Socialized Medicine is Less Efficient and More Expensive

March 29, 2008

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A compelling – and somewhat shocking – new report has revealed that taxpayer-funded universal healthcare could wind up being more costly and less efficient than its private sector alternatives.

What makes the report compelling is that it comes at a time when the leading left-wing politicians are falling all over themselves to promise just the opposite. What makes it shocking is where it comes from: Harvard University.

John Goodman at the National Center of Policy Analysis (NCPA) has summarized the findings of Harvard’s National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which note that:

  • Publicly-financed healthcare systems throughout the world have not shown any evidence in the ability to control the healthcare costs;
  • Those systems only seem to be modestly progressive because while the rich may, in fact, end up paying more, the limits of taxpayer funding will limit the options for everyone else;
  • Marginal increases in government spending, if used on specialists and elective procedures, may actually be regressive because it deprives the poor of costlier treatments;
  • Public healthcare has little impact on economic inequalities;
  • And, increased government spending on healthcare tends to reduce financing of other public services.

In other words, the promises Americans have heard that universal healthcare will keep costs down, would bring better healthcare to the poor, will be more efficient, will help bring economic equality to our society, and will be affordable by taxpayers – these are all a sham.

The author of the study notes that publicly-provided healthcare is less efficient at providing and delivering services than private healthcare:

“In general, financing systems are more efficient the less they distort individuals’ choices (around work, consumption, investment, etc.) In this sense, private insurance … and out-of-pocket payments are fully efficient.” (Glied, 6)

It appears that Harvard, for far too long a veritable bastion of socialist balderdash, has dusted off its motto and retrieved its legacy: Veritas – for the health of all involved.

ALG Perspective: Universal healthcare will mean longer waits for treatment, because there will be more use of unnecessary elective procedures. It will mean that costs will go up because it will limit competition. It will mean that overall everyone will receive poorer quality of care. And generally speaking, the larger government bureaucracies become, the less they are able to help those who cannot help themselves. Those who can afford healthcare should be allowed to continue to do so without having to subsidize the weight of a universal system which will undermine everyone’s care including their own.

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Global “Warming”

February 18, 2008

Are we so sure we don’t mean global cooling instead? (h/t:

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Message to the Gore Boys

January 22, 2008

If you’re still going around spreading apocalyptic prophecies, you should aware of this. Go read the whole thing and stop coming out with the story of the so-called ‘scientific consense’. And above all, stop spamming me.

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Man-Made Global Warming Theory Starts Losing Credibility

September 4, 2007

Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory. Will these scientists have the courage to publicly announce we are being told a big lie?

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Latest on the Fight Against Breast Cancer

August 18, 2007

Terrific news from the scientific research against breast cancer: Breast cancer vaccine looks safe, study shows. Breast cancer is still one of the many forms of tumors that kill the most. Even as the road to go is still long, this is undoubtedly an excellent development that is likely to pave the way for a vaccine that might save even those women hit by metastasis, while sparing immune cells and reducing the risk of relapse.

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Dealing with Global Warming Fanatics

July 22, 2007

Up against the warming zealots. Martin Durkin says his British documentary (The Great Global Warming Swindle) rejecting the idea of human-caused global warming has survived last week’s roasting by the ABC

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

July 7, 2007

A couple of things you may need to know. Remember: even if you’re a global warming believer and blame climate change on man, knowing the other side of the story isn’t as futile as you may think. The Great Global Warming Swindle – the documentary (with French subtitles). The website.

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May 1, 2007

Hamas attempt to kidnap IDF soldier thwarted. DEBKAfile Exclusive: Hamas threatens to start abducting Israelis and Jews overseas. And the Italian PM tries to fool himself into believing that the Palestinians want a two-state solution. But he doesn’t pressure the terrorists in the PA gov’t. As the anti-Israel bureaucrat he has always been,he’s pointing the finger at Israel, which have been making all kind of efforts in order to offer peace to its enemy.

Giuliani warns of ‘new 9/11’ if Dems win

Christian Converts Live In Fear in Intolerant Turkey

Having finished hosting U.S. politicians, Syria’s dictator has returned to jailing dissidents and sponsoring terrorism

. With his latest bloody crackdown, Vladimir Putin takes a step futher toward outright dictatorshipFormer Putin Advisor Discusses Brutality against Russian Opposition

More evidence that socialism doesn’t work: Food Shortages in Venezuela

El fracaso del socialismo se ve también en Venezuela, donde no hay embargo que culpar: Escasean alimentos básicos en Venezuela

Islamic Republic’s Animosity towards Pre-Islamic Iran, has Overruled Critics and Started Filling the Sivand Dam that will Drown 137 Archaeological Sites and Would Threaten the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great

People protesting this crime

Showing the symbol of Zoroastrian religion


April 22, 2007

New details emerge on the brutal killing of three Turkish Christians: Slain evangelists were tortured. What we’re facing today is Christianophobia. But you won’t hear this world anywhere, anytime.

Caccia ai cristiani dal Kashmir a Rabat. La testa di un uomo in una scatola davanti a una moschea pachistana

Go read my post about whats behind the liberation of Italian reporter Daniele Mastrogiacomo in Afghanistan. Some details are very disturbing (no graphic photos, however).

The genocidal Islamic supremacist group of the Muslim Brotherhood calls for attacks against West.

The cruelty knows no limits, as the Islamists are abusing children to behead people. There is video showing a 12-year-old boy severing a man’s head. If you can’t handle it, don’t click through, because it contains graphic content even though it’s not complete.

Video che mostra un bambino di 12 anni addestrato dai Talebani, che decapita un’uomo. Questi sono gli interlocutori del governo italiano, che si vuole portare ad un tavolo di pace..Il video non mostra per intero la decapitazione, però v consiglio di non guardarlo se siete sensibili e pensate di sentirvi male nel vederlo. Chi di voi invece vogliono vederlo, si renderà conto della vera natura del nemico e del perchè lo stiamo combattendo.

How Do You Say ‘Israel’ in Arabic? .You’re not going to find the answer in your text book

Daniel Pipes:Ora il vero pericolo è la svolta islamica di Ankara. «È meglio che la Casa Bianca cambi idea. Va bloccato l’ingresso dei turchi in Europa»

Is the veil a racial group? According to Danish authorities, it is. We live in world that is going nuts. Criticising this Islamist tool of Dark Ages oppression of women is becoming a ‘racial’ crime, even though the veil is not a race.

