June 14, 2007

While anti-Americanism is very strong and on the rise in Europe, nations that suffered from dictatorships or ethnic cleansings usually tend to be very friendly at the United States. Albania welcomed President Bush, as it remembers that America contributed a lot to its liberation by helping in the fight against Soviet Union and rescuing Kosovo’s Albanians from the regime of deceased Serbian Communist and war criminal Slobodan Milosevic. While I’m not sure if independence for Kosovo is a good thing, I think that the photos below just show the genuine gratitude of a people who suffered communism and, in Kosovo, has been slaughtered in its thousands by the pro-Russian Serbs.

Kudos to Albania!

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May 1, 2007

Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq may have gone to meet the 72 virgins Satan.

A woman in northern Iraq was stoned to death in another ‘honor’ killing. Here is video of the woman after being stoned. Please, be warned that it’s graphic and may be very disturbing to some viewers.Click through the link only if you think you can handle it.

But there’s also a good news, as people marched in North Iraq in order to protest against ‘honor’ killings.

Magdi Allam: Non basta regolare i flussi Vanno salvati i nostri valori

Please go see: Video of the Crackdown on Iranian Women. That the Mullahs are criminal is a matter of fact, but they are mentally ill, too: They are filtering ‘immoral’ mobile messages (SMS), banning Western haircuts and eyebrow pucking for men and forcing shopkeepers selling evening dresses to saw off the breasts of the mannequins because they could excite some men…

More than one million Turks rally against Islamism, for secularism.

Picchiato a scuola perché critica i clandestini

Editorial comment: We cannot sit back and let Sharia take root in Britain

FPM: Europe’s Islamist-Leftist Alliance

Brussels Journal: Towards a Totalitarian Europe

Berlin angry at Muslim segregation demand

Mob and police torture Catholic man accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

Cattolico accusato di blasfemia, torturato dalla folla e dalla polizia in Pakistan

Our great friend Sandmonkey is calling it quits. Atlas Shrugs has interviewed him. ADNKronos: COURAGEOUS BLOGGER BOWS OUT

Photos from the Free Kareem Rally in Washington D.C.

Magdi Allam: Il denaro e la finanza come cavallo di Troia

For Europe, it’s easier to convict US soldiers than Islamic terrorists who plot the murder of their citizens.

TG5: La protesta delle musulmane che vogliono vestire all’occidentale

Bat Yeor: The Palestinianization of Europe

Marocchino bigamo tenta di uccidere la moglie italiana

Diana West: Failure to see jihad for what it is

Jewish woman attacked in Marseille train station

Iraqi columnist: Yankee, Don’t Go Home!

“Hamas or Abbas, It Makes No Difference,” Rudy Giuliani Says, No Israeli Concessions until the Arabs Stop Terrorism

Italy’s first online Islamic TV channel handled by supremacist group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and opponent of Israel’s right to exist.

‘Moderate’ murderer Mohammad Khatami tells Israeli reporters to ‘go to hell’

California Assemblyman Anderson’s Historic Iran Divestment Bill Passes Unanimously. Jewish Journal: Jews and Iranian Secularists unite behind Iran divestment bill . My post Publius Pundit.

New wave of anti-gay repression in communist Cuba

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello: La cara pública de la moneda: (Serie No.7),sobre el irresponsable Sr. Moratinos

Nuestro querido amigo Máximo José García fue acosado por la policia politica por frecuentar la SINA

El MLC y la CAPPF se adhieren a la “Unidad por la libertad”

Comunicado en solidaridad con presos políticos

Two dissidents who were recently released after serving their sentences




March 22, 2007

My article at Real Clear Politics: The Human Cost of Iran’s Islamist Rule

For the first time in years, there is a diplomatic crisis between Italy and the United States over five Taliban thugs whose release was demanded by the Italian govt to the Afghan one, in exchange for the release of an Italian leftist reporter. As I wrote previously, the Left caved into the Taliban blackmail (it wants the Dark Ages terrorists to attend the International Conference on Afghanistan!). According to unconfirmed claims by the intelligence service, the Taliban freed might be much more. Also, Foreign Minister D’alema said he had told the US about such a deal, during his meetings in Washington. The State Dept. dismissed those claims as “lies”. Italy is not reliable, his FM even tells lies about his official meetings. Don’t worry, because this gov’t is not going to last long. In the meantime, the US is rightly upset.

Magdi Allam: L’Italia sta diventato la sdoganatrice dei terroristi sulla scena internazionale?

Still hope in Europe: Seven people who raised money for Colombian and Palestinian terrorists through T-shirt sales have been charged under Denmark’s anti-terror law, a prosecutor said Thursday 

Crackdown on freedom of opinion, in the name of multiculturalism: France fires official for opposing Muslim school

A bit of good news from Europe: French Court Rules for Newspaper That Printed Muhammad Cartoons 

Another crime in the name of ‘honor’: Husband rips wife’s eyes out after she refuses sex 

While the world looks the other way: Two Sudanese Women from Darfur Sentenced To Death By Stoning 

Weekly Standard: Khartoum continues to kill 

Boston Review: Iran’s Other Religion – Most Iranians under the age of 25—who make up 50 percent of the overall population—consider themselves agnostic 

Chinese wife goes after Yahoo to free her husband from prison

Mugabe using hit squads 

 Mugabe's Campaign 

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Surgeon offers answers on metastatic breast cancer. Prognosis Worrisome With Cancer’s Return .I agree with Charles of LGF when he writes that we must wish Edwards’ wife success in her fight against breast cancer. They are our political adversaries, but when it comes to this disease, we should put politics aside for a moment.

