first time in years, there is a diplomatic crisis between Italy and the United States over five Taliban thugs whose release was demanded by the Italian govt to the Afghan one, in exchange for the release of an Italian leftist reporter. As I wrote previously, the Left caved into the Taliban blackmail (it wants the Dark Ages terrorists to attend the International Conference on Afghanistan!). According to unconfirmed claims by the intelligence service, the Taliban freed might be much more. Also, Foreign Minister D’alema said he had told the US about such a deal, during his meetings in Washington. The State Dept. dismissed those claims as “lies”. Italy is not reliable, his FM even tells lies about his official meetings. Don’t worry, because this gov’t is not going to last long. In the meantime, the US is rightly upset.

Magdi Allam: L’Italia sta diventato la sdoganatrice dei terroristi sulla scena internazionale?

Still hope in Europe: Seven people who raised money for Colombian and Palestinian terrorists through T-shirt sales have been charged under Denmark’s anti-terror law, a prosecutor said Thursday 

Crackdown on freedom of opinion, in the name of multiculturalism: France fires official for opposing Muslim school

A bit of good news from Europe: French Court Rules for Newspaper That Printed Muhammad Cartoons 

Another crime in the name of ‘honor’: Husband rips wife’s eyes out after she refuses sex 

While the world looks the other way: Two Sudanese Women from Darfur Sentenced To Death By Stoning 

Weekly Standard: Khartoum continues to kill 

Boston Review: Iran’s Other Religion – Most Iranians under the age of 25—who make up 50 percent of the overall population—consider themselves agnostic 

Chinese wife goes after Yahoo to free her husband from prison

Mugabe using hit squads 

 Mugabe's Campaign 

The new Publius Pundit is here! 

Surgeon offers answers on metastatic breast cancer. Prognosis Worrisome With Cancer’s Return .I agree with Charles of LGF when he writes that we must wish Edwards’ wife success in her fight against breast cancer. They are our political adversaries, but when it comes to this disease, we should put politics aside for a moment.

Damas de Blanco de Camaguey y Ciego de Ávila reciben apoyo de la población en su recorrido a la Iglesia. “Tengan fe no desmayen…”, Ellos no debían de estar presos…” “Oramos por ustedes..” “Tengan cuidado.. que no les vayan a hacer nada malo…”, dijeron muchas personas del pueblo. “El pueblo nos apoya, el pueblo ya sabe la verdad…los actos de repudio no provienen del pueblo, el pueblo sabe que sólo pedimos que se haga justicia”

Another video of the fascistic aggression against the peaceful Ladies in White carried out by the usual Castroite mobs led and organized by the political police. After such a brutal act of harassment, the Ladies received the solidarity of the ordinary Cubans.

Comisión de atención a los presos políticos y familiares: Se crea segundo buró de la CAPPF 

Cuba’s “Black Spring” commemorated in Camagüey and Villa Clara

Arrestado e incomunicado en la Habana Secretario General de la Confederación Obrera Nacional Independiente de Cuba

Carlos Serpa Maceira : Conmemora Movimiento Sindical Independiente en Cuba Aniversario de la Primavera Negra 


March 18, 2007

Three more Taliban thugs will be again free to join the terror war on Afghanistan. The unpopular Italian government caved in to the demands of some Taliban kidnappers holding an Italian journalist for the center-left paper “La Repubblica”. No link to the story in English yet, but I will post it here as soon as I find it.

Il governo italiano fa la corte ai Talebani ed si arrende alle loro richieste. Oggi gli italiani in Afghanistan ed Iraq saranno in maggior pericolo di essere rapiti, perchè i terroristi sanno che per avere concessioni, devono rivolgersi ai loro amici Prodi e D’Alema, i quali sono sempre pronti a leccargli il culo.

The Italian government pays Tunisian Al Qaeda suspect.

New York Post: Khalid Sheik Mohammed deserves being tried by military,not civilian courts. It is a global war against evil, whether we like it or not.

U.N. cries crocodile tears

Opinion Journal: Islamosocialism

From the ‘Iraq-Is-a-Quagmire’ Department: Baghdad deaths fall after security drive

Indian Islamo-fascists offer reward to any Muslim who decapitates Bangladeshi feminist activist Taslima Nasreen

In Darfur commessi crimini di guerra

Cyrus Kar, director of the movie clip “In Search of Cyrus the Great”: The Truth Behind “300”

From Gateway Pundit: Video Shows Beatings & Death of Zimbabwean Opposition Leaders

I have always affirmed that Africa’s evils are to blame on the ignorance of many African societies, but – above all – on the leaders of each African country. Not only dictators, corrupt rulers, but “magicians” turned “presidents”, too. As in the case of Gambia, where the president claims he dreamed a ‘powerful medicine’ capable to treat HIV, creating false hopes among the thousands of AIDS victims of his country.