Iran/Velo islamico: un milione fermate, 10mila processate. A Teheran, con l’inizio della primavera la polizia ricomincia a controllare l’abbigliamento delle donne. Se hanno capelli visibili, troppo trucco o non abbastanza vestiti, sono accusate di creare “insicurezza negli spazi pubblici. Le “irregolari” vengono sottoposte ad una procedura che mira ad umiliarle

Someone tell me this won’t really happen.

Now, if you can stomach it, go read the absurd praise Daily Kos dedicates to the Virginia Tech mass murderer.

Women Break Silence on Honor Killings. An Arab mother gives evidence charging her own son for murdering her daughter

An Iranian researcher wrote a must-read report on the activities of the Mullahs’ Lobbyists in the United States.

IRAN: UNIVERSITY FEMALE STUDENTS REBEL AGAINST VEIL . Na Toosari, Na Roosari! (No to Veil, No to Submission).

Islamist policeman trying to intimidate two women into respecting the Islamic ‘moral code’.

A black cow, seen on right, (the name the people uses to describe the female Islamists) trying to intimidate a young woman.

Another black cow, warning a woman against the status of her clothing and hair

See more photos here

Iran’s Babol University Students protesting kidnapping of the Student Leader: Bijan Sabagh. See Video here. (h/t: Kaveh Z) . Some wondered why there are no women. As you know, the Islamic Republic segregates women through a Gender Apartheid Policy. The students fight for secularism and democracy, as well as women’s rights.

In the footsteps of the Taliban, the Islamic Republic of Iran is going on with a dam that is flooding an archeological site dating back to the Persian empire era and considered as world heritage by the UNESCO. One hundred Iranians dared repression by staging a protest against this crime. More Photos here.


Hundreds of Moroccans protest Islamic terrorism

Scientist: Global Warming not caused by humans

A Private War on Poverty: Peer-to-Peer Development. David Rusin on the importance of the website Kiva, and harnessing technology to lend a hand to Africa’s entrepreneurs

Yulia Tymoshenko: Containing Russia

Quelli che mi conoscono sanno che sono di destra e che la sinistra non la sopporto proprio. Ma sanno anche che sono liberale convinta e che per questo non mi rispecchio nella destra italiana ed europea, che non considero liberale. Ebbene, in questo paese nel quale vivo (non per moltissimo ancora), il leader della Casa delle Libertà che si auto-proclama ‘anti-comunista’,  che fa? Mi difende un tiranno comunista quale Putin, nonostante mezzo mondo e tutte le destre del mondo libero (in primis quella americana) lo condannino. E nonostante Putin sia amico dei terroristi arabi, del nucleare iraniano e che voglia aggredire l’Estonia solo perchè quest’ultima vuole abbattere una statua sovietica (quindi comunista). E nonostante una parte dell’opposizione russa sia guidata da un liberale di destra. Ma sappiamo che l’Italia è un paese nel quale a destra si sta con i comunisti russi, fingendo di non sapere che al potere in Russia ci sono proprio loro,  e una sinistra al governo che ha come interlocutori privilegiati Hamas, Hezbollah, Talebani e forse fra un pò anche Al Qaeda. Gli italiani sono proprio messi male, ma le cose non cambieranno a breve, come non sono mai cambiate in 60 anni di Repubblica.


April 14, 2007

The enemy coming to a Congress near you.

A Canadian Green Party member praises 9/11 and says the view of it was ‘beautiful’.

La rete della Jihad:«Tre uomini-bomba da Milano all’Algeria».Quale Stato ospitava i campi-scuola del terrorismo jihadista? «L’Afghanistan». Dove sono finiti i due fratelli che, tornati dai campi afghani, vi insegnavano a fabbricare esplosivi? «In Algeria. Sono andati a combattere con quelli della montagna». In Italia chi incitava voi integralisti a partire per l’Afghanistan? «Abu Imad, l’imam di viale Jenner»

Magdi Allam: Quell’attacco in televisione dove un nemico del terrore è dipinto come kamikaze

I stand with Mario Lozano, the US soldier of Italian origin who has been betrayed by his ancestors’ country.

Tough line against terror pays: Hizbullah avoiding attacks on US . If only all the democratic nations of this world stopped paying ransons or caving in to terrorists, this report shows terror may well be defeated.

La linea dura contro il terrorismo paga. Lo dimostra un rapporto dell’ FBI, che rivela che gli Hezbollah hanno deciso di non colpire gli Usa, perchè sanno che la risposta americana sarebbe decisiva ed infliggerebbe un duro colpo all’organizzazione nazi-islamica. Questo dimostra ancora una volta che il rischio maggiore di attentati lo incorrono tutti quei paesi che pagano riscatti o cedono in qualche modo al terrorismo. Se le nazioni democratiche insieme la smettessero di coccolare i terroristi, forse a quest’ora staremmo vincendo.

In Spain, they are realizing that coddling terrorists doesn’t make a country safer. Quite the opposite. Alarm in Spain over al-Qaeda call for its “reconquest”

More human remains found at New York’s ground zero

Terrorism in Europe. Bin Laden’s Eurofighters

Italian TV Shows Hostage Execution Footage

Captain’s Quarters on Italy’s ransoms to terrorists and the current govt’s prisoner deal with the Taliban: Some Are More Precious Than Others

Algeria reverts to survival mode after attacks

On Palestinian Authority TV, far from the international community’s ears: Hamas Spokesman: Genocide of Jews remains Hamas goal

Danish Muslim convicted of inciting terrorism

Samir Khalil Samir: Islamism, a disease of the Muslim world

Samir Khalil Samir: L’islamismo malattia del mondo musulmano

Farid Ghadry: Assad’s useful idiot

Qui si sospettava già, ma ora arriva la conferma. Tuttavia, criticarla in Italia è un tabù. EMERGENCY E’ UN’ORGANIZZAZIONE FIANCHEGGIATRICE DEI TALEBANI E DI AL QAEDA

Bureau of Disinformation

More medieval statements from fatwa-issuing imams. ‘No nudity for sex’

Der Spiegel: Muslim Bloggers and Journalists Speak Out

Global Warming..: An extra-cold winter on the Alaska Peninsula


Reparten en Santa Clara documento escrito por opositora

Spanish press and political leaders speak out against the “Moratinos deal”

Song of the day: Mia Por Siempre, by Willy Chirino.