Damas de Blanco de Camaguey y Ciego de Ávila reciben apoyo de la población en su recorrido a la Iglesia. “Tengan fe no desmayen…”, Ellos no debían de estar presos…” “Oramos por ustedes..” “Tengan cuidado.. que no les vayan a hacer nada malo…”, dijeron muchas personas del pueblo. “El pueblo nos apoya, el pueblo ya sabe la verdad…los actos de repudio no provienen del pueblo, el pueblo sabe que sólo pedimos que se haga justicia”

Another video of the fascistic aggression against the peaceful Ladies in White carried out by the usual Castroite mobs led and organized by the political police. After such a brutal act of harassment, the Ladies received the solidarity of the ordinary Cubans.

Comisión de atención a los presos políticos y familiares: Se crea segundo buró de la CAPPF 

Cuba’s “Black Spring” commemorated in Camagüey and Villa Clara

Arrestado e incomunicado en la Habana Secretario General de la Confederación Obrera Nacional Independiente de Cuba

Carlos Serpa Maceira : Conmemora Movimiento Sindical Independiente en Cuba Aniversario de la Primavera Negra 


February 24, 2007

ACLU again shills for terror supporters

Islamic Republic of Britain Update: Muslims should adapt to UK’s school system. Schools ‘should accommodate Muslim needs’

Diana West: Imposing Islamic law

From the very same Europeans who blame the U.S. for ‘violating privacy rights’: Europe’s Plan to Track Phone and Net Use  . But try to blame the Europeans. They’ll accuse you to meddling into their internal affairs..

To my Iranian readers: my original article , Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus , published in the American Thinker, now has been translated by Save Pasargad in Parsi. Janeshanan Nalayegh Korosh

Magdi Allam: Matrimoni misti? La sharia è già da noi

Another ‘honor’ killing in Britain, as a Pakistani man has slaughtered his family because they were ‘too Western’

Rudy Giuliani may be the first Italian-American to become U.S. President . Rasmussen Poll: Giuliani 52% Clinton 43% .Yet, the Italian media are focusing on Hillary Clinton, as if Rudy weren’t running. Hugh Hewitt interviews Giuliani

My post at Publius Pundit: Political Instability in Italy

Magdi Allam: No a Israele? Niente dialogo. Non si dialoga con chi non rispetta Israele

Our ‘friend’ and ‘ally’ , the ‘secular’ regime of Hosni Mubarak, has just sentenced Secularist, Anti-Islamist, Liberal Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem to 4 years for “insulting Islam” and “the President” (the self-proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt).  Abdel Kareem is one of the many emerging moderate, secularist Arabs whose englightened voices are silenced by so-called ‘secular’ authoritarian regimes. Fellow blogger Sandmonkey was at the trial and tells more here. Freedom for Egyptians says she is sad. Toasted Bread writes that it’s a sad event for bloggers. From the Washington Post: The ‘Crime’ Of Blogging In Egypt . Amnesty International: Karim Amer sentence makes bloggers new target of the authorities.Our govts give plenty of money to the Mubarak’s regime. I wish to be proven wrong, but I very much doubt that any Western leader will threaten to cut diplomatic relations with Egypt over this case.

Speaking of repression against bloggers, the blogs of two Iranian friends were shut down by the Mullahs’ regime.

FrontPage Magazine: Trita Parsi, The Mullahs’ Voice in Washington

Opinion Journal: The Earth was warming before global warming was cool

Female Pakistani Minister Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil

Weekly Standard: What’s in a Name? Ask Taiwan

Gobierno italiano cómplice del apartheid en La Habana (h/t: Marc, Babalu)

Jaime Leygonier: Arrestan a madre y niñas sin hogar

Enviado por Darsi Ferrer: Agreden policías alemanes a opositor cubano

To sweeten your weekend, a song I chose from my jukebox. ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing’, sang by the couple Willy Chirino and Lissette, famous Cuban-born singers.

February 20, 2007

UPDATE 02/21/07 : Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi resigns.  The Left lost at the Senate over a vote on the Italian Afghanistan mission. Now it’s up to the President of the Republic to accept the resignation (he’ll most probably do so) and decide whether to schedule new elections (I don’t think he’ll do so, as he is from a party of the current gov’t). If elections are scheduled, they might be held in a few months. And, according to all polls, the Right would win easily. I don’t believe the right will change things (governments in Italy are known for breaking promises), but at least Italy would be again part of the Coalition of the Willing in the War on Terror and a faithful ally of the US and Israel, instead of Hezbollah and Hamas. This, even though many Italians have strong prejudices against America and Israel and tend to be sympathetic to the Palestinians. I will keep you up-to-date.

My article in the American Thinker: Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus . See also my post at Publius Pundit here.

Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf (our supposed ‘allies’) trained Al-Qaeda men to fight in Somalia

Buone nuove: Clementina Forleo potrebbe finire sotto processo a Brescia

Apparently, the Italian government sees nothing wrong in talking to  Hezbollah. Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema, whose  government faces a crisis of popular legitimacy according to all polls, told Prodi that “unless there’s unity on the foreign policy, the government has to resign and schedule new elections”. Those who are familiar with Italian politics know that the Left is split on every topic, from economy to the very same foreign policy. Even being right-leaning, I don’t consider myself that follower of the European Right, let alone the Italian one, as I see them as very immature when it comes to reform the economic, pension and job market system. But, I am counting the days when this anti-American government comes to an end. And it’s almost sure that, if elections were held today, they would lose big time.

World public opinion still refuses to face the reality.West-Islam civilisations clash rejected. It’s the Islamic terrorists who declared this clash. Go explain it to the ‘world public opinion’..Meanwhile, the Saudi regime fuels jihadists’ thirst for murder of free thinkers. The latter pledge to defend their right to free speech.

Diana West: Islamists’ female victims

Farid N. Ghadry, Syrian dissident: Syria’s terror networks

Italian court rules in favor of Dark Ages: PAKISTANI MARRIAGE BY PHONE VALID RULES COURT

Egyptians Islamists suggest abolishing love

Secret religious police to spy on unmarried lovers. In Malaysia. And in Saudi Arabia, the police punish those who dared to defy the official ban on Valentine’s Day.

