Foreign Policy Lessons for Europeans Wanted

December 23, 2007

The Euros have no clue of how world affairs work, let alone the reality on the ground.

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Europe OK with Political Murders

December 11, 2007

That Europe is enemy of the Iranian people is a matter of fact. And today we’ve more evidence, as Germany is releasing another of those Islamist thugs who murdered Iranian dissidents in 1992. I ran out of words..

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Council of Europe OKs Silencing Dissent

September 19, 2007

If you needed further evidence that the European Union is now looking like an authoritarian superpower, then you should read this statement made by the Council of Europe.

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Fear Factor

September 17, 2007

Lebanon and the European Way of Peacekeeping. Showing the world what post-heroic Europeans are really made of.

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That Entity Called ‘European Union’

July 25, 2007

A new, brilliant essay by Fjordman: Why the European Union Must Go

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June 7, 2007

My article at Human Events: Sarkozy Cannot Save France . An op-ed in the Opinion Journal reitered a similar concept as mine: The Old World needs an intellectual revolution to meet the challenges ahead. And following in his predecessor’s footsteps, Sarkozy pushes the Eurabian project.

The clownish Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema (a ‘former’ communist party member) paid a visit to his friends in Syria to reassure them that they can go away with their crimes in Lebanon and tells us again that Assad is a man of peace we can trust..Not only, he also affirmed that ‘Hamas and Hezbollah helped keep the Italian troops in south Lebanon safe’. No comment needed.

Antarinejad called for genocide against Jews – again.

California Assembly Passes Historic Iran Divestment Bill

Iranians Opposed to the Regime Applaud California on Iran Divestment Bill

Osama’s House of Horrors. The mainstream media stays mute on a recently discovered Al-Qaeda torture manual

U.S. battles Islamic Jihadists in Somalia

Historian Finds Proof of Arab Armies’ Intent to Destroy Israel

Newt Gingrich: Towards a 21st Century Governing Majority

Fleeing Palestinian terror rockets. Photo Feature: Sderot Refugees in Tel Aviv Tent City .The faces of the children speak volumes about their desire for a normal life.

‘The road to peace passes through Damasco’, said Nancy Pelosi. Jihadists moving into Lebanon from Syria

Magdi Allam: Guerra santa per via legale

Bizarre headline of the day

Mass Grave Containing Thousands of Jews Killed by Nazis Found in Ukraine

David Warren: Lebanon Again

Michael Young: Syria’s useful idiots: Westerners who deny the obvious about Lebanon

A must-read for all those who favor Turkey’s entry in Europe: Turkey’s leaders plan Muslim Europe

From no2liberals’ Nuke’s News and Views blog: Infidelophobia…In The Words Of The Koran!

Polish Girl’s Holocaust Diary Unveiled

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: To submit to the book is to exist in their hell

Nicaraguan thug Daniel Ortega is going to visit his friends the Mullahs in Iran, aboard a jet on loan from his pal Moammar Gaddafi (the man of the many spellings).

Deborah Fait: Cecità morale. Quando riguardano Israele i giudizi sono sempre al vetriolo e affetti da cecità morale, le condanne piovono senza pietà e senza il minimo imbarazzo. Israele arresta una trentina di capi terroristi di hamas e D’alema che fa? Perbacco interviene immediatamente definendo l’arresto «un atto molto preoccupante che non contribuisce a rilanciare le condizioni di dialogo»

Enviado por Martha Beatriz Roque via e-mail: Fotos actividad 20 de mayo en Camagüey en la calle


June 7, 2007

The Free Market Case Against the Immigration Bill. Our large welfare state combined with the importance of education to wealth creation provides a compelling reason to oppose importing unskilled immigrants and citizens

Mama Moonbat Cindy Shehaan wrote an op-ed expressing her hatred of America. I wonder when she is gonna move in, say, Cuba, Venezuela or Eurabia.

A must-read editorial that gives you an idea of how bad life is in Europe: Europeans’ flight from Europe

From YouTube: D-Day: Crisis On Omaha

Nuke’s News and Views: Roy Beck On U.S. Immigration

Irshad Manji: America beats Europe on assimilating Muslims

Islamic group targets women newscasters in Gaza

French magazines on edge as celebrity tipster faces jail in Saddam oil scandal

Robert Spencer: Remembering Tashbih Sayyed. His fearless commitment to the truth set him apart from his contemporaries

Action on Darfur: Bush tightens sanctions on Sudan over Darfur

Ethiopia honors victims of Marxist junta

Abu Khawla, Tunisian secularist and reformist: A Call for President Mubarak to Free Abdul Kareem. Arabic version here.

While world looks the other way: Burma extends Suu Kyi’s detention

Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa in the footsteps of their buddy Chavez: Morales, Correa target TV foes

Tiananmen massacre still continues today. Eighteen years since the repression of the anti-corruption and pro-democracy movement, Han Dongfang, founder of the first free Chinese trade union, looks at the current situation of human and civil rights in his country and warns that continued repression and terror against the people can only undermine society as a whole

Il massacro di Tiananmen dura ancora oggi. A diciotto anni dalla repressione del movimento anti-corruzione e pro-democrazia, Han Dongfang – fondatore del primo sindacato libero cinese – analizza l’attuale situazione dei diritti umani e civili nel Paese e lancia l’allarme: continuare a reprimere con il terrore il popolo porterà allo sgretolamento dell’intera società

What if it was not Paris Hilton, but any other ordinary citizen? Would he/she be pardoned so easily?

Washington Times: Justice for Sierra Leone?

Jaime Leygonier, enviado por Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, esposa de nuestro amigo Darsi Ferrer, sobre el arresto del mismo en La Habana en el dia de ayer: SEGURIDAD DEL ESTADO SECUESTRÓ AL DR. FERRER

Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy Joins Young Venezuelan Students in Solidarity

Darsi Ferrer: Anciana Muere por Derrumbe

Cuban doctors go into hiding. NAMIBIA has put the brakes on 13 Cuban doctors living in Namibia travelling to the United States, where they have sought asylum

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: El candado de la historia

Aini Martín Valero: Movimiento Plantados realiza actividad// Se reagrupa el Movimiento Las Marianas

Vigilia por Pedro Luis Boitel


May 15, 2007

The genocidal and blood-thirsty gang of Hamas fired seventeen rockets into the Israeli city of Sderot, injuring several children, among the others. They threatens to fire dozens more. The threat must be seriously. After all, they can thank their European and American donors for giving them the possibility to build such expensive rockets. Our taxes at work. Of course, Israel is morally obligated to defend herself and announces it will respond harshly. Prepare for the international outcry from the usual hypocrits. One Jerusalem has a couple of must-see videos showing the aftermath of the attack and the moment when some rockets were being launched.

The Italian government’s best interlocutor has been sent to meet the 72 virgins Satan. Taliban’s top commander, Mullah Dadullah, has been killed.

A beautiful photo I was waiting to see

Magdi Allam: Moschee, è l’ora dei provvedimenti

From The-World-Has-Gone-Nuts Department: US and Europe united in forgetting that Jerusalem is the historical and eternal capital of Israel. Even more worrisome is the fact that a significant percentage of the Israeli public opinion is willing to commit suicide and canceling centuries of history.

The Nazis’ Mickey Mouse continues to preach hate to Palestinian kids

New York Daily News’ Editorial: There Can Be No Peace With Hate

Hamas Kindergarten

Majority of Europeans not yet recovered from Fascist indoctrination. In America, Jews have always been protected. In Europe, they ended up in the gas chambers.

A bit of sanity from the EU: EU proposes monitoring radical mosques , which are the absolute majority.

This confirms what we have been saying: Saddam Regime Provided Funding To Al-Jazeera TV

Probable ‘honor’ killing in UK

The victim was only 17

Al-Qaeda planning militant Islamic state within Iraq

Good news, as the US is winning the war against Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines.

Mohammad Fadhil, ‘Iraq the Model’ weblog: U.S. should stay and fight

Intervista a Mario Lozano, il soldato italo-americano che gli italiani vogliono mettere al rogo per via delle accuse della stalinista Sgrena.

Excellent news: Michael Moore Faces U.S. Treasury Probe

(h/t: Babalu )

One million Turks marched again in favor of secularism and against Islamism.

Caroline Glick: Hirsi Ali’s Challenge to Humanity

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Can Secular Turkey Survive Democracy?.

John Howard, Australian Prime Minister: Muslims must assimilate

Cina e Russia continuerebbero ad armare le milizie sudanesi. La Cina e la Russia sono state accusate di fornire armi all’esercito sudanese e, di conseguenza, alle milizie janjaweed, in pieno contrasto quindi con quanto sancito nel 2005 dalla risoluzione del Consiglio di Sicurezza delle Nazioni Unite. La notizia, pubblicata dal quotidiano britannico Timesonline, precisa che l’accusa è contenuta in un report pubblicato l’8 maggio da Amnesty International, dove viene denunciato il comportamento dei governi di Mosca è Pechino che, nonostante l’embargo sulle armi imposto al Sudan, continuerebbero a vendere materiale bellico al governo di Khartoum


May 15, 2007

Newt weighs joining presidential race. I really hope he does.