April 11, 2007


April 8, 2007


March 30, 2007

The European Union hits bottom and pretends to escape the reality

Report: How two teens were recruited for jihad

UN Human Rights Violators Council does what it can do better: repress any form of free speech on Islam.The UN, a dangerous,meaningless and corrupt entity, now turned into the favorite meeting place for the world’s tyrants for the world’s tyrants and terror-supporting organizations. It happens that at the ‘Human Rights’ Council, who defends human rights against the regimes members of the Council, is expelled, in the very style of every dictatorial regime. Pls, don’t miss this video. Insults against ambassadors and mocking of human rights experts; justification of violence against women and gays; glorification of terrorism; Holocaust denial; demonization of Israel—the video shows how all of that and more was allowed by the Council. New York Sun: The Man the U.N. Won’t Thank

Organizzazione della Nazioni Unite: un’entità da abolite subito. Il Club dei Dittatori, da dove possono giustificare i loro crimini con il beneplacito di questa schifezza chiamata Onu. Leggete qui e qui, per capire e rendervi conto.Questa è l’organizzazione che i signori del governo italiano vorrebbero che guidasse il mondo. Infatti, chiedere l’autorizzazione ai dittatori che siedono lì.

I am happy to learn that Israeli PM Olmert is not always the ‘dove’ that caves into the Palestinians’ demands and blackmails. He seems to understand that the return of Palestinian ‘refugees’ would automatically mean the end of the Jewish state.

Europeans’ coward ignorance of world affairs and moral blindness: Poll: Majority of Germans consider the US as a major threat to world peace than the atomic bomb of the Mullahs. Never mind that it was the Americans who freed them and Europe, from the Nazis and Communists.

The true face of the Saudis: Saudis threaten Israel with war

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalism and Islam: Muslims in Europe, no to ghettos, yes to integration.Multiculturalism fosters fundamentalist violence. Politicians must concern themselves with integrating Muslims. The positive example of Denmark.

Samir Khalil Samir: Multiculturalismo e Islam: musulmani in Europa, no al ghetto, sì all’integrazione. Il multiculturalismo favorisce la violenza fondamentalista. I politici devono preoccuparsi di integrare i musulmani. L’esempio positivo della Danimarca.


I’m rooting for Newt Gingrich, but if take a look at the polls, the only GOP candidate who would beat Dems is – so far – Giuliani. I like him for being tough on crime, open-minded on science and research, but I am unsure of which his foreign policy vision is. I am also a strong free-market and small government advocate. According to this op-ed by Steve Forbes, Giuliani is the most free market-oriented candidate. From what I read on Newt’s site, he seems to have the correct vision on foreign policy. He would be able to win wars, wouldn’t cave in to the diktats of the Euros, Dem and UN bureaucrats, promote democracy as a sine-qua-non condition for peace to be real, wage war (even military) on Al Qaeda’s strongholds, whether in Somalia, Pakistan or Afghanistan, support regime change in Iran, wouldn’t ratify the meaningless Kyoto Treaty, refuse to join the International Criminal Court (a tool in the hands of the anti-Americans), be tough on the UN, wouldn’t call for the establishment of a Palestinian state (at least as long as there are terrorist movements in power) and so on. How likely is his nomination in 2008 if he decided to run right now?

Anderson’s Historic Iran Divestment Bill Gets Huge Boost. If only many others, including the European nations, followed suit, the Mullahs’ regime would be weaker.

A must-read essay from Valentina Colombo: LIBERALS, ARAB AND MUSLIM, PLEASE… WAKE UP!


The Global Warming Industrial Complex.There are a lot of jobs riding on global warming

Censura globale.Siti oscurati, blog cancellati, arresti. Altro che libertà del web. I dati di un fenomeno sempre più esteso nell’ultimo studio realizzato dalla “OpenNet Iniziative” (Oni), che ha condotto un monitoraggio di sei mesi in quaranta paesi

Greece Must Acknowledge Its Complicity in the Shoah.Today, as European nations continue to struggle with the legacy of the Holocaust, the role of the Greek state in facilitating genocide against its own Jews remains unacknowledged and ignored.

New Beverly Hills mayor an Iranian-born Jew. Below, he is seen with General Shaoul Mohfaz. Both are from Shiraz, Iran and are proud of their Persian roots and heritage.

Federation of Cuban Women unmasked in Geneva.Activists who defend human rights in Cuba confront representatives of the dictatorship at the UN Human Rights Council

Declaracion de Gloria y Emilio Estefan

What the Castroites do not want you to know.U.S. is main food source for Cuba .So, where is the embargo?

Members of the “Marta Abreu” Femenine Front continue distributing pro-democracy material and censored literature to the people of Santa Clara, who – as always in two years of such activities – accept them and ask for more. News in Spanish.

Oscar Sánchez Madan: Opositoras intentan romper bloqueo informativo






March 22, 2007

My article at Real Clear Politics: The Human Cost of Iran’s Islamist Rule

For the first time in years, there is a diplomatic crisis between Italy and the United States over five Taliban thugs whose release was demanded by the Italian govt to the Afghan one, in exchange for the release of an Italian leftist reporter. As I wrote previously, the Left caved into the Taliban blackmail (it wants the Dark Ages terrorists to attend the International Conference on Afghanistan!). According to unconfirmed claims by the intelligence service, the Taliban freed might be much more. Also, Foreign Minister D’alema said he had told the US about such a deal, during his meetings in Washington. The State Dept. dismissed those claims as “lies”. Italy is not reliable, his FM even tells lies about his official meetings. Don’t worry, because this gov’t is not going to last long. In the meantime, the US is rightly upset.

Magdi Allam: L’Italia sta diventato la sdoganatrice dei terroristi sulla scena internazionale?

Still hope in Europe: Seven people who raised money for Colombian and Palestinian terrorists through T-shirt sales have been charged under Denmark’s anti-terror law, a prosecutor said Thursday 

Crackdown on freedom of opinion, in the name of multiculturalism: France fires official for opposing Muslim school

A bit of good news from Europe: French Court Rules for Newspaper That Printed Muhammad Cartoons 

Another crime in the name of ‘honor’: Husband rips wife’s eyes out after she refuses sex 

While the world looks the other way: Two Sudanese Women from Darfur Sentenced To Death By Stoning 

Weekly Standard: Khartoum continues to kill 

Boston Review: Iran’s Other Religion – Most Iranians under the age of 25—who make up 50 percent of the overall population—consider themselves agnostic 

Chinese wife goes after Yahoo to free her husband from prison

Mugabe using hit squads 

 Mugabe's Campaign 

The new Publius Pundit is here! 

Surgeon offers answers on metastatic breast cancer. Prognosis Worrisome With Cancer’s Return .I agree with Charles of LGF when he writes that we must wish Edwards’ wife success in her fight against breast cancer. They are our political adversaries, but when it comes to this disease, we should put politics aside for a moment.