From Sandmonkey, a disturbing story on a father who disowns his own son (the detained blogger Abdel Kareem) because of the latter’s political opinion. Daily Star: Freedom for an Egyptian blogger and freethinker . You can sign the petition here.

Anna Mahjar-Barducci: A step backward in Moroccan freedoms

Serbian war criminal sentenced to 37 years over role in massacre of Bosnians.

Libero: E’ PERICOLOSO FARE IL BLOGGER IN EGITTO. Potete firmare la petizione qui.

38 Cuban doctors defect in Venezuela; plan to move to the United States.(Spanish).

38 médicos cubanos en Venezuela desertan buscando un nuevo destino

Recent defectors now in Colombia

Las Damas de Blanco con paso firme en Internet, pero censuradas

Cuban rock band openly speaks out against Castro. “He’s a SOB. He’s the real cause of our country’s problems”, says the band leader from Havana. (Spanish).

Grupo rock cubano clandestino, desde la isla habla abiertamente contra los Castro. Llegó la hora de llamar las cosas por su nombre

October 19, 2006

From The-World-Has-Gone-Nuts Dep.t: Terror-enabling Islamists to make case for violence at Dublin’s Trinity college.

Honest Reporting: A Reuters cameraman takes part in rock-throwing attacks against Israeli security forces

Britain’s Surrender to Radical Islam.Ripping away the veil over the failure of policy-makers.

Magdi Allam: In Italia è meglio difendere il diritto a non indossarlo

From Gateway Pundit: 92 Year Old Turkish Woman Faces Charges for Veil Statements

Una donna turca di 92 anni è sotto processo nel suo paese per aver espresso la sua opinione sullo straccio che opprime le donne mussulmane.

It should be cristal clear to Europe (and the State Dep.t) what the Mullahs would do with the nuclear bomb: Ahmadinejad: “Israel cannot survive” . And it should be abundantly clear to all of them that the Shia Mullahs finance Sunni Hamas: Islamic Republic Paid Hamas Not to Free Abducted Israeli Soldier

Marze Por Gohar, Iranian opposition website: Hezbollah newspaper credits Ahmadinejad with hostage taking

Scott Ritter is a lunatic person whose opposition to democratic regime change in Iran (by the Iranian people, but with the crucial moral and economic support of the U.S.) makes him the enemy of the Iranian people.

Tunisia moves against headscarves. (h/t: Myrtus) . Two Tunisian women express different viewpoints on this. Leyla in the US says she disagrees. Massir in Tunisia says she is against hijab and supports the ban. Massir has posted her thoughts on it and I can manage to understand what she wrote in French : Je suis contre le port du voile

Hundreds Mourn Myanmar Activist Thet Win Aung.Nearly 300 friends and sympathizers attended the funeral of a 34-year-old pro-democracy activist who had been imprisoned by the military junta and died this week in jail, a colleague said Wednesday

FERMIAMO IL GENOCIDIO DEL POPOLO TIBETANO!. Manifestazione di fronte al consolato cinese di Milano.

Judge: Ethiopian forces killed 193 unarmed protesters. ‘Old men killed in their homes, children attacked in gardens’

Independent press bureau ratifies commitment with liberty and democracy for the Cuban people

En Cuba, Madre e hija mueren por epidemia de Dengue

Biblioteca Independiente “Ronald Reagan” realiza actividad para niños

Denuncian Represión Contra Bibliotecario Independiente en Isla de Pinos

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Ratifican en Cuba Apoyo a Proclama del Movimiento Sindical Independiente

Young activists in Cuba participate in video conference call with Miami-based Cuban Democratic Directorate

The first Congress of the Independent Libraries organized by the Assembly to Promote Civil Society is underway across Cuba, and despite the brutal repression the librarians are facing. The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society is civil society coalition of 365 Cuban opposition movements that fight peacefully for democratic and regime change in the island. From Octuber 10, 2006, to February 2007, a meeting of the 152 independent libraries is taking place in numerous Cuban towns and cities. They are informing the population about the goals of the civil desobedience and non-cooperation campaigns named “Yo no coopero, yo si quiero el cambio” (I don’t cooperate with the repressive authorities, I want the change). The official motto is “We are gathering for democracy”. Banned books, reviews, leaflets are being distribuited to the neighbors of the libraries where the meetings are taking place and to the population at large. There will be special events with youths and children, too.

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello from Havana sent us these first photos showing the librarians and libraries gathered in Congress for Democracy.

Below is the “Elena Mederos” independent library.


Miguel Vazquez Tamayo was shortly detained two times last week, but he has no intention to be intimidated.

Watching one of the many banned videos

My Publius Pundit post on the issue is here.

October 16, 2006

Hamas readying to wage second round of their genocidal war against Jews.

Spain praises Syria, the occupiers of Lebanon,while Syria aids arms smuggling into the Cedars’ country.

From the State-Dep.t-Does-Not-Surprise-Me Department: US plans sale of aircraft parts to the terrorist and murderous Islamic Republic in Iran

Arming our killers: US Supplies Fatah With Arms

Magdi Allam: La quarta moschea (affidata all’Ucoii)

Amil Imani, Iranian activist: Islamic Republic’s Mullahs’ Infighting: What it is All About

One Free Korea: NK Resolution: Winners and Losers

North Korean defector: My emaciated childhood in the North Korean workers’ utopia

There couldn’t be more excellent news before I go to bed than the ones of Chavez losing his UN Secy Council bid and Ecuador choosing an anti-communist as their next president. Now, if you have any bad news, don’t let me know before tomorrow morning.

Archontan quits blogging and thanks us for our support. We thank her/him for his/her brilliant posts.

Cuba’s Ladies in White (wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of the political prisoners) win the 2006 “Human Rights First” Prize. Ladies in White 2 (because they had won the Sakharov prize last year, too), Castro’s regime 0. News in Spanish here.

