Iranian Opportunist Attacks Popular Dissident

May 9, 2008

In an interview unwisely allowed to him by FrontPage Magazine who didn’t even edit the most obscene parts , fame and money-oriented opportunist Potkin Azarmehr resorted to attack popular dissident and our friend, Roozbeh Farahanipour of Marz-e-Por-Gohar, by accusing him of being a “Islamic Republic agent”. Roozbeh is a real patriot, and one of the very few genuine freedom fighters among the divided Iranian opposition. Roozbeh was one of the students savagely beaten and arrested during the 1999 student uprisings. He spent horrific time in jail, tortured by – among the others – the very same Akbar Ganji many still make an idol of. Pls, make sure to read also the comments to Azarmehr’s shameful interview, most of which respond to his baseless claims. Free Thoughts extends her sincere expression of solidarity and support to this and other genuine human rights activists and deplores the likes of Azarmehr, Fakravar, Sazgara and Ganji.

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Google Must Be Held To Account‏

April 27, 2008

Amil Imani: Google Must Be Held To Account‏


SMCCDI: “Persian Gulf-Google Protest” Petition passes the level of half million endorsements

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Two Videos from Iran

March 9, 2008

I can’t understand what this brave woman is saying, but I understand she is challenging repression against women by showing herself not covered with the mandatory and oppressive veil.

Here is more Islamist violence against Iranian youth. This guy is “guilty” with something very normal: having long hair. Or, as the Mullahs call it, “Westernized hair-style”…

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NYT Shills for “Former” Islamist

February 17, 2008

Ebrahim Yazdi played an active role in helping Khomeini take over Iran and wage war on America. The following is an important note by Iranian secularist democratic movement SMCCDI in response to this article from the New York Times.

SMCCDI Note: Ebrahim Yazdi is despised by most Iranians, except by his few ignorant and “optimistic” new Islamist colleagues, who think that Islamism can be matched with Democracy. Indeed, Yazdi and his gang are considered, by an absolute majority of Iranians, as a kind of more illuminated-backwarded Islamist who helped the coming of cataclysm in Iran back in 1979, and that still try to save their face somehow.

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Iranian Dissidents on Bush’s SOTU Speech

January 30, 2008

Iranian secularist democratic movement SMCCDI: Bush sends message to Iranians and warning to their oppressors

the US President used (..) the full and correct historical and UN recognized name of the famous water body which is the “Persian Gulf” (…) Not astonishingly, most known “mercantilist” European and Chinese news agencies omitted to mention the parts of Mr. Bush’s statement where he addressed the Iranian People and mentioned their quest for freedom.(…) Same silence was adopted by the CNN’s commentators when they analysed the parts of the Presidential Speech in refernce to Iran. No word of Iranian People and their quest for freedom was mentionned.

The Islamic Republic is seething and whining over these parts of Bush’s speech..

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Meetings between Larijani and Sarkozy in Egypt

December 31, 2007

Iranian dissident group SMCCDI reports that French President Nicholas Sarkozy met secretly with Islamic Republic regime’s Ali Larijiani in Egypt. Sarkozy is spending holidays in Egypt with his new girlfriend, former Italian model Carla Bruni.

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UK Government Loses Terror Decision

December 17, 2007

British Justice legitimizes yet another terror group, the Islamo-Marxist cult front group Mujaheddin e-Khalq, a terrorist movement that fights to establish a Maoist-Islamist tyrannical regime in Iran, and is opposed by the absolute majority of Iranians, both in Iran and outside.

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Europe OK with Political Murders

December 11, 2007

That Europe is enemy of the Iranian people is a matter of fact. And today we’ve more evidence, as Germany is releasing another of those Islamist thugs who murdered Iranian dissidents in 1992. I ran out of words..

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Four More Executed in Iran

December 8, 2007

Four more Iranians have been publicly executed by the Islamic Republic regime. One of the victims was an homosexual.