New apostasy bill to impose death on anyone who leaves Islam. Pakistan’s government sends draft bill tabled by six-party Islamic alliance to standing committee for review. Under the bill’s terms, apostates would be sentenced to death or life in prison. Testimony by two adults is the only independent evidence needed to determine or demonstrate apostasy. Lahore archbishop is praying the bill is never adopted.

Nuova legge sull’apostasia, a morte chi abbandona l’Islam. Il governo pachistano ha inviato alla Commissione permanente un nuovo testo di legge presentato dall’Alleanza dei partiti islamici che punisce con la morte o l’ergastolo chi si converte ed abbandona l’Islam. Per essere condannati, basta la testimonianza di due adulti. Arcivescovo di Lahore prega affinché non venga approvato

Be a tyrant and corrupt if you wanna be given a privileged role at the United – with dictators – Nations: Zimbabwe to head key U.N. body . The U.N. is morally evil.

A must-read that confirms my claim about Sarkozy being a ‘right-wing socialist’ in the economic sphere, rather than a ‘Tachterite’: Sarkozy Is No Free Market Capitalist. David Warren reminds that Sarkozy’s global warming-focused victory speech makes him no that different than the other leaders of the non-Anglo Saxon world. An op-ed at Weekly Standard describes him as a ‘protectionist’

Liberal Arabs Rising. Arab authors criticize support for terrorism in Muslim society

Islamic regime enforces Gender Apartheid and Sharia in Iran: Men and Women to be separated in hospitals

Hope in art for Iran’s Death Row children. The Islamic Republic regijme couldn’t stand the international echo the art of Delara Darabi led to, and they decided to take away all of her art works and belongings.

Iranian human rights activists in Sweden angry at the Swedish gov’t’s decision to welcome Islamic Republic’s ‘foreign minister’ during an official visit.

Pakistan Christians Receive Threatening Letters Urging Conversion

Before making a hero of someone, let us think twice. Moral Equivalenc Alert: Pope compares Marxism (that is, communism) with Capitalism (that is, liberal democracy and free markets, the onlyt system that protects the individual’s political, social and economic freedoms.

Bella riflessione quella di Enzo di 1972, della quale condivido tutto. Che i liberali in Italia non esistano, è un dato di fatto. Premetto che della politica italiana non mi interesso granchè, mentre sono più concentrata su quella americana, dato che gli Usa saranno presto il mio nuovo paese d’accoglienza. Sono di destra, ma ritengo che la vera destra è liberale. Il che significa che se sono contro gli integralisti islamici, non posso appoggiare gli integralisti religiosi anche cattolici che vorrebbero limitare le scelte individuali di ogni essere umano. Si può essere d’accordo o meno con il riconoscimento giuridico delle coppie di fatto e delle convivenze (io sono d’accordo), ma anche chi non è d’accordo e preferisce sposarsi, non può e non ha il diritto di proibire agli altri di convivere. Al giorno d’oggi la Chiesa ha contribuito ad allontanare i credenti per via delle sue posizioni integraliste su aborto, unioni civili, convivenze ,eccetera. Difendo la convinvenza perchè la convinvenza permette all coppia di conoscersi meglio e di sposarsi solo se si è sicuri. Si dice che tanto si può divorziare.Il divorzio la Chiesa lo ha avversato per molto tempo. E’ così facile divorziare, dovendo andare in giro per tribunali ed avvocati? I figli soffrono molo per la separazione dei genitori. Fosse per me, io conviverei tutta la vita, sarà perchè sono atea e non credo nel sacramento del matrimonio. Ma ritengo che chi decide di convivere debba avere GLI STESSI DIRITTI di chi è sposato. E ciò vale anche per le coppie omosessuali. Non sto dicendo che debbano avere più diritti, perchè io sono la prima a non volerlo. Ma gli stessi diritti, questo sì. Non sono a favore del matrimonio tra omosessuali, nè all’adozione dei bambini. Ma sulle unioni civili sono d’accordo. Visto che difendiamo tanto la famiglia e siamo per il matrimonio religioso, cerchiamo anche di dire alla nostra classe dirigente che se oggi non ci si sposa, è anche perchè non si hanno le possibilità economiche di farlo. Da una parte abbiamo gli ipocriti che vanno al Family Day, ma allo stesso tempo sono loro stessi divorziati, e fidanzati con ragazze giovani (vedasi Casini) oppure tradiscono la moglie e si portano un’harem di donne (come Berlusconi). Dall’altra abbiamo chi rivendica orgogli laici dimenticandosi che siamo comunque un paese laico e vede pericoli laddove non ce ne sono, mentre dimentica che al giorno d’oggi le questioni davvero importanti sono la difesa dell’Occidente dall’aggressione islamica che sta avvenendo mentre noi si parla di DICO. Inoltre, prima di essere papisti a tutti i costi, ricordiamoci che il Papa ha accolto a braccia aperte il macellaio islamico Mohammed Khatami, mentre a chi si permette di criticare le sue posizioni integraliste sulle questioni etiche, lo bolla come “terrorista”. Invece, per il Papa terrorista Khatami non lo è, vero? E’ una riflessione serena, non anti-clericale, perchè non sono anti-clericale. Semplicemente sono di una destra libeale che, come diceva Popper, non può non essere a favore dei diritti dell’individuo a fare ciò che vuole a patto che ciò non violi i diritti di terze persone.

Gates of Vienna: On Bureaucracy, Liberty and the Rule of Law

Ha ha ha ha ha… ha ha ha ha

Courageous act of resistance in China, as an unkwown individual damaged the huge portrait of the responsible for the genocide of 2 million Chinese in his ‘cultural’ revolution: Mao Tse Tung, in Bejing.

FPM: Why aren’t Chinese dissenters as well known as Sakharov and Sharansky?

Syria jails activist for D.C. meetings

Opinion Journal: Putin wants to disbar Russia’s most distinguished human-rights lawyer

Condoleeza Rice: U.S. Ties to Russia Complicated Over Putin’s Moves to Consolidate Power

Alvaro Vargas Llosa: Latin America’s Idiot Populist Leaders

Washington Post: Venezuela Continues to Slide

A bit of good news, as a judge dropped charges against Cuban freedom fighter Luis Posada Carriles.

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: La cara pública de la moneda. (Serie No.Ocho)

Dying To Flee Cuba. Thursday’s shootout at Havana International Airport by army conscripts seeking to flee Cuba underlines how badly Cuban youth want out. The mutineers will be executed, but it’s the regime that’s dying

Darsi Ferrer: Cómplices del Crimen Internacional del Apartheid

Silvio Bénitez Márquez: Actividad contestaria de activistas del occidente del pais en el lanzamiento del partido liberal nacional cubano

Ladies in White marching in Havana on Mother’s Day

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: La cara pública de la moneda. (Serie No.9)

Enviado por Martha Beatriz via email: “José Díaz Silva me pidió que divulgara estas fotos de actividades que se hicieron en el mes de diciembre del 2004 unos días antes de él caer preso y que no había podido divulgar.”


May 6, 2007

More evidence for those who still insist in considering Hamas as an entity capable of ‘reforming’: Hamas: “The extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.”

Sarkozy the new French president. Label me whatever, but I am not this optimistic that things are going to change. I fear that Sarkozy will be still another ‘right-wing socialist’. Of course, I wish I shall be wrong, but I know the Europeans mentality, given that I live among them. Sure, Sarkozy may behave differently than the other leaders. Time will say that.

Caroline Glick: The fruits of Hizbullah’s victory

EU: Islamists threaten Turkey’s changes of joining the Union. No, the EU did not say this. It said the opposite.

American “savage” capitalism works and works well: Unemployment rate lower than the 1990s . I believe that I won’t regret deciding to move to the Unites States in the next few years.

European leaders’ political immaturity that leads them to mistake terrorists with who fights them.

Europe becoming more and more a totalitarian entity. A Finnish blogger has been summoned by the local police to be interrogated for criticism Islamism.

If you have the stomach, go read these two pieces of absolute non-sense, whitewashing and dhimmitude by a Vatican’s reporter who describes Khatami as a “man of peace and dialogue”. THEY SHOULD ASK THOUSAND OF IRANIAN STUDENTS WHAT THEY THINK OF KHATAMI. THEY SHOULD ASK THOSE WHO WERE THROWN OUT THE WINDOWS OF THE UNIVERSITIES IN 1999, WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT KHATAMI. THEY SHOULD ASK ZAHRA KAZEMI’S SON, OR THE THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS TORTURED DURING HIS “MODERATE” REIGN. Then, someone still wonders why I refrain from becoming a fan of the Pope.

Destra e sinistra in Italia fanno la fila per stringere la mano al macellaio Khatami.