Damas de Blanco de Camaguey y Ciego de Ávila reciben apoyo de la población en su recorrido a la Iglesia. “Tengan fe no desmayen…”, Ellos no debían de estar presos…” “Oramos por ustedes..” “Tengan cuidado.. que no les vayan a hacer nada malo…”, dijeron muchas personas del pueblo. “El pueblo nos apoya, el pueblo ya sabe la verdad…los actos de repudio no provienen del pueblo, el pueblo sabe que sólo pedimos que se haga justicia”

Another video of the fascistic aggression against the peaceful Ladies in White carried out by the usual Castroite mobs led and organized by the political police. After such a brutal act of harassment, the Ladies received the solidarity of the ordinary Cubans.

Comisión de atención a los presos políticos y familiares: Se crea segundo buró de la CAPPF 

Cuba’s “Black Spring” commemorated in Camagüey and Villa Clara

Arrestado e incomunicado en la Habana Secretario General de la Confederación Obrera Nacional Independiente de Cuba

Carlos Serpa Maceira : Conmemora Movimiento Sindical Independiente en Cuba Aniversario de la Primavera Negra 


March 20, 2007

A government – and part of the Italian right – of irresponsible people. The Italian government and some parties on the so-called ‘Right’, are calling for the participation of the Taliban assassins and Dark Ages thugs to the international conference on Afghanistan. If you thought the world had already gone enough nuts, you did not yet hear of this latest madness. There must be no compromise nor any sort of dialogue with the enemy, whether the Taliban, Hamas, Fatah, Hizballah, Assad or the Mullahs.

Un governo (e parte di una ‘destra’, quella italiana, che ha ancora bisogno di imparare cos’è fare politica seria) di irresponsabili ed immaturi. l’Unione vuole una Conferenza di pace con gli sgozzatori

“Libero” is maybe the only Italian daily which is politically-uncorrect and chooses the appropriate headlines. The title on today’s front page comments the absurd decision of the government to release five Taliban mass murderers in exchange for the liberation of an Italian hostage (pictured on the left, with a turban). That was the taliban demand to Italy, which caved in like a good dhimmi, thus inflicting a blow to the war on terror and dark ages.

“THE GOVERNMENT HAS SOLD ITSELF – Italy caved in to the Taliban’s blackmail. Five dangerous terrorists are free and [Italy] paid the enemy. This time, the Left likes the dirty work.

The price of not imposing Western democracy in Iraq: Iraq steps up anti-Israel boycott

Bjorn Lomborg: Europe’s dirty little secret on global warming

German climatologist: “We Have to Take Away People’s Fear of Climate Change”

Alvaro Vargas Llosa on Ayaan Hirsi Ali: She is the most fascinating female public figure to come out of the underdeveloped world in a long time

Bush Doctrine, R.I.P.

March 21: it’s the Iranian New Year, Nowrooz. Millions of Iranians defy the regime’s ban in order to celebrate their pre-Islamic traditions. White House: Presidential Message on Nowruz Celebrations. To my Iranian friends and brothers:


Castro’s regime sends its death-squad of women – many of which relatives of members of the Cuban ‘parliament’ – to intimidate the Ladies in White who were marching silently and peacefully. A Lady says she could identify some of the worms being members of the State Security. Here is the video of the incident. As you’ll see at the end of the video, people watched with fear and, when asked their opinion, many run away out of fear of reprisals in case they expressed their opinion (if they agreed with the mob, they would have no problem to say it. The fact is that they don’t, that’s why they didn’t speak to the interviewer). Just one guy had the courage to answer, and said : “I agree with everything [with the Ladies’ demands]; you can’t talk here”.  See the photos of ordinary civilians accepting flowers from the peaceful activists.

La dictadura castrista envía a una turba de energúmenos para amedrentar a las Damas de Blanco . este tipo de actos “están preparados por el Gobierno porque el pueblo en ningún momento salió a la calle a repudiarnos. Es una organización del Gobierno”. “Nos estaban esperando. Es un acto brutal y yo identifiqué a personas de la Seguridad del Estado que hicieron actos de repudio frente a mi casa”

The slogans of the mob were the usual: ‘Mercenaries’, ‘Go away’, ‘Long Live communism, down with imperialism’, ‘down with the counterrevolutionaries’ and obscenities. Often, they are drunk. Here is a photo showing who’s the sister of the woman below.

The Ladies in White are seen on the left, dressed in white, as always.

The Ladies defy the mob by yelling ‘Liberty!” 

The Ladies tell about the aggression. Laura Pollan says they will not be intimidated, they will go on no matter if they are killed. Gisela Delgado says she could identify members of the state security among the mob and lots of people encouraged the Ladies in White by saying “Go ahead!” and nobody has ever said anything bad. Bertha Soler adds that around 50 workers welcomed them. She also affirms she was insulted for the colour of her skin.

March 16, 2007

Al Qaeda thug Sheikh Mohammed admits he beheaded Daniel Pearl. In addition, he claimed responsibility for the 9/11  and Bali mass murders. But he can count on those who are still calling for shutting down GITMO, even though they don’t tell where they would like these thugs to be taken.

Opinion Journal: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s World War

Carlo Panella: Afghanistan: l’Unione vuole una Conferenza di pace con gli sgozzatori

New York Sun: Al-Jazeera’s Dirty Little Secret

Our ‘friends’ in the Persian Gulf: Persian Gulf Goliath .Dubai-based billionaire enterpreuner Khalaf Al Habtoor says “the U.S. funded he 9/11 attacks”.

SMCCDI: Iranian Teachers beaten and arrested

SMCCDI: Insegnanti iraniani picchiati ed arrestati

U.N. to focus permanently on Darfur, Iran, Cuba,China Israel. The United Nations has shown once again why it’s a totally bankrupt and failed organization, which sides with tyrants and terrorists and forgets the truly-persecuted and oppressed, such as the people of Darfur, who is dying under the daily air strikes of the genocidal Sudanese regime.

Petizione a favore della libertà di pensiero, contri i fascisti islamici. Solidarietà a Stefano Allievi, perseguitato dal fascista islamico Adel Smith.

French Jews flee persecution in France and flock to South Florida. This should be an alarming sign of a dark past we hoped it wouldn’t never occur again.

Pierre Akel: Foreign Policy, Reform and Terror in the Kingdom of Doublspeak

Petition to help free Bangladeshi rationalist and pro-Israel journalist Salah Choudhury

“Man-made Global Warming” becoming a new form of totalitarianism. Scientists threatened with death for ‘climate denial’

Kyoto’s Futile Future.The Green Left can say sayonara to its favorite treaty.