Ho sempre detto che i mali dell’Africa sono da imputare principalmente all’ignoranza di molte comunità locali, ma sopratutto, ai leader di ogni nazione del Continente. Non solo dittatori e governanti corrotti che si arricchiscono intascandosi i soldi degli aiuti internazionali che dovrebbero andare alle popolazioni. Ma molto è imputabile anche ai cosidetti ‘maghi’ divenuti ‘presidenti’, come nel caso del Gambia, il cui presidente afferma di aver sognato una miracolosa cura contro l’AIDS. Povera Africa..

Former agents for the regime of Fidel Castro reveal what has for years been covered up: Castro directly ordened the death of would-be communist tyrant Salvador Allende, because the regime was aware that Allende was about to surrender.

Ex-agentes del gobierno castrista han revelado que Fidel dio la orden de liquidar a Allende

Eloy A González: Los que se sumaron a los justos. En ocasión del 4to. Aniversario de la Primavera Negra de Cuba

March 1, 2007

U.S. says would not extradite CIA agents to Italy . The US did the right thing

Discover the Network: The Radical Face of Palestinian “Moderation” . Mahmoud Abbas’s political resume is replete with lies, deceit, and praise for the sacrifices of “the martyrs.”

Magdi Allam, Il Corriere della Sera: No Dialogue With Those Who Refuse to Recognise Israel

Magdi Allam: Minacce a Nosheen, aiuta le pachistane a studiareHa 24 anni, vive a Carpi, fa parte della Commissione pari opportunità

Why am I supporting Giuliani? Not because he’s an Italian-American,but because he has the right ideas on foreign and domestic policy.In my opinion, he’s the best of the GOP candidates for 2008.

Gender equality, Islamist-style . And two more ‘honor’ killings in Pakistan.

Sen. Brownback: Genocide Won’t Be Tolerated in Darfur . International court names first suspects to be accused of war crimes in Darfur

Boston Globe: The blogger and the pharaoh . An Egyptian blogger wrote a comment telling me of this video about the real nature of the Mubarak’s regime and its repressive methods used to imprison liberal-minded and secular bloggers and dissidents like Abdel Kareem or Ayman Nour.

Free Thoughts scares the Chinese censors! This blog is censored in China. Type this blog’s url into this site and see by yourself.

World Court faults Serbia in genocide

Hasta La Vista, Free Speech.Hugo Chávez consolidates his hold on Venezuela’s media

Nearly Two Dozen Cubans fled Castro’s Cuba and land in Key West, Florida.

Veteran anti-Batista and anti-Castro freedom fighter dies in Miami.He fought alongside Castro during the revolution against Batista, but was one of the many revolutionaries who were not communist and who fought to restore democracy instead of establishing communism. Chanes de Armas with President Bush.


January 28, 2007

The Righteous Among the Nations are all those who not only say “Never Forget”, but who are committed to prevent that from becoming “Again”. Never forget: anti-semitism and anti-zionism ARE THE SAME THING.

UN approves resolution condemning Holocaust denial

Islamism strikes again in Iran. While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO?

Indonesia Jihadist Admits To Beheading Christian Girls.Not even in front of a horrific beheading does the mainstream media calls the murderers with their true name. Whatever crime, they’re still “militants”..

Magdi Allam:L’imam: «Giusto picchiare le donne» .«È l’Islam che lo dice. Il Corano lo ordina». Verona, dopo la predica Amal massacrata dal marito. Lo ha denunciato: ora vive barricata in casa con i figli

Cause they don’t know what they are doing. She may be unaware, but her friends Hizballah would stone her to death for just posing like this. I guess she would regret for supporting the terror gang if they would seize power.

Yet another ‘honor’ killing in Jordan: Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

Off Topic cartoon:

Foul Weather

Human Rights First: Sudan Must Not Lead the African Union. Electing Sudan to chair the African Union would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house

More updates on Abdelkareem Nabil, the Secularist,anti-Islamist Egyptian blogger arrested by our ‘secular’ and ‘moderate’ friends in the Mubarak gov’t , for speaking out against jihad preaching at Al-Azhar.