Geert Wilders, Dutch MP: “Close all Islamic schools”

Bad news for the Mullahs, as many US states are taking important steps to weaken them: California, Florida, and maybe Ohio.

Remembering Pim Fortuyn, five years after his assassination: Europe’s Champion of Liberty

One year after Oriana Fallaci’s death, a group of Italian citizens gathered in Florence to remember her and call for a street named after her.


May 1, 2007

Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq may have gone to meet the 72 virgins Satan.

A woman in northern Iraq was stoned to death in another ‘honor’ killing. Here is video of the woman after being stoned. Please, be warned that it’s graphic and may be very disturbing to some viewers.Click through the link only if you think you can handle it.

But there’s also a good news, as people marched in North Iraq in order to protest against ‘honor’ killings.

Magdi Allam: Non basta regolare i flussi Vanno salvati i nostri valori

Please go see: Video of the Crackdown on Iranian Women. That the Mullahs are criminal is a matter of fact, but they are mentally ill, too: They are filtering ‘immoral’ mobile messages (SMS), banning Western haircuts and eyebrow pucking for men and forcing shopkeepers selling evening dresses to saw off the breasts of the mannequins because they could excite some men…

More than one million Turks rally against Islamism, for secularism.

Picchiato a scuola perché critica i clandestini

Editorial comment: We cannot sit back and let Sharia take root in Britain

FPM: Europe’s Islamist-Leftist Alliance

Brussels Journal: Towards a Totalitarian Europe

Berlin angry at Muslim segregation demand

Mob and police torture Catholic man accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

Cattolico accusato di blasfemia, torturato dalla folla e dalla polizia in Pakistan

Our great friend Sandmonkey is calling it quits. Atlas Shrugs has interviewed him. ADNKronos: COURAGEOUS BLOGGER BOWS OUT

Photos from the Free Kareem Rally in Washington D.C.

Magdi Allam: Il denaro e la finanza come cavallo di Troia

For Europe, it’s easier to convict US soldiers than Islamic terrorists who plot the murder of their citizens.

TG5: La protesta delle musulmane che vogliono vestire all’occidentale

Bat Yeor: The Palestinianization of Europe

Marocchino bigamo tenta di uccidere la moglie italiana

Diana West: Failure to see jihad for what it is

Jewish woman attacked in Marseille train station

Iraqi columnist: Yankee, Don’t Go Home!

“Hamas or Abbas, It Makes No Difference,” Rudy Giuliani Says, No Israeli Concessions until the Arabs Stop Terrorism

Italy’s first online Islamic TV channel handled by supremacist group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and opponent of Israel’s right to exist.

‘Moderate’ murderer Mohammad Khatami tells Israeli reporters to ‘go to hell’

California Assemblyman Anderson’s Historic Iran Divestment Bill Passes Unanimously. Jewish Journal: Jews and Iranian Secularists unite behind Iran divestment bill . My post Publius Pundit.

New wave of anti-gay repression in communist Cuba

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: La cara pública de la moneda: (Serie No.7),sobre el irresponsable Sr. Moratinos

Nuestro querido amigo Máximo José García fue acosado por la policia politica por frecuentar la SINA

El MLC y la CAPPF se adhieren a la “Unidad por la libertad”

Comunicado en solidaridad con presos políticos

Two dissidents who were recently released after serving their sentences




April 19, 2007

Dozens of Algerian illegal aliens are flooding into the south-western coast of Sardinia. The secret services are warning that there exist the risk that terrorist cells can infiltrate the flow of immigrants.

Please ask UNESCO to save Pasargad from the imminent destruction by the Islamic Republic regime

Lotfan az UNESCO bekhahid Pasargad raa nejat dahad


April 19, 2007

Hope for the people of Darfur, as the United State is planning to take action to stop the genocide.End Darfur violence or face sanctions, Bush tells Sudan. “No-fly zone” over Darfur possible if Sudan doesn’t comply. I am really praying that this time they’re not only words. On the contrary, I don’t think a UN force would resolve would make the difference.

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. If you needed more evidence, you just have to take a look at the anti-Zionist conspiracy theory promoted by this Palestinian, writing for nothing less but the Jerusalem Post. So much for the claims according to which the Arabs have no rights in Israel. The day when Jews can criticize Arab leaders in Arab newspapers, I’ll be glad to report it here.

Anti-Semitic incidents worldwide doubled in 2006

Lo scrittore algerino Yasmina Kadra ricorda a quest’Europa che dorme e si fa illusioni, che è lei il bersaglio del terrorismo islamico. “La jihad è globale, l’obiettivo è l’Europa”

I am against death penalty and am an advocate for life-term sentences for criminals. However, I agree with this article that states that the campaign by the abolitionists to save terrorists and genocidal mass murderers from a well-deserved death sentence is absurd and disgusting.

Washington Times: U.N. a haven for despots

Jeremiah’s post on the French hostages held by the Taliban.

Three hundred thousand Turks protest attack on Turkey’s secularism by the Islamists.

Norwegian-Somalian Kadra, who became famous in Norway for exposing imam support of female circumcision, was beaten unconscious

The Italian government’s interlocutors beat up dancers in Pakistan

Khartoum’s enablers in Beijing . Chinese Communists and Islamist genocide

The faces of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre. People don’t stop killers. People with guns do. In Italy, we hear everyday about young Italian students who harass physologically and even physically other students, guilty with faring good with studies or refusing to follow imposed models and life-styles (such as drinking alchol and smoking at just 11 years old). Harassment often includes beatings against handicapped students.

Massive rally in Pakistan against Islamists

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism. What the Left doesn’t want you to know about the most successful economic way of life in the world

An interesting reading about soccer violence and the culture of illegality in Italy (h/t:Jeremiah )

Putin’s police arrest Garry Kasparov and peaceful democrats

New York Sun: Kasparov’s Arrest Spells Trouble

The Putin regime targets Estonia for planning to take down a Soviet statue

André Glucksmann: Se l’Europa guarda da un’altra parte. Quando i carri armati del blocco sovietico soffocarono la Primavera di Praga, nove dissidenti andarono a manifestare sulla Piazza Rossa di Mosca. Solo pochi intellettuali europei si commossero e riuscirono a salvare quegli eroi solitari dai manicomi dove la polizia politica li aveva rinchiusi. E tuttavia ventun anni dopo, le cancellerie e gli stati maggiori dell’Occidente scoprivano stupefatti che Solzenicyn, Sakharov, Bukovski e i nove dell’agosto 1968 avevano sconfitto l’impero comunista.

Ukraine’s Constitutional Crisis.From orange disappointment to democratic opportunity

Tens of thousands of Kyrgiz protestors call on the current president to keep promises.

Repression continues in the wonderful islands of the Maldives, as the regime there has hacked the largest opposition website.

The Cuban Opposition finally puts differences aside for the sake of democracy in their island.Today in Havana the long anticipated UNITY of the opposition has been announced. The official statement.

Unidad por la Libertad. Mensaje al Pueblo de Cuba y a los pueblos del mundo



Llegan a Miami una veintena de inmigrantes cubanos

We reported his essays many times. They were a detailled account of the Cuban reality and the injusticesn perpetrated against the Cuban people by the Castros. He was threatened several times with being arrested; he was fined and even beaten. But now he has been arrested and condemned to 4 years in prison after a summary trial without the right to hire a lawyer. By knowing his valiant attitude, he won’t be intimidated, nor will he cave in to his repressors. He will likely adopt the civil desobedience he always advocated. Oscar Sánchez Madan is a valiant outspoken anti-communist freedom fighter, member of the “Alternative Option” Independent Movement. Cuban journalist sentenced to 4 years in jail

Periodista independiente cubano condenado a 4 años en juicio sumarísimo

Oscar Sánchez Madan

Cuban asylum seekers hold protest march in the Cayman Islands against likely deportation to Cuba.


April 8, 2007


April 4, 2007

Palestinian terrorists upset after learning that at least one European leader isn’t willing to buy their propaganda

Terrorists endorse Pelosi’s agenda


My Trip to Gitmo.The real detention center one never hears about in the media

EU supports slow destruction of Israel by Arab leaders’ “diplomatic means”.

Magdi Allam: L’inchiesta di Santoro e i talebani di casa nostra

Weekly Standard: Italy negotiates with terrorists for the release of a journalist

1938 alert. Another anti-semitic attack in a French Jewish cemetery.

Lybian tyrant and Darfur genocide apologist: Gaddafi says only Islam a universal religion

Italian Foreign Minister meets Palestinian terrorists.

‘Moderate’ Khatami in all of his moderation.

Olivier Guitta: Morocco Under Fire

Newt Gingrich: Refusing to teach English keeps immigrants in the underclass

Giuliani holds lead among GOP hopefuls

Islam’s War Against Buddhism.The forgotten jihad

Back in the USSR. Putin seeks constitutional changes to stay in power other more years.

Dissident Catholic Priest Sentenced in Vietnam

Zapatero’s Spain accomplice of the oppression of 11 million Cubans.