Stretching the Truth

Zimbabwean opposition chief brutally beaten

Lissette y Willy Chirino, un primer disco juntos (Check out “Music, Songs and Videos in my blogroll, to listen to some of the songs in their new album)

March 12, 2007

Multiculturalism and Islam: suicide of the West and women’s rights. So-called “dialogue with the Islamic world” and juridical relativism on marriage and polygamy play havoc with the dignity of women and equality between sexes. The Koran: it’s o.k. to beat women.

Multiculturalismo e Islam: suicidio dell’occidente e dei diritti delle donne.Il cosiddetto “dialogo con il mondo islamico” e il relativismo giuridico su matrimonio e poligamia gettano al macero la dignità della donna e la sua uguaglianza con l’uomo. Il Corano : picchiare la donna è giusto.

Daniel Pipes on Tariq Ramadan’s allegations against Magdi Allam.

Daniel Pipes: Tariq Ramadan mente [riguardo a Magdi Allam]

Dismissing the claims of those who fault the human being for the global warming. Channel 4’s “The Great Global Warming Swindle” documentary can now be seen here.

Spain discovers to be still a target of the Islamists even after pullout from Iraq.

There is still hope in Eurabia. Some good news from Sweden.

Magdi Allam: Islam, la moschea «moderata» di Milano

Amil Imani: Is America a Bully?

Giornata della donna a Teheran nel segno della repressione

The Iraq Talks

Miss Israel finalist quits after family’s honour killing plot

Freedom for Egyptian writes has an interesting post on the Egyptian Blogger Abdel Kareem.

Why the movie “300” should be boycotted by those who love historical truth. There are two petitions protesting the insult to the great Persian civilization by the movie “300”. I recommend you to go read them and, if you agree, sign them. That movie isn’t only an insult to the Persian civilization: it’s an insult to the HISTORICAL TRUTH. It’s  on the line of other insults, such as when the MSM calls the Persian Gulf as “Gulf” or, worse, “Arab Gulf” or when unscrupulous and fame-seeking ‘scholars’ put in doubt and danger the Iranian territorial integrity. A History Channel documentary tells things as they are. Among which: Cyrus the Great freed the Jews from Babylon; the Persians NEVER enslaved the peoples they conquered. Cyrus had issued the first Declaration of Human Rights. Also, remember; the Persian Empire was not Muslim. The Islamic invaders did their best to destroy any track of the Persian civilization. Don’t mix the Great Persian Empire with the Islamic Republic. The first was a Great NON-ISLAMIC civilization and the second is an ARAB IMPORT imposed on Iran by force.  The Islamic Republic and its “revolution” are enemy of the Persian civilization and what it has meant. It’s not suprising that, on the footsteps of the Taliban, the Mullahs are planning the flooding of the Sivand Dam, which would automatically destroy the site near the tomb of Cyrus the Great. A mankind’s heritage. Aryamehr wrote a post related to this movie. Again: the Islamic Republic is the enemy of the Iranian nation. It’s an invading force that will be defeated soone or later.

‘Logros de la revolucion’: Sin agua potable la ciudad de Manzanillo

State of emergency in Santiago de Cuba

Golpeado Por Seguridad del Estado Periodista Independiente Guillermo Fariñas Hernández

The picture just below shows a Cuban girl with her parents. The young girl suffers from brain cancer but cannot be treated in Cuba thanks to the apartheid established by the Castros’ revolution. Indeed, foreigners can enjoy the best treatment in luxurious hospital. All that is denied to the ordinary Cubans, and this girl risks to die because of this. You would say: “Her parents could bring her to America to receive treatment”. But, you know, Cubans have to ask the state for permission to leave their country even temporarily. There is no freedom of movement for ordinary Cubans. The photo was sent in by Dr. Darsi Ferrer in Havana.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Inauguran Biblioteca Sindical Independiente Mario Chanes de Armas

Realizan vigilia en Cuba en memoria del ex preso político Mario Chanes

March 5, 2007

A must-read piece on Italy’s war on the war on terror. The Italian Job – What good is NATO if allies indict Americans after a joint operation?

The British are still sleeping: Half of Muslim schools not inspected

Thinking again, I’ve to say I’m quite undecided whether to endorse Giuliani or Newt Gingrich. I admit I know more about Newt’s foreign policy line than I do about Giuliani’s and as far as I know, I am sympathetic to the first’s positions. At first, I gave up endorsing him because of his being still undecided whether to run and because of the not-so-favorable polls. But, from now to one month before the elections, much can still happen. Would he beat Mrs. Clinton or Obama? Maybe or maybe not. We’ll see. He is still on the list of my picks. I recommend you to go this interview. Make It Work: America, The War & The World

In Iran, another woman risks execution for defending herself from her father’s sex assaults. She was also sexually abused by her uncle.

Islamists bomb music stores and barber shops in Pakistan

Gazan Islamic fundamentalist group suspected of killing prostitutes

While the Continent sleeps, Islam Could Become Europe’s Dominant Religion

Two other articles by Magdi Allam translated in English from Italian: Mixed Marriages? Sharia is already in our midst . Threats to Nosheen, who helps Pakistani women to study

Giuliani’s Lead Widens

An interesting and must-see documentary on UK’s Channel Four about the inconvenient truths about global warming the mainstream media and many others don’t want you to know.The Great Global Warming Swindle . the documentary highlights recent research that the effect of the sun’s radiation on the atmosphere may be a better explanation for the regular swings of climate. the earth’s climate is always changing, and that rapid warmings and coolings took place long before the burning of fossil fuels.

Egyptian politics.Does Mubarak share U.S. goals?

Cuban couple gets maximum sentence for spying exiles and U.S. authorities for Castro.

Distribuyeron Literatura Antigubernamentales Opositores Santaclareños

No Se Detiene en Cuba Campaña Yo No Coopero Con La Dictadura

La Fotografía muestra pegatinas de yo Coopero con la Dictadura en la puerta de la vivienda del periodista independiente Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia , en calle Gloria No. 769 apto 4 entre Carmen y Rastro , la Habana Vieja. En dicha fotografía aparece de derecha a izquierda , la señora Margarita Albacia , madre del comunicador Ahmed ,el periodista Carlos Serpa  Maceira , y el periodista Ahmed Rodríguez

Patentizan Sindicalistas Independientes Respaldo a la Campaña Yo no Coopero con la Dictadura

Activistas del Sindicato Independiente de los Trabajadores de la Industria Ligera (SITIL) realizando una vigilia en la Habana en respaldo a la Campaña  de No Cooperación con la Dictadura y por la libertad de los Presos Políticos en Cuba , especialmente por los 7 sindicalistas que se encuentran en prision

February 24, 2007

ACLU again shills for terror supporters

Islamic Republic of Britain Update: Muslims should adapt to UK’s school system. Schools ‘should accommodate Muslim needs’

Diana West: Imposing Islamic law

From the very same Europeans who blame the U.S. for ‘violating privacy rights’: Europe’s Plan to Track Phone and Net Use  . But try to blame the Europeans. They’ll accuse you to meddling into their internal affairs..