Russia, before and after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

Fotos de Actividades de Las Damas de Blanco

January 26, 2007

Time Poll: Giuliani would beat Clinton, Edwards or Obama if elections were held today. Rudolph Giuliani is an Italian-American, proud of its origin, but with a charisma I’d like the Italian politicians to have (but I don’t hold my breath). He is an Italian american I can be proud of. The Italian-Americans are not only Nanci Pelosi, of course.

Magdi Allam: Se la poligamia viene rivendicata come un diritto

Al Qaeda in Gaza.

Docs Seized in Iraq Reveal Plan for Attack in U.S.

Mohammed Fadhil (Iraq The Model): Iraq’s future doesn’t rest on the outcome of a coin flip. I have an advise to the Bush administration: withdraw the troops, and let the Dems handle the aftermath in Iraq. Let them take the responsibility to deal with the real quagmire that would result after retreat.

A bit of good news: Flip Flop won’t run for president

Newt Weighs In.The former Speaker weighs in on winning campaigns, Iraq, and what might happen in 2008

Amil Imani: Would Iran’s Mullahs Use the Bomb?

A must-read on Israel, from maybe the only sane journalist at the Kuwait Times

Prodi friend of Kgb, according to statements made by the late Russian dissident and kgb defector. The Left in Italy is furious at BBC’s decision to broadcast this report.

Christians under Attack in China.The concept of religious freedom is lost on Beijing

And the Chinese Communist butchers keep on censoring the Internet: China’s Hu vows to “purify” Internet

Washington Times: Genocide continues in Darfur

NGO says Russia probes Chechnya link to slain reporter

Investor’s Business Daily: A Dictatorship Rises in Venezuela

Noticuba Internacional: Algo que debemos conocer

Enviado por Carlos Serpa Maceira: Damas de Blanco Realizan Té Literario

De izquierda a derecha aparecen Katia Martín Velez; el invidente Juan Carlos González Leyva, presidente de la Fundación Cubana de Derechos Humanos; Isabel Ramos; la periodista Tania Maceda; Berta Soler Fernández; Lidia Lima; el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira, y Gisela Sánchez

De izquierda a derecha, el padre Ricardo Medina Salabria, del Catolicado Ortodoxo Bizantino de Cuba; Lidia Lima, Berta Soler Fernández; Tania Maceda, Isabel Ramos; Juan Carlos González Leyva y Katia Martín Velez. Foto: Carlos Serpa Maceira.

January 5, 2007

Al Qaeda TV .Qaeda’s increasing sophistication, and our continuing confusion

Astounding bit of sanity from the new U.N. secretary general: New U.N. Chief Defends Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein – “Saddam Hussein was responsible for committing heinous crimes and unspeakable atrocities against the Iraqi people,” Ban said in his first news conference as secretary general.

Last Vestiges

Michelle Malkin is going to Iraq, let us wish her a safe trip

Da Prodi per Prodi.Zitto zitto, il premier ha rinnovato il contratto statale a suo fratello. E ha pure partecipato al voto. E attaccava le leggi ad personam di Berlusconi…

‘Muslims should integrate into British values’. No, the opposite, according to this article published in (where else?) The Guardian.

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney eyes 2008 bid

SMCCDI: Four more executed in Iran

SMCCDI: Altre quattro esecuzioni in Iran

U.N. troops in south Sudan raping children: report

December 9, 2006

From The-World-Has-Gone-Nuts Department: Middle East peace conference without Israel . This is the ‘new course’ the European cowards want America to take. And Hamas states what we already knew, showing once again that their leaders in gov’t, including Haniyah himself, must be legitime target for assassination by the Israel Defense Forces. No mercy with terrorists and would-be exterminators.

Jeane Kirkpatrick,R.I.P .

Then & Now

Sudanese Human Rights Activist founds Sudanese-Israeli Friendship Association

Natan Sharansky to get US Presidential Medal of Freedom

Christians Flee Growing Islamic Fundamentalism in the Holy Land

Editorial: Media Shows Irrational Hysteria on Global Warming

Charles Krauthammer: That Murder in London

Bolivia Closer to Civil War

Comienzan represalias contra celebraciones , en La Habana, por el Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos

Cuban citizens support the non-cooperation and civil desobedience campaign launched by the political prisoners and spread by the opposition. News in Spanish here.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Respaldo Popular en Cuba a la Campaña Yo No Coopero con la Dictadura