Las Damas de Blanco premiadas por su coraje y determinación

The first Congress of the Independent Libraries organized by the Assembly to Promote Civil Society is underway across Cuba, and despite the brutal repression .Read the Assembly’s press release, in PDF and Spanish, here.Please, let the world know that the Cuban resistance is growing and these events can’t be ignored. The independent libraries are gathered for democracy. Their meeting is part of the Civic Desobedience and Non-Cooperation campaign.

Sobre el Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes, el miembro del Comité de Relaciones Públicas de la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil, Miguel Valdés Tamayo (Grupo de los 75) informa: La BI Elena Mederos, sita en Calzada de 10 de Octubre, no. 2036, entre Santa Isabel y Aranguren, La Palma, Arroyo Naranjo, dirigida por Albertina Isabel Fonseca Veléz, realizó el 14 de octubre de 2006, la primera actividad por el Congreso de Bibliotecas Independientes. Para seguir leyendo la noticia, pulsar aqui (PDF)

Ratifica Su Compromiso Con La Libertad Y La Democracia Buró de Prensa Puente Informativo Cuba-Miami

La Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil quiere dar a conocer la siguiente información: Yunieski García López, bibliotecario independiente, de Santa Clara, -golpeado por las turbas fascistas a la salida del Hospital Provincial Arnaldo Milián Castro, el pasado día 12 de octubre de 2006- comunicó vía telefónica, que el día 13 de octubre del 2006, se presentó en su casa un oficial de la Seguridad del Estado para decirle que fuera al Hospital Provincial Arnaldo Milián Castro, que Guillermo Fariñas quería verlo. Para seguir leyendo la noticia, pulsar aqui (PDF) .  (Mi nota: Fariñas decidió resumir su huelga de hambre y sed en protesta contra estos atropellos  a los hermanos activistas que van a visitarlo)


October 2, 2006

The Assembly to Promote the Civil Society, an umbrella organization gathering over 300 Cuban opposition movements that fight peacefully for democratic and  regime change in the island, is planning  a meeting of the independent libraries. They will inform the population about the goals of the civil desobedience and non-cooperation campaign named “Yo no coopero, yo si quiero el cambio” (I don’t cooperate with the repressive authorities, I want the change). The official motto will be “We are gathering for democracy”. Banned books, reviews, leaflets will be distribuited to the neighbors of the libraries where the meetings will take place and there will be special events with youths and children. Report in Spanish here.

Anuncia el ejecutivo de la Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil estrategia para reunión de bibliotecas independientes

Recent activity for children at one of the many independent libraries

More about the “I don’t cooperate with the dictatorship, I want the change” campaign here, in Spanish.

Más sobre la campaña Yo No Coopero, Yo Si Quiero El Cambio

Many political prisoners are publicly endorsing this campaign from their prisons

Demonstrations in favor of the campaign

Miami, Florida

Hialeah, Florida

Milan, Italy. Cubans and Italians

Our friend Joel Rodriguez Riveron

My post at Publius Pundit is here

September 25, 2006

Taqiyya of the day, from Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad.

Pope calls again to reject violence and demands religious freedom and reciprocity in the Muslim countries.

Terror supporters (Islamists and Communists) in Manchester. Green Helmet Guy was there, too.

Magdi Allam: L’Islam, Benedetto XVI e un rischio

Wonders of Zapatero’s appeasing policy: ETA refuse to disarm

Swiss Voters Ratify Tougher Immigration Laws. The Italians would do the same if given the opportunity.

Gli svizzeri hanno votato a favore di una legge più severa nei confronti dell’immigrazione. Sono convinta che, se chiamati a scegliere, anche gli italiani opterebbero per leggi più restrittive.

Thousands of Lebanese rally against Hizballah and Syria. They reminded the world that the majority of the Lebanese people is not in favor of the terrorists and that they want a democratic country free of islamism and Syrian occupation.

 L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori. 

 L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.

SMCCDI: Several beaten or arrested for protest held in front of UN office in Tehran

SMCCDI: Manifestanti picchiate ed arrestate dopo protesta di fronte ad ufficio Onu a Teheran

Kobra Rahmanpour is about to be executed by the criminal Islamic Republic

 L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori.

In Pakistan,Women ordered to don burka. “the throats of those defying the order would be slit”.

Remembering the totalitarian malice of East Germany

Robert Mayer at Publius Pundit analyzes what the military coup in Thailand is really about.

Bahrain police crack down on constitutional reformers

Breaking: Castroite spy infiltrated a groups of Cuban rafters and now is in Miami. A dissident from Cuba writes: we want to denounce that in Cuba, MIGUEL CABRERA PEREZ gave a beating to the pacific opponent Artilio Antúnez Fuentes, delegate of the Cuban Pro Human Rights Party affiliated to the Andrei Sajarov Foundation. Furthermore, CABRERA PEREZ constantly harassed Antúnez Fuentes, telling the opponent he could not walk the streets in Manzanillo because the streets belonged to the revolutionaries. He called the opponent a worm and a disgusting mercenary.MIGUEL CABRERA PEREZ, who has been ratified delegate of the Cuban regime in several occasions in the past, participated in a formal meeting called for the “informants of Zone #168”, on June of 2005.In this meeting CABRERA PEREZ encouraged other informants in the group to brutally beat up Antunez Fuentes and have the political police pick up the opponent afterwards. That in doing so there would not be police retaliation because Antunez Fuentes was a “supposed” dangerous counter revolutionary. At the present time this man walks the streets of the United States of America. What are we to do? WE ASK THAT YOU FIND HIM!”