To my Iranian readers: my original article , Unworthy Heirs to Cyrus , published in the American Thinker, now has been translated by Save Pasargad in Parsi. Janeshanan Nalayegh Korosh

Magdi Allam: Matrimoni misti? La sharia è già da noi

Another ‘honor’ killing in Britain, as a Pakistani man has slaughtered his family because they were ‘too Western’

Rudy Giuliani may be the first Italian-American to become U.S. President . Rasmussen Poll: Giuliani 52% Clinton 43% .Yet, the Italian media are focusing on Hillary Clinton, as if Rudy weren’t running. Hugh Hewitt interviews Giuliani

My post at Publius Pundit: Political Instability in Italy

Magdi Allam: No a Israele? Niente dialogo. Non si dialoga con chi non rispetta Israele

Our ‘friend’ and ‘ally’ , the ‘secular’ regime of Hosni Mubarak, has just sentenced Secularist, Anti-Islamist, Liberal Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem to 4 years for “insulting Islam” and “the President” (the self-proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt).  Abdel Kareem is one of the many emerging moderate, secularist Arabs whose englightened voices are silenced by so-called ‘secular’ authoritarian regimes. Fellow blogger Sandmonkey was at the trial and tells more here. Freedom for Egyptians says she is sad. Toasted Bread writes that it’s a sad event for bloggers. From the Washington Post: The ‘Crime’ Of Blogging In Egypt . Amnesty International: Karim Amer sentence makes bloggers new target of the authorities.Our govts give plenty of money to the Mubarak’s regime. I wish to be proven wrong, but I very much doubt that any Western leader will threaten to cut diplomatic relations with Egypt over this case.

Speaking of repression against bloggers, the blogs of two Iranian friends were shut down by the Mullahs’ regime.

FrontPage Magazine: Trita Parsi, The Mullahs’ Voice in Washington

Opinion Journal: The Earth was warming before global warming was cool

Female Pakistani Minister Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil

Weekly Standard: What’s in a Name? Ask Taiwan

Gobierno italiano cómplice del apartheid en La Habana (h/t: Marc, Babalu)

Jaime Leygonier: Arrestan a madre y niñas sin hogar

Enviado por Darsi Ferrer: Agreden policías alemanes a opositor cubano

To sweeten your weekend, a song I chose from my jukebox. ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing’, sang by the couple Willy Chirino and Lissette, famous Cuban-born singers.

February 17, 2007

We just missed another big fish in Iraq: Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq reportedly wounded

Report: Syrian Group Claims It Has Missing Israeli Soldier.Israel has never had the guts to enter Syria and rescue the soldier even by force. I doubt Mr. Olmert will have them now.

If you still have any doubt, these two polls might help convince you to choose Rudy Giuliani as GOP nomination. Or you may face 5 years of Clinton White House.

Avrete sicuramente sentito i telegiornali italiani parlare solo di Hillary Clinton. E’ stranoto che i media nostrani facciano il tifo per la cornuta moglie di Bill, con la scusa che sarebbe la prima donna presidente. Visto che di primati si tratta, perchè ad esempio i tg non dicono che anche Giuliani batterebbe un record storico? Infatti, sarebbe il prima italo-americano presidente Usa. E, stando a quasi tutti i recenti sondaggi, lui batterebbe di gran lunga sia la Clinton che gli altri candidati democratici. Per chi non lo sapesse, Giuliani è sì un uomo con le palle in politica estera (e non si farebbe influenzare dagli isterismo europei ed onusiani, come sta facendo Bush); egli è anche favorevole al diritto all’aborto, all’eutanasia,alle unioni civili ed alla ricerca sulle cellule staminali embrionali. Ecco perchè è molto amato anche dai non repubblicani. Ovviamente, ci saranno le nomination sia democratiche che repubblicane. E stando ai sondaggi tra i repubblicani, lui non avrebbe difficoltà a vincere la nomination per la corsa alla Casa Bianca. Se di record si deve parlare, i media italiani comincino a parlare anche di Giuliani. A meno che non vogliano nascondere agli italiani il fatto che ad ancora un’ anno e mezzo dal voto, Giuliani è gia in testa a quasi tutti.

Iraq-based terrorists using Austrian rifles from Iran

Nuke Boost

Magdi Allam: La lezione del tunisino che vuole eliminare i governanti. In un saggio ha scritto: «Oggi ci sono governanti lacchè dell’imperialismo e per questo bisogna ucciderli». Rached Ghannouchi, già espulso, al convegno di Napoli sui «musulmani democratici». Per chi non lo sapesse, costui è un’imam fondamentalista di Londra, che ha emesso una fatwa che invita i suoi sostenitori a cercare ed uccidere i mussulmani laici e riformisti che invocano la riforma dell’Islam e la democratizzazione delle loro società. Va detto che tra questi riformisti ci sono sia intellettuali di sinistra (come Lafif) che di destra. Non importa il colore politico. Si tratta di aiutare questi illuministi a vincere la battaglia per la laicizzazione del mondo islamico. Ringrazio Magdi per aver portato all’attenzione dei lettori italiani circa la presenza di tale personaggio quale Rachid Ghannouchi.Ho appena contattato Abu Khawla,ccordinatore della Campagna Internazionale per salvare Lafif Lakhdar dalla condanna a morte emessa proprio da tale Ghannouchi. Ho chiesto ad Abu se è possibile tradurre in inglese l’editoriale in questione e pubblicarlo su Middle East Trasparent. In seguito, verrà pubblicato sul blog dedicato a Lafif Lakhdar, dove ci si potrà rendere conto di chi è l’inquisitore islamico invitato al convegno di Napoli.

Amil Imani: PC is the Incubator of Islamism

Petition by Amil Imani: No Bombs, No Appeasement: Support the People of Iran’s Struggle for a Secular, Peaceful Democracy

While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO? Below are images from a peaceful demonstrations of Iranians in Iran, protesting against the announced flooding of part of their cultural heritage.

