Acts of Civil Defiance Increase in Iran

March 10, 2008

More and more Iranians are braving the terrorist, misogynist Islamic Republic regime. These people walk NAKED in public in Iran. (h/t: saggezard )

Young man runs around a public circle

Woman bathes by a pool at a busy public square (Note plain clothes security force officer on walkie talkie in the background)

Pornographic video hacked onto a public billboard in Karaj

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Iranian Dissidents on Bush’s SOTU Speech

January 30, 2008

Iranian secularist democratic movement SMCCDI: Bush sends message to Iranians and warning to their oppressors

the US President used (..) the full and correct historical and UN recognized name of the famous water body which is the “Persian Gulf” (…) Not astonishingly, most known “mercantilist” European and Chinese news agencies omitted to mention the parts of Mr. Bush’s statement where he addressed the Iranian People and mentioned their quest for freedom.(…) Same silence was adopted by the CNN’s commentators when they analysed the parts of the Presidential Speech in refernce to Iran. No word of Iranian People and their quest for freedom was mentionned.

The Islamic Republic is seething and whining over these parts of Bush’s speech..

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Iran’s Gulag Archipelago

January 19, 2008
FrontPage Magazine interviews Iranian dissident Roozbeh Farahanipour
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Mullahs Planning Destruction of Tomb of Cyrus

January 17, 2008

In a new attempt to erase over 3000 years of pre-Islam Iranian history, the Islamic Republic is planning the destruction of the tomb of King Cyrus the Great. Arutz Sheva writes: Islamic Republic Plans on Destroying Tomb of King Cyrus, Friend of Jews. In the meantime, UCLA is hosting an important conference on Cyrus.

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One Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words

January 14, 2008

In this case, two photos. From Iran.

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Gas shortage leads to clashes in nothern Iran

January 12, 2008

Iranian freedom movement SMCCDI reports of clashes between citizens and militiamen in north-eastern Iran due to shortage of heating gas.

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Against Cultural Genocide in Iran

January 7, 2008

The following was sent via email by Save Pasargad:

Pasargad Heritage Foundation, as an official non-profit organization concerned with the fate of human cultural and archaeological heritages, has been obliged to take the file on Mr. Rahim Mashai to International authorities and, putting his name alongside those responsible for destruction of world heritages such as the Taliban, has filed a complaint against him asking for a hearing on his intentional and systematic endeavors to destroy the ancient cultural treasures of the Iranian Nation.

Indictment of Mr. Esfandiar Rahim-Mosha’i, head of Islamic Republic of Iran Cultural Heritage Organization, for Crimes against Humanity


گزارشی به مردمان ايران و جهان درباره يک دادخواست بين المللی

بنياد ميراث پاسارگاد به عنوان يک نهاد رسمی مربوط به آثار و گنجينه های بشری، به ناچار تصميم گرفته تا پرونده آقای رحيم مشايي را به مراجع بين المللی بکشاند و نام ايشان را به عنوان نخستين مجرم عليه ميراث جهانی در ايران و در کنار نام ويرانگران آثار باستانی جهانی، همچون طالبان قرار داده و از مقامات جهانی محاکمه ايشان را تقاضا نمايد ….
ترجمه دادنامه علیه رحیم مشاعی به دادگاه کیفری بین المللی

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