Egypt’s Grand Mufti Threatens Geert Wilders

March 29, 2008

Tantawi: Let Wilders come to Egypt; get ready to kill him.

This blog fully endorses Wilders’ campaign against Islamism and in favor of freedom and equality for men and women. Therefore, this blog encourages to watch to his new movie.

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Sfida al Corano Fascista

February 15, 2008

L’olandese Wilders chiede la messa al bando del Mein Kampf Corano. “Sono alla base di ogni terrorismo. Io sono la voce di chi non ne può più del dominio musulmano”

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Journalism Is Not a Capital Crime

February 1, 2008

Khaled Hosseini: The death of Sayed Parwez Kaambakhsh would be a huge setback for Afghanistan

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Muslims’ Victim Mentality

January 30, 2008

Amil Imani: Muslims’ Victim Mentality

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Death Threats Against Former Iranian Pornostar

January 23, 2008

Iranian-born ex pornostar Aylar Lie revealed she would have liked to visit her father in Iran. But she can’t, as the Islamists in power there vowed to kill her if she sets foot on her native soil. Her “guilt”? The mere fact of having beeen a pornstar makes her easy target of Islamists, who consider sex and porn as sins punishable by immediate death by stoning. (news found at Smccdi)

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Ways to Defeat Islamic Jihadism

January 11, 2008

Amil Imani: Ways to Defeat Islamic Jihadism

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Child Abuse In Saudi Arabia

December 21, 2007

No comment or description needed. The video clip tells it all.

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Honor Killings, the Hidden War on Women

December 13, 2007

9 women from Israeli Arab (Muslim) clan killed for ‘dishonoring’ family

Father killed daughter for not wearing hijab

Almost 125 women died in the past four months in northern Iraq

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Tiny Minority of Misogynists

December 12, 2007

In Pakistan, 71% of men justify violence against women.

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The Threat of Islamist Terrorism

November 30, 2007

Iranian essayist Amil Imani sent this in: Exposing the Threat of Islamist Terrorism Symposium in Dallas, Texas‏. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you might want to attend.

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Amil Imani Asks a Tough Question

November 28, 2007

Amil Imani: Who’s the Bigger Threat to America: The Dishonest Moderate Muslims or the Honest Jihadists?

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Islamism is Depravity

October 16, 2007

Yes, it is. Sunam is bride-to-be… aged 3 . How else would you call this?

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Another Test for Europe

September 13, 2007

I am left with little or no hope in Europe’s renaissance from its ongoing moral decadence. A Continent whose political authorities punish those who brave their political correctness through beatings, censorship and frivolous lawsuits, won’t be able to wake up in time. They failed to protect Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who justly moved to the United States. And they won’t provide adequate protection for other free thinkers like this Muslim critic whose announced film on homosexuality and Islam is expected to have Islamists all over the world seething and whining.

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Sharia in Canada

September 10, 2007

The Canadian Coalition for Democracies applauds PM, raises concerns about government enforcement of sharia practices

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Islamic World’s Assault on Sweden’s Sovereignty

September 9, 2007

The ambassadors of the Muslim countries known full well that blackmail work and they will get what they’re looking for. Muslim ambassadors: ‘Sweden needs to change its laws’

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Germany Waking Up (Sort of)

September 8, 2007

I’m still convinced that Europe’s cultural and moral decline is imminent, as well as its already impending Islamization. However, there seems to be a gleam of sanity from Germany, as they weigh monitoring stricly their Muslim community, including recent converts. Will they really do it? It remains to be seen.

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Islamic Republic of Malaysia?

September 8, 2007

It now appears Malaysia is hungry of Dark Ages.

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Dreaded Cartoon of Blasphemy

September 7, 2007

Swedish Muslims (and not only) are back suing and gearing up for another wave of cartoon jihad over this one:

Count with me until public apologies (read: surrender) on the part of the newspaper that printed the cartoon.

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«Mi sono convertito e lo rivendico»

August 20, 2007

Magdi Allam: L’egiziano Hegazi rischia la morte. Cristiano da nove anni, rompe un tabù in un Paese dove i copti sono milioni. Ma una fatwa ora lo condanna come apostata

Pipes’ Latest Op-Ed

August 7, 2007

Daniel Pipes: Ban the Burqa – and the Niqab Too

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Stop the Islamisation of Europe

August 3, 2007

Demonstration outside the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, on Sept 11th, 2007 to protest the Islamization of Europe. (h/t: Lisistrata)

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Video: Islamic Child Abuse

July 30, 2007

Here’s a disturbing clip showing Pakistan Muslim teens declaring to be ready for Jihad.

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Magdi Allam sui predicatori d’odio nostrani

July 22, 2007

Magdi Allam: Ecco i predicatori dell’odio

Chiudiamo le moschee dell’odio, della violenza e della morte. Via dall’Italia i predicatori del terrorismo islamico. Grazie alla Digos per gli arresti di Perugia, complimenti al capo della Polizia Manganelli e al ministro dell’Interno Amato. Ma non basta tirare un sospiro di sollievo per il mancato attentato. Dobbiamo liberarci dalle «fabbriche dei kamikaze» presenti nel territorio nazionale.