A citizen of Isla de Pinos is seen reading a leaflets of the campaign

Some are even attaching the signs of the campaign on their houses’ doors. An example below, in a house of Old Havana

November 21, 2006

As the UN-led ‘peacekeepers’ are busy searching Israeli aircrafts to gun down, Syria and Hizballah (with the help of the Islamic regime in Iran) kill another anti-Syrian occupation Lebanese official. Lebanese Cabinet minister, Pierre Gemayel, is killed. We are gonna see another civil war, started by the forces of terror in Lebanon, while the blue helmets, once again, will be staying idle. May I already affirm the failure of the UN ‘mission’ ? Just this early morning, the Opinion Journal published the following op-ed by Michael Young, Don’t let Syria get away with killing Rafik Hariri . Sandmonkey has the first photos of the reactions of the Lebanese to this crime.

Mentre i caschi blu sono impegnati a scovare i caccia israeliani da abbattere, la Siria e gli Hezbollah (con l’aiuto del regime islamico in Iran) hanno ucciso un’altro nemico dell’occupazione siriana, il ministro libanese cristiano Pierre Gemayel. Il popolo libanese, quello che i tg non ci fanno mai vedere, scenderà in piazza e farà sentire la propria voce.Assisteremo ad un’altra guerra civile scatenata ancora una volta dai terroristi, il tutto sotto gli occhi dell’Onu (come accadde in Ruanda). Credo di poter già affermare che la ‘missione’ Onu è fallita da un pò, ma pare che molti non se ne siano accorti.

Israel thinks the right thing. No mercy with terrorists, whether they are in the streets or occupying ‘government’ posts. Israeli Official: Hamas Leadership Should be Assassinated

Speaking of the anti-Israel resolution passed by the U.N. Security Council, ambassador Bolton tells things nobody is willing to. Read the whole thing and enjoy the moment, as the Democrats might be preparing a bad surprise.

Magdi Allam: «L’islam in Italia? Tutto bene» .Un Dvd (idilliaco) per le scuole

Salim Mansur: Geneva Convention rules don’t apply to Gitmo jihadists

I don’t know if you’d care, but I am rooting for Newt Gingrich

Opinion Journal: So who really is responsible for the mess in Italy?

An Italian poll found that, if elections were held today, about 57% vote center-right and only 41% for the left. A majority of Italians also thinks Prodi is performing very bad. Hence, his party’s approval rate is one of the lowest in the recent years. Communists also lost a lot, they don’t even get the 5% of support. However, the Italians say they are looking for new leaders, possibly on the right.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali surprise guest in Denmark

Because of Islamist oppression, Desperate Afghan Women Attempt Suicide By Self-Immolation

The Black Book of the Sandinistas .Remembering Ortega’s Marxist Gulag

FPM: The UN solution to global warming is worse than the problem

As the America and Israel-haters focus – always – on the Palestinians : Sudan gov’t strikes N. Darfur . And the Libyan tyrant Muammar Qadhafi shows he has not changed and is still a supporter of genocide against non-Arab populations (he also committed crimes against Berbers “in the past”). Meanwhile, something that is not going to draw the international outcry: Darfur children dragged from mothers and shot


Frente para la Libertad Total de Cuba: Comunicado de Prensa de Solidaridad Con los Ciudadanos de Madruga, Cuba

Reaccionan Damas de Blanco ante Polémica Declaración de Prensa

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información sobre la celebración de actividades por el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: El pasado 2 de noviembre del 2006, se llevó a cabo un debate sobre las bibliotecas independientes y su primer. Congreso, en la organización “Asociación de Opositores Hijos de la Virgen de Regla”. Participaron en la actividad 10 personas entre ellos una persona del barrio.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Amenazan e Impiden Libertad de Movimiento a Dama de Blanco en Cuba y también: Agradecen Damas de Blanco Solidaridad del Exilio Cubano

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información recibida de la provincia de Villa Clara, vinculada con “porristas” de las Brigadas de Respuesta Rápida: – Félix Reyes Gutiérrez, director ejecutivo de Cubanacán Press, quiere hacer pública su denuncia sobre los ciudadanos: Raúl López Albelo y Guadalupe González Fraga (alias Lupe), con domicilio en la calle Camilo Cienfuegos No.37 entre Coronel Acebo y Pachito Gómez, en Ranchuelo, Villa Clara, quienes están en trámites para viajar a los Estados Unidos. Según se ha podido conocer a través de diversas fuentes, son los encargados -entre otros militantes comunistas- de haber organizado los actos de repudio -durante los años 2005 y 2006- contra los opositores pacíficos del poblado, Félix Reyes Gutiérrez, Daniel Orlando Gómez Oses, Orestes Suárez Torres, Jesús Verdecia Castillo e Ismary Poso.