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How to Further Discourage Freedom Loving Iranians

November 7, 2007

Everybody knows I am not at all a leftist; to me, leftist means insult to intelligence. But I cannot refrain from criticizing those on the other side who behave like immature individuals. That’s the case of Ms. Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates. This lady, quite shamefully, recently declared that she hates “all Iranians”. Often, I happened to read phrases like “nuke iran” by unawarely fool commenters in some blogs. But, when dangerous statements come from PUBLIC OFFICIALS, representing the Unites States government, that is far more disgusting. For years, genuine Iranian opposition groups committed to help their countrymen overthrow the regime in its totality, fought against the Islamic Regime’s anti-american propaganda machine. Tens of US-based opposition TVs are watched by millions of Iranians, a majority of which do not watch the state TV. Opposition groups fought hard – and succesfully – to let the Iranian people know that America is their friend, not the “Great Satan” the regime would have them to believe. And the absolute majority of Iranians, above all the youths, are the only pro-american and even pro-israel people in the Middle East. If you can recall, three years ago the student movements were on the brink to overthrow the Mullahs. Today, we rarely hear of them. Let’s for one moment forget the European destructive role in strenghtening the regime by doing business with them. But the US gov’t, what has it done? President Bush’s first term contributed to empower the opposition movement, and millions of Iranians used to consider him as the “Freedom’s Messiah”. Then came the second, disastrous term. He abandoned his correct vision, and adopted a multilateral approach, made up of indirect appeasement and support for widely discredited separatist groups whose goal is not the end of the regime, but the Yugoslavization of Iran. How if this was not enough per se to undermine the Iranians’ morale and hopes, now this appallingly ugly lady declares her hatred for all Iranians. Undoubtedly, she fuelled the Mullahs’ propaganda machine, which now can count on her (public) words to say “I told you so. Here’s the proof that the United States hates the Iranian people”. This way and others, the administration made the opposition movements’ work more difficoult. How to answer when asked: “Is America interested in freedom for Iran?”. As a committed activist for democracy in Iran, I wouldn’t say I am disappointed: I am DISGUSTED. If President Bush does not want to make history as being one of the many worst ex-presidents, he should immediately fire Ms. Cagan from her position, or at least apologize publicly to the Iranian people for those absurd comments, and make it crystal clea that the US gov’t does not share her views and has nothing against the Iranian people, but much against the terror regime oppressing them since 28 years. Failing to do so would confirm my fears: Bush is more than ever his father’s son. This is a right-wing criticism to the president; we should be honest to admit that, sometimes, idiots are not just on the Left.

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Media Coddle Rafsanjani

October 25, 2007

MSM is at it again; this time, as PR agents for another notorious mass murderer. Him who masterminded the killing of Iranian dissidents in Europe, as well as dozens of hundreds of public executions, random killings of students, and so on.

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Germany OK with Political Murders

October 17, 2007

Disgusting yet unsurprising news, as Germany’s chief federal prosecutor said two men convicted in the 1992 assassination of four Iranian opposition figures might be released.

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Communism Meets Islamism – Again

September 23, 2007

The children of infamous Argentina-born Soviet mercenary and mass murderer ‘Che’ Guevara are currently in Iran meeting with genocidal Mullahs and paying their communist respects to one of the history’s worst killers: Khomeini. The goal of the trip is crystal clear; strenghten the Commie-IslamoFascist Alliance against a common enemy: the United States and Israel. And, specially, against freedom and democracy.

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Domestic Terror by Mullahs in Iran

September 7, 2007

A new good piece from Iranian essayist Amil Imani: Domestic Genocide in Iran

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Islamic Republic of Executions

August 29, 2007

Here’s a gruesome video clip containing footage and graphical images of public executions in Iran. Caution is advised when clicking through the hyperlink.

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Islamic Republic of Hatred,Death and Savagery

August 26, 2007

Below are several pictures showing the Ayatollahs’ brutal reign of domestic terror, as they apply Sharia to innocent people who simply tried to exercise their individual freedom. Don’t click through the ‘Read the rest of the entry’ hyperlink if you think you may feel disturbed by the graphic images.

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Mullahs and Opiates

August 19, 2007

Another brilliant essay from Iranian writer Amil Imani: Mullahs and Opiates

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