From moroccan blogger Myrtus: Yet another Muslim nutjob cleric making the headlines….this time in Malaysia. He’s eagerly advocating to impose the use of chastity belts on women in order to protect them from sexual predators.

More children die as Dark Ages persists in the Islamic world: Polio cases jump in Pakistan as Islamists declare vaccination an American plot

A news story the global warming alarmists would not like you to read: Kathmandu gets first snowfall in 63 years

Mona Eltahawy: Arab blogs give youth venting space

And Venezuela takes a giant step toward socialist Dark Ages and bankruptcy: Chavez could nationalise supermarkets

Encouraging news from Cuba: Even some Communist Party members denounce violence against human rights activists

Jaime Leygonier: Alemania niega asilo político a opositor cubano

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Arrestan en Cuba a Observador de Derechos Humanos

Cayman sends Cuban refugees back to Castro.(Hat Tip: The Real Cuba)

February 12, 2007

Palestinians slowly destroying Judaism’s holiest site, in yet another Islamist aggression on Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.Temple Mount becoming mosque for Muslims only

Magdi Allam: Processo al banchiere italiano dei Fratelli Musulmani. Vive da anni nel nostro Paese, gestendo la Bank Al Taqwa in Svizzera, nonostante sia sulla lista nera di Onu e Ue. Citato anche un suo collaboratore. Egitto, Youssef Nada a giudizio per riciclaggio e finanziamento del terrorismo

Editorial: Appeasement takes hold again in Europe

Human Events: Left Allows Europe to Fall to Muslims

Red Brigades terrorists arrested in Italy over planned kidnapping and murders of politicians, journalists and economists.

Arrestati 15 terroristi rossi. In Italia spesso non si ha il coraggio di dire le cose come stanno. Dire, cioè, che l’ideologia e l’operato delle Br sono condivisi dalla maggioranza dei militanti dei due partiti comunisti ancora legali (e persino al governo), dai teppisti dei centri sociali e dalla CGIL, la quale non è la prima volta che sforna terroristi brigatisti. Solo che, per salvarsi la faccia, finge di prenderne le distanze. Sciocchi sono i nostri politicanti tutti, a non capire che la CGIL è un covo di brigatisti o di loro simpatizzanti, e che perciò è un’organizzazione eversiva.

Our moderate, secular friends the Egyptians have released a terror-enabling imam, legitimately kidnapped by US anti.terror forces in Italy (and treated as a poor victim here..).

C’è chi in Italia ancora dubita della belligeranza di Mussolini. Non voleva la guerra? Allora perchè si alleò con Hitler? Di Mussolini sappiamo già tutto. Sappiamo che era amico dei nazisti, che ha tradito l’Italia vendendola ai tedeschi, e che gli ha aiutati nello sterminio degli ebrei.

From the Israel-is-an-apartheid-state Department: Israeli hospital treats Palestinian terrorists

Genital mutilation and forced marriage occurs even among educated Muslims in some countries, writes Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a shocking account of her early life in Somalia, in her new book

Global-warming skeptics cite being treated like a pariah

Football: England the example Italy should follow in hooliganism fight . Italy is the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil country. There won’t be any significant step to crack down on football violence.

Venezuela falling into a Cuban-style socialist hell: Chavez May Control Food Distribution . Rationing book in 2007…

Tras ser liberado, René Gómez Manzano reitera su compromiso con la lucha por la libertad en Cuba.

Cuban Activists distribute anti-governmental information

An activist distributing anti-regime material.

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Libro Voces Tras las Rejas Promueve Una Lectura Sin Censura en Cuba

Residente de la Habana, leyendo el libro Voces Tras las Rejas en la Biblioteca Independiente Ronald Reagan, en el municipio la Habana Vieja.

Circula Libro Boitel Vive en Bibliotecas Independientes en Cuba

Residente de La Habana, leyendo Boitel Vive en la Biblioteca Independiente Ronald Reagan, en la Habana Vieja.

February 5, 2007

One less Islamo-Fascist. More to go.

Islamic victimhood and its Western (leftist) enablers

Rudy Giuliani, Italian-American : ‘Good chance’ I’ll run in ’08

Nazi-Islamist Ahmadinejad faced brave students at Amir Kabir University in Tehran. Watch the Google Video here (a must see! Hat Tip: Firouchka at my Yahoo Group).


Washington Times // // : Kyoto hypocrisies . According to a report published on the Italian scientific review ‘Newton’, the most known planets of the Solar System, Yupiter, Mars, and Saturn, are suffering from the very same ills as the Earth. Temperatures are rising, hurricans are increasing in number. According to the report, these problems are due to the increase in the Sun’s energy on the mentioned planets (including the Earth). Thus, the man is not guilty. The Kyoto Protocol is meaningless.Read the report here (It’s in Italian, but you may try to translate it by using that nonsense named ‘Babelfish’ to get an idea of what the article writes about).

Istituto Bruno Leoni: Clima, scandalosa la propaganda sui mutamenti climatici . Capita che sul Corriere della Sera online trovo un articolo che mi sorprende l’abbiano pubblicato, e che vorrei fosse letto da chi conta, ossia da tutti quelli che invocano il protocollo di Kyoto e che annunciano apocalissi prossime il cui colpevole è l’essere umano. L’effetto serra? C’è anche su Marte. Temperature in crescita anche su Giove e Saturno, uragani e sconvolgimenti climatici: tutta colpa del Sole

Extremist soccer ‘fans’ turn Sicilia’s Catania into a guerrilla place, in and out the stadium. 1 policeman killed, 100 people injured. This is how fanatics are destroying the Italian soccer. All matches, professional and amateur, have been cancelled until further notice. The criminals are less than 18 and went to the stadium armed with every sort of weapon.Nothing will change unless the Italian political class realizes it’s high time to use force against the criminals – following the British example.

La guerra degli Ultrà al calcio italiano. Doveroso fermare i campionati. Ma finchè la nostra classe politica non si deciderà a lasciare da parte il buonismo ed usare la forza contro i terroristi del calcio, adottando il modello inglese, le cose non cambieranno e queste cose si ripeteranno quando si deciderà di riprendere il campionato. Il cordoglio del Cagliari Calcio

Carta de Héctor Maseda Gutiérrez, Prisionero de Conciencia, a su Esposa Laura Pollán, Dama de Blanco

President Bush, 2007 State of the Union Speech: We will continue to speak out for the cause of freedom in places like Cuba” . February, 2007: Cuban doctors defecting Castroite imperialist “medical missions” in Bolivia, rejected by the United States. And yet, Mexican criminals are allowed to enter the US.