November 19, 2006

UNIFIL ‘peacekeepers’ in Lebanon to indirectly wage war on Israel.

A bit of sanity from the heart of the Old Europe. Germany refuses to alter Israel ties

Gateway Pundit has more on the Islamic republic of Iran (IRI) influencing the Iraq Study Group, here and here.

Poll (in Italian) : 69% of Italians in favor of Saddam Hussein death sentence

Almeno sju questo, gli italiani non sono fessi. Il 69% degli italiani si dichiara favorevole ad eseguire la pena di morte contro l’ex dittatore iracheno Saddam Hussein

A clownish and idiotarian prime minister with Hitlerinejad, at the UN, Sept. 2006

The despicable Daily Kos (the last word means something in arabic I can’t write here) hits bottom and I believe Democrats thinking like him are not that few, after all.

Vedova partorisce un figlio, sarà lapidata. La sentenza di un tribunale saudita che ha applicato alla lettera la Sharia islamica. Non essendo sposata il suo è considerato adulterio

Wafa Sultan says ‘religion of peace’ pronouncement undermines her efforts to battle religion’s ‘barbarism’

Amil Imani : Democracy’s Problems with Islam

Milton Friedman Dies at Age 94. R.I.P.

Washington Times: Women’s rights in Pakistan

Maverick Pakistani Women Rally Against Fundamentalist Rape Laws

To Kill a Russian Journalist .Anna Politkovskaya’s murder and Russia’s spiral into its totalitarian past.

CINA/JIANGXI,CONTINUA LA PROTESTA DEGLI STUDENTI – Le autorità hanno inviato gli agenti in tenuta anti-sommossa presso un campus di Ganjiang per fermare una protesta di massa che avrebbe riunito circa 60mila universitari. Linee telefoniche e connessioni Internet tagliate dagli agenti, che hanno bloccato gli studenti dentro gli edifici.

Janjaweed regularly violate women as Darfur conflict spreads into Chad

Poor Chinese farmers again take to the streets against communist exploiters

Prague to subsidise pro-democracy projects in Belarus, Cuba

Atropello policial contra Darsi Ferrer y otros opositores pacificos

November 17, 2006

Sunnis-and-Shiites-will-never-cooperate Alerts:Islamic Republic of Iran ‘Is Training the Next al-Qa’eda Leaders’ . Plus : Islamic Republic of Iran sent 700 Somalis to fight Israel . Hamas: Islamic Republic of Iran gave gov’t $120 million in aid

Speak Out Against the Human Rights Council’s Anti-Israel Bias. Take Action

The Alliance of Incivilization is at it again

Magdi Allam: La lettera apocrifa del «ministro» Dachan

Ransom paid? Fox News reporters freed for $2 million – Claim cash used for arms to ‘hit Zionists’

Does anyone still wonder why the ‘Iraq Study Group’  is promoting appeasement of the Mullahs’ regime in Iran? You may not more wonder after you read this.

An interesting analysis on Giuliani’s bid for the 2008 Presidency.

Turning the Screws on the Dear Leader.Forget multilateral or bilateral; try punitive

Malaysian police abuse a woman

Sharia Alert : Pakistan Creates Taliban-Style ‘Virtue Police’

Una delle più attive ONG in Darfur costretta ad abbandonare il Darfur

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury: My day in court

Egyptians demonstrate against harassment of women by the police. UPDATE: Several demonstrators detained . Sandmonkey has several must-read posts with links to exclusive videos of such a brutality here and here

Canadian Coalition for Democracies: Harper right to defend human rights and democracy against Chinese bullying

Bravo! Peruvian president rails against Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s foreign policy

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información sobre la celebración de actividades por el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: El pasado 2 de noviembre del 2006, se llevó a cabo un debate sobre las bibliotecas independientes y su primer. Congreso, en la organización “Asociación de Opositores Hijos de la Virgen de Regla”. Participaron en la actividad 10 personas entre ellos una persona del barrio.

Cuban doctors who defected during an “internationalist mission” promoted by the Castros’ regime inVenezuela, are being haunted by the infamous Chavista spy service G2 to deport them to Cuba, where they would most likely face persecution for their decision to leave the so-called ‘revolutionary mission’.