Cuban Stars Shine for Non-cooperation Movement. Listen to their message here. In order: Orlando Gutierrez, Willy Chirino, Marisela Verena and Lissette Alvarez (Chirino’s wife). They have lots of fans in Cuba and their message of freedom has always been echoed by many of their countrymen. By inviting their people to not cooperate with the dictatorship in repressing their brothers, these artists can make the difference in this campaign.

Willy Chirino y su esposa Lissette son entre los artistas cubanos en el exilio que que se unieron a la iniciativa de no cooperacion con el régimen. El idolo de milliones de jovenes cubanos, tanto en la isla como en el exilio, lanzara mensajes radiofonicos al pueblo de Cuba para que siga no cooperando con la dictadura.

Willy Chirino, Jon Secada, Marisela Verena y Lissette Alvarez envian un mensaje al pueblo de Cuba. Escuchenlos en su propria voz.

willy chirinowilly chirino


Medicina Cubana: Health Care in Cuba, The two faces of a myth


Respaldan ex disidentes eslovacos al Movimiento Juvenil Contestatario en Cuba

Liannis Meriño Aguilera, Agencia Jóvenes sin Censura: Gracias al dictador



March 30, 2007

The European Union hits bottom and pretends to escape the reality

Report: How two teens were recruited for jihad

UN Human Rights Violators Council does what it can do better: repress any form of free speech on Islam.The UN, a dangerous,meaningless and corrupt entity, now turned into the favorite meeting place for the world’s tyrants for the world’s tyrants and terror-supporting organizations. It happens that at the ‘Human Rights’ Council, who defends human rights against the regimes members of the Council, is expelled, in the very style of every dictatorial regime. Pls, don’t miss this video. Insults against ambassadors and mocking of human rights experts; justification of violence against women and gays; glorification of terrorism; Holocaust denial; demonization of Israel—the video shows how all of that and more was allowed by the Council. New York Sun: The Man the U.N. Won’t Thank

Organizzazione della Nazioni Unite: un’entità da abolite subito. Il Club dei Dittatori, da dove possono giustificare i loro crimini con il beneplacito di questa schifezza chiamata Onu. Leggete qui e qui, per capire e rendervi conto.Questa è l’organizzazione che i signori del governo italiano vorrebbero che guidasse il mondo. Infatti, chiedere l’autorizzazione ai dittatori che siedono lì.

I am happy to learn that Israeli PM Olmert is not always the ‘dove’ that caves into the Palestinians’ demands and blackmails. He seems to understand that the return of Palestinian ‘refugees’ would automatically mean the end of the Jewish state.

Europeans’ coward ignorance of world affairs and moral blindness: Poll: Majority of Germans consider the US as a major threat to world peace than the atomic bomb of the Mullahs. Never mind that it was the Americans who freed them and Europe, from the Nazis and Communists.

The true face of the Saudis: Saudis threaten Israel with war

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalism and Islam: Muslims in Europe, no to ghettos, yes to integration.Multiculturalism fosters fundamentalist violence. Politicians must concern themselves with integrating Muslims. The positive example of Denmark.

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalismo e Islam: musulmani in Europa, no al ghetto, sì all’integrazione. Il multiculturalismo favorisce la violenza fondamentalista. I politici devono preoccuparsi di integrare i musulmani. L’esempio positivo della Danimarca.


I’m rooting for Newt Gingrich, but if take a look at the polls, the only GOP candidate who would beat Dems is – so far – Giuliani. I like him for being tough on crime, open-minded on science and research, but I am unsure of which his foreign policy vision is. I am also a strong free-market and small government advocate. According to this op-ed by Steve Forbes, Giuliani is the most free market-oriented candidate. From what I read on Newt’s site, he seems to have the correct vision on foreign policy. He would be able to win wars, wouldn’t cave in to the diktats of the Euros, Dem and UN bureaucrats, promote democracy as a sine-qua-non condition for peace to be real, wage war (even military) on Al Qaeda’s strongholds, whether in Somalia, Pakistan or Afghanistan, support regime change in Iran, wouldn’t ratify the meaningless Kyoto Treaty, refuse to join the International Criminal Court (a tool in the hands of the anti-Americans), be tough on the UN, wouldn’t call for the establishment of a Palestinian state (at least as long as there are terrorist movements in power) and so on. How likely is his nomination in 2008 if he decided to run right now?

Anderson’s Historic Iran Divestment Bill Gets Huge Boost. If only many others, including the European nations, followed suit, the Mullahs’ regime would be weaker.

A must-read essay from Valentina Colombo: LIBERALS, ARAB AND MUSLIM, PLEASE… WAKE UP!


The Global Warming Industrial Complex.There are a lot of jobs riding on global warming

Censura globale.Siti oscurati, blog cancellati, arresti. Altro che libertà del web. I dati di un fenomeno sempre più esteso nell’ultimo studio realizzato dalla “OpenNet Iniziative” (Oni), che ha condotto un monitoraggio di sei mesi in quaranta paesi

Greece Must Acknowledge Its Complicity in the Shoah.Today, as European nations continue to struggle with the legacy of the Holocaust, the role of the Greek state in facilitating genocide against its own Jews remains unacknowledged and ignored.

New Beverly Hills mayor an Iranian-born Jew. Below, he is seen with General Shaoul Mohfaz. Both are from Shiraz, Iran and are proud of their Persian roots and heritage.

Federation of Cuban Women unmasked in Geneva.Activists who defend human rights in Cuba confront representatives of the dictatorship at the UN Human Rights Council

Declaracion de Gloria y Emilio Estefan

What the Castroites do not want you to know.U.S. is main food source for Cuba .So, where is the embargo?

Members of the “Marta Abreu” Femenine Front continue distributing pro-democracy material and censored literature to the people of Santa Clara, who – as always in two years of such activities – accept them and ask for more. News in Spanish.

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Opositoras intentan romper bloqueo informativo





March 20, 2007

A government – and part of the Italian right – of irresponsible people. The Italian government and some parties on the so-called ‘Right’, are calling for the participation of the Taliban assassins and Dark Ages thugs to the international conference on Afghanistan. If you thought the world had already gone enough nuts, you did not yet hear of this latest madness. There must be no compromise nor any sort of dialogue with the enemy, whether the Taliban, Hamas, Fatah, Hizballah, Assad or the Mullahs.

Un governo (e parte di una ‘destra’, quella italiana, che ha ancora bisogno di imparare cos’è fare politica seria) di irresponsabili ed immaturi. l’Unione vuole una Conferenza di pace con gli sgozzatori

“Libero” is maybe the only Italian daily which is politically-uncorrect and chooses the appropriate headlines. The title on today’s front page comments the absurd decision of the government to release five Taliban mass murderers in exchange for the liberation of an Italian hostage (pictured on the left, with a turban). That was the taliban demand to Italy, which caved in like a good dhimmi, thus inflicting a blow to the war on terror and dark ages.

“THE GOVERNMENT HAS SOLD ITSELF – Italy caved in to the Taliban’s blackmail. Five dangerous terrorists are free and [Italy] paid the enemy. This time, the Left likes the dirty work.

The price of not imposing Western democracy in Iraq: Iraq steps up anti-Israel boycott

Bjorn Lomborg: Europe’s dirty little secret on global warming

German climatologist: “We Have to Take Away People’s Fear of Climate Change”

Alvaro Vargas Llosa on Ayaan Hirsi Ali: She is the most fascinating female public figure to come out of the underdeveloped world in a long time

Bush Doctrine, R.I.P.

March 21: it’s the Iranian New Year, Nowrooz. Millions of Iranians defy the regime’s ban in order to celebrate their pre-Islamic traditions. White House: Presidential Message on Nowruz Celebrations. To my Iranian friends and brothers:


Castro’s regime sends its death-squad of women – many of which relatives of members of the Cuban ‘parliament’ – to intimidate the Ladies in White who were marching silently and peacefully. A Lady says she could identify some of the worms being members of the State Security. Here is the video of the incident. As you’ll see at the end of the video, people watched with fear and, when asked their opinion, many run away out of fear of reprisals in case they expressed their opinion (if they agreed with the mob, they would have no problem to say it. The fact is that they don’t, that’s why they didn’t speak to the interviewer). Just one guy had the courage to answer, and said : “I agree with everything [with the Ladies’ demands]; you can’t talk here”.  See the photos of ordinary civilians accepting flowers from the peaceful activists.

La dictadura castrista envía a una turba de energúmenos para amedrentar a las Damas de Blanco . este tipo de actos “están preparados por el Gobierno porque el pueblo en ningún momento salió a la calle a repudiarnos. Es una organización del Gobierno”. “Nos estaban esperando. Es un acto brutal y yo identifiqué a personas de la Seguridad del Estado que hicieron actos de repudio frente a mi casa”

The slogans of the mob were the usual: ‘Mercenaries’, ‘Go away’, ‘Long Live communism, down with imperialism’, ‘down with the counterrevolutionaries’ and obscenities. Often, they are drunk. Here is a photo showing who’s the sister of the woman below.