Continua el asedio contra el Dr. Darsi Ferrer

Enviado por nuestro querido amigo, el periodista independiente Carlos Serpa Maceira: Denuncian Agresión Física Contra Sindicalista Independiente en Cuba

Izq. a der.: Ismael Omar Castellano, Secretario Organizador de la Central Sindical Cristiana de Cuba, y el periodista Carlos Serpa Maceira, en los instantes que entrevistaba al activista sindical sobre el incidente.

Libro “Proa a la Libertad” Impacta a Lectores en Cuba

Lectora en un  parque de la calle Marcaderes entre O’Relly y Obispo,
en el casco histórico de la Habana Vieja

Lector en la calles Virtudes y Lealtad, en el municipio Centro Habana

January 28, 2007

The Righteous Among the Nations are all those who not only say “Never Forget”, but who are committed to prevent that from becoming “Again”. Never forget: anti-semitism and anti-zionism ARE THE SAME THING.

UN approves resolution condemning Holocaust denial

Islamism strikes again in Iran. While the world focuses on the nuclear issue, the Islamic Republic’s Taliban prepares to flood the Sivand Dam, part of Iran’s and Mankind’s Cultural Heritage dating back to the pre-Islamic era. The world stood idle by while Afghanistan’s Taliban destroyed the Bamyaan Buddha statues. It is standing idle by while the Islamic regime prepares to commit what it is for sure a crime against humanity. The Islamic regime is taking a major step to destroy Iran and its rich cultural heritage, while the world even allows unscrupulous people to sell and buy pieces of Iranian monuments. What is next? Will the civilized people allow the destruction of part of the mankind’s treasure? Where is the UNESCO?

Indonesia Jihadist Admits To Beheading Christian Girls.Not even in front of a horrific beheading does the mainstream media calls the murderers with their true name. Whatever crime, they’re still “militants”..

Magdi Allam:L’imam: «Giusto picchiare le donne» .«È l’Islam che lo dice. Il Corano lo ordina». Verona, dopo la predica Amal massacrata dal marito. Lo ha denunciato: ora vive barricata in casa con i figli

Cause they don’t know what they are doing. She may be unaware, but her friends Hizballah would stone her to death for just posing like this. I guess she would regret for supporting the terror gang if they would seize power.

Yet another ‘honor’ killing in Jordan: Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

Off Topic cartoon:

Foul Weather

Human Rights First: Sudan Must Not Lead the African Union. Electing Sudan to chair the African Union would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house

More updates on Abdelkareem Nabil, the Secularist,anti-Islamist Egyptian blogger arrested by our ‘secular’ and ‘moderate’ friends in the Mubarak gov’t , for speaking out against jihad preaching at Al-Azhar.

Russia, before and after the murder of Anna Politkovskaya

Fotos de Actividades de Las Damas de Blanco

January 15, 2007

The weasels in Bruxelles make clear that they have no intention to fight terrorism, let alone to support those who do. I hope the United States will not cave in this time.

Saddam’s half brother, top aide hanged

More evidence showing that UK is now the international center of Islamic terrorism and of its financial transactions. And that the Foreign Office sees no evil in all that. Somali Islamists held UK meeting to raise funds . Somali Islamic Courts (the jihadists) had meeting with Foreign Office officials

John Bolton: Don’t Ban Your Instincts, Ban Ki-moon

Let us not forget that Gilad, Udi and Eldad are still in the hands of terrorists if they are still alive.

Jerusalem Post: Say Goodbye to Europe

British Insanity Watch: British girl banned from wearing cross at school

The unbroken link.It is imperative to remind the world that visceral Arab enmity significantly contributed to the Holocaust.

Hizballah ‘protestors’ sitting near ‘Che’ Guevara portraits in Beirut. I am not suprised, one needs to know what Guevara’s “ideals” stood for in order to realize that there is no suprise at all here.

SMCCDI: Workers in Iran protest against murder of colleague

Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema (whose gov’t is supported just by a mere 25% according to all the recent polls) puts more shame on Italy by showing to know almost nothing of Middle Eastern issues“We hope that Iran will be determined to solve regional problems since it is a large country with a significant influence” (they have already much influence in the region.. that is why there are daily suicide bombings in Iraq, chaos in the palestinian-controlled territories and in Lebanon, Mr. D’Alema. The world should work to prevent the Mullahs from having further influence). solve the Iranian nuclear crisis through “diplomatic efforts.” ( Indeed, as we all have seen, “diplomacy” resolved much..It’s diplomacy that has brought to the current situation. It’s diplomacy the thing the West should abandon, opting not for a military strike, but for engaging the Iranian people to help them overthrow the regime in its entirety.) D’Alema described resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a “key to solving problems in the Middle East.” (This thought is the key to failure in solving the Middle Eastern issues. This thought shows how European politicians still did not understand anything of how things work in the real world). “This Palestinian government (Hamas) should be ready to denounce violence and recognize Israel,” he said. “It should be ready to negotiate peace with Israel” (Good luck with that, Mr. D’Alema). Prince Saud lauded Italy’s role last year in hosting a conference in Rome aimed at stopping the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon. (This is evidence of the fact that Italy has not hosted that conference to stop Hizballah firing rockets into Israel. It did so in order to stop Israel from defending itself).Mr. D’Alema also says: “Don’t isolate Iran”. That is the main reason for which violence it the ME is on rise and the Iranian people are not taking to the streets anymore. Because Mr. D’Alema’s West simply does not give a d…n about the plight of Iranian people and his gov’t – as well as many gov’t in the EU and the US as well, did yet realize that helping ousting the Mullahs regime would automatically prevent a nuclear nightmare. The sad fact is that the Iranian people have been totally forgotten.

Good news from science: New gene linked to Alzheimer’s disease identified

Jaime Leygonier: Expulsan de su empleo al Dr. Darsi Ferrer

Darsi Ferrer : Referencia a la Marcha del 10 de Diciembre

Comisión de Atención a Presos Políticos y Familiares: 1er. reporte de enero sobre prisioneros políticos

Images from the funeral of ex-political prisoner Miguel Valdés Tamayo, died of heart attack on Jan. 11, 2006. Click here to listen to a report (in Spanish) from the funeral of the dissident. Laura Pollan, one of the founders of the Ladies in White and wife of a political prisoner, said , in tiers, she wonders who will be next.

Miguel’s young wife (in the middle, wearing a white cloth)

Some Ladies in White guard the coffin

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello and several ex-political prisoners guard the coffin