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información, sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: El día 27 de octubre del 2006, se llevó a cabo una actividad en la Bl Adolfo Reyes de la Cruz, sita en Agramante No.552 entre Pasaje A y B, Municipio de Regla, Ciudad de La Habana, según informa su director Jesús Adolfo Reyes Sánchez. La actividad the precedida de un mínimo técnico sobre computación, y participaron 10 personas. También en ella se debatió la situación de un niño de 13 años de edad, normado Abrahán Borrego García, que con este corto tiempo de vida ya ha estado preso en varios reclusoríos y es hostígado constantemente por el Comité de Defensa de la Revolución (CDR).

Oscar Sánchez Madán: Neighbors defend activist

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Mantienen en Prisión a 2 Opositores en Cuba Hace Más de 3 Años sin Haber Sido Encausados

De izquierda a derecha, Manuel Ismael Acosta González, quien fuera el primer presidente de la Fundación Isla de Pinos de Derechos Humanos y Fomento Territorial, exiliado político en los Estados Unidos; la líder opositora Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello; el prisionero de conciencia Rolando Jiménez Pozada, y el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira.

Fundada Nueva Biblioteca Independiente en Villa Clara

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Demandan en Cuba la Libertad sin Destierro para los Presos Políticos

Letrero alegórico a la Campaña Libertad sin Destierro para los Presos Políticos Cubanos, colocado en la puerta de la sede del Proyecto Cívico Cultural Julio Tang Texier, en Isla de Pinos. Dicho letrero fue arrancado de la puerta por la Policía Política de Isla de Pinos

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información, sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: Noelia Pedraza Jiménez, directora de la BI María Cabrales, de la provincia de Villa Clara, relata que, el día 27 de octubre del 2006, la policía política se presentó en casa de su abuela nombrada Carmen Felina Ochoa Mola, con residencia en la calle Colón No.412 entre Serafín Sánchez y Estrada Palma, Santa Clara, con el objetivo de incautarle los libros de su biblioteca, que sumaban aproximadamente 300, y se encontraban en esta casa. También se llevaron otros documentos más.

Diputados españoles se solidarizan con las Damas de Blanco

November 7, 2006

I will post my opinions on the mid-term election once the official outcome will be announced.

Bin Laden says.. (h/t: Powerline )

The pro-Saddam alliance (Europe) seethes and whines over his sentence to death. No such seething was ever heard from Europe when Saddam mutilated, tortured, slaughtered millions. I am against the death penalty, but I accept it when it comes to mass murderers and war criminals like Saddam or terrorists.

Magdi Allam: Il Partito di Saddam in Occidente si rammarica per la condanna a morte: no alla mistificazione della realtà e alla perversione etica

FrontPage Magazine: Justice Served

Enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla under threat by Islamic radicals

Chirac appeases the Mullahs by awarding controversial Islamic Republic apologist Shirin Ebadi with the “Legion of Honor Award”

Darfur genocide continues .Horrific stories from Sudan

Anti-Islamist and pro-secular Egyptian blogger Abdelkareem has been detained again! Sandmonkey has more here

Aini Martín Valero: En Celda de Castigo Prisionero Político

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información: El día 27 de octubre del 2006, una Brigada de Respuesta Rápida, se paró frente a la casa de Miguel Valdés Tamayo, con el objetivo de impedirle asistir a una sesión de Internet. Miguel es preso político en licencia extrapenal del Grupo de los 75, y miembro del Comité de Relaciones Públicas de la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, y reside en Calzada de San Agustín No.691 entre José Miguel y Victoria, Reparto Párraga, Arroyo Naranjo, en Ciudad de La Habana. Es de destacar que la turba en cuestión no pertenecía a su vecindario, sino que fue importada de un barrio cercano.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Amenazan con 30 años de Prisión a Líder del Movimiento Sindical Independiente en Cuba

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer   la siguiente información sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: Juan Alberto de la Nuez Ramírez, director de la biblioteca independiente Adam Smith del municipio Aguada de Pasajeros, en la provincia de Cienfuegos, sita en H. Hernández No.21 entre Martí y Maceo, nos comunicó que fue citado el día 25 de octubre del 2006, a las 7 de la mañana, a la Policía Nacional Revolucionaria (PNR), por un oficial de esa fuerza. Cuando se encontraba allí, dos oficiales de la Seguridad del Estado, que son conocidos como Yunier y Robertico, le anunciaron que estaba detenido