Denuncian llegada de informante del régimen cubano a los Estados Unidos

Cuban independent journalist sends open letter to popular Miami-based Cuban salsa singer Willy Chirino (Spanish). Video of Chirino’s song “La Jinetera”. This song was recorded in 1995 and the movie was filmed clandestinely in Cuba by Willy’s producers (who went in Cuba just to make the clip). It speaks about the Cuban women who are forced to prostitution in order to feed their families.To see the video, click “Play” in this link here. Video of Cuba Libre, by clicking Play here. Video of El Diablo Llego a La Habana here and the latter’s backstage here.

Oscar Sánchez Madan:Carta abierta a Willie Chirino .

Oscar Sánchez Madan: ¡No a la mentira!

September 12, 2006

Terrorists attack US embassy in Syria

Terrorist blackmail of the day: Hizballah: release Samir Kuntar or we won’t give you IDF soldiers back. Kuntar is a blood-thirsty child-killer. Israel has the moral duty not to release him. To rescue the kidnapped soldiers, Israel should use the force, because there’s no alternative to it, as Hizballah clearly demonstrates by their latest statement.

ANNE BAYEFSKY: Enough of the U.N.

Italian senator: Embarrassed of my gov’t.Roberto Calderoli, Italian Senate member and formerly the Reforms Minister (in the Berlusconi government), doesn’t like Italy’s new gov’t policy on ME. Tells Ynet: Italy supports Lebanon, Palestinians too much, Israel too little

Terrorist murderer Khatami praises Hezbollah

Eli Wiesel calls for Mullahs’ regime to be removed from UN

Le persone civili condannano l’infame conferenza organizzata dall’organizzazione mafioso-islamista-inquisitoria chiamata IADL, con il beneplacito del suo cassiere, il gruppo fondamentalista islamico UCOII. 11/9, QUAGLIARIELLO:” INGIURIOSO” CONVEGNO IADL . “È semplicemente ingiurioso che nell’anniversario dell’11 settembre nella sede del Parlamento italiano sia ospitato un convegno come quello dell’Islamic anti-defamation league il cui scopo e’ di dimostrare che lo Stato d’Israele non avrebbe giustificazioni ne’ storiche ne’ bibliche”. Renato Farina su Libero: ALLA CAMERA LEZIONE DI RAZZISMO. Nel giorno dell’11 settembre Montecitorio ospita i deliri di estremisti islamici e comunisti. Il Giornale: 11 settembre, alla Camera processo a Israele. Mentre il mondo si ferma per ricordare la tragedia, a Montecitorio un convegno voluto da Diliberto rovescia la realtà. Deborah Fait:Il Male e’ entrato alla Camera dei Deputati . ShockVillage: LA DOPPIA e VERGOGNOSA FACCIA DELL’UCOII e ASSOCIAZIONE DI IDEE COME ASSIOMA . Marco Taradash: Cazzoni, fighette e rottinculo

Jim Hoft has posted important picture proof of the Saddam-Al Qaeda connection

Australian PM Howard Calls on Muslims to Accept Israel’s Right to Exist

Another victory for misogyny: Pakistan gives in to conservatives on rape law

Russian imperialism at it again. Attempted coup d’etat against Georgia’s democratically-elected leader is supported by Putin’s regime. (h/t: Publius Pundit )

CINA/ LE NOTIZIE DALL’ESTERO CONTROLLATE DALLA CENSURA.Stretta del regime contro le agenzie di stampa straniere

Haiti’s Political Prisoners Exemplify Challenges of Democratic Transition.Three months into Haitian constitutional President Rene Preval’s term, his government has released most of the high-profile political prisoners jailed by the Interim Government of Haiti (I.G.H.) that was in power from 2004-2006

Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia: Inauguran Movimiento de Derechos Humanos en Gibara

Las Damas de Blanco aún más reprimidas

A campaign to call on the Nobel Committee to award the Cuban Ladies in White with the Nobel Peace Prize is taking place. These brave women (wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of political prisoners) since their loved ones’ arrest, march defying the regime, around the Santa Rita church in Havana, many coming from other Cuban provinces, many others are blocked by the political police and forced to stay home. They always bring flowers in their hands,compared to the Castroite mobs who are armed with batons.  These women represent love and peace compared to the hatred and violence which are part of the communist ideology. The ladies are becoming more popular as many more Cubans are knowing about them.

Asamblea para Promover la Sociedad Civil : Apoyan Premio Nobel de la Paz para Las Damas de Blanco

September 11, 2006

Remembering the victim of 9/11

British Muslim leader threatens, right today that is the anniversary of the 9/11 mass murder: stop fighting terrorism or you’ll get 2 million terrorists

Christopher Hitchens: Solidarity

Da nuovo video di Al Qaeda minacce alle forze dell’Onu . E adesso? Capirà il governo italiano che Al Qaeda non c’è l’ha solo con gli Usa ed Israele?

Anti-Judaism.Jews are under attack. And no one seems much concerned

Magdi Allam: I predicatori d’odio non hanno alibi

Tunisian Reformist Intellectual: Al Jazeera is a Mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood


MEDIA IGNORES BIG ANTI-KHATAMI RALLY IN WASHINGTON . This is just one photo I found so far

Iranians and non-Iranians alike protested outside Harvard University while Khatami was delivering taqiyya.

Libyan dictator Qhaddafi blackmails European nations over illegal immigration

From the Taliban state of Somalia: Somalia station shut down for love songs

Conferenza stampa dei Riformatori Liberali sui diritti umani in Cina

Due sole parole: Fermiamo Vamprodi

Cuban dissidents sends message of solidarity to the United States on the anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities. From Matanzas, Cuba, Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya, of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option.

Cuban Ladies in White (wives, sisters, daughters and mothers of political prisoner) marched again yesterday and as every Sunday since the arrest of their loved ones, to the Santa Rita Church, bravely defying the regime’s security forces. News in Spanish

Las Damas de Blanco Marchan en Abierto Desafío al Gobierno

September 2, 2006

Michelle Malkin: Terror ambulances . Islamic terrorists have an unsurpassed history of using emergency vehicles as tools of their murderous trade

Israel Suicide Watch: Israel accepts Indonesian troops as part of the UN “peacekeeping” force.Indonesia does not recognize Israel. Olmert should resign!