The Ladies in White are seen on the left, dressed in white, as always.

The Ladies defy the mob by yelling ‘Liberty!” 

The Ladies tell about the aggression. Laura Pollan says they will not be intimidated, they will go on no matter if they are killed. Gisela Delgado says she could identify members of the state security among the mob and lots of people encouraged the Ladies in White by saying “Go ahead!” and nobody has ever said anything bad. Bertha Soler adds that around 50 workers welcomed them. She also affirms she was insulted for the colour of her skin.

March 8, 2007

Another article on Italy’s indictment of 25 CIA agents on charges of taking an Islamist thug into custody and sending him back to Egypt: Europe’s Runaway Prosecutions

Not everyone in the world has gone nuts.

A must-read: The Last Flight of Lieutenant Landaker (h/t: no 2 liberals )

A government of irresponsible idiots. This is the current Italian government, whose foreign minister is ‘worried’ because the Unites States attack the Taliban strongholds and a communist member of the government openly compares the American military actions to the Nazis. Tony Snow promptly replied by calling those words ‘unacceptable’ . Read the story here. The war on the Taliban must go on. NATO launches offensive against Taliban

Carlo Panella: I radicali alleati di governo con chi dice ”americani come nazisti”. Ce lo spiegate, per favore?

Unlike the Europeans, the American people is politically mature when it comes to support good against evil: Poll: More Americans pro-Israeli

Dimitri Buffa: Israele è sempre colpevole i terroristi sono sempre “militanti”

Oslo Muslims Six Times More Likely to Rape

Il Giornale: il curriculum vitae del ”martire” abu Omar

Another innocent victim of Sharia in Saudi Arabia: Gang-rape victim faces lashes

Yet another victim of Putin’s neo-authoritarian regime.

11 more Cuban refugees land in Florida

I always said that communists are the worse hypocrits: Maradona hit by Argentine tax probe

The luxury life of the Castro family. See by yourself how communists enjoy the good life while millions of Cubans can barely eat.

Jaime Leygonier: PLAN GUBERNAMENTAL DE DESALOJOS. Madre Duerme en el Parque Con Sus Hijas Pequeñas

Violent search and arrest at the headquarters of the Democratic Party 30 of November Frank Pais. 3 members of the Democratic Party 30 of November Frank País charged while other members continue protest outside the police station.

Comunicado del Movimiento Liberal Cubano en el Occidente del País.

Bibliotecarios reunidos en la sede de la Biblioteca Independiente Feliz Varela, del Colegio de Pedagogos Independientes de Cuba en la Habana, analizando el Manuel del Bibliotecario Independiente elaborado por el Proyecto de Bibliotecas Independientes de Cuba, con e asesoramiento de la Universidad de Jackson Mississippi, Estados Unidos.

Pinturas de niños y jóvenes, expuestos actualmente en la Biblioteca Independiente Féliz Varela, del Colegio de Pedagogos Independientes de Cuba, en la Habana. Se destacan en las pinturas un cuadro dedicado a Las Damas de Blanco, la bandera nacional de Cuba y el Apóstol José Martí, la Catedral de la Habana y la Libertad.

February 24, 2007

ACLU again shills for terror supporters

Islamic Republic of Britain Update: Muslims should adapt to UK’s school system. Schools ‘should accommodate Muslim needs’

Diana West: Imposing Islamic law

From the very same Europeans who blame the U.S. for ‘violating privacy rights’: Europe’s Plan to Track Phone and Net Use  . But try to blame the Europeans. They’ll accuse you to meddling into their internal affairs..

To my Iranian readers: my original article , Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus , published in the American Thinker, now has been translated by Save Pasargad in Parsi. Janeshanan Nalayegh Korosh

Magdi Allam: Matrimoni misti? La sharia è già da noi

Another ‘honor’ killing in Britain, as a Pakistani man has slaughtered his family because they were ‘too Western’

Rudy Giuliani may be the first Italian-American to become U.S. President . Rasmussen Poll: Giuliani 52% Clinton 43% .Yet, the Italian media are focusing on Hillary Clinton, as if Rudy weren’t running. Hugh Hewitt interviews Giuliani

My post at Publius Pundit: Political Instability in Italy

Magdi Allam: No a Israele? Niente dialogo. Non si dialoga con chi non rispetta Israele

Our ‘friend’ and ‘ally’ , the ‘secular’ regime of Hosni Mubarak, has just sentenced Secularist, Anti-Islamist, Liberal Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem to 4 years for “insulting Islam” and “the President” (the self-proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt).  Abdel Kareem is one of the many emerging moderate, secularist Arabs whose englightened voices are silenced by so-called ‘secular’ authoritarian regimes. Fellow blogger Sandmonkey was at the trial and tells more here. Freedom for Egyptians says she is sad. Toasted Bread writes that it’s a sad event for bloggers. From the Washington Post: The ‘Crime’ Of Blogging In Egypt . Amnesty International: Karim Amer sentence makes bloggers new target of the authorities.Our govts give plenty of money to the Mubarak’s regime. I wish to be proven wrong, but I very much doubt that any Western leader will threaten to cut diplomatic relations with Egypt over this case.

Speaking of repression against bloggers, the blogs of two Iranian friends were shut down by the Mullahs’ regime.

FrontPage Magazine: Trita Parsi, The Mullahs’ Voice in Washington

Opinion Journal: The Earth was warming before global warming was cool

Female Pakistani Minister Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil

Weekly Standard: What’s in a Name? Ask Taiwan

Gobierno italiano cómplice del apartheid en La Habana (h/t: Marc, Babalu)

Jaime Leygonier: Arrestan a madre y niñas sin hogar

Enviado por Darsi Ferrer: Agreden policías alemanes a opositor cubano

To sweeten your weekend, a song I chose from my jukebox. ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing’, sang by the couple Willy Chirino and Lissette, famous Cuban-born singers.

February 12, 2007

Palestinians slowly destroying Judaism’s holiest site, in yet another Islamist aggression on Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.Temple Mount becoming mosque for Muslims only

Magdi Allam: Processo al banchiere italiano dei Fratelli Musulmani. Vive da anni nel nostro Paese, gestendo la Bank Al Taqwa in Svizzera, nonostante sia sulla lista nera di Onu e Ue. Citato anche un suo collaboratore. Egitto, Youssef Nada a giudizio per riciclaggio e finanziamento del terrorismo

Editorial: Appeasement takes hold again in Europe

Human Events: Left Allows Europe to Fall to Muslims

Red Brigades terrorists arrested in Italy over planned kidnapping and murders of politicians, journalists and economists.

Arrestati 15 terroristi rossi. In Italia spesso non si ha il coraggio di dire le cose come stanno. Dire, cioè, che l’ideologia e l’operato delle Br sono condivisi dalla maggioranza dei militanti dei due partiti comunisti ancora legali (e persino al governo), dai teppisti dei centri sociali e dalla CGIL, la quale non è la prima volta che sforna terroristi brigatisti. Solo che, per salvarsi la faccia, finge di prenderne le distanze. Sciocchi sono i nostri politicanti tutti, a non capire che la CGIL è un covo di brigatisti o di loro simpatizzanti, e che perciò è un’organizzazione eversiva.

Our moderate, secular friends the Egyptians have released a terror-enabling imam, legitimately kidnapped by US anti.terror forces in Italy (and treated as a poor victim here..).

C’è chi in Italia ancora dubita della belligeranza di Mussolini. Non voleva la guerra? Allora perchè si alleò con Hitler? Di Mussolini sappiamo già tutto. Sappiamo che era amico dei nazisti, che ha tradito l’Italia vendendola ai tedeschi, e che gli ha aiutati nello sterminio degli ebrei.

From the Israel-is-an-apartheid-state Department: Israeli hospital treats Palestinian terrorists

Genital mutilation and forced marriage occurs even among educated Muslims in some countries, writes Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a shocking account of her early life in Somalia, in her new book

Global-warming skeptics cite being treated like a pariah

Football: England the example Italy should follow in hooliganism fight . Italy is the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil country. There won’t be any significant step to crack down on football violence.

Venezuela falling into a Cuban-style socialist hell: Chavez May Control Food Distribution . Rationing book in 2007…

Tras ser liberado, René Gómez Manzano reitera su compromiso con la lucha por la libertad en Cuba.

Cuban Activists distribute anti-governmental information

An activist distributing anti-regime material.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Libro Voces Tras las Rejas Promueve Una Lectura Sin Censura en Cuba

Residente de la Habana, leyendo el libro Voces Tras las Rejas en la Biblioteca Independiente Ronald Reagan, en el municipio la Habana Vieja.

Circula Libro Boitel Vive en Bibliotecas Independientes en Cuba

Residente de La Habana, leyendo Boitel Vive en la Biblioteca Independiente Ronald Reagan, en la Habana Vieja.