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The World’s Stupidest Fatwas

July 20, 2007

Salman Rushdie lists the 5 most bizarre fatwas of the last few years

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Noi e l’Islam

July 16, 2007

Magdi Allam: Prigionieri della cultura del burqa

Vorrei tranquillizzare la signora Monia Mzoughi: dal processo che la vede imputata per essersi presentata nascosta sotto una gabbia di stoffa nera nel tribunale di Cremona, ne uscirà a testa alta anche se avvolta dal niqab o dal burqa. Ci faremo perdonare per la vessazione da lei subita concedendole la cittadinanza italiana, visto che risiede tra noi da molti anni, anche se con quel suo muro eretto dal velo integrale lei non si considera affatto parte di noi. E la nostra Italia si confermerà sempre più preda dell’islamicamente corretto.


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Der Spiegel on the Muslim Brotherhood

July 5, 2007

Spiegel Online has an eye-opening piece on the Islamic supremacist group that gave birth to Hamas and Al Qaeda: the Muslim Brotherhood. Charting the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood

The recent putsch in the Gaza Strip by Hamas is shedding light on an organization exercising considerable influence on the entire Arab world — the Muslim Brotherhood. As both a social movement and a militant Islamist political outfit, its power stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Indian Ocean

Read the whole thing

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June 26, 2007

Extreme misogyny on Saudi TV.


June 23, 2007

Wonders of multiculturalism: ‘Honor’ killings increasing rapidly in Britain


June 18, 2007

Palestinians pick up what they sowed. Welcome to the Islamist state of Hamas . The Palestinians, a death cult, violent and war-mongering society, could just realize how wrong they were when they murdered Jews to force Israel out of Gaza. And they could start asking Israel to return. On the one side, Israel’s Olmert administration caved in and left Gaza, ignoring the consequences for Israel and the region as a whole. Its far from being a victory for Israel; Gaza is going to be an Al-Qaeda state. Israel should have never handed over Gaza to the Palestinians. The int.l community is desperately looking for a solution. Theirs are crocodile tears. After all, it’s them who pressed Israel to leave the place. Now what? Hard to say. It’s a civil war, but the world community would do good not to send in the ‘peacekeepers’. Let the Palestinians slaughter each other. Yes, that’s what they do best. That’s their raison d’etre. Don’t send our men in uniform to risk their life to save who loves death over life and war over peaceful coexistance. Also, as Magdi Allam says, this situation proves that there will never be a Palestinian state. Because it’s the Palestinians themselves who never wanted it. All they want is the destruction of Israel. And let me say something: I fear for Israel. I fear for her, because I feel as if they are committing suicide. An Islamist state at her doors will only speed up her destruction. Unless Israel elects credible leaders with guts, its end is inevitable. I pray for Israel and for it to wake up sooner than later. You can’t make peace or concessions, let alone talk with who wants to destroy you. You have to act. Wake up, Israel, pls. Re-occupy Gaza. Use your military might. Destroy Hamas, Fatah and the Islamic Jihad. Plug your ears in order not to hear the international community that led to this situation. Enter Gaza to stay. But don’t do it for the Palestinians. Do it for your survival. And to the world: don’t send in men to die for a death cult society. Rather, send them where they’re urgently needed: Darfur. Because there is where people cannot wait too long.

Opinion Journal: Arafat’s Children

Crocodile tears: ‘Things were better when Israel ruled Gaza’. Gaza resident speaks out against factional fighting, says situation in Gaza was better when Israel was in charge

Amil Imani: Israel: It’s Payback Time

Magdi Allam: Stato palestinese addio

BBC sorry for recognizing Jerusalem as the historical capital of Israel.

Under the feet of UNIFIL. So much for the credibility of the much-praised ‘world body’: Hezbollah ‘has stockpiled rockets’ on Israeli border

And again: Anti-Syrian occupation Lebanese MP assassinated

Lebanese columnist: Standing Up to Killers – Syria Must Answer for Its Murders in Lebanon

Fermiamo gli orchi. Fermiamo (e puniamo i pedofili). Diciamo NO al “Boy Love Day” . NO ALLA PEDOFILIA! Difendiamo i bambini ed i minori! Firma la petizione.

This just in, even though it comes as no surprise: Palestinian Authority (leaded by the ‘moderate’ Abu Mazen) paying Schalit captors’ families

Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic: What is at risk is not the climate but freedom

Video: Dennis Miller goes nuclear on Harry Reid. Michelle Malkin’s First Annual Open Border Oscars. Mark Steyn: ‘Undocumented Americans’ (h/t: no2liberals).

Next time, be more cautious when you celebrate the victory of a ‘right-winger’ in non-Anglosaxon Europe, as you could be upset. Me, I am not, because I already knew nothing would really change after all. France calls on EU to fund Hamas regime . Sarkozy invites Hizbullah to France

Magdi Allam: Una manifestazione per i cristiani in Oriente perseguitati. Uccisioni, fughe, conversioni forzate: la fine della tolleranza religiosa nei Paesi islamici

This won’t calm down the ‘anti-war’ crowd.

The enemy within.

Amil Imani: Terrorists’ Bill of Rights

The United Nations are a nonsense. Cuba and Belarus set to escape UN rights scrutiny

From Freedom Works: Support a Free and Open Internet!

Reagan’s prophetic Berlin speech, 20 years later. To remember, here is the full transcript of that historic speech.

Ex-U.N. official convicted in fraud

In Saudi Arabia, a view from behind the veil. As a woman in the male-dominated kingdom, [Los Angeles] Times reporter Megan Stack quietly fumed beneath her abaya. Even beyond its borders, her experience taints her perception of the sexes.

Genocide denying and Sudan apologist article by someone who most probably has never been in Darfur. My advise to the writer: this may teach you a thing or two.

British Court Finds Muslim Father Guilty of Murdering Daughter in ‘Honor Killing’

Transcript: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Fox News Sunday.

Freedom of expression deteriorating in Zapatero’s Spain: Journalist from Libertad Digital menaced and insulted for asking about Cuba

Tens of thousands condemn North Korea’s regime, wave US flags in Seoul.

Statue honors victims of communism. I’m proud to remind you all that the statue is a replica of the Goddess of Democracy, whose symbol has been chosen as logo for this blog.

Another war criminal convicted: Croat Serb convicted of atrocities

Yes, but the damage has already been done

An open letter to the G8 from the best-selling author and prominent critic of the Putin regime: Yelena Tregubova: Why I fled Putin’s Russia. And why the West must appease him no longer

Just wondering: Why Is the U.S. Ignoring Taiwan?

Jailed Chinese Reporter Joins Yahoo Suit

Dargozasht bastanshenaas barjeste va yeki az behtarin yaraan Iranzamin

Como en la Cuba de Fidel, en Venezuela faltan alimentos. Y no hay ‘bloqueo’. Es que es un sistema fracasado.


June 7, 2007

My article at Human Events: Sarkozy Cannot Save France . An op-ed in the Opinion Journal reitered a similar concept as mine: The Old World needs an intellectual revolution to meet the challenges ahead. And following in his predecessor’s footsteps, Sarkozy pushes the Eurabian project.

The clownish Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema (a ‘former’ communist party member) paid a visit to his friends in Syria to reassure them that they can go away with their crimes in Lebanon and tells us again that Assad is a man of peace we can trust..Not only, he also affirmed that ‘Hamas and Hezbollah helped keep the Italian troops in south Lebanon safe’. No comment needed.

Antarinejad called for genocide against Jews – again.

California Assembly Passes Historic Iran Divestment Bill

Iranians Opposed to the Regime Applaud California on Iran Divestment Bill

Osama’s House of Horrors. The mainstream media stays mute on a recently discovered Al-Qaeda torture manual

U.S. battles Islamic Jihadists in Somalia

Historian Finds Proof of Arab Armies’ Intent to Destroy Israel

Newt Gingrich: Towards a 21st Century Governing Majority

Fleeing Palestinian terror rockets. Photo Feature: Sderot Refugees in Tel Aviv Tent City .The faces of the children speak volumes about their desire for a normal life.

‘The road to peace passes through Damasco’, said Nancy Pelosi. Jihadists moving into Lebanon from Syria

Magdi Allam: Guerra santa per via legale

Bizarre headline of the day

Mass Grave Containing Thousands of Jews Killed by Nazis Found in Ukraine

David Warren: Lebanon Again

Michael Young: Syria’s useful idiots: Westerners who deny the obvious about Lebanon

A must-read for all those who favor Turkey’s entry in Europe: Turkey’s leaders plan Muslim Europe

From no2liberals’ Nuke’s News and Views blog: Infidelophobia…In The Words Of The Koran!

Polish Girl’s Holocaust Diary Unveiled

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: To submit to the book is to exist in their hell

Nicaraguan thug Daniel Ortega is going to visit his friends the Mullahs in Iran, aboard a jet on loan from his pal Moammar Gaddafi (the man of the many spellings).

Deborah Fait: Cecità morale. Quando riguardano Israele i giudizi sono sempre al vetriolo e affetti da cecità morale, le condanne piovono senza pietà e senza il minimo imbarazzo. Israele arresta una trentina di capi terroristi di hamas e D’alema che fa? Perbacco interviene immediatamente definendo l’arresto «un atto molto preoccupante che non contribuisce a rilanciare le condizioni di dialogo»

Enviado por Martha Beatriz Roque via e-mail: Fotos actividad 20 de mayo en Camagüey en la calle