The Palestinian man who entered the British Embassy was willing to kill himself – without killing others – because he risks to be brutally murdered by the Palestinian death squads for being a collaborator. That means, a Palestinian willing to help Israel catch terrorists. This article writes he needs to be protected.

Il palestinese che è entrato all’ambasciata inglese, non vi è entrato per ammazzare. Ma per uccidersi con una pistola. Il motivo: paura che gli squadroni della morte palestinesi lo uccidano, per essere un aiutante di Israele. Cioè, uno che aiuta Israele a scovare i terroristi. Il ragazzo vuole asilo politico in Israele. Questo articolo scrive che questo ragazzo deve essere aiutato. Sono questi i palestinesi che amano la pace. Questi quelli che dobbiamo aiutare.

Iranian freedom fighters to protest Khatami’s US trip . More on the thug who is visiting the U.S. to play taqyya. Khatami loves Hezbollah. In 2000 the so-called Mullah of “Dialogue” called Israel an “illegal state.”  On 25 April 2001, he said Israel “is a parasite in the heart of the Muslim world”.

Il mio articolo su RagionPolitica: E’ vera tregua in Medioriente? Dhimmitude from President Bush: Bush backs off ‘Islamic fascists’

My friend Souad Sbai, a Moroccan feminist, secularist and anti-Islamist, takes on the abuses by the muslim immigrants on their women.Souad, director of an association of the moroccan women in Italy, in this interview on an Italian newspaper, speaks about the cases of Hina Saleem, a pakistani girl killed by her father, and a Tunisian girl rescued by the police while she was segregated in her house. “Italians should ask themselves: why don’t we see many Muslim women but only men walking in our cities’ streets? The truth is that the majority of the muslim women in Italy are segregated in their homes by their male relatives. Many of these women risk to end up like Hina. The mosques that preach hatred of women and West must be closed”.

Souad Sbai: «Tante come Hina, 9 musulmane su 10 recluse in casa» Washington Post : Accommodating Genocide in Darfur Dictators: The depths of evil. Kim Jong-il of North Korea

Darsi Ferrer’s friends in Havana launch SOS to the world community to denounce his arbitrary arrest  and the attempt, by the political police, to assassinate his 5-year-old son with a gas explosion in the house (that has not occurred just because some neighbors helped the child’s mother smash the window to enter the house and take him away). Read my post at Publius Pundit


Dr. Ferrer caring for an elderly patient in Havana Denuncia de Arresto del Dr. Darsi Ferrer e Intento de Asesinato de su Hijo de 5 añosS.O.S. Por Darsi Ferrer

Cuban television shows new images of Castro at his hospital with Venezuelan thug Chavez. Castro has cancer in its terminal phase. But the communists claim he is “recovering very well”. Look at the photo. Draw your own conclusions.

Nuevas imagenes transmitidas por la television del régimen muestran el comemierda visiblemente enfermo. Castro tiene un cancer en fase terminal. Miren bién la foto.Parece que el dictador se “recupera”, como afirma su mercenario y golpista Hugo Chavez?

August 30, 2006

Hizbullah: We’re arming for second round .Do you think I’m surprised?

Da Teheran, un portavoce Hezbollah dichiara che il gruppo nazista si sta riarmando per una seconda, peggiore offensiva contro Israele.

Israel rejects Annnan’s appeal to lift blockade on Hizballah

Kofi Annan’s anti-Israel crusade continues. Now he demands Israel to “stop killing Palestinians” (read: Palestinian terrorists). What about demanding the Palestinian Authority to stop murdering Palestinian “collaborators” (read: dissidents), Mr. Annan? 

Islamo-Fascist terrorist and murderer of innocent Iranians (and non-Iranians as well)  will play taqyia at Harvard – on Sept. 10th

Italian leftist politician uses Nazi phrase to “promote work”. President of southern Chieti province uses ‘work makes you free’ slogan that topped gates at Auschwitz in brochure to promote local job centers, saying he could not remember source but was impressed by quote

Abu Bakar Bashir,responsible for the Bali terror attacks which killed Australian tourists, is now pretending to preach hatred and jihad in Australia

Magdi Allam: Il pericolo di dare un salvacondotto agli estremisti

Palermo, Sicily (Italy). Italian police rescued a 19-year-old Tunisian girl. The girl was found at her house with her face filled with blood due to her father’s beatings. She said to the police that she couldn’t go out of home nor go in the balcony. She was monitored 24/7 by her father and another male relative, who used to beat her up often. The two men have been arrested and the girl is now hospitalized for the injuries suffered after being beaten. The news is here, but in Italian only.

Ragazza tunisina segregata in casa i carabinieri arrestano il padre.Palermo, la 19enne, sanguinante, è riuscita a chiamare il 112

Pakistan, UK try to fight forced marriages

I governi pachistano ed inglese stanno cercando di abolire la pratica disumana dei matrimoni combinati

The 20-year-old British woman of Pakistani origon , who declined to show her face and reveal her actual name and asked to go by Shazia for her own personal protection, seen in Islamabad, Pakistan on August 22, 2006. She told that her father said it would be a two-week holiday to learn about her Pakistani heritage. But the British woman soon found herself captive in a remote tribal village for over a year and promised in marriage to a first cousin she’d never met. With the British High Commission’s help this month, the woman escaped Pakistan shortly before her planned wedding.

Reportage: Il nuovo antisemitismo che si aggira per l´Europa

Anti-Islamist Egyptian Nobel Prize winner and free thinker Naguib Mahfouz has died. Mahfouz was persecuted by the Islamists for his novels and even survived an assassination attempt. Rest in Peace, Naguib.

Lilit, la nostra amica blogger iraniana, è tornata

Mexico’s election tribunal confirms Felipe Calderon’s victory.