January 15, 2007

The weasels in Bruxelles make clear that they have no intention to fight terrorism, let alone to support those who do. I hope the United States will not cave in this time.

Saddam’s half brother, top aide hanged

More evidence showing that UK is now the international center of Islamic terrorism and of its financial transactions. And that the Foreign Office sees no evil in all that. Somali Islamists held UK meeting to raise funds . Somali Islamic Courts (the jihadists) had meeting with Foreign Office officials

John Bolton: Don’t Ban Your Instincts, Ban Ki-moon

Let us not forget that Gilad, Udi and Eldad are still in the hands of terrorists if they are still alive.

Jerusalem Post: Say Goodbye to Europe

British Insanity Watch: British girl banned from wearing cross at school

The unbroken link.It is imperative to remind the world that visceral Arab enmity significantly contributed to the Holocaust.

Hizballah ‘protestors’ sitting near ‘Che’ Guevara portraits in Beirut. I am not suprised, one needs to know what Guevara’s “ideals” stood for in order to realize that there is no suprise at all here.

SMCCDI: Workers in Iran protest against murder of colleague

Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema (whose gov’t is supported just by a mere 25% according to all the recent polls) puts more shame on Italy by showing to know almost nothing of Middle Eastern issues“We hope that Iran will be determined to solve regional problems since it is a large country with a significant influence” (they have already much influence in the region.. that is why there are daily suicide bombings in Iraq, chaos in the palestinian-controlled territories and in Lebanon, Mr. D’Alema. The world should work to prevent the Mullahs from having further influence). solve the Iranian nuclear crisis through “diplomatic efforts.” ( Indeed, as we all have seen, “diplomacy” resolved much..It’s diplomacy that has brought to the current situation. It’s diplomacy the thing the West should abandon, opting not for a military strike, but for engaging the Iranian people to help them overthrow the regime in its entirety.) D’Alema described resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a “key to solving problems in the Middle East.” (This thought is the key to failure in solving the Middle Eastern issues. This thought shows how European politicians still did not understand anything of how things work in the real world). “This Palestinian government (Hamas) should be ready to denounce violence and recognize Israel,” he said. “It should be ready to negotiate peace with Israel” (Good luck with that, Mr. D’Alema). Prince Saud lauded Italy’s role last year in hosting a conference in Rome aimed at stopping the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon. (This is evidence of the fact that Italy has not hosted that conference to stop Hizballah firing rockets into Israel. It did so in order to stop Israel from defending itself).Mr. D’Alema also says: “Don’t isolate Iran”. That is the main reason for which violence it the ME is on rise and the Iranian people are not taking to the streets anymore. Because Mr. D’Alema’s West simply does not give a d…n about the plight of Iranian people and his gov’t – as well as many gov’t in the EU and the US as well, did yet realize that helping ousting the Mullahs regime would automatically prevent a nuclear nightmare. The sad fact is that the Iranian people have been totally forgotten.

Good news from science: New gene linked to Alzheimer’s disease identified

Jaime Leygonier: Expulsan de su empleo al Dr. Darsi Ferrer

Darsi Ferrer : Referencia a la Marcha del 10 de Diciembre

Comisión de Atención a Presos Políticos y Familiares: 1er. reporte de enero sobre prisioneros políticos

Images from the funeral of ex-political prisoner Miguel Valdés Tamayo, died of heart attack on Jan. 11, 2006. Click here to listen to a report (in Spanish) from the funeral of the dissident. Laura Pollan, one of the founders of the Ladies in White and wife of a political prisoner, said , in tiers, she wonders who will be next.

Miguel’s young wife (in the middle, wearing a white cloth)

Some Ladies in White guard the coffin

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello and several ex-political prisoners guard the coffin

January 13, 2007

DhJimmy Carter, not even his friends like him anymore: Mass Resignation at Carter Center

Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich: New York City’s successes have lessons for Baghdad


A must-read essay: After the Danish Cartoon Controversy

Report: France accused of genocide by Rwanda’s leader

State terror in Egyptian prisons, where the Egyptian police sexually-harass a prisoner for resisting abuse. Follow all the hyperlinks at Gateway Pundit, but be warned that the videos are very graphic.

R.I.P., Miguel Valdes Tamayo. Castros’ crimes know no limit, not even human mercy. In our last post, we posted this pic showing ex-political prisoner and independent librarian Miguel Vazquez Tamayo delivering food and medicine to a poor Cuban lady. It was on Christmas. On December 31, he was hospitalized for heart problems, due to the continuous harassment he faced from the police and the fascist mobs. For months, he was denied the permit to leave Cuba to receive treatement in the U.S. So, it happens that on January 11, 2007, Miguel has died of heart attack. And his death adds up to the tens of thousands under the communist tyranny. Rest in Peace, Miguel. Official statement by the Assembly to Promote the Civil Society (in Spanish). Cuban dissidents pay respects to formerly jailed activist who died of heart attack

Otro crimen mas del régimen castrista. Muere opositor del grupo de los 75Comunicado oficial de la Asamblea Para Promover la Sociedad Civil en Cuba.

Aini Martin Valero: Niegan visita a madre de preso político

Noticias enviadas desde Cuba por el periodistas independiente Carlos Serpa Maceira: La Circulación del Periódico La República en Cuba Promueve una Lectura Sin Censura . Carlos necesita urgentemente del ayuda solidaria de todo aquel que quiere una Cuba libre y se solidariza con los que luchan pacificamente pero con determinacion, para conseguir lo que la mayoria de los cubanos quieren. Carlos puede parar a la carcel en las proximas horas si no paga una ilegitima multa de 250 dolares que le fue impuesta por los esbirros de la policia politica por el “delito” de Desobediencia Civil. Si quieren ayudarlo, favor enviarme una email ( ) y les dejaré saber como pueden ayudar. Es urgente, por eso agradeceremos si ustedes quieren ayudar. A proposito, lean este articulo: Exilio Cubano Ignora Pedido de Periodista Independiente

Congress of Independent Librarians – Photos sent by Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

From left to right: our good friends Sergio Pastor Martinez Carrazana, Maximo José Garcia and Ricardo Aguilar, “Von Hayek” Library

“Ignacio Agramonte” I L

John Locke I.L.

“Friederick V. Hayek” I. L.

January 2, 2007

From the Shias-And-Sunnis-Can-Never-Collaborate Department: ‘Hamas training in Iran’

The defeat of Islamists in Somalia is official and the country is not going to be turned into another Taliban state: Somalia PM: Islamic forces neutralized

Caroline Glick: The longest-running big lie

Magdi Allam: Il mio appello per il 2007: che sia l’anno del riscatto della verità, dalla cappa di mistificazione della realtà e dalla gabbia ideologica del multiculturalismo. Parte 1, Parte 3

The new U.N. Secretary General is quite unaware of how world works: ‘Israel-Palestinian conflict is key’

The Islamic Republic of Iran is at it again, and I couldn’t refrain from laughing when I happened to read this: Advisor to Ahmadinejad claims Hitler was Jew who conspired to establish Jewish state

Opinion Journal: Anti-Americans on the March

A news widely ignored by the MSM: Tear-gassing at Sudan cathedral leaves six hurt

SMCCDI: Two more executed in Iran

French marchers say ‘non’ to 2007. I suggest 2007 to hire a bodyguard..

Turkmenbashi.The sad legacy of an eccentric dictator

December 20, 2006

Gingrich Announces He May Run for President .Here is one of the reasons for which I am endorsing him: Gingrich: Imams should have been arrested

Daniel Pipes: Terribile rapporto di James Baker sull’Iraq

SMCCDI: Sham elections turn into another debacle 

SMCCDI: Le false elezioni iraniane boicottate dalla maggioranza della popolazione  

Salim Mansur: Throughout their history, Muslims have been the primary perpetrators and victims of their own violence 

I am really disgusted in seeing the way the mainstream media (MSM) is reporting the news. First, I read al-AP insulting the Iranian nation and millions of Iranians (no confusion with the regime, pls) by calling the historical Persian Gulf as “Arab Gulf” (the sheikhs must be jumping of joy after reading it) and then, almost all the MSM (AP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, AFP) calling Rafsanjani, the MURDERER OF THOUSANDS, INCLUDING DISSIDENTS IN EUROPE and MASTERMIND of the 1993 bombings in Argentina, as “moderate” ! But don’t be surprised, these are the very same media which refer to Bin Laden as “Saudi dissident” and refuse to call terrorists as terrorists, preferring to appease them by calling them “militants”, “rebels” and, I guess they will soon or later call them “frustrated poor people seeking revenge against the bad evil Zionists and Americans”. Not to mention the LIES the media are reporting about the so-called “elections” in Iran, claiming about a sort of “larger than expected turnout in Iran’s elections” and stupidities of this kind ( the Mullahs must be jumping of joy seeing how they are able to manipulate the foreign media). Again, don’t be surprised: AP and Reuters (to name a few) are the very same which have fabricated photos during the Lebanon war this summer (I hope you remember the Fauxtography Scandal). The televised media here are also reporting the sham elections as if they were democratic elections and seem to be happy that Rafsanjani “won” , so the European masters will do business with him, forgetting his crimes.The world is losing ethics.

Bin Laden killed.

Menghistu, il Terrore rosso fu genocidio. L’ex despota marxista, ora in esilio in Zimbabwe, sterminò i suoi oppositori e usò le carestie come arma di governo.L´Etiopia condanna l´ex dittatore: rischia la pena di morte

Weekly Standard: Meet Mugabe’s Victims

December 7, 2006

Half a Billion dollars about to fill Hamas’ pockets

The Iraq Study Group recommends appeasing the world’s worst tyrants and terrorist regimes responsible for chaos in Iraq and the sectarian conflict. If he has still the guts, President Bush has to FIRMLY reject ALL the ‘recommendations’ of this disastrous report. Failing to do so would pave the way to the suicide of the democratic nations. Meanwhile, Robert Spencer, whose blog I admire much, is dead wrong when he writes that the U.S. must abandon the democratic initiatives in the ME. Spencer ignores that in the past couple of years, the Bush administration abandoned such initiatives. They’re not futile, Mr. Spencer. I totally agree when he says that the US need to shift toward an offensive anti-jihad posture, but returning to a pre-9/11 policy of appeasing ‘moderate’ Middle Eastern regimes did not work, and the very same 9/11 attacks are a prove of that (the murderers were from countries we have always appeased, Saudi Arabia and Egypt). UPDATE: President Bush has rejected most of the report. That’s great news, although he should reject all of it.

The Europeans should mind their own business and remember that it’s the President of the United States him who decides his country’s policies. In the meantime, and no surprise, terrorists rejoice and promise new attacks.

Israeli deputy defense minister says what we already knew: Islamic Jihad takes orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran

Magdi Allam: Per l’integrazione in Italia mancano la cultura dei diritti e dei doveri e l’affrancamento dal mito del multiculturalismo

Newt Gingrich,run please! The 1st Amendment Is Not a Suicide Pact: Blocking the Speech That Calls for Our Death

Italy’s government (last polls found 65% of Italians would vote it out if elections were held today and 2 million protested against it last saturday in Rome) proudly announces surrender to Islamo-Fascists in Iraq. Notice the bias of the Reuters report.

One Free Korea’s Joshua Shanton writes that Bolton’s resignation is bad news for the millions of starving North Koreans.

Niger Islamic fascists protest against women’s rights.

Please, if you didn’t already do it, sign the petition in favor of Nazanin

SMCCDI: Hundreds of students protest against repression in Iran

Texan town’s residents use pig races to deter building of mosque

Intervista a Scaramella: “La dose che mi è stata somministrata è sei volte quella considerata sufficiente per uccidere”

FIGI: ESERCITO DISARMA UNITA’ POLIZIA, TIMORI COLPO DI STATO.Militari delle isole Figi sono entrati oggi (lunedi’) in posti di polizia strategici della capitale Suva disarmandoli, mentre crescono i timori per un colpo di stato che potrebbe essere imminente

The Nazi Islamic regime in Iran praises Chavez victory in another rigged election

Investor’s Business Daily: Chavez Buys Himself An Election

Did you really believe Chavez was going to be kicked out through ‘elections’? We all know that Venezuelan elections under Chavez are not at all fair and free, as he is a dictator. The National Election Commission is under his control, so what did you expect? I already predicted his ‘win’. Chavez has not the support of the majority, but he ‘won’ just as the Soviets ‘won’ their ‘elections’.Chavez can be defeated ONLY through a Velvet Revolution. And that will occurr very soon, don’t worry.

Weekly Standard: Singapore Sidestep

Released Cuban dissident pledges to continue opposing the regime

Denuncia: Telecom Italia colabora con la represión Castrista

Fuori Telecom-Italia da Cuba: Lettera aperta di Matteo Mecacci a Guido Rossi, Presidente di Telecom Italia .Dopo Telekom Serbia, Telecom Italia dismetta anche la partecipazione nella compagnia telefonica cubana ETECSA, controllata dal regime cubano e utilizzata per incarcerare dissidenti e giornalisti.

Press conference draws attention to acts of non-cooperation with the dictatorship in Cuba.Non-cooperation is the Cuban people’s response to Castro’s repression

Augusto & Fidel .Ci sono due dittatori che stanno facendo a gara nel ritardare il passaggio all’altro mondo. Vincerà Castro, che è maestro assoluto nel durare immobilizzando il mondo, o si farà prima il funerale a Pinochet.

From Cuban Medicine: Bulgarian Treatment

Enviado por Carlos Serpa Maceira: Condenan en Cuba a Opositor Encarcelado desde 2003

Video on Cuba’s Ladies in White up at YouTube here

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Denuncian Como Falsa Judicial, Encarcelamiento de Activista Sindical en Cuba

Aparecen de izquierda a derecha el activista sindical independiente Lázaro González Adán , condenado en Cuba a 3 años de prisión por promover un Sindicalismo Libre , el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira , la periodista Marilyn Díaz Fernández , esposa de Lázaro , el Promotor de la Corriente Martiana ,Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez Valdez , y la periodista Fara Armentero ,exiliada política en los Estados Unidos.

World Champion! Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro won the Golden Ball. Cannavaro helped Italy win the 2006 World Cup.

November 7, 2006

I will post my opinions on the mid-term election once the official outcome will be announced.

Bin Laden says.. (h/t: Powerline )

The pro-Saddam alliance (Europe) seethes and whines over his sentence to death. No such seething was ever heard from Europe when Saddam mutilated, tortured, slaughtered millions. I am against the death penalty, but I accept it when it comes to mass murderers and war criminals like Saddam or terrorists.

Magdi Allam: Il Partito di Saddam in Occidente si rammarica per la condanna a morte: no alla mistificazione della realtà e alla perversione etica

FrontPage Magazine: Justice Served

Enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla under threat by Islamic radicals

Chirac appeases the Mullahs by awarding controversial Islamic Republic apologist Shirin Ebadi with the “Legion of Honor Award”

Darfur genocide continues .Horrific stories from Sudan

Anti-Islamist and pro-secular Egyptian blogger Abdelkareem has been detained again! Sandmonkey has more here

Aini Martín Valero: En Celda de Castigo Prisionero Político

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información: El día 27 de octubre del 2006, una Brigada de Respuesta Rápida, se paró frente a la casa de Miguel Valdés Tamayo, con el objetivo de impedirle asistir a una sesión de Internet. Miguel es preso político en licencia extrapenal del Grupo de los 75, y miembro del Comité de Relaciones Públicas de la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, y reside en Calzada de San Agustín No.691 entre José Miguel y Victoria, Reparto Párraga, Arroyo Naranjo, en Ciudad de La Habana. Es de destacar que la turba en cuestión no pertenecía a su vecindario, sino que fue importada de un barrio cercano.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Amenazan con 30 años de Prisión a Líder del Movimiento Sindical Independiente en Cuba

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer   la siguiente información sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: Juan Alberto de la Nuez Ramírez, director de la biblioteca independiente Adam Smith del municipio Aguada de Pasajeros, en la provincia de Cienfuegos, sita en H. Hernández No.21 entre Martí y Maceo, nos comunicó que fue citado el día 25 de octubre del 2006, a las 7 de la mañana, a la Policía Nacional Revolucionaria (PNR), por un oficial de esa fuerza. Cuando se encontraba allí, dos oficiales de la Seguridad del Estado, que son conocidos como Yunier y Robertico, le anunciaron que estaba detenido

October 27, 2006


It is about time to bring the criminals to justice. Billionaire mad mullah Rafsanjani and Hizballah ‘leaders’ wanted in 1994 Argentine bombing

From the EU-Statements-Never-Cease-To-Make-Me-Laugh Department: Javier Solana: ‘Hamas doesn’t want to destroy Israel’Islamo-fascist misogyny from an islamist cleric in Australia: “Women to blame for sex attacks” . And the federal Sex Discrimination commissioner reacted immediately: Cleric should be sacked and deported

Magdi Allam: Gli strateghi che guidano la guerra pro-hijab

Manchester imam okays killing of homosexuals

French Foreign Minister changes opinion on Israel’s fence and ackowledges that it’s foiled around 80% of terror attacks. Charles at LGF sees this as a flying pig moment. And I agree with him.

Good news, as there seems to be still room for free speech with respect to Islam in Europe: Mohammed cartoon newspaper acquitted . But if you hoped this was the beginning of Europe’s awakening, well, don’t hold your breathe, because you have to remember that there is a country, Britain, where insanity is paving the way to the establishment of sharia: British Airways: yes to veil, no to cross

C’è ancora posto per la libertà di pensiero in Europa. Il giornale danese che aveva pubblicato le vignette su maometto è stato assolto perchè l’accusa di razzismo non è stata ritenuta fondata. Ma in Inghilterra si continua a grandi passi a marciare verso l’islamizzazione. La British Airways dice si al velo,ma no alla croce.

Brussels Journal: The Rape of Europe

Wafa Sultan, A woman’s work in progress


Palestinian gays flee to Israel

Sudanese genociders celebrate at the United Nations! (h/t: Gateway Pundit )

Expert speaks about non-cooperation of Cuban workers

These are two Cuban independent librarians, wife and husband, one week after being beaten by a communist mob led by the State Security and the political police. And then we still hear naive people, living in the rich and democratic world, calling to lift the “embargo” and do business with the communist mafia in Cuba! The communist regime in Cuba and its very few supporters in the island are the exact copy of the fascist death squads. This kind of beatings occurr almost everyday in Cuba, but that does not prevent the dissidents from continuing with more determination the struggle to liberate Cuba. They are receiving the solidarity of the population. Source, in Spanish: Bitacora Cubana.

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información, sobre el I Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes: El lunes 16 de octubre del 2006, el bibliotecario independiente Eduardo González Vázquez, a las 10 am, celebró una actividad en la BI El Mayor, sita en Cedano No.99 apto. 4 entre Martí y San Lorenzo, en Camagüey, como apertura del Congreso en su biblioteca. Asistieron bibliotecarios de este municipio cabecera y vecinos de su casa. “El despertar de Cuba está cerca, para Cuba ya es la hora. Que Dios le dé gloria y salud a todas aquellas personas que entregaron su vida y su pensamiento a favor de la libertad de Cuba y que Dios le dé también salud a Martha Beatriz, por haber convocado a este Congreso. Que como mismo fue convocada la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad, Martha que Dios te bendiga, que Dios te bendiga, porque oye, no pueden con nosotros, están cogidos ya. ¡Ya para Cuba es hora!, ¡Ya para Cuba es hora!

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Continuaré desarrollando mi labor como periodista, y nada, ni nadie, lo va a impedir

Orthodox priest released, vows to go ahead with the struggle to liberate Cuba. (Spanish)

Disidentes  Realizan video-conferencia entre La Habana y Miami en homenaje a Rosa Parks en la seccion de la Oficina de Intereses norteamericanos en la capital cubana. James Meredith, que dijo ser un soldado de la lucha por los derechos civiles, fustigó al gobernante cubano Fidel Castro calificándolo como racista muy efectivo, cuyo régimen nada había hecho por los negros en 47 años.

Non-cooperation campaign hits the streets of Miami

September 24, 2006

Boston Herald: Does AP stand for Al-Qaeda Propaganda?

Australian treasurer: Muslim nations should separate church and state

British insanity hits bottom: Police to brief Muslims before terror raids. And one in ten brisith muslims say they wouldn’t inform the police if they knew of an impending terror attack.

Ormai l’Inghilterra è sempre fuori di testa. Ora la polizia chiederà il permesso alla comunità islamica prima di compiere un’operazione anti-terrorismo. Comunità islamica che, stando ad un nuovo sondaggio, dice di non avere intenzione di informare la polizia qualora sapesse di qualche imminente attentato.

Anti-Syrian Lebanese Christian leader dismisses Hezbollah ‘victory’ claim

Churches attacked in Gaza, W. Bank

EU Commission President disappointed at lack of EU support for Pope

Informazione Corretta: Il Papa secondo Tariq Ramadan.REPUBBLICA di oggi, 23/09/2006, a pag.16, pubblica una intervista di Riccardo Staglianò con Tariq Ramadan, argomento Papa Benedetto XVI. Ramadan è un intellettuale musulmano, colto, vive in Svizzera, conosce bene come ci si comporta in Europa se si vuole essere ascoltati. Per questo è molto più pericoloso di un Nasrallah qualunque. Non a caso gli USA gli hanno vietato il visto di ingresso. Da noi ha (quasi) tutti i media a disposizione. Nell’intervista che segue esce un ritratto del Papa come piace a Ramadan (e a REPUBBLICA), per fortuna diverso dal Papa di Ratisbona.

You do not need to go to the circus in order to see the clowns. Bush will kill me: Chavez

SMCCDI:Academic year starts in Iran under increased repression

SMCCDI:Inizia il nuovo anno scolastico in Iran sotto un clima di repressione

Bombs rain down on Darfur villages. It’s all about forced Arabization. The Arab-Islamist militias rape women and then say: “Now you’re pregnant of an arab”. The bombers used to destroy the villages and kill people are Russian-built.

In Darfur prosegue il massacro.Aerei dell’esercito e miliziani arabi ha nuovamente saccheggiato villaggi nel nord della regione sudanese

José María Aznar : No oigo a ningún musulmán que pida perdón por conquistar España y estar allí ocho siglos

September 14, 2006

Al-Qaeda issues France threat .It would be good if Europe realized that jihad doesn’t differentiate between countries that  support the US and those that don’t .

Islamism’s War on Israel.The fascism of faith has come into its own

Bruce Bawer: 9/11, Five Years Later: A View from Europe – Failing to comprehend the nature of the enemy

The Fascist Disease.”Islamic fascism” is an accurate–and important–term

Shame on the Italian gov’t. The photo below shows Italian foreign minister D’Alema (center, with mustaches) walking in Beirut with a Hizballah “parliamentarian” (left). The center-right opposition, however, caved in and decided to endorse the anti-Israel UN “peacekeeping” mission. Calling me disappointed is too little.

From Gateway Pundit: Zimbabwean Riot Police Beat Anti-Government Protesters

Humberto Fontova: Mainstream Media Frenzy Over Bogus Scandal

Cuban dissidents slam Non-aligned movement over rights

Rapid Response Brigades attack opposition members

Medicina Cubana: Lo malo que pueden ser los hombres

Marc MasFerrer has posted about his email exchange with our good friend doctor Darsi Ferrer, victim of arbitrary detention two weeks ago, when political police even attempted to kill his 5-year-old son Dariel. Today, Darsi sent me some answers to an interview I made to him.Soon I’ll publish the interview.

September 13, 2006

From The-World-Has-Gone-Mad Department: Dutch Minister Welcomes Sharia In Netherlands If Majority Wants It .I very much doubt the majority of Dutch want sharia. Even if they did, had Sharia be established, I am sure they would face an army of millions of women, non-Muslim and Muslim alike – to oppose barbarism.

Il ministro di giustizia olandese se ne è uscito con una dichiarazione alquanto sconcertante. In pratica dice, se la maggioranza vuole la sharia,allora ben venga.Quindi, via all’islamizzazione dell’Olanda, paese che di religione – quella cristiana – non se ne è mai occupato. Io mi chiedo se questo signore sappia in cosa consiste la sharia,perchè non credo che se uno lo sapesse, sarebbe lieto di instaurarla. A parte il fatto che non sono sicura la maggioranza degli olandesi vorrebbe il terrore shariatico, ma anche se fosse, una cosa è certa: si troverebbero dinanzi ad un’esercito di donne pronte ad opporsi con tutti i mezzi al terrore misogino rappresentato dalla legge islamica.

Terrorist regimes, Islamist and Stalinist, gathered in Havana along with other notorious human rights abusers, want to ‘redefine’ terrorism. Hmm…

And Venezuelan thug Chavez joins the 9/11 conspiracy theorist crowd

Fjordman: What Future for US – Europe Relations?

A pro-US Pakistani blogger needs your help to get asylum in Canada, as he faces deportation to his country. There he would be put to death for “blasphemy” (he left Islam and converted to christianity after 9/11). Please, do all you can to save him!! (h/t: Jeremiah)

Un blogger pachistano filo-americano rischia di essere rimpatriato in Pakistan, dove verrebbe messo a morte quasi sicuramente, per essersi convertito al cristianesimo dopo l’11 settembre. Ora sta cercando asilo politico in Canada. Possiamo aiutarlo.

Tunnel Vision

Photo Evidence of  Islamo-Communist alliance. “International Solidarity Movement” poses for photos with Palestinian terrorists of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Here’s how they love “peace”…

But when they want to relax and have fun, they don’t refrain from going to Israel..


Shutting out Taiwan.Yesterday, Taiwan again tried to join the the U.N., for the 13th time.

Il mio articolo su RagionPolitica: La salute di Castro falsata dall’informazione filoregime

Bitacora Cubana: A punto de lanzar tres discos Willy Chirino

Cubans relive journey to freedom.Two Cubans who made headlines by trying to defect in Africa are back in South Florida, working and living the Miami dream

Desde Cuba: Maltrata la policía a mujeres enfermas

Cuban internal opposition pays homage to the victims of 9/11. The Pedro Luis Boitel Party for Democracy, the Independent Civic Movement and Plantados Hasta la Democracia, paid tribute to the victims of 9/11. Report in Spanish.

La Oposición Interna Cubana Conmemoró victimas de Acto Terrorista a las Torres Gemelas

Movimiento Liberal Cubano: Se Reúnen Liberales del Occidente de Cuba

Some Ladies in White in Havana participating to the celebrations in honor to the Cuba’s Patron