Egypt and the Press.The Mubarak regime struggles with freedom of the press and the rising Egyptian independent media

Castroite mobs, the political police and the “rapid response” brigades are sieging the house and neighborhood where our friend Carlos Serpa Maceira lives in Isla de Pinos, a Cuban island. Other activists as well are suffering this kind of harassment in that island.News in Spanish

Brigadas de terror rapido y la seguridad del estado del terror Reprimen a Opositores en Isla de Pino

Cuban freedom fighters bravely defied the regime and walked in the streets of a Havana neighbor. Then, they (members of the Committee to Help the Dissidence, affiliated to the Brigade 2506, and the Movement to Rescue Freedom and Democracy) returned home by shouting slogans such as “Freedom for all the political prisoners”; “Freedom for the Cuban people”; “We want the change!” and “I do not cooperate with the dictatorship”). The activists were later joined by a group of ordinary Cubans, who asked not to reveal their names.News, in Spanish, here

Actividad del Ejecutivo del CAD-2506 y el Movimiento al Rescate de la Libertad y la Democracia

Informaciones y Denuncias Recopiladas por Lucas Garve, Fundación por la Libertad de Expresión

August 26, 2006

What did you do in the war, UNIFIL?.You broadcast Israeli troop movements

Music, Palestinian-style..: Boy band sings praises of Nasrallah

Somalian Taliban regime (directly linked to Al Qaeda) issues threats: Islamic leader in key Somali town says ‘the world better learn who we are’

Magdi Allam: Il coraggio di infrangere il muro della paura

Robert at Publius Pundit has an excellent analysis on the post-election situation in the Congo

One more Cuban doctor defects while in “mission” in Bolivia. “I wanted to abandon these things, I want to be free . I have my dreams and I want to tell the truth”

Desertó segundo médico cubano.”Decidí abandonar esas cosas, quiero ser libre y tener mis aspiraciones. Tengo mis sueños y entonces, por eso, he llegado a este punto de hablar la verdad”

“Rapid response brigades” (read: Rapid Terror Brigades, because when it comes to help the Cuban people, there is no rapid response), do “repudiation act” against a member of the Pro-Human Rights Party of Cuba, affiliated to the Andrej Sakharov Foundation. The act took place in front of the activist’s house and lasted until the late hours of the night. In the dissident’s house were his 2 young children. News in Spanish

Brigadas fascistas de terror rapido realizan acto “de repudio”  contra un miembro del Partido Pro Derechos Humanos de Cuba, afiliado a la Fundación Andrei Sakharov 

Dr. Eloy A. González: Médicos Rehenes en Cuba

July 13, 2006

It seems that half world has not yet realized that a new war has been declared by the arab and Islamic nations against Israel. This war is aimed to the total destruction of the Jewish state. Let’s not forget that this time these nations’ regimes have the atomic bomb and that they might launch it sooner than we expect. Israel is at war, a war he has never sought. But now, Mr. Olmert, you’re facing a choice that could have important consequences: either you act or Israel faces another Holocaust, this time with Islamic nations assaulting it with chemical weapons. Of course, so far israel has wisely decided to defend itself. But, this defense, Mr. Olmert, must not be restrained. No, it must be STRONG. It has to ignore the European fools’ and U.N.’s cries of outrage, because the fate of the Jews of Israel is at stake. No restraint: Israel has to go ahead until Hebzollah, Hamas, the Fatah, Islamic Jihad, etc, are destroyed once for all. I’m sure that, like the previous wars the arab and islamic nations declared against Israel, they will lose this war too. But at the end of this war there should be no more Hezbollah, Hamas,Islamic Jihad, etc. The true peace, Mr. Olmert, passes through the use of unrestrained strenght as a response to this new declaration of war. Olmert, please do it for the survival of Israel and the rescue of the Jews. And do it also for the world peace and a better future even for the Arab populations who sooner or later will want to get rid of the monsters.

Israel does the right thing: destroys Palestinian Hamas “foreign ministry” 

U.S. vetoes U.N. anti-Israel resolution

Gli Usa intervengono per bloccare una ennesima risoluzione anti-israeliana presentata dai regimi dittatoriali arabi all’Onu

US: Syria, Iran behind kidnapping in north .No doubt about that.

The war on terror’s new front: Kashmir. Al Qaeda surfaces in Kashmir 

It’s official: 200 killed in the Mumbai train bombings

200 le vittime degli attentati terroristici di Bombay

Canadian Coalition for Democracies stands with India against terror attacks in Mumbai and Kashmir

L’Italia che perdona troppo facilmente i terroristi, che addirittura ce li porta in Parlamento con la pretesa di rappresentarci. L’Italia che abbandona le vittime del terrorismo a se stesse, questa Italia mi fa schifo. Da Lisistrata: D’ELIA L’EX TERRORISTA HA VINTO: RESTA AL SUO POSTO


Nidra Poller: High-Struttin’, Head-Buttin’ France  .What do France’s anti Iraq-war stance and World Cup flame-out have in common?

My post at Publius Pundit. As usual, the envy-led commenters sanctioned violence by defending Zidane’s behavior. One more proof of how France does not accept sport defeats: Zidane’s Act of Vile Cowardice 

Chinese blogger Hao Wu has been released 

And in Saudi Arabia, blog Saudi Jeans has been blocked 

Constitutional Court Chairman Warns Against Granting Putin Absolute Power

Insatisfacción e Indignación de Médicos, Enfermeras y Técnicos de la Salud en Guantánamo, Cuba.Para leer la noticia, clicar aquì 

Independent libraries inaugurated in Cuba 

Regulación de la ayuda humanitaria para que no caiga en manos de los colaboracionistas del Consejo de Iglesias de Cuba. Haga click aquì 

The communist regime in Cuba arrests another dissident, member of the Cuban National Commission. My good friend Carlos Serpa Maceira tells this story to Radio Martì here.

Arrestan en La  Habana al Presidente de la Comisión Nacional Cuba. El patriota Carlos Serpa Maceira nos dà la informaciòn via Radio Martì aquì   



Amnesty International: The Sinking of the”13 de Marzo”Tugboat on 13 July 1994 

Amnistia Internacional: El hundimiento del remolcador «13 de Marzo» el 13 de julio de 1994 

July 13th also marks the first anniversary of the new repressive wave by Castro against peaceful dissidents. All begun with the arrest of peaceful freedom fighters who were commemorating the brutal murder of Cuban rafters by the regime on that day in 1994. On July 13, 2005, some freedom fighters took to the streets to peacefully demand justice. Some were relatives and friends of that tragedy. After distributing leaflets to the people and launching flowers in the see at the Havana’s Malecon seaside, a mob of Castroite paramilitary militias started their “act of repudiation” by beating the freedom fighters, insulting them and shouting pro-Castro slogans. It’s to note that the mob was made up of plainclothes agents of the communist militias,the communist party and the political police. NO ONE belongs to the suffering Cuban people. Since then, acts of repudiation and repression against peaceful dissidents are a daily event. Yet, the more repression, the more strenght the dissident movements gain and the more popular they become, as even their neighbors offer them solidarity and refuse to participate in the acts of repudiation. Please, See the video of the peaceful demonstration I spoke about above, and the following repression by the mob. The new repressive wave followed the decision, by the European Union with pressure from Zapatero’s Spain, to suspend the sanctions against Castro and strenghten “dialogue” with it, whose results has been disastrous for the freedom-loving Cuban people.

July 11, 2006

There’s been a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. So far, 147 dead.Sadly, the death toll is expected to rise

Attentato terroristico ad opera di un assassino islamico in India provoca più di 160 morti ( il numero purtroppo è destinato a salire)

The mainstream media is continuing to help the enemy by giving him voice to spread their pro-terror propaganda. The Washington Post again hosts an op-ed (?) from Hamas genocidal ‘PM’ (Hamas is also involved in the kidnapping of an israeli soldier and the brutal murder of another Israeli )

Israel: PA Claims of Hunger are a Lie .Contrary to Palestinian Authority claims, the IDF is allowing food and medicines into Gaza, food supplies are ample, and some crossings are open. IDF: “PA terrorism is the source of the problem.”

Human Rights (Except for Jews) .The UN Human Rights Council wars with democratic Israel yet againJews hold rally in New York demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Atlas Shrugs has more photos

In Australia: Islamic books banned for inciting terror

Buone nuove dall’Australia: Libri islamici proibiti per incitamento al terrorismo

Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali on BBC here

State Sharia in Somalia: Somalian band beaten for playing music

Il terrore della sharia di stato in Somalia: Gruppo musicale picchiato per aver suonato. La musica è proibita dall’Islam

SMCCDI: July 9th Uprising Cherished Amid Security Measures and Dispear


New York Post: Putin’s New Low

Transitional Democracies: Russia and the West Square Off

Humberto Fontova: The ACLU and Miami’s Book Ban

A positive development: Bush OKs Initiative to Support Cuban Opposition.Yet, next step should be the total abolition of the inhumane wet-foot/dry-foot policy toward the Cubans fleeing Castro’s Gulag.

After the tragic death of a Cuban refugee: Fair Treatment For Cuban Refugees And Their Families

French defender Gallas: “I want to beat up Materazzi“. Congratulations, France. You show us how you ‘accept’ a defeat in sport..More from this ‘civilized’ person: “Sometimes, when you are provoked, you would like to kill the person who insulted you”.

Zidane a hero? No, he is an idiot,a billionaire idiot. And so is Blatter and FIFA who awarded him with the Golden Ball even after attacking Materazzi. Sorry, as an Italian and as a honest person who doesn’t like to turn violent people into heroes, I consider Zidane as an idiot. Read my post at Publius Pundit

Zidane was well-known in Italy for his violence during the matches. Below is an archive photo showing him, when he played in Juventus, doing the same thing he did to Materazzi. And this is an “hero”? You be the judge.

July 1, 2006

Bin Laden praises Zarqawi in an audiotape that of course was broadcast by Al Jazeera Jihad TV

Reward offered for Zarqawi’s successor

The United Tyrannies target Israel

Globe and Mail: Palestinian female prisoners have blood on their hands

Jim has photos of the funeral of 18-year-old Asheri Elyahu

Playboy editor, models investigated in Indonesia

Lisistrata: Dalla vita alla morte passando per l’inferno

At Publius Pundit: A well-deserved victory

Not all Bolivians are insane: Bomb damages sculpture of Che in Bolivia . Bolivians heading to polls to decide autonomy. Publius Pundit has very nice photos of a 100,000-people strong massive rally against Evo Morales in Santa Cruz.

U.S. diplomats in Havana say they worry about Cuban government harassment that intrudes on their personal and professional lives

An encouraging news: U.S. Report recommends $80 million to help Cuba’s dissidents

Even as the regime threatens an increase in repression, the Cuban Liberal Movement celebrates the 4th anniversary by reaffirming committment in promoting the liberal values, among which free markets, among the Cuban population, which has shown growing interest. Leon Padròn Azcuy tells more from Havana here.

Gloria Amaya Gonzalez, an example of courage. 78 years old, mother of the Sigler Amaya brothers, some still in prison, other released for health problems and some of them fled into the exile. Her house hosts the meetings of the Independent Movement for an Alternative Option and she is, along with her sons, often victim of the brutal acts of repudiation. She was savagely beaten several times, and now she sits on a wheelchair. Castroites attempted to kill her and her sons. The mobs even used schoolchildren to threat to set her house on fire. They used tear gases against her son Miguel, now living in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She’s a lifelong anti-communist activist. Read more about her  here, in